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Chat log from W3 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, W3 of 2017

JockMcPie: Franklin looks good….but I will never pick him again.
Smurf_x: Josh Kelly has to almost be a lock, Right?
m0nty: With Whitfield out, there is a lot of opportunity for Kelly early.
JockMcPie: Franklin scored nothing in Q2. Donuts.
pcaman2003: Kelly is a lock for mine.
JockMcPie: Apparently Kelly has 97 SC points…
Smurf_x: Yep, locking him.
pcaman2003: Mumford 2 disp and 5 clangers …oops
Smurf_x: Mills is becoming tempting as well…
Brown*Dog: Man its pretty wet in NSW
StuL: Is Kelly a pre season wonder? Maybe? But Ward, Shiel, Griffen and Coniglio all playing and with good game time.
frenzy: not sure Heater is worth the price
Jackwatt$: W.Hayward is going at only 33% efficiency! How appropriate
shaker: Are you saying his name should be H Wayward
StuL: Taranto looking good. Who says he can’t break in?
westy501: i like taranto. only concern is price… a lot of articles this year stating 200k rookies arnt worth the price tag
westy501: need an 80avg at least from them to get the cash worth the selection
StuL: Depends on Begley/Butler/? If they’re no shows he’s probably in at F5

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