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Chat log from R14 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne, R14 of 2017

frenzy: cmon rooboys
boo!: cmon doggies
LuvIt74: @Frenzy Good luck m8 – Both teams are deplorable this season as a dogs supporter. May the best team win
9inch: Got Hibberd playing in this game. 127sc already
LuvIt74: lol 9inch good ol Greenwood
boydshow: fire up doggies
9inch: Besides Goldy and Mountford is there any sc relevant Roos ?
Haydo: higgins
The39Steps: Indeed @9inch, are the Roos even relevant?
sfenda1: bont owes us a big game
AngryRyno: Higgins is not truly relevant
boo!: magic door relevant
LuvIt74: i like goldy other then that none are reliable
boo!: cmon dollhouse, cape up
AngryRyno: JRough down back?
Raspel31: I wouldn’t even include them 9inch-well, yeah, Mountford. Wouldn’t touch a Norff player.
LuvIt74: Angree Need tall timber in defence
sfmmp23: Macrae, Bont and Dahl have to bounce back here.
9inch: Must admit Hibberd has come in handy for mid Def loophole.
akbal: Let’s see how the Fyfe -> Mountford trade goes..
Raspel31: You spake in a timely fashion sfmmp
SC_brAh: macrae break a leg
Ash777: never say break a leg in sport
TyCarlisle: People care too much about DT/SC when they wish injuries upon players…
boo!: mountford js sketchy.
DrSeuss: Lets go Mountford – 70 would be nice – till Ablett and Kelly are back next week
Raspel31: As a constant Bont knocker he has as many possessions after 10 minutes as Zorko all game.
Thedude24: Break a leg just means good luck?
Raspel31: In theatre good luck-but you don’t say Macbeth-in sport break a leg a curse.
AngryRyno: not to mitch wallis it doesn’t
Pokerface: you just said it Raspel!!
Ash777: fev needs to be a tv commentator
LuvIt74: dogs seriously gotta stop this handballing B/S and start kicking it more. Turn overs this year by hands r killin em
King_Robbo: Bont getting fucked by CD
pcaman2003: Keep going Dolly and Macrae. Big scores this week.
TyCarlisle: Are you even watching the game Robbo? Bont has constantly turned it over
AngryRyno: that’s a first, usually the CD lovechild
King_Robbo: Haha one turnover where mcrae wasn’t looking – you have no idea Ty
happytimes: Do all the cool kids hang out here or over at the eagles dees game
TyCarlisle: what do you think 42% disposal efficiency means?
Haydo: both
DrSeuss: Let’s go Dollhouse and Mounty…
happytimes: Bont looks like he’s up and about tonight
Ladbrokes_: Finally the big three – Bont, Dahl and Macrae feel like turning up 🙂
King_Robbo: agree Happy, he’s going big tonight
happytimes: How about watching the game tycarlisle instead of the numbers
Raspel31: Tell me Ladbroke-got the Bont 6 weeks ago when on fire and been dire since. We owed this.
happytimes: How old is the Bont
TyCarlisle: Cute couple Happytimes + Robbo
frenzy: cue the muppet music, Bont Bont Bont Bont, Bont Bont Bont
King_Robbo: well at least DT are giving Bont the increase he deserves at the break… lol
LuvIt74: Those who went Sandi to Goldy are laughing especially if done a few weeks ago
happytimes: Nothing worse than being lonely and bitter tycarlisle
Lestat: Let go of it Robbo. 42% DE is why his SC is lower.
LuvIt74: mountford doing jack
Pokerface: siding up with king_slobbo is worse
Ladbrokes_: Hahaha @Raspel31 Got bont when he was averaging 120, still yet to crack a ton for me
King_Robbo: 41sc – it’s correct now
Pokerface: it was always correct
Pokerface: its only now he is getting any contested ball
AngryRyno: put a sock in it floggo
King_Robbo: no it wasn’t pokerface you dope, it was 33 and went up to 39 after correcting it. idiot
LuvIt74: gr8 mark picken
TyCarlisle: Robbo honestly has no idea… i can’t tell if you are trolling
DrSeuss: Dollhouse is frustrating of late
Pokerface: no, its only now he is getting any hard ball. only 2 contested possessions till q time
Lestat: Robbo the douche thinks he know SC scoring better than CD.
Pokerface: @ty no he’s just stupid
Lestat: All Robbo ever does is whinge and moan.
TyCarlisle: Robbo thinks CD is a massive conspiracy conspiring against him and Bont
happytimes: Garner is a flog
Ladbrokes_: I’ll tell you what’s a conspiracy Robbo, the sheer amount of free kicks WB get week in week out
King_Robbo: #whocares #premiers
LuvIt74: Is there ever a game where people don’t whinge & whine about umpires & free kicks.
happytimes: Your not going to be premiers this year robbo
pcaman2003: #Not this year#Robbo
happytimes: No I don’t think there will by luv
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 Not that I recall.
Pokerface: that’s the same attitude your team has this year slobbo
sfmmp23: so far so good, Bont, Dahl and Macrae. Hopefully they keep it up
bongidongi: bont and macrae keep going lads. dont do a pendlebury and die in the second half
Lestat: 2 premierships in VFL/AFL in 92 years. #brilliantclub
LuvIt74: thats the package nice & loose
DrSeuss: Mountford – any chance of a possession, or two?
King_Robbo: Bont’s going massive tonight, you can see the glint in the eye
LuvIt74: carn doggies roll away fella’s
StuL: Come on Missy dreadful as usual. Will need to be luxury traded out for finals if possible.
DrSeuss: Dahlhaus – marks and tackles would be great too
m0nty: 16-3 free kick count, geez
TyCarlisle: Would you look at that, Bont hit a couple targets, gets some supercoach points. #NotAConspiracyRobbo
AngryRyno: #freekickbulldogs
Pokerface: haha, taken the free kick count off the stats
LuvIt74: The BONT doing nice as VC
happytimes: Honeychurch looking good, don’t think I have seen him play befor
LuvIt74: @Happy he has played about 15 games over 3 years took you a while.
LuvIt74: He showed quite a lot in 2015
happytimes: I have seen the name but never noticed the player
Yelse: wtf how is bont on 81
Ash777: the better team always get the frees
LuvIt74: he’s been killing it in the 2nd’s hence why bevo brought him in
LuvIt74: @Yelse its a CD conspiracy apparently. lol
happytimes: You follow the dog or just a footy nut luv?
Ash777: I had to put adblock on as the ads were obscrtructing
LuvIt74: personally I thought the BONT got hard done by and believe he should be on 107 but maybe its coz im bias. lol
frenzy: deluded
LuvIt74: @happy im a doggies supporter but luv all games and SC
LuvIt74: @frenzy It’s called sarcasm mate.
happytimes: Cool, I watch a lot of AFL and keep a eye on the blues only in the vfl
frenzy: really sick of hearing about Bont
Raspel31: Sarcasm is the last resort of a scoundrel. I use it all the time.
Texwalker: Quite insipid by nrth so far.. have a go wen u r ready
LuvIt74: oh golly gosh the BONT looked great tonight though didn’t he frenzy?
Lestat: IF Bont hit a target or 2 he might have a higher score.
LuvIt74: @frenzy still plenty of footy to go m8, don’t give up you’re still a good chance the way we have been playing this year
Lestat: And IF I have the correct lotto numbers I would be a millionaire.
King_Robbo: I have Bont VC, I think you’d bank 140
LuvIt74: @Robbo 120+ id take from anyone. Doesn’t pay to be greedy in life
happytimes: Did anyone else see that dive from Oliver
Lestat: No because Schofield hit him with an elbow
happytimes: Oh stop it lestat, is that why Oliver got reported and not Schofield
m0nty: stick to this game please.
Lestat: LMAO Schofield was the 1 reported
LuvIt74: how good was BONT’s kick that goal should be counted as bonts CD.
Raspel31: It was a dive worthy of the Olympics.
LuvIt74: Sideshow Bob to the rescue
happytimes: Oliver got reported for striking….. I’m done monty I will not say anymore
Fizzy343: 10/10 dive from oliver
Raspel31: Playing number 26 in SC and i’m eleventh million-but think I’ve got it. Yay
LuvIt74: @happy im supprised your not banned. Go on the other site if ya wanna talk about other games for ages
happytimes: No wonder the dogs let hovart go
LuvIt74: @Frenzy ya her m8?
LuvIt74: The Bont’s goal again
happytimes: i haven’t been too bad have I
Beast_Mode: Tom Spudatore
JockMcPie: Doggie trifecta doing well
Lestat: Isn’t there 18 Bont’s out there LuvIt?
Roksta: Good by bont
DrSeuss: Lift Mounty at least get to 60
Raspel31: Yup-should be points for goal assists.
LuvIt74: Daw has superglue stuck to his hands either that or he’s a Gecko
Ladbrokes_: Bont/Dahl/Macrae :* Been waiting for this so long
Lestat: Daw had oranges at 1/2 time to get those sticky fingers.
Ash777: it’s those half time oranges
pcaman2003: @Ladbrokes. Don’t have Bont but other 2 going great guns.
fonzie: welcome back bont
LuvIt74: everyone who knows what there doing has Macrae & Dahlhaus in there forward
pcaman2003: @lestat. I thought he got those sticky fingers from elsewhere.
Lestat: I thought of that, but didn’t want to say it.
LuvIt74: sideshoow bob has come from no where
Raspel31: That’s not on pcaman-tread easy.
Lestat: Is Stringer worth looking at for 350k?
LuvIt74: that was awesome pressure by the dos, they need to find this again
pcaman2003: @Raspel31. Please explain?
happytimes: Go doggies great pressure goal
LuvIt74: @Lestar hell no
pcaman2003: @lestat. Not with his average.No way!
Ladbrokes_: Woweee pcaman
happytimes: I real like honeychurchs hair BOG for mine
LuvIt74: bloody hell what happened to Goldy has he been shot?
happytimes: Average is about to go up
LuvIt74: that should have een advantage
Manowar: gone blank?
Raspel31: Well, Johannisen nudges but a bit passe-good call Happytimes.
Lestat: Thought if Dogs played him in the middle more he might have been an option for F6
luke394: Cmon Goldy u flog
LuvIt74: shit hope picken isn’t concussed
LuvIt74: @Lestat no m8 he is way to inconsistent get Wallis
LuvIt74: higgins the flog
King_Robbo: Hahahaha Higgins you pathetic piece of shit
LuvIt74: that was gold
happytimes: Who is the dude out there in his wetsuit
Lestat: Wallis is almost 500k. I need to do some shuffling to get him.
LuvIt74: Give higgins the cochlear implant ICON monty.
LuvIt74: Lester start shuffling hes a great forward option coz hes a midfielder
sfmmp23: big last qtrs bont, dahl and macrae. Thankfully theyve played better this week
King_Robbo: Haha Luvit gold
LuvIt74: Higgins the mare icon as long as the mare has blinckers on
King_Robbo: far out that was incredible by the bont
LuvIt74: The Redfin goal
Yelse: macrea for 130 please
LuvIt74: The bont again
happytimes: The Bont is everywhere
Lestat: Only 2 tackles Libba? Are you even trying?
LuvIt74: Dogs really need to convert alot better
sfmmp23: Great bounce back from bont, dahl and macrae. All going for 110+
happytimes: does north have any stand out kids
LuvIt74: mountford was a waste of a trade
Roksta: Go bont
Lestat: Yeah they do but Scott hates kids
King_Robbo: game over
LuvIt74: suckrs goal
JRedden: campbell has smashed goldy tonight
anthsill03: thats what essendon said last night..
Raspel31: Long long time since the Mcrhe and the Bont nudged me over t
Pokerface: campbell has 40 hitouts to goldys 18?! wow
King_Robbo: better team than essendon though
happytimes: @lestat hopefully after tonight he might start to play some of them
akbal: Mountford not getting another game after this is he?
Lestat: Preuss has to play next week surely.
Raspel31: Key pad locked-apologies for Serbo Croatian.
LuvIt74: The dogs ruck last season all stopped the top ruckmen. This is what I thought they were missing due to Rouheads absence
LuvIt74: but roughy has been quiet since coming back
Lestat: Roughead 0 hitouts? That can’t be right.
MONEY TALK: glad i brought bont in last week
Torz: Roughead has played defence all night.
Ash777: he’s playing his old defence roll roughy
Raspel31: Hate you Money-you got him cheap-I got him 6 weeks ago-1st payoff.
LuvIt74: yep coz the dogs need hight in defence
Haydo: was debating whether to bring bont or zorko in, sadly chose zork 🙁
LuvIt74: I would have brought Zork in if i could have as his average over his last 5 games was 130 but he had a stinker
Pokerface: here they come
MONEY TALK: now need higgins and dalh to finish strong
Pokerface: winning goal higgs
Lestat: Game over now Robbo???
LMartos: dogs choking here
happytimes: What is going on here I thought north was gone
LuvIt74: Redfin’s screw up has given the kangas momentum that was stupid
The Hawker: momentum shifted. here we go again. threes nights in a row of heart attacks lol
LuvIt74: Never over till its over
Pokerface: where were your defenders robbo?
coldog: Whoever said game over. You are a dumb prick
LuvIt74: that was a mark by the kangs
Lestat: That was King_Robbo @coldog
Pokerface: that was not advantage
anthsill03: dam maybe i was right?? should of put money on it 🙁
Pokerface: huzzah!!
LMartos: wow
LuvIt74: Where is frenzy
Heizenberg: Hi guys
pcaman2003: We’ve got a game!
Raspel31: Don’t let this happen Dogs.
coldog: Haha typical! That knob always says dumb shit and won’t return because he looks like a fool
LuvIt74: bloody hell ont in defence
Heizenberg: Watching eagles game, keeping eye here
LuvIt74: kanga’s will win it
Heizenberg: Time left?
Lestat: Sideshow Bob what are you doing?
LMartos: Ben Brown cringe
ScootD: 2.5 mins left
happytimes: 2 min
LuvIt74: Redfin will get dropped if dogs lose
Heizenberg: Thanks guys
Heizenberg: Fuck, where’s Rohan?
LMartos: draw
Lestat: Stringer match winning point
pcaman2003: I’m sniffing a draw.
LMartos: the package mark i50
LuvIt74: The bont could have saved it
Raspel31: Phew.
King_Robbo: easy win
LuvIt74: The Bont saved the game
King_Robbo: deserved
happytimes: Great finish to the game
Heizenberg: Hell what a game it looked like
pcaman2003: All over rover! Good finish!
LuvIt74: Sideshow bob lost it for north and the BONT won it for doggies
Lestat: And Dumbo shows up again after the siren.
Heizenberg: Great effort north
ScootD: keep telling yourself that Robbo

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