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Chat log from R22 of 2016: Richmond vs St Kilda

Chat log for Richmond vs St Kilda, R22 of 2016

Dangermaus: need Joey and Steven to go LARGE this week
Mex13: Cmon Rance lift
JDolling69: Picked a great week to trade out Steven….
Umpirespet: Mc Cartin should retire always gets injuries
toxic: Why would you trade out Steven?
OnTheRocks: McCartin, the Rockliff of the Saints?
Umpirespet: Agree toxic…strange decision
heppelitis: been up and down like a coca cola yo yo lately toxic..but yeah wouldnt trade him
m0nty: Paddy’s getting into Higgins territory
feralmong: When markov can learn to calm down and take the extra second with the ball will be a rippa player.
toxic: given there opponents for the next 2 weeks trading out Steven would be the last move I’d consider
Tigger5: terrible standard of footy
JDolling69: Hasn’t been able to get more than 70 and nothing else to do
Mex13: Please Rance and Dusty
PieBoy: Cmon rancey have a crack
jocka: ” Paddy’s getting into Higgins territory” They went to the same school.
Vich: McCartin is the new Gumbleton 🙂
Fizzy343: lol
Vich: just add type 1 diabetes
GJayBee: Vich, great call hahahahahah
Dangermaus: nice, one opponent has Dusty as captain, haha
Umpirespet: And Hardwick says tigers will make finals next year he is dreaming
Umpirespet: Hey Vich will Ross try and trade him in to?
shaker: You know your team is shower when Grimes leads SC
GJayBee: Damian Softwick, agree?
Vich: he’d look good next to sylvia, anthony, pitt, simpson, mora, harley among others 🙂
Umpirespet: HAha well replied Vich
m0nty: must be blowing a gale at the Punt Road end
toxic: A Megan Gale?
Umpirespet: Dunno m0nty but richmond and Port should amalgamate…just terrible
m0nty: Rich Adelaide… I like it
shaker: Does Dimma deserve another chance to rebuild after 7 years and still dishing up this ?
Umpirespet: And located in China
Umpirespet: No Shaker richond suffering the longer Dimma stays there
zadolinnyj: Poor adelaide at the moment Monty
shaker: I agree umpire’s but everyone keeps saying he is a good coach ?
Choppy: Need a cap on crows supporters allowed into chat at same time monty
zadolinnyj: Talking about the state finance situation @choppy
grossn: @Choppy, let’s cap it at 0
Dangermaus: richmond need a decent cleanout of players, like brisbane
m0nty: I guess your mob will just have to beat them to shut them up, Choppy
Umpirespet: M0onty 1 Choppy 0
JockMcPie: rance and martin better lift in the 2nd half…
zadolinnyj: Would think there would be more port fans on here considering their seats are taken by a giant tarp
Choppy: Nice zinger zadolinnyj, really nailed us there……
zadolinnyj: No really you have 3 giant tarps that cover seats. Must be annoying
Dangermaus: i like Choppy much more than that JButcher bloke
zadolinnyj: Yeah. Good banta
zadolinnyj: One thing for sure, ladder position means nothing in showdowns
Choppy: Never going to live the damn tarps down
zadolinnyj: Lol
zadolinnyj: To be honest choppy that power fist float almost made me forget the tarps.
zadolinnyj: Tarps we’re basically, hawthorn power rangers jumper beat it though. You own one Monty?
zadolinnyj: *tarps were bad
Umpirespet: Hawks should sue there jumper designer
Choppy: Theres been plenty of unforgettable moments……only one club tried to organise chanting practice though.
zadolinnyj: ? Really ?
Choppy: And had about 5 old grannies rock up to it
Mex13: Rance please mate, get a touch
dipstick: ouch if you have gibbo and rance and bartel!!!
Dangermaus: Steven’s fallen asleep this quarter
shaker: Is this game still being played or have they called it off due to a lack of skills
JButcher: Whats wrong with me Dangermaus?
dipstick: yep hardwick was right….. tigers are a finals contender next year. PS hardwick is confused by the difference between 1
dipstick: 1 year and a decade.
Umpirespet: At the moment saints, carlton and melb have more potential than tigers
Pokerface: too little too late montaga. where was this the rest of the finals series
JRedden: is martin ok?
JButcher: cmon montags beat wells’ score for me
Apachecats: Every refresh and Rances SC goes down
shaker: Somehow Dimma is basing his game plan on bugger all tackles and goals
CBeezDeez: Bruise free tigers
stoo: “Upgraded” Ross to Lewis this week. Ach well
heppelitis: haha go ross you good thing
heppelitis: traded him in 3 weeks ago stoo
stoo: Did ya start with him heppelitis? Despite this 3 weeks ago was right time
toxic: Armitage is a shadow of his former self
StuL: Looks like Geelong broke what was left of Richmond’s spirit last week.
heppelitis: nope…had my eye on him last year…but didnt do it….had limited funds dumped armitage for ross
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
colin wood: Tigers don’t need to win anyhow. Lower they finish the easier it becomes to get Prestia.
Apachecats: Richmond 214 behind in SC ,nearly 10 pts per player on ave.
heppelitis: wow just notice paddy mac….unlucky bloke
RooBoyStu: they need 22 Prestias plus more
boges11: I think Paddy Mac kicked a black cat into a mirror while standing under a ladder
frenzy: nic nat flowered

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