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Chat log from R3 of 2023: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R3 of 2023

J.Worrall: Let’s go, those same ols!
J.Worrall: *olds
Pavs: OK Setterfield I fell for the hype show me what you have got.
Gotigres: 5 goals please Caminiti
Troglodyte: Lift Ridey!
Social: Same Pavs, he will go nuts fo sho
zadolinnyj: Lol troglodyte
Troglodyte: I don
Troglodyte: I don’t like the heritage jumper. Looks like they’re wearing neck braces
JockMcPie: love the collars
TheLegend6: Same Jock, looks sick
DiggaDogga: Gee there’s a lot of BJ Goddard about Redman. And not all the good stuff.
MrWalrus: Yep, love the collars, reminds me of my junior days
navy_blues: marshall looks like he is gonna rack em up tonight
Pavs: Hope so Navy
Cottees: Ridley imma trade you mate if you get one more free against
pluggerpig: gresham almost plucked a goal like he plucks his eyebrows
DrSeuss: Time to break out the witches hats yet? Fast start for the saints
GOD: Setterfied back to dud mode!
Bazza2023: all bombers on dud mode
DrSeuss: Davey Jr on field for LDU – fantastic
Bazza2023: agreed m0nty
GOD: so proud of the injectors, first witches hats for 2023
Urbs: m0nty isn’t here right now, would you like to leave a message?
Bazza2023: davey needs a left foot, or to hire out the movie
Bazza2023: hahah sorry Urbs!
Bazza2023: had the blinkers on
Troglodyte: Has Setters reached BE yet?
Pavs: Pretty clever me I can stop some of the best cash cows going around. Apologies to setters coaches.
4_Dots: bombers cant handle anyone who is gonna finish in the top 12
MrWalrus: Setters started above BE fortunately
Social: I reckon the boss is hiding a little chubby under the desk
TheFlagger: Ridley do someting!!!
wadaramus: Setterfield, are you fucking kidding me?
Social: Love the Italian inflection there Flagger
duckky: Stringer is either BOG or close to worst on ground with little inbetween.
BRAZZERS: lol Jones with the great special comments lmao muppet
navy_blues: lol wada essendon up against opposition for once every1 will be trading setters out soon lol
Bazza2023: yay setters got a touch
Troglodyte: Damn witches hats, can’t tell if Ridley is on fire or not
DrSeuss: Off the pine Stocker FFS
BRAZZERS: glad i picked up Mason Wood lads!
Troglodyte: I like the look of Woods this year
BRAZZERS: get around him
bhg26: Riddler taking the power again
Cottees: the fact that Davey Jr is my best player is actually insane
navy_blues: cmon marshall get moving!!
bhg26: Think this game is a SuperCoach travesty for every coach
mattmac24: Merrett so far the only good thing for me from this game
DrSeuss: Amazing how D’Ambrosio makes McGrath look slow, useless and unskilled still in his first few games
Social: Setters on track for a lazy ton now
Ash777: when did wood become sc relevent!
Cottees: Ash, 2 rounds ago 😉 lol
Slugus: C’mon Bombers, be less useless in the 2nd half
Ash777: the 2016 draft was a crap shoot. Mcgrath, TT, Mcluggage never made stardom
duckky: 5 minutes of U10’s standard footy
DrSeuss: McGrath gets a few touches then….straight to the bench – its ike he hates to touch the footy
biggs2dujj: Will Davey ever come on the field again?
Troglodyte: Keep going Ripley!
TheFlagger: ridley huge
biggs2dujj: LOL Pinged the hammy. Played 100% GT. That’s why you rotate Scott!
Troglodyte: Good work Rodley, keep it up.
Slugus: Perkins!!!
biggs2dujj: Davey comes on and is the spark. Well, well well
Slugus: Sub Jones off, rotate Langford forward and bring in Hind
TheFlagger: wow
Yelse: Marshal really has disappointed first 3 rounds
TheFlagger: trade him out lads
Cottees: Yelse, you smoking mate. Marshall got like 130 last week or 120 or something
Slugus: Yelse, he scored 129 last week?
cmperrfect: time to sub Hind on to run and gun
TheFlagger: Jelly C the only thing going for me this round
PigeonPies: 1 ton in 3 isnt great though
zadolinnyj: Parish score awful
Yelse: Marshal hasn’t even really faced a good ruck
TheFlagger: English tearing me a new one every week doesnt help
Slugus: Ooooooh who called it?
TheFlagger: butler putting on his best daicos impression
Slugus: This umpriing is pretty hit and miss each way
navy_blues: martin played well really helped keep ess in it
Ash777: at least NWM is finally improving
Bazza2023: why no free against battle?
BRAZZERS: has a team wrong hwen given the witches hat treatment?
BRAZZERS: won when*
TheFlagger: holy fuck
pluggerpig: wow jye…
Tommy_C: caldwell wow
Slugus: yesssssssss
bhg26: Caldwell flowering hell
pluggerpig: great to see Lyon’s sour face again
Urbs: I like to think the witches hats give them a boost tbh
oc16: does Ross not like stocker?
Gotigres: Another goal please Caminiti
MrWalrus: Setters has done a fine job since quarter time, already gets a pass now, a ton would be great
DrSeuss: Stocker seems to spend the first 10 minutes on the bench every quarter. Should have remembered not to pick Ross players
TheFlagger: turnovers killing dons
BRAZZERS: my boy MasonWood killing it, glad I wasn’t a muppet and grabbed Ziebs
TheFlagger: redman lucky he didnt give away 50
dezlav: Off the bench please Setterfield
Slugus: Yeah, if he gave away 50 they would have kicked a goal… lucky.
DrSeuss: Stocker back to the bench – just when he was doing some good
Slugus: Sad to think we got things on level terms not long ago, ah well. Gg Saints
TheLegend6: Redman absolutely fumbling my last leg in the multi
pluggerpig: same here, redman 20 touches my last leg and he refuses to get handballs off. shocker
DrSeuss: Stocker has done a hammy, cramps or corky – not great
oc16: looks like a corky
wadaramus: All the free kicks in this game are pathetic.
TheLegend6: 1 touch redman, you plonker
wadaramus: Sorry, wrong game 🙂

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