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Chat log from W1 of 2017: Western Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs West Coast, W1 of 2017

m0nty: Ominous signs for the rest of the comp early.
frenzy: arvo chaps
shaker: Sure is m0nty with 12 big names out
m0nty: Giants A would beat a few senior AFL teams
shaker: Good news for west coast Vardy not injured yet
m0nty: he just dislocated a finger at the pie stand
Ben_Gogos: Giants also rolling with 3 rucks today…
m0nty: Patton playing like Plugga today
frenzy: 4 halfs today??
m0nty: seems unfair that the Giants also get Taranto and Setterfield this year, they are so stacked
shaker: You never notice Kelly that much when all the other guns are playing he is seriously good
meziare: No Francis Watson on Thd WC scores??
m0nty: fixed
meziare: Cheers
Pokerface: who will get suckered in by Taranto.
pietime: how long b4 sc scores get updated.

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