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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Brisbane vs West Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R1 of 2019

circle52: HArd to see umps in their green shirt mixes with the grass
circle52: HArd to see umps in their green shirt mixes with the grass
BigChief: OMG that green is terrible.
circle52: Skillsst
circle52: Skillss
mardyb: why are you watching the umps?
Paul105: Why do we need to see the umps?
circle52: Skills still leave a lot to be desired
frenzy: petrolsmelley going ok
J_Herer: Anyone sucked into McCarthy?
God_: Sheed is going to go big tonight
Gotigres: Luckily i got rid of him for Drew
JButcher: traded out cripps last minute to sheed to free up some cash to get Gawn & Grundy, not sure how i feel yet
DrSeuss: Brander looks pretty good. Need Pettruc to get off the bench
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Fizzy343: whers the collingwood bloke eho said sheed was garbage all preseason and anyone starting him is an idiot
circle52: 16 frees already and not quarter time
Apachecats: Any one know how old Sheed is and number of games? Played out of his skin all pre season and tonight.
Gelly: 76 games born in 95
poolboybob: Already kicking myself for not having Sheed
Apachecats: Thanks Gelly ,looking like a breakout year for him.
DrSeuss: Have had Sheed before – puts a few great games together then fades…see if he does the same this year
Fizzy343: hickey and vardy having a spud off
shang0: Where are the Sheed haters at now?
valkorum: superman cape for sheed
the worm: sheeds form has coincided with gaffs suspension…
StuL: Lions might as well play amateurs.
runt: get stuffed stu
J_Herer: Jeez Eagles ruck scores
BigChief: Here fishy fishy fishy hey StuL?
jbjimmyjb: I love you Lachie Neale <3
the worm: a carlton/brisbane/gold coast all stars side would win 4 games this year
Pokerface: why did i field hickey instead of bines 🙁
Pokerface: 2 of them against st kilda worm
runt: the worm, if intelligent life was ever found you would be a million miles away
the worm: ok runt, I take it back. Carlton and Brisbane are fantastic
runt: Keep it coming. The Lions keep kicking goals the more they get bagged.
Sloan4Pres: why is there no hitouts?
runt: Does Sheed have a tattoo of Maynard getting pushed out of a pram?
TheOnyas: onya hurny
BigChief: @ Sloan 13 goals and 27 hitouts. Must not be many stoppages.
DrSeuss: Get the Pet on the field damnit
runt: Surprised the Eagles are this close
BigChief: Hey Circle how has Neale played tonight?
shang0: Where are the Sheed haters at now?
pcaman2003: C’mon Brissie,flog Wet Toast.
circle52: Tea
circle52: Te
circle52: Really well big chief. Goal helps as wells
the worm: comments from the super coach
runt: get back in your hole worm
runt: The 2 missing defenders was telling
BigChief: Thanks Circle. I am watching other game.
JockMcPie: Why are all the midpricers working this weekend, this is gonna be a fun supercoach year when they all fall off round 5
circle52: We need to keep going. Sheed needs some attention
J.Worrall: P plate for Brander?
J.Worrall: No L for petrol?
Jukes82: Why would a 4th gamer get the L plate?
JockMcPie: he’s played before
wadaramus: Keep going Lachie,more of the same from the first half!
J.Worrall: Oh I see
penguins00: It’s so good to see Linc McCarthy fit
Jukes82: Good recovery by Macca he was -3 late in the first quarter
pcaman2003: Go lions..keep going
Sixty656: You’re gone stef, get stufed!
runt: Good thing the Lions aren’t playing amateurs
Fatbar5tad: Fantastic effort by the Brions
Ash777: someone has flipped a switch on sheed in the finals last year and has forgot to turn it off.
blonde0na: yay can’t wait for more lions hype after beating a c-tier eagles squad
blonde0na: good game though
pcaman2003: Wowee! I’m in shock.
runt: c-tier eagles squad. lol the crap you people go on with
NoneyaB: egirls underestimated their opp
Ash777: lol c-tier. someone is sooking
poolboybob: Atlas for Sheed
Sixty656: When JJK doesn’t play WCE lose 80% of the time maybe more
blonde0na: no gaff, no cripps, no kennedy, no schofield, hickey…
runt: It was 6 goals to 1 in the 1st and all the wimps took a swipe at the Lions. Now you can all fuck off
mattmac24: C-tier Weagles squad? Tell me who their missing from their premiership squad?
TigersMan1: harris andrews looking like he’ll be the all australian full back since no rance
blonde0na: i’m not even an eagles supporter
Pokerface: 656 he’ll still outscore grundy/gawn
NoneyaB: yeh yeh…
runt: blonde0na you are an idiot
Beast_Mode: no ticker
Phasir: McGovern going to get shown up big time with new rules.
Sixty656: Thats great or my SC but I have him in DT too :/
mattmac24: Gaff didn’t play the grand final, Schofield did nothing and cripps was average. No JJK no Weagles apparently.
Ash777: 656 they went without jjk for half the season last year so hardly 80% loss
runt: They were good enough in the 1st then the Premiership hangover kicked in
Fatbar5tad: Hickey lol
Jackwatt$: I hate this 666. It’s evil!
NoneyaB: the egirls need a bloody mary….
Donzoes: Interesting round so far
Phasir: Curious how you can have Barrass in the ruck when you have two full-time rucks..
heppelitis: sideways trade to sheed on the cards
J_Herer: Rucks have become obsolete now nearly
Sixty656: Pretty sure JJK has played for more than one season, you know how averages work, right?
Jackwatt$: 666 has made good teams bad and bad teams good. St.Kilda Gold Coast is gonna be one for the ages
circle52: Scoreless quarter for eagles.
Beast_Mode: thats crazy talk, wce still have a better 22 on the park inthis game than brisbane, theyve just played like ass
J_Herer: Grundy/Gawn to Sinclair/English, lose 20 points and save 6 million $$$
runt: bad teams are just bad, nothing to do with 666.
frenzy: McCluggage getting some love tonite
LMartos: seems Sheed could actually be the real deal, jeez
circle52: Following Neale around frenzy so getting some possies
mattmac24: Who would have thought it’d be the lions to hold the reigning premiers scoreless for a quarter
JockMcPie: me
pcaman2003: This one is all over rover
JButcher: Looks like the age of the specialist ruckman is over
runt: Lions have improved a lot since the 1st qtr.
runt: The game isnt over yet. I think the Eagles pride will kick in and it will end up close
pcaman2003: The force be with you Runt. The game is over.
gdshifty: Brander is useless
blonde0na: not sure on witho this year with how active rich is looking, or is it too early?
Hadouken: lions might be everyones second favourite team this year, like the doggies the other year !
m0nty: Redden would have a red ‘un.
heppelitis: 2 red uns
BigChief: Clank
Zambo: Redden’s probably inverted after that hit
wadaramus: Big Uns, Al Bundy’s favourite publication IIRC!
Pokerface: jacks crackers
pcaman2003: Some more points please Lachie
Ash777: Lions have got a lot of young talent now. They should be right up in the top 8 in a year.
wadaramus: I think it’s Jatz crackers Pokerface!
Pokerface: no, it was definitely jack.
circle52: Rare to get 30k
wadaramus: Haha, you’re right!
circle52: Actually 2ok fat finders
frenzy: they counting them yellow seats again circle
runt: What a result! Like finding a cold stubby in the middle of the desert
circle52: Despite the win think sheed gets the three voted
Fatbar5tad: Good on ya runt. Reckon you guys will have a good year.
Beast_Mode: Lions premier favs confirmed
The39Steps: Premiers on bottom of ladder after R1?
Jackwatt$: @runt I’d rather find a pub in the desert!
pcaman2003: Take that Weagles.
circle52: And we have our first ton score of the round
Fatbar5tad: 14 to 2 since quarter time
frenzy: Oscar gunna outscore Grundy and Max, Lol
Ash777: eagles seem to have loss their hunger
Jackwatt$: M0nty said something funny. That’s a double for me fellas. Here’s to you Jack Redden 🍻
Jackwatt$: Hulk for Zorko?
Valens: Sheed is the 2019 break out
Jackwatt$: McCarthy All-Australian forward pocket so far
runt: That was truly a mad win
Pokerface: bines in for hickey!

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