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Chat log from R2 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Fremantle, R2 of 2019

Gelly: i have no idea who to field, burgess or collins
Gelly: id rather neither but i have to pick one
J.Worrall: Go Suns
J.Worrall: Tipping Collins to beat last week’s PB
casey22: Stats an issue here as well
TheMessiah: Anyone kicked the first goal?
Beast_Mode: traded collins out, so he’ll probably ton up
Natopotato: no goal yet
Natopotato: still 3 v 2 Gold coast leading 10 minutes gone
Natopotato: finally first goal Colyer 8 v 4 Freo 8 minutes left in the term
TheMessiah: how is fyfe going
Pokerface: thanks Nato. Collins seeing much of it?
DrSeuss: Is McCarthy doing much? I am hoping not!!
Gotigres: Walters just kicked a goal
TigerKid_A: anyone know other ways to track sc scores?
StuL: No idea in SC terms but Fyfe should be going pretty good.
Carnster: Is collins getting much footy?
StuL: Fyfe 15 disp 3 clearances 10 mins to go 2nd qtr
LuvIt74: no scores on here?
Donzoes: love me some fyfe
J.Worrall: Scores
Gotigres: Wow, Collins. Great first half.
cobrakai00: Ive had it with Collins
Gotigres: 53,000 people at the women’s grand final
Ash777: great outcome for the aflw
YoungGun: is Mundy injured? wtf going on TOG and Disp Eff
dipstick: @gotigres that’s amazing. It was 44,000 hours ago
megawatts: ballard is the cheapest premium you’ll find. snatch him up early
megawatts: gold coast without sexton= aflw
Gotigres: That’s what they said on Fox Footy dipstick
Apachecats: Mundy got carried last week as well @young gun
Crowls: any idea when sc points for nth lions updated
Pokerface: you just making up figures quoted nowhere dipstick
m0nty: I am reloading madly, when they update I will be on it
YoungGun: thanks @apachecats – pre season decision of Mundy v Boak might have to be corrected
megawatts: when is sandilands returniing?
Donzoes: oh wow 15 behinds
Struda: fyfe gone to sleep?
Manowar: Fyfe not good today
StuL: 7 for fyfe this qtr
tso1967: he does not want me to hit 2400 lol
Yelse: captain fyfe do something geez game on the line
LuvIt74: I’ll only score 2200 ish
pcaman2003: So much for thinking Mundy would bounce back this week
megawatts: charlie ballard score ffs
StuL: Dribble!?
Gotigres: GC 0.8 that quarter
softwhitee: save the dribble
Gelly: battle for the wooden spoon this game
Beast_Mode: good boy Powell keep it going mate
Ash777: like to know when sc will fix their norf vs lions scores. It’s killing me seeing goldy so low
jbjimmyjb: SuperFooty tweeted out that they’re working on it Ash
Struda: Ash I got neale and mckay to be adjusted, neales last quarter was huge
valkorum: If freo win they are top of the table. How is that battle for spoon?
jbjimmyjb: Neale deserved at least 150
teddyt: AFL season goes for 2 rounds for so many people. You will forget you were even 2-0 in 10 rounds
blonde0na: you’re kidding if you think freo going 2-0 against north and gc are any season indicators for them
VodkaHawk: GC v Carlton battle for spoon
feralmong: went Greene to Powell. worth it. My only trade so far.
Yelse: how is fyfe SC going backwards
Struda: GC, St Kilda and Essendon for the spoon at this stage
pcaman2003: Mundy will bleed plenty of $$$
jbjimmyjb: Mundy and Walters both looking nice to pick up in a month
StuL: Ditch Mundy. Ordinary selection
pcaman2003: @Struda. Hawks may join after their dismal last qtr
feralmong: 2 of syd, carl, ess and nth will be 0-3 next week.
PlungeMe: Neale ended with 140 for those wondering
GOOD: cmon collins. make 70
BigChief: Where did you get the info PlungeMe?
StuL: Fyfe is my burn man any time I put the C on him
J.Worrall: PlungeMe and pull my beard, go Lachie!
PlungeMe: Its updated on the supercoach gameday for me
tso1967: Goldy got 66 sc they have updated on their website
Ash777: hogan is mid now?
StuL: Hogan to Schultz!
bones351: @feral Essendon play Melbourne not North.
LuvIt74: Just a query Monty the North vs Lions game, Neal 103, Scott 27 & McKay 33 were their 3/4 scores, will they be amended?
feralmong: what did witherden get?
Apachecats: Neale still 102 on Herald Sun website.
Ash777: goldy 66 🙁 was hoping for more.
feralmong: righto bones. mistyped had a melb in my head.
penguins00: Nth Bris game sc scores are all wrong
Pokerface: 84 for mccarthy. he has been a gem so far at the price
Struda: fyfes just walking around ffs, witherden 77
LuvIt74: Yep sorry Neale 102, McKay 32 and Scott 26
Struda: i need hogan to score less than 95 and fyfe to score 130ish plz
circle52: Updated now Neale 140
Apachecats: yeah updated for me now ,Neale 140sc.
feralmong: cheers struda
runt: The Suns digging for Gold and only turning up turds this game
J.Worrall: Gameday looks the goods
Struda: mckay 36 onfield hurts me a lot
Pokerface: it is better for scott not to be updated
BigChief: Supercoach gameday site updated.
Manowar: Goldstein 55 points, that’s it HS supercoach final score updated
Apachecats: Collins starting tp look respectable ,should push into 70’s from there.
GOOD: collins scoring more than dusty, cogs and heeney…
Apachecats: Make that into the 80’s for Collins
wadaramus: Gogs and Dunkley thwarted my charge to 2400, happy with 2315 though.
LuvIt74: Cheers that’s better now Neales score…
wadaramus: Not sure how I keyed G instead of C, but I meant Cogs 🙂
LuvIt74: I’d love Fu=ife to score 120 so i get 2300
J.Worrall: broken elbow, Wada?
pcaman2003: Had Scott on Field and Libba off as E. Doh
Pokerface: its the usual excuse Worrall :p
JockMcPie: I’m on 2200 with Fyfe to come, kick a couple of goals Fyfey
wadaramus: Hahahahahaha, well played J.Worrall, think Raspel has the mortgage on that excuse!
wadaramus: OUCH pcaman, that’s a tough pill to swallow.
Crowls: go suns
OnTheRocks: Go Fyfe, it’s not the 149 predicted but i’ll take anything around Cripps score
Ash777: Collins just gave his old team a bath
Pokerface: match winning mark collins!
Pokerface: be worth a packet that one
StuL: Can we have a comp? “Design GC a real jumper”?
TigerKid_A: what a win by the suns
pcaman2003: Had better players on the bench this round.Pity about my fielded ones
J.Worrall: Colins hay
Pokerface: why would you bench libba for scott?
GOOD: coin toss!!!
Pokerface: people who traded collins for wilkie…
LuvIt74: 2312 if fyfe stays on 114
LuvIt74: 124 i meant happy with that

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