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Chat log from W3 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, W3 of 2017

Grazz: Only DT SC Po and G.B on the page now m0nty
m0nty: yes that is what happens when you can only see three columns or less
Grazz: Am I able to change it mate
m0nty: not unless you have a wide screen
Grazz: Changed my font size and got it all back.
Grazz: Happy days
shaker: Ok wondered who kicked the 2nd goal
Grazz: Keays I think mate
shaker: Yep he has been added now
JButcher: What’s happening with Rocky?
StuL: Don’t pick old man Rocky.
kosduras: wheres bont??
shaker: Bont’s sippin on beers
m0nty: Bont is on his bot.
kosduras: he was named to play tonight on the afl website? as long as he isnt injured
StuL: His ‘load is being managed’ is all. It’s probably pizza and pasta night in Footescray.
m0nty: Dogs are playing one short.
oc16: bont was a late out
AngryRyno: Doggies will be fine Lip-sink is coming on this half
Ash777: looks like everyone is going beams now
frenzy: we could have 2 rookie rucks rnd 1
StuL: English seems to have been destroyed in the hitouts tho. Pass
Yelse: is zorko worth it? why doesn’t he get a DP status 🙁
JockMcPie: Will anyone actually pick Zorko…
StuL: With dp, all over zorko, without – meh!
westy501: too many other/better options in midfield. he would be first picked if in fwd
westy501: keep in mind dogs are missing a few tonight… scoring would be different if it were for the 4 points
StuL: stats seem to show dogs r just playing cos they have to but bris care a bit.
m0nty: new icon
AngryRyno: can’t spot it even after a refresh
wadaramus: Hammelmann’s gift box?
AngryRyno: has just got a regulation newspaper for mine
wadaramus: Bright pink gift box with a ribbon around it.
m0nty: try a Shift-Reload
jfitty: I like it, the package!
wadaramus: Not much in the box though m0nty??
wadaramus: Wow, Zoooorrrrkkkkoooooo.

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