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Chat log from R23 of 2016: Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R23 of 2016

J.Worrall: testis
cusch1: massive game tonight
UglyOldPim: Crows will get spanked tonight
J.Worrall: Dunno how I got banned last week, was hardly here …
J.Worrall: … the week before …
frenzy: toasters for me
TheMessiah: Eagles to win this one by 30+
UglyOldPim: No Sloane, no Smith, no Crows
frenzy: Lol Ugly changing teams
heppelitis: whats wrong with that frenzy lol
heppelitis: dam tried to change mine to kangas but it id not work
UglyOldPim: I would too if i were you frenzy
frenzy: it takes strength to be a kanga, believe me
Grazz: Carn the Crows
cusch1: try being a bomber supporter Frenzy hahah
cusch1: my return too tonight worrall
J.Worrall: Wha’ happen, cusch?
Grumpman: kennedy :1 tex :0
J.Worrall: Did we forget to talk footy?
circle52: Know the feeling Cusch I am a lions supporter
m0nty: don’t like Crows only playing six defenders, Kennedy could kill them
J.Worrall: Go JJColeman
cusch1: that might have been it ahahah #lessonlearnt?
RooBoyStu: Good to have Bruce back
J.Worrall: *Koleman?
heppelitis: couple of weeks ago m0nty was having to say back on the game please a lot
J.Worrall: Lycett in trouble – big break for Giles?
44snub: And last week Hep…
J.Worrall: anyone else bring in Boomer this week?
heppelitis: need b crouch to go big
heppelitis: good luck to those in GFs
44snub: How many SC points does Priddis get for his head staying on his shoulders?
J.Worrall: Ooooh Darling!
Grazz: Shocking start
Grumpman: Jacobs should go big if Lycett goes down.
vamos77: If Tex can hanball both feet the Crows will win
J.Worrall: Can’t make ’em pay! Shoulda passed to JJK
Umpirespet: Grazz 2 6day breaks and trip to perth and showdown was worried about this
frenzy: is that a party trick @ vamos
Grazz: we’ve started very flat mate
vamos77: Nah he said it in an interview frenzy. The importance to kick on both feet and handball both feet, onya Tex
JButcher: Carn Weagles
Hoot: what did Laird do wrong?
Torz: Held on too long. Apparently.
ballbag: poor OK Jock Reynolds would be livid right now 😣
J.Worrall: Lycett playing forward – not a good sign
J.Worrall: Takes a clean mark – maybe OK?
J.Worrall: Purple patch for thr Governor
Chelskiman: Love seeing Jacobs so low. My opponent has him in my only Grand Final.
Grazz: Turnovers flower me
44snub: Giles is doing alright! Phew….
boo!: lift betts
TheMessiah: We are watching the 2 most exciting teams IMO. Great attacking football!
J.Worrall: Witing for Eddie to get a touch …
Stuart88: Thanks betts gonna need a big 3Q from u now
44snub: Eagles were paying 4 bucks for a win, huge odds considering
RooBoyStu: Throw a donut on Eddie’s name
boo!: i know ton barass brother….he called em
mattmac24: Due to sloane being out and Neale a possible late out. I need Priddis to stay way down.
44snub: How good is that NAB ad with the kid footballers!! So funny man
Umpirespet: Who makes pink donuts M0nty?
frenzy: give one to jerka jenkins m0nti
ballbag: that donut looks tasty 👌
J.Worrall: Will be amazed if Priddy can go 120 SC even …
aussie59: whats that!! Neale could be out mattmac24?
J.Worrall: Rumour, aussie
Grumpman: com on Jacods you flog, someone throw a bag of carrots at him…!
m0nty: Jetta heading for an X-factor icon at this rate
LuvIt74: its not a rumour its on the AFL website
Umpirespet: Hope you took that $4 44
J.Worrall: Go Eddie
Stuart88: Eat that donut Eddie and lift
J.Worrall: AFL website = rumour mill
44snub: Yeah I did put 5 bucks on
J.Worrall: Chuck a bag of spuds at frawley?
Umpirespet: we are bad atm
J.Worrall: Bag of Smiths at Cripps?
JRedden: laird is a jet, 15 points in a minute
vamos77: Lucky there’s not a Clarice in the AFL, we all know what would get chucked at him😯
J.Worrall: JJKoleman!
LuvIt74: If you log onto the AFL website, the title is “Star Docker in doubt, Record in jeopardy”
eagles86: kennnnnnnnedy yeah boiii
aussie59: hope not, ill need a biggun outta him in my cash
44snub: Kennedy!! That was a bomb, he could do with a bit more goal kickers in the midfield helping him out tho
LuvIt74: I’m pretty sure Lyons wont play Neale.
Grumpman: Lamb doddels
mattmac24: Neale with limited training and a heavily strapped shoulder. Be prepared for a late out.
boo!: lift betts, slip on a banana skin jjk
LuvIt74: cmon Crows ffs
J.Worrall: If he won’t play him, wht the ducks and drakes, Luv?
Hoot: Yep… saved last trade for the bad news
J.Worrall: Mind you, my Priddis call is not looking g good!
cusch1: Lyon should rest him so Neale is fully fit for their finals campaign…oh wait
JRedden: need adelaide to win… hope we dont play west coast away
ballbag: rumour has it that someone’s friends friends uncles sister said their cousins best mats uncle said Neale will play.
LuvIt74: @Worrall I’m just stating the obvious.
King_Robbo: Adelaide choking big time
frenzy: gee you ‘re going easy on Jenkins m0nty
DirtyDawn: Evening all
LuvIt74: bloody crows the only time i want them to win they are playing shocking footy
J.Worrall: @ballbag, I know that uncle’s wife’s sister’s boyfirend!
J_Pinkman: damn, nearly went Franklin to JJK
LuvIt74: carn crown burry the eagles
Grumpman: kennedy : 3 Tex :0
J.Worrall: … they know nothing about footy!
Heizenberg: Hi guys
J.Worrall: crown burry?
LuvIt74: crows
44snub: Immaculate spelling! Come on Eagles
LuvIt74: made a lovely profit on JJK first goal at $10
ballbag: @luvit yeah but my auny thinks she wins 50 on the pokies after pumping 80 into them
J.Worrall: Nice, giles!
LuvIt74: @ballbag well u should teach your aunt how to count m8.
Gott2Win: Luvit…that small profit will go nice towards a new house as the one you put on Hawks making GF looking a bit shaky
ballbag: @luvit LOL so I guess yove won every first goal scorer bet you’ve laid 😉
LuvIt74: Statistically betting on the first goal scorer gives the punter a advantage. If it was a horse race JJK would be odds on
LuvIt74: @ballbag no far from it but im way up on it.
J.Worrall: Giles, you legend!
Stuart88: Come on Eddie it’s GF week nows not the week to go missing got $$$ on this week
boo!: reddie betts?
boo!: giles .24% ownership will be happy
ballbag: true. and if my aunt had nuts she’d be me uncle
Gott2Win: Nice commentary Monty ‘his first kick of the night’?!
J.Worrall: Eddie!!
Grazz: That is a mark umpire lol
LuvIt74: @ballbag that’s actually a fact mate. lmal
44snub: That’s what Bruce said…
m0nty: oh, confused him with Jenkins
Grazz: C’mon Eddie
Grazz: lol que the Benny Hill music
heppelitis: long season for poor old m0nty
McSpud: enlighten me how first goal gives the punter the advantage?
44snub: Bruce mcavaney said the same thing on Fox Sports! His first kick. Blame Bruce for planting the seed in m0ntys head.
m0nty: geez hep, you can talk! 😛
heppelitis: yup…been too long at about round 5
frenzy: is hepp old
44snub: You can bet on first goal kicker Spud. Great odds actually. Uaually 8:50 for someone like Kennedy
ballbag: @luvit just win 20 straight bets at $2 and you’ll turn 1 dollar into over a million
heppelitis: nearly 50 @frenzy
Stuart88: Need more Eddie or match laird
frenzy: same for me hepp, 49
TheMessiah: In 2008 I won first goalscorer bets about 5 times. All on Buddy and he was paying $6 every time. I won over $2500 all up
Gott2Win: It still isn’t an advantage to the punter haha! Bookmakers always have the advantage!
ballbag: @m0nty are yo going to do a chart with your brown low stars for each game for brown low night?
J.Worrall: You old blokes need to retire
Gott2Win: And how many times did you lose out on it Messiah?! Or don’t you count those ones
heppelitis: haha….had a nap b4…no chance…yet
TheMessiah: Over the years I dont really bet on first goalscorer. Only that year cos $6 odds were too good to miss.
ballbag: @messiah LOL a total of 30-1. let me guess you 80 down each time at 100% strike rate
Umpirespet: be nice worrall or i’ll tell ur mum to send you to bed
TheMessiah: I actually turn a profit most years on sports betting. This year I am up 104u overall
J.Worrall: She was double my age at 42 …
J.Worrall: now shes 84
frenzy: and she cost a weeks wage
Umpirespet: lol
Umpirespet: costs extra with no teeth!
cusch1: Idk but i always see you boys as like, 20?? Well that bubble just blew hahahah
Gott2Win: Jacobs getting monstered by Giles! Imagine what NicNat could of scored this week!!
sonik79: give giles the solar eclipse!
J.Worrall: so i’m just finishing year 1!
Buzz67: No one makes money on the punt. There’s about 3 blokes in Australia and they work off 1%
TheMessiah: Not quite @ballabag…… Think I probably hit around 60% that year but cant remeber exactly
TheMessiah: What do you mean no one makes a profit? There is a tonne of people that do
ballbag: if you make any serious money with online corporate bookies you get blacklisted
J.Worrall: looking for more Eddie magic here
Umpirespet: Is giles out of contract?
Umpirespet: Very true Ballbag
McSpud: josh kennedy has kicked 1 in 5 goals for the eagles. playing against a higher scoring team away, $850 are bad odds
frenzy: after how many attempts @ worrall
cusch1: He wont be for much longer if he is umpirespet
TheMessiah: I dont bet any serious amounts of money, more for fun
ballbag: only way to make serious money is with cash at TAB machines with multiple identical bets.
Gott2Win: Giles could go to his 5th club!
boo!: crows will win this
PotLoser: @Buzz67 absolute rubbish. My wife’s father makes a very decent living as a professional punter, and he’s not one of 3
Umpirespet: best game for Giles ever
ballbag: mcrouch, Cripps and bonts looking good for next year
TheMessiah: You have to place a bet over $1000 t get flagged on most betting sites. anything under that they dont look
LuvIt74: There is a way to win off the punt since BF came into it, as u can be the bookie ergo LAY bets. Also via dutching.
mattmac24: Ballbag and to think I started with Matty Crouch this year.. Don’t remember who I traded him out for though.
ballbag: @mesiah actually a computer algorithm decides if yo get banned
Buzz67: Look I may have exaggerated, the odd pro out there makes a living but the rest of us mugs are down over a lifetime
LuvIt74: As long as u stick to your strict strategy.
heppelitis: @cusch thats why i do so many typos…struggle to see the dam keyboard after a few stubbies
m0nty: back on the game please
cusch1: Darling kicking Adelaide into a home final by the looks of it
LuvIt74: Giles having aa field day.
DirtyDawn: sick of it Darling. Trade bait!!!
44snub: Was about to bet you $2 that m0nty was going to say that…
m0nty: Darling is a gun when he’s on, just needs some form
LuvIt74: Jacobs hasn’t done a thing since I was gone.
cusch1: ill take him at essendon for dempsey and a third rounder DD
heppelitis: funny snub,,,bcrouch..nothing in 8 minutes after good 2nd qtr..lift
44snub: About time Darling kicked a sausage roll! 1 out of 5?!?!
DirtyDawn: Been off for too much of this year though imo, and we could benefit from trading him
cusch1: Ill thrown in a sausage roll or two for taking him off our hands
LuvIt74: great kick by JJK
Gott2Win: Crows terrible tonight. Not good for our finals series if we drop this one
JockMcPie: Wonder what happened to Sauce Jacobs, looks like he’s gonna retire
frenzy: straight swap for balla, DD
LuvIt74: Thankfully Sheed didn’t goal
DirtyDawn: hahahaha frenzy if we bring in that bushrat, Im handing in my membership!!
McSpud: 2 six day breaks has the crows looking lathargic
Brown*Dog: String down for the YoYo
Gott2Win: Should get delisted on tonights performance Jock
ballbag: @mcspud 6 day breaks are overrated
LuvIt74: shit this game is just hanging in there, but crows look flatter then a pancake.
m0nty: geez if Barrass becomes a big interceptor alongside McGovern the Eagles are going to be very tough
LuvIt74: what a disgrace crows.
Grazz: Can we play any worse than this lol
heppelitis: is his ankle still stuffed?
Gott2Win: Can not use 6 day breaks as an excuse
snake_p: lecras kicking goals – west coast will win now
PieBoy: Onya crouchy
ballbag: gees only 5 players on target for sc ton
Gott2Win: Still has a few good years in him, but tonight and for a few games this year he has been off the boil.
LuvIt74: As i say that the pancake became a crepe.
Grazz: omg i’m gunna need more beer
ballbag: who is this Jacobs flog that’s in mygf team?
mattmac24: Ballbag.. What do you classify as on target for a SC ton at this point of the match..?
LuvIt74: Grazz here have a slab m8.
cusch1: Youd never believe this but Jenkins was in the goal square again looking for an easy goal
LuvIt74: crows had chances
Gott2Win: So many passengers today for us, only a few having a real crack. Disappointing to perhaps miss out on a top 4 spot
Grazz: Cheers LuvIt your a good man I need them haha
ballbag: @mattmac the same number as the flame
King_Robbo: Game over
LuvIt74: crepe is now rice paper and im the fat lady singing louder then a canary.
cusch1: Weagles twitter isnt talking up barrass at all. last 10 posts are about him
Stuart88: Ffs Eddie lift plz
LuvIt74: crows just dont have the legs
Grazz: To easy nicely done WC
PieBoy: Cmon lairdy haveallc
ballbag: @luvit don’t think legs have anything to do with it
mattmac24: @Ballbag Laird on track for a ton? I’d say 80+ at 3/4 time is a definite sc ton
King_Robbo: This is pretty amusing. Massive choke
44snub: There you go lads, Betts just kicked a boomer!
Gott2Win: Have to rely on results to go our way now for the rest of the week. I can see a 5th finish coming up for us.
ballbag: @but laird is on 57sc at 3qtr time
Umpirespet: lol king knobbo now doggies go to perth out in first week again mate?
LuvIt74: If games go according to favouritism, that has Adelaide 5th. Crows need North to beat GWS to make top 4
eagles86: eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles eagles
mattmac24: @Ballbag Exactly my point. You said the flame icons are on track for a ton.. Don’t think he’s tonning up tonight
J.Worrall: Giles a revelation!
mattmac24: I wouldn’t put it past Collingwood to beat the Hawks. They’ve got nothing to lose.
m0nty: home QF for Hawks if we win, yippee!
J.Worrall: Flames are for a DT ton …
eagles86: who said we need nic nat to win a flag
ballbag: the flames are for DT buddy. I said sc. its the same time frame LOL
J.Worrall: I say that, e86
LuvIt74: m0nty if u play Geelong wich is likely, will it be at the MCG?
LuvIt74: Even though cats likely to finish 2nd?
Gott2Win: Monty, what about Geelong mate?
leeroy81: About a month early on that call eagles86 🙂
vamos77: Turns out the girl behind bananagate is actually an eagles member. Job done
Umpirespet: you would think so luvit
LuvIt74: @Gott2win think its at the G mate coz of numbers.
mattmac24: I know flames are for DT but Ballbag said the players with the flame are on track for a SC ton.
ballbag: no I didn’t. learn to read buddy.
LuvIt74: ballbag is having a mare so excuse him. lol
m0nty: I guess that will play out in the media tomorrow, G2W
Gott2Win: Yea it will be at the G to fit the crowd in. Will be a massive game!
myteamsuks: Magnet for crouch? You sure?
mattmac24: Well I read “SC” but I’ll leave it at that.
J.Worrall: Who picked Giles in Perfetc 9s?
Umpirespet: Have hawks ever played since afl in geelong?
LuvIt74: m0nty its happened this way in the past and was played at MCG, will be interesting but should b at skill but doubt it.
RooBoyStu: There is a contract for Etihad to have at least 1 final in week 1 of Finals isn’t there?
ballbag: when 5 players have the flame and only 5 players have an equivalent sc its pretty basic mate
LuvIt74: not that im aware of, its always been at the G and many times cats have finished on top of hawks.
vamos77: A fingernailess man has more chance picking a booger than we have picking perfect 9
Crabcake: ying-yang for Darling!
mattmac24: Umpirespet, since 2010, all games between them two have been at the MCG. Can’t see further than that on the app Im using
spudaroos: Gaff deserves the star imo, has been everywhere all game.
J.Worrall: For $120,000 … I bet that guy with no nails has a go!
LuvIt74: @matt yeah its always been that way as far as I can remember which is wrong really.
eagles86: leccccca
J.Worrall: … and Giles has been … everywhere and all the nowheres as well!
Grazz: Yes Bruce it is a nightmare someone wake me up please
frenzy: not real cLeaver
mattmac24: Last game between Hawks and Cats that wasn’t at the G is Rd 4 2007 at YPL (I’m not sure where that is)
leeroy81: Only 96 from 35 possessions is a bit disappointing from Gaff
CBeezDeez: Didn’t Cats “lose” a home final v Freo to Etihad or something coz of crowd numbers?
Pokerface: Aurora MattMac
cusch1: Priddis must have three hands and 1 foot to handball as much as he does
mattmac24: But! The first ever 11 games between them were at kardinia park.
Pokerface: if geelong want home finals, why didnt they extend capacity to 60k with the upgrades?
J.Worrall: Aura?
LuvIt74: A mate of mine who is a massive Cats supporter said it will be at the MCG even if cats finish 2nd & Hawks 3rd.
Pokerface: Aurora was formerly York Park
mattmac24: Ah right.. Cheers Pokerface
J.Worrall: thx p’face
LuvIt74: @CBeez very likely but the numbers at a Freo vs Cats game compared to two melbourne teams = huge numbers = $
Chelskiman: Slow down, Jacobs, geez. Last I saw you were on 18!
ballbag: why gaff doesn’t have the magnet?
RooBoyStu: Crows % gonna take a whack!
Umpirespet: Was hoping Thommo would retire this year this game may have sealed it
mattmac24: Crows just fell to 3rd. % is below Geelong now
LuvIt74: I stand to be corrected ut think m0nty is spot on and the Hawks will get a home final providing they win obviously.
masterhc2: i dont understand how yeo can be so up and down, can any wce support enlighten me
masterhc2: he wouldnt have got over 10 possies in an away game lol, absolutely pissweak
J.Worrall: yeo yeo is up and down – obvious, masterhc
mattmac24: If hawks lose and both GWS and bulldogs win.. Hawks will go to 7th
Pokerface: slow down dom. your starting price next year is tasty right now.
J.Worrall: that’d be brill, mattmac
J_Pinkman: Thinkin all arvo on what trade to do. Franklin to Kennedy, Na. Petracca to M.Crouch, Na. Decided on Bartel to Treloar.
frenzy: dogs may aswell stay in the west for 3 weeks, save the travel bug
J_Pinkman: you know what’s going to happen now. Sorry to Treloar owners
mattmac24: J.Worrall. I agree!
Umpirespet: pokerface lots of good picks for next year …Martin for GC will be another
cusch1: Jacobs playing poorly because the reflection of the lights is reflecting off giles bald spot
shaker: How can anyone win perfect 9
CBeezDeez: Crows luvin the Jenkins deal now? I say that coz he’s in my freakin SC team! Him v Kennedy! Yay!
ballbag: nice sc priddis perm boy flog
King_Robbo: Adelaide have been found out. They’ll get bundled out in straight sets
Pokerface: with that name, Giles really should have been a butler
AngryRyno: no straight sets if you finish 5th
Pokerface: robbo whats happened to Package?
Umpirespet: you just worry about 71 years since last prem king knobbo
McSpud: king nobbo
J.Worrall: Then who would Butler be?
LuvIt74: Its quite possable that Crows finish 5th and play North and if that is how it turns out then crows will cream the Roo’s
Umpirespet: He is a post pack satchel now pokerface
Stuart88: Thanks Eddie for nothing just put me 30 behind after the 1st game gonna cost me $200
Pokerface: umpirespet true, although will they have any mids left to get the ball to him!
ballbag: haha package? he’s barely an envelope!
mattmac24: Adelaide back to 2nd
Umpirespet: Think we will fall out of the 4 Mattmac
Pokerface: im just not clear why he cant get a game. I’m hoping Robbo can help me out.
J.Worrall: what’s a passed pork schnitzel?
McSpud: the package has been returned to sender
LuvIt74: @BAllbag you forgot to mention all the other icons, there aren’t many flames at all, only two…lol
frenzy: the bont’s in his spot
AngryRyno: Australia Post lost the package
mattmac24: Umpirespet, If GWS, Hawks and Geelong win, you’ll go 5th but I reckon at least one will lose keeping you in the 4
Umpirespet: The knob only talks when he want to bag everyone else
LuvIt74: 3 now
ballbag: ba duh ba duh address unknown
Umpirespet: maybe Mattmac but after tonight we wanna improve or wont matter m8
frenzy: junk mail
RooBoyStu: That Port lady would be eating a banana to celebrate lol
Pokerface: lol ballbag
mattmac24: Umpirespet. Good chance that Sloane will make a huge difference.
ballbag: about 30 minutes late genius
shaker: Crows forwards pathetic tonight
LuvIt74: @umpireespet Get the week off now which u need they looked flat.
Pokerface: Robbo? where did you go?
LuvIt74: I concur Sloane will have a massive impact although the eagles were just to good tonight
Gott2Win: Cameron, Brown, Lynch, McGovern, Jacobs, Jenkins, Betts and Talia were second rate tonight. Hope it doesn’t cost double
Gott2Win: chance
LuvIt74: well done eagles to good tonight, even though it hurts saying that coz now the dogs have to play away. unless hawks lose
CrowThrow: They are second rate every week @Gott2Win

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