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Chat log from R1 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, R1 of 2018

Costanza: welcome back Roughnut
TheMessiah: I am going to delete my SC
TheMessiah: Sicily, Murray, Rioli, Mitchell in this one
TheMessiah: watch them all fail hard
dipstick: who’s in my team? Ryder check, Zerret check, Zorko check, Kruez check… how do i delete my team?
Hannibal: ouch, the supercoach gods are cruel dipstick!
penguins00: That’s a nightmare start dipstick
LuvIt74: Dipstick always 2019, thankfully i have none of them. Your ruck is screwed time to go BANG BANG.
LuvIt74: Wonder if O’meara will end up injured. I didn’t pick him but he’s doing great ATM
dipstick: only a dipstick would choose Omeara
Costanza: steele bottom side
the worm: how does anyone take a ruck from the group haveing the early bye? did you have 3 rucks?
RGriffen: ffs Sidey
TheMessiah: Where the hell is RIoli?
Haydo: had sicily but traded him out for devon smith fml
Waspy79: Who is 24 for Hawks
AngryRyno: Stratton is 24 @Waspy
TheMessiah: Stratton
Waspy79: Cheers. Looks shorter than I remember. Maybe due to the mullet
bones351: I don’t have JOM so dont really want him to go that well but he was hit in the head twice by Varco and got called HTB
pcaman2003: Hawks gifted 3 goals already.Crap!
Chelskiman: Lift, Crisp!
Beast_Mode: took the risk and picked JOM, had a good JLT. big question if he’ll last long enough before getting hurt
Snarfy: Muzza has to work on his disposal by foot.
Raspel31: Well, kind of happy I decided against Grundy ruck.
Ash777: JOM faded in both JLT games I thought
Costanza: faded or saving himself – long year
grossn: Free Kick Hawthron is back for the 2018 season
Waspy79: Impey – recruit of the year
TyCarlisle: free kick hawks with the pies having 3 more free kicks?
TheMessiah: Ur kidding right @grossn
TheMessiah: Glad I got Cyril :/
JockMcPie: Umpiring been OK mostly, we just need to make the modt of opportunities
Beast_Mode: I just looked at game time and players scores, i have better things to do than watch any JLT matches
J_Herer: Tom Mitchell wow
Chelskiman: Titch in beast mode at the moment.
pcaman2003: Hawks giving goals away.
SilverLion: Titch has brought his own footy again
TheMessiah: Please do something cyril
Breezey: Shower rule that
Yelse: thats was bull ump
TheMessiah: Not a huge fan of the below the knees rule
Chelskiman: Not often I agree with a Pies supporter but yeah, shit rule.
pcaman2003: They paid one to the pies in front of goal 1st qtr.
Yelse: wasn’t even bellow the knee as the rule was intended gunston run into him
Chelskiman: Well my Crisp pick has failed so far. > <
runt: Gunston thought he would get him high so he baled, not the Collingwood players fault
han solo: two umpire favourite teams. they dont know who to cheat for
TheMessiah: @yelse… I dont like the rule. but it was 100% below the knees
pcaman2003: @han solo. You guys would know about cheating then.
Waspy79: Give Rioli the Norm for that effort surely
TheMessiah: Oooooo yeah. Not much sweeter than when rioli starts to fire
pcaman2003: @Yelse..You must’ve said that tongue in cheek.
Chelskiman: An Essendon supporter talking about cheating. LOL
Pokerface: just do your own cheating then han solo. oh wait.
SilverLion: Sicily donuts this qtr
DrSeuss: Sicily has certainly slowed this quarter
dipstick: yeah hansolo…hands so-low you cant see what theyre doing…
cobrakai00: no right boot on Rioli.. superstar!
TheMessiah: Picked up silk in my draft league. happy days
the worm: so inconsistent tonight on the below the knees call…
TheMessiah: Nooo not burton 🙁
Ash777: burton goneski
runt: I give burton a 8 for the pike but he messed up the landing
Waspy79: Bring back the sub
pcaman2003: Hyper extended knee i think.
TheMessiah: Sicily makes me cringe at times
zadolinnyj: Left ankle
RGriffen: Sicily gonna go less than 30 in a couple weeks
bones351: Titch going for 50 possies again
luke394: Sicily has been good but seems like his score is super inflated
dipstick: get rid of interchanges and have only 4 subs… just like soccer.
Waspy79: Intercept marks and effective disposals @ Luke
SilverLion: Cape for Titch
Haydo: 29 disposals to half time wowee maybe i shouldn’t have taken cripps vc
TheMessiah: I think I am in love with Titch
Rush: I took Dusty vc over Titch. Oh well.
pcaman2003: Roughy going rough.
LuvIt74: @rush same here but its the wise dession overall mate.
TheMessiah: Sicily is playing great. But he has a lot of brain fades
Chelskiman: I took Dusty’s 139 in SC as well, but have the C on Titch in DT/AF.
Raspel31: Rush-I was tempted but stuck with Titch-touch wood.
Ash777: Sicily learned his craft from Lake it seems lol
SilverLion: No Cape for Titch m0nty?
m0nty: no, 44 and 48 means no cape
Raspel31: It is to wryly chuckle m0nty
Pokerface: give him the star already
SilverLion: Ah righto, pretty close though haha
Sixty656: What Icon is for BUckley gets the boot early??
dipstick: yeah but he got 44 and 51
Pokerface: is jaeger getting a bomb icon?
pcaman2003: Breeeeuuuuust !
the worm: I cant think of a suitable Icon for Cox
Pokerface: lol worm
Pokerface: he’s missing his flag icon
BeastMode: is tom mitchell okay… he hasnt had 12 disposals this hald of a quarter
BigChief: And Collingwood expected to play finals? Hahaha
MONEY TALK: go sicily go, i was mad that i didnt go mcgrath but heheh
Pokerface: has Sidebottom ever had an icon?
SilverLion: Murray unsighted this qtr
the worm: make bucks told the pies to stop passing to him?
BigChief: Collingwood have not been sighted this decade.
Breezey: Sidebottoms icon would look a lot like Cox’s. Just side on that’s all
pcaman2003: Is Treloar Herman Munster’s love child?
Chelskiman: A cracking -3 quarter from Crisp is exactly what I needed. Keep it up!
pcaman2003: Umpires going to kill the game again. ffs.
TyCarlisle: Issac smith pretended he got hit in the face and abused an umpire? Who’s killing the game?
grossn: How flowering bad are Collingwood lmfao
BigChief: Why wasn’t that 50 against Rioli? Oh that’s right it was Rioli.
Yelse: nothing has changed in 6 years
Waspy79: Bucks will be sacked this year. I like the guy but he can’t coach.
pcaman2003: @Ty. Seriously?
the worm: Aish is the new Karnezis
luke394: Treloar should open up his own Butcher shop
Waspy79: Ty spot on. Smith should get fined for faking.
BigChief: He would make millions Luke
Yelse: don’t understand why bucks lets mitchel run free put maynard on him
luke394: I agree @bigchief he could chop up anything that bloke!
BigChief: Imagine if his DE was 80. He would be a superstar.
FordyHawks: Lol bigchief, I think you mean Jelwood
luke394: yeah he would be a SuperCoach jet @BigChief
runt: Yelse-just face it. Buckley is a shit coach
runt: Buckley is so thick that he thinks 50 possessions wont hurt them. Moron!!
luke394: Jelwood has averaged under 110 in SC like twice in the last 10 years @FordyHawks?
runt: The umpires will give Mitchell another 3 votes and Buckley will still insist that Mitchell is irrelevant!!
Chelskiman: 50 point quarter, let’s go Crisp!
runt: Tell it like it is runt!!
dipstick: @runt ahhh buckley isnt the brightest spark incase you havent noticed… spoof for brain that fella
luke394: love it how Sicily loses 1 point for a FA
Yelse: took 3 quarters to move moore fwd lol
Chelskiman: He probably had a handball in there as well so they just took 1 point off.
pcaman2003: McEvoy gave that up too easy. Goal to pies again from turnovers.
Chelskiman: I give up on Crisp. I’d take a 60 at this point.
Ash777: crisp keeping titch’s score low for those who went martin as C
Chelskiman: Yeah, nothing worse than one of your players tagging your C, haha.
Chelskiman: Muppet for Phillips, lmao.
Pokerface: rofl phillips
SilverLion: Star for Titch
Breezey: Phillips had to grab it. No Muppet there
dipstick: Titch will be th greatest fantasy pig in history
carlton_99: Most possies in a game is 53 by Greg Williams. Might break the record.
BeastMode: until collingwood has tom lynch up forward we wont be contenders.
PowerBug: Ten goal Tommy isn’t leaving the Crows
Chelskiman: Yeah, I thought we had it with Swan, prime Gazza and Rocky, but Titch is in a league of his own.
Chelskiman: *had it good
Ash777: need more than lynch to be contenders
Chelskiman: Raise the bat, Titch!
pcaman2003: Hawks getting sloppy last qtr.
TheMessiah: Hope Rioli can hit 70
luke394: How do you reckon John Longmore feels watching Titchell after not giving him a game for years
the worm: lynch would have to be player/coach if he really wanted to help the pies
Chelskiman: I hate the Pies, but that was a harsh 50.
BeastMode: well played tom mitchell. bucks im afraid you played yourself
luke394: Surely all teams put work into Mitchell now?
runt: Mitchell 2 more handballs for the record
Chelskiman: I think Johnno Brown may have been right about the Pies.
pcaman2003: Nice finish Roughy.
runt: The lipstick they put on Buckley doesnt mean he knows a pig when he sees one
GOD: GOD has the C on T. Mitchell tonight!
Chelskiman: A centre bounce is good for Mitchell.
SilverLion: Back to back 50 possie games for stitch against Collingwood.
SilverLion: *Titch autocorrect
dipstick: @m0nty stop putting that pink down arrow on my players… enough already
Lodgy: Well done hawkers. a bit too much Experience and Class for the pies this time
poolboybob: Could whack about 10 icons on Titch
carlton_99: 1 more to break it
Gotigres: I thought you had the C on someone else last night God
Chelskiman: @SilverLion there was a 35 possie game in between.
carlton_99: There it is!!! 54 possies record disposals in a game
runt: New handball record and total possessions right before my eyes!!
dipstick: titch handball AND possie all time record!! congrats blood nutter
Chelskiman: Mental from Titch.
pcaman2003: Go Titch you good thing. Awesome job!
heppelitis: world record possies here and world record clanger count in other game
SilverLion: Well done Titch. Deserved the record
luke394: Mitchell you absolute pig!!!
Ash777: disaster!
SilverLion: @Chelski minor details 😛
runt: Mitchell doesnt even cramp
dipstick: Titch 2 records broken in 1 game
casey22: Great game, Titch! Really great game!!!
stuballs: Cheers captain Mitchell
BigChief: 168 from 54 disp is rubbish. He should have gone over 200.

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