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Chat log from R11 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2017

DMS774: Amon out Toumpas In
Xephyrise: k amon late late out, toumpas in
frenzy: Toumpas in for Amon, late change
ReggieOz: That Fetch ad is so anoying!!!
dipstick: SPP out sselwood in
King_Robbo: Good – Ebert with a hard tag on Tichell
LuvIt74: Didn’t bother with Scooter, he has to continue to average 100+ to generate roughly the same amount of cash as Bolton
LMartos: Hawthorn so slow early on
jgilf: @dipstick interesting choice, SPP is great cover for the byes
frenzy: A Titchell spud up on the cards and nice!!
jgilf: Though I also got Scooter in along with Shai Bolton for for WHE and Eddy
LuvIt74: I got rid of SPP also need to have cash in the bank for next week to go ang, bang, bang
dipstick: who needs cover for the byes? that problem ended years ago with the 18 man rule 😉
LMartos: this start makes me want to munt
StuL: Getting Scooter and Bolton really cost nothing. Two trades but to get rid of two list cloggers.
m0nty: Hawks playing like they need a covfefe
dipstick: @stu agreed. and selwood will make more $$$ than bolton coz bolton wont even play afetr a couple of games.
StuL: Come on Cousins. It will help for you to not die and play next week.
dipstick: @king robbo tagging titch? LOL.. thats a good one 🙂
StuL: Got rid of Mountford and Eddy. Yes, Mountford. I was patient.
King_Robbo: Well, he is getting tagged you disptick
boo!: nice start titch
StuL: I naturally despise both these teams so not much to watch but hawks should prob lift.
man0005: Clarkson retires Brian Lake but won’t drop Gibson. LOL.
dipstick: @kingrobbo but you said GOOD as though it meant something queeny
LMartos: Swear CD missed the stats for the lead up to Dixon’s point, SPP robbed of a kick, Wines robbed of clearance, Ryder HTA
dipstick: i hope the penguin gets to show his face. im a big fan
pcaman2003: @man0004 and bring in who?
Torz: Gibson is pathetic.
Seb78: Hey Burton any chance of hitting a target??
StuL: LMartos But Pokerface says the scores are perfect and can never be wrong.
boo!: lift burton
StuL: SC is run buy a newspaper. I’d expect plenty of ineptitude and lack of attention.
TheLegend6: Robbie Gray has been so poor this season
LMartos: they hardly get them wrong but I saw with my own eyes SPP collect of Wines and bomb it i50, yet it says he has 1 kick
dipstick: wheres PalPepper? ohh i dont need to know anymore he he he he heh
pcaman2003:! pokerface knows everything though.
StuL: Come on SPP. Don’t make me punch your throat.
monkebuket: the way the hawks are playing is unpresidented
poolboybob: Do something Paddy
circle52: 50 -60 will do fine for SPP – Will become Rocky next week.
pcaman2003: Hawks need to show some mongrel. Letting Port do it too easy.
leorosman_: spp goal
Ladbrokes_: Just give Gibbo the spud already, utter garbage
DMS774: Anyone seen Hawthorn? Have they arrived yet?
casey22: I only went for Port by 19 points: have to rethink that!
LMartos: That is the worst quarter I’ve seen us play in my 12 years of supporting Hawthorn
wadaramus: Carn BUrton, clean up your DE a bit man.
poolboybob: Spud is reserved for Vickery
dipstick: have hawks scored? there score looks like my RDT score which isnt updating
pcaman2003: @poolboybob. That’s usually reserved for him EVERY week.
casey22: At least hawks have more tackles than Port.
H A MM E R: Hawks are done! They are showing they simply can’t match it with the in-form teams.
King_Robbo: hawks have been utterly pathetic
wadaramus: Both zero dipstick!
H A MM E R: LMartos, are you only 12yrs old?
shaker: Everyone a pumpkin except Vickery ha ha
frenzy: pumpkin patch
StuL: That’s pathetic hawks. Making this rabble look good.
DrSeuss: Burton – let’s see if you can score after the first quarter this week.
H A MM E R: haha thats because Vickery is a SPUD 🙂
Umpirespet: M0nty will be getting a call up soon the way the hawks are going
LMartos: @HAMMER 17 mate, believe or not I didn’t understand what the fuck was going on until I was 5, most interested in trains
boo!: dixon on track for 250sc, reckon parsons has better chance
DirtyDawn: Evening all
jimmyboy: Paddy needs some possies outside of HO to ad.
Raspel31: Have a feeling Hawks will score next quarter. Odds?
PLACEBOPIE: Monty slashed his wrists yet?
casey22: Has Vickery ever played a good game?
cusch1: SPP vs Roughy and Hodgey…and I am winning at quarter time. Nice
H A MM E R: ahh got ya!
H A MM E R: On closer inspection, the pumpkins look like cooked toast lol
m0nty: it’s as if we swapped jumpers with the Box Hill seconds
pcaman2003: Hawks have lost the plot. I feel a huge loss coming.
StuL: This is getting sad. Time to turn the sprinklers on.
H A MM E R: haha monty! i bet some of the seconds could actually do a better job!
Breezey: If only they had Cyril hey Bruce
PLACEBOPIE: lol it’s like under 12’s when you give them a point so you can gain percentage
H A MM E R: Speaking of sprinklers CRAP i’ve left mine on for 5 hours now….outa here
Crowls: box hill is insulted
wadaramus: CD giving Burton no love at all.
m0nty: Clarko has the look of a schoolyard bully whose victims have turned up with elder brothers
luke394: Tom Mitchell getting sucked again in a team getting flogged
Crowls: Port might have got some special Chinese Herbs during their trip
man0005: Yeah Luke394, Mitchell reminds me of Dangerwood when Geelong loses
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Luke Hodge, please report to Scooter for the next number.
luke394: bloody oath @man0005
dipstick: montyhas gone insane with negative hawk icons 🙆
Crowls: what is “getting sucked”
LMartos: yes, we scored! comeback is on
casey22: A score: at last.
luke394: lucky we are 7-3 hey @man0005?
cusch1: Port has more touches inside hawks forward 50 than the hawks do
Hoot: We have a %
H A MM E R: Yay breust scored…oh crap, just a single point 🙁
LMartos: SC scoring sucks, if you’re telling me Ryder has been worse than 75% of the hawks players, I’d tell you to piss off
man0005: Well I
frenzy: he’s had 1 eff disposal, Lol
Umpirespet: Lol when Toumpas scores you know you are in trouble
man0005: Well I’d rather be 10-2 @luke but sure whatever makes you happy 🙂
Crowls: how did hawks win last week????
boo!: happy not sucked into ryder , rather have parsons 50sc this week
H A MM E R: @Crowls, they played keepings off!
Roksta: Ryder plenty of hitouts to advantage but not acoring
cusch1: Ryder has to be among the best rucks in the comp. Not SC wise maybe, but impact wise
wadaramus: Watching the game, Ryder’s rucking has been good, surprised his SC is so poor.
H A MM E R: @Umpirespet, Totally! lol! What the hell? that dude would miss peeing in the urinal!
LuvIt74: Ebert the real Mcoy this season, despite Gray playing up forward & the guts.
luke394: 10-2 would have been lovely
cusch1: Hawks were just compared to the Suns in China. That has got to be an all time low
PLACEBOPIE: turn the power off, steal the goal posts and build a fire in the middle of ground only way to stop this.
Crowls: @wadaramus agree, also getting wraps from Duck
Migz: thought rucks got 5 SC points for a HOA. ryder slamming them down kids throats and getting +1s
luke394: hes had 2 FA and 3 clangers Ryder so thats hurting him
Breezey: I had a feeling Vickery could get their second point
dipstick: Vickery is genuine bonafide tugjob. he’s a hack
Crowls: Vickery…… what a great trade for Hawks!!
Yelse: cmonnn Spp get involved more
cusch1: Question for a few of you older guys: Whats better? Seeing Hawthorn reign come to an end or Brisbane turn to sh!t
cusch1: after their 3peat
casey22: What a rabble!!!!!
LuvIt74: Hawks must have been on the turps last night, if they had 22 Hannerberys they’ll do great.
Ben_Gogos: Where is Clarko’s white flag?
Breezey: It’s been a pleasure with Brisbane crap but enjoying the Hawks woes too
wadaramus: Brisbane have been shit for a while now cusch, probably Hawks struggling 🙂
cusch1: I mean Brisbane’s reign in the early 2000s coming to an end. Not the rabble they are now Wada hahaha
circle52: Brisbane turned to crap when Voss took over and brought Fevola in.
Fluffy: Rider getting ripped. So many hitouts right down teammates throats
Pokerface: you didn’t include essendons last 4 years in the choices cusch?
Yelse: hawks were lucky drafts were compromised for years
PLACEBOPIE: Brisbane were given premierships when their second merge took place.So seeing Brisbane crap is great.
Beast_Mode: Give Vickery the blue moon
toddyelton: Looks like i shouldnt have traded out spp this week
Crowls: Vickery probably needs a defbrilator more..
NoneyaB: oh whatever build a bridge good to see it still hurts though I hate seeing the hawks like this
Raspel31: Over 40 SC and not even half time-go easy Toddy.
Umpirespet: Could the hawks go goaless all match?
PLACEBOPIE: Spp should be traded out next week or kept till byes finish but should have been kept this week
Crowls: also traded SPP, more important to get trades done for full team and free up cash. Bolton will earn more than SPP,
pcaman2003: Been around a long time,that’s the worst half I’ve seen from the Hawks.
casey22: Only good thing (maybe) is looping Titch
Crowls: lowest score in Hawks history at half time
LMartos: would’ve been nice if Wines did something in the last 15 minutes of that quarter
Beast_Mode: lol bolton will not
PLACEBOPIE: do you think a port fan will scream power in clarksons ear at the hotel tonight 😀
standog: Captain loophole on I.Smith is working out well.. :/
cusch1: No comment Poker hahahah
man0005: Maybe now we will see the mythical catastrophic change? Probably just be Gibson up forward
King_Robbo: Tich is half the problem, waltzing around picking up cheap touches then kicking it backwards. so overrated
wadaramus: Dixon did nothing that quarter but on 98SC, what the?
Crowls: in terms of this week Bolton will earn more. Marginal gain on SPP.
luke394: yeah and he kills it in SC @King_Robbo CD must have him
Crowls: if only 18 would not have traded SPP. have 21
Pokerface: @man no there will be catastrophic moves. you watch. dallas willsmore will get the chop
jimmyboy: Paddy dominating in the ruck but only 34 SC pts…… grrr
pcaman2003: @King Robbo. Yeah,just like Bont
PLACEBOPIE: whats titch need for keeping him as your captain?
Crowls: mitchell not hawks problem, gets ball to your outsiders who spud it up
dipstick: hawks lowest score ever!!
King_Robbo: Haha you’re saying that Bont wanders around getting cheap possies all game? laughable
Umpirespet: Bit rough on Cousins Monty only his 2nd game
Crowls: Bont farts is smells like cologne… He is silk.
circle52: Dixon SC score looks OK when compared to Broadbent – As I say each week look at CP which are worth up to 8 points
H A MM E R: Hawks are shocking. Even Essendon with 10 of its best players out last year did better.
PLACEBOPIE: Bont hasn’t resigned yet?
exatekk: Coupla witches hats tonite
luke394: the dogs aren’t often down by 60 points though @pcaman2003
dipstick: how is titch a traffic cone?
PLACEBOPIE: spp is already on boltons fulltime score 😛
Gotigres: atlas for titch
Pokerface: spud for gibson
Crowls: good luck to those that held SPP.
casey22: Not Titch’s fault the Hawks are crap: clearly their best player
PLACEBOPIE: if hawks had got rid of bruest and smith they would have got 1st rders now pick 88 😛
wadaramus: I hope SPP doubles his score from here.
Wends: Currently enjoying SPP’s score & tasty Eddy doughnut. SC oppt. has Rough Ryder combo tho.
Manowar: Can a coach be sacked at half time?
PLACEBOPIE: hawks breaking records 😀
Beast_Mode: understand trading spp, but he’s still making money so not trading yet. Bolton won’t stay in the tigers team long.
Gotigres: vickery one of the hawks best lol
NoneyaB: whats going on with rdt scores atm the players scores are updating but the actual team scores arent?
PLACEBOPIE: you could probably except one donut but no more than that wends.
Wends: Also, evening all. And has any checked on m0nty?
Crowls: @gitigres defn of irony
PLACEBOPIE: accept my bad
PLACEBOPIE: he’s in a bad way 😀
Wends: Yes, it’s been doing my head in Placebopie. SC oppts OK, but d/g pickings are slim, besides g/wood.
cusch1: Hawks had to be gifted their first goal
LMartos: Hallelujah
Breezey: Hawks dominating this quarter.
luke394: need a big score from SPP for a nice $$ injection
dipstick: @beast you only keep spp now for his score coz he ain’t making anymore $$
circle52: Glad I did not get Pittard last week.
Pokerface: and they say the hawks have bad 3rd qs
JockMcPie: #FreeKickHawthorn
casey22: Another gift goal
Umpirespet: Clarko paid the umps at 1/2 time
LMartos: thanks umpies, reviving da hashtag #freekickhawthorn
luke394: I think he’s also good coverage over the byes @dipstick if he can make some more $$ that would be nice
LMartos: imagine if we win from here
Migz: free kick poor thorn
Crowls: umps been told to even up the game 🙂
cusch1: I guess green is close enough to yellow and brown
PLACEBOPIE: freekick hawthorn is back 😀
dipstick: @noney yeah its sad. prob can’t adjust for only 18 players
Umpirespet: Or was it M0nty?
wadaramus: Carn TMitch, got the VCon ya.
Beast_Mode: iSee how he finishes this game first lol but probably
NoneyaB: id say its a glitch as they have done have added scores during bye rounds before
casey22: Vickery getting his points through free kicks
JockMcPie: Wish Ryder could mark the ball
wadaramus: Your wish is granted Jock 🙂
luke394: cmon Ollie would like 100+
Chelskiman: All Burgoyne was thinking when he looked up and saw it was Vickery was “NO NO PLEASE GOD NO!”
JButcher: If we could kick straight at goal we could be 80+….
Migz: ryder takes a few contested marks. get SFA. one of them intercept mark aswel. what bullshit
leorosman_: go and get the fuckin ball robbie gray you deadseat spanner
Breezey: Port better get the cue back out of the rack
m0nty: new feature in the page functions box
LMartos: think SC score have stopped being updated, no movement in Wines’ score despite 4 effective disposals
boo!: is travis boak any relation to travis cloke
luke394: it’ll catch up @LMartos
AngryRyno: scores are filled with donuts now m0nts, and in black rather than grey, as though they are final
Manowar: R. Gray moving witches hat tonight
breadly: I’m not a fan of the stats saying 0 instead of being blank. Seems too busy now
King_Robbo: can the new feature be less annoying advertising?
Number 8: Hard to tell whether Port are actually any good… not convinced
casey22: Prefer non log in blue to the red, easier to read
wadaramus: Hear hear King Robbo.
PLACEBOPIE: who did everyone loop for titch?
wadaramus: TMitch stats point to a better than 85SC score??
circle52: 4 clangers will hurt Titchells score wadaramus
Roksta: Danger vc
Manowar: Hawks no good since recruiting T. Mitchell
Wends: Could we always click on SC column so SC scores in descending order, or is that a new feature too?
circle52: Band aid for Duryea monty. Knock to Hips in the rooms.
cusch1: Do you guys not have AdBlock yet?
PLACEBOPIE: I vc danger with martin C so i have more control now 😀
dipstick: this site won’t load for 15 fucken minutes
wadaramus: But 8 CP’scircle, 4 clearances, 8 marks, 4 tackles, 80% DEm doesn’t add up.
PLACEBOPIE: i been clicking sc for descending order since last year
wadaramus: How do I get Adblock cusch?
Manowar: Hawks season flushed down tiolet
Crowls: hodge gibson last year of footy for sure. disgraceful
CamT: licking the SC to get the scores in descending order is great.
dipstick: hello?? is this site working? 20 mins now
wadaramus: Burton deserves SC ton.
oc16: i cant see how burton wont win the rising star
CamT: * liking
Chelskiman: Hello, dipstick.
PLACEBOPIE: in your add ons from web browser ad blocker
cold pies: Wines as vc tonight.. permanent beer goggles for cold pies
cold pies: Wines as vc tonight.. permanent beer goggles for cold pies
dipstick: loading data loading data loading data WTF??
Wends: I had NFI Placebo lol. Good feature monty!
Manowar: C. Dixon hurrying up tonight
AngryRyno: don’t block ads, support m0nts and FF
Pokerface: @oc16 cos there’s a guy called McGrath eligible
PLACEBOPIE: lol yeah me too i just click everything 😀
man0005: Clarkson will trade Burgoyne and give Gibson another 3 years
PLACEBOPIE: go spp that torp gave some extra points 🙂
cold pies: Lol eff the adds.. money hungry pigs.. were not here to buy shizzz
oc16: mcgrath has been good, but burton has been better
dipstick: over 30 mins where’s the fucken stats and chat? data loading lol
Pokerface: he’ll bring in nathan freeman
CamT: Anyone thinking of putting Cousins in next week ?
TyCarlisle: what are you talking about @dipstick
PLACEBOPIE: if you dont click the adds your not helping 😛 and im sure noone is clicking those porn sites
LuvIt74: @dipstick time to upgrade and get a decent PC
DarkLegend: Few happy Ebert owners after his bye I would think
man0005: No CamT, catastrophic change = dropping youngsters
Hoot: Robbie has no motivation to attack the ball. He is just coasting and costing me big time!
Crowls: cousins in for the money if needed, ryan from freo more important for me
AngryRyno: junk up titch, not quite enough for VC
Crowls: why do you have Robbie??
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes James Sicily to draw a free on Ebert.
jimmyboy: Paddy needs some contested marks in the 50 and goals
casey22: All hawk goals from free kicks?
dipstick: hello? loading data WTF is with this?
Hoot: im stupid and brang him in as a risk
Wends: I was tossing it up @CamT, tonight not great tho… + rd 13 bye tricky
CamT: Thanks Crowls & man0005.
PLACEBOPIE: if he’s named next week why not
Wends: SPP making up for Eddy (0)
Beast_Mode: cousins will be omitted
breadly: Dipstick seems like an appropriate name
AngryRyno: thanks SPP
9inch: Just you dipstick. Pay your bill
pcaman2003: Mitchell no disposals last 16 mins
Chelskiman: Another +21 from Roughy would be nice, haha.
Wends: What you do in the privacy of your own lounge room up to you CamT 😐
Roksta: Traded in wines this week
luke394: Razor Ray is the biggest flog
DarkLegend: I don’t feel like titchell deserves that SuperCoach ton
MONEY TALK: so glad i didnt got N.riewoldt to charlie dixio
luke394: Wines getting killed points wise 14CP and 10 clearances
MONEY TALK: so glad i didnt got N.riewoldt to charlie dixion
man0005: Captained Dixon this week
MONEY TALK: roughy the king of junk time lately
cold pies: Your a knob legend
Chelskiman: 118 enough for VC loophole?
DarkLegend: Really how influential has Mitchell been
MONEY TALK: take titch VC score or go the danger
casey22: Bwuce has been very subdued without Cyril around
cold pies: Watch the game
luke394: id argue Wines was way more influential @Darklegend and they scored the same its rigged
J_Herer: i will bank the 118, good enough for me
luke394: and roughy has some non influential junk time possies and racks up the points to get a 90 in a drubbing
MONEY TALK: lol i find it weird when ppl talk about fantasy on the chat
DarkLegend: @coldpies. U have you vc goggles on
AngryRyno: that’s what the chat is designed for you absolute turkey

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