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Chat log from R21 of 2016: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R21 of 2016

mattmac24: Anyone else here actually like the idea of having a pride match?
IHateChat: Big load of PC crap.
cusch1: love the idea tbh kudos to stk for this
Torz: Riewoldt sore after 2 seconds. Always seems to happen.
AngryRyno: all awareness and fundraising is good, so why not I say!
boo!: lift steven
mattmac24: Exactly! It’s only one match and it’s not changing the way the game is played!
cusch1: Come on Saints
TowelBoy25: If McVeigh & Buddy can stay down, that would be lovely
WEARECATS9: who cares about the gays
zadolinnyj: Don’t mind. Think it’s a sign of modern thinking
iZander: take the shovel off arma, hasnt inside mid for like 10+ weeks 😛
WEARECATS9: so norf , can still miss finals ?
cusch1: saints lose tonight and north make it. saints win and there is a chance north miss out
zadolinnyj: Let’s go saints. Keep the 8th spot interesting
poido123: Feel free to touch the ball Frankers
TowelBoy25: Stay down McVeigh!
pcaman2003: Will Duddy Franklin get a touch?
WEARECATS9: go saints then
DrSeuss: Let’s go Montags – find the ball!
mattmac24: Need buddy to go big and Steven to stay down
poido123: Frankers was listening 😛
DirtyDawn: Evening all
cusch1: this could be game of the round. and that is saying something considering last night and this evening
frenzy: saint playing far better footy than Nth
DirtyDawn: Im not one to spruik, but what a win by our boys today!! Shuey was sensational!!!
hinsch: Parker having a rest tonight???
mickeytg: You’ll still finish 7th on the ladder and go out in the first week Dawn
OllieC: Let them have their moment @mickey ??
DirtyDawn: Im just happy for the small victory mickeytg, its been a frustrating year
poido123: this ump is all over franklin. paying frees to the other team before he has done anything
cusch1: BT is about to blow a valve
Heizenberg: I saw it dirty dawn, still cant believe i
mickeytg: Considering you over achieved last year you have been ok. Lecras has to go, is a hack. Plus a few others.
J_Pinkman: oh mickeytg, shutting someone down whilst enjoying their good win
frenzy: Lol mickey
mickeytg: Just being honest Pinkman.
DirtyDawn: LeCras to retire, Darling to be traded
sonik79: great win, you mean!
cusch1: richmond finishing anything above 14th is overachieving if we are being honest
Heizenberg: Hi Pinkman
mickeytg: I’m wondering if anyone would take Darling considering his off field snorting history.
cusch1: I’d take darling at essendon
J_Pinkman: hello Heizenberg 🙂
DirtyDawn: Im not aware of it Mickey, please elaborate?
mickeytg: Richmond finishing above 16th is over achieving, we are awful. List is pathetic.
Heizenberg: Man todays loss hurt pinkman and
Raspel31: Have to say-this is rather good fun.
heppelitis: @cusch….prefer Cloke…lmao
Heizenberg: And fellow blues
cusch1: Wait til the bombers beat you in round 23. then you will know pain hahaha
Heizenberg: Hi hepp, sup guys?
DirtyDawn: Darling straight swap for Lobb
cusch1: Hepp Darling has just turned 24. I see him as a better Crameri/forward version of ambrose
Heizenberg: Oh shaddup cusch
frenzy: Cloke will retire gracefully at Nth
J_Pinkman: don’t go there Heizen, I’m in the process of getting alcoholic poisoning over it
heppelitis: I agree…he is good…Hey Neiz
Heizenberg: Dont blame you man lol
heppelitis: oops heiz
luke394: cmon montagna and mcveigh
Heizenberg: Hahah neiz
Raspel31: Buddy playing like a midfielder.
mattmac24: What an awesome weekend of footy so far!
haddles99: If you have two emergencies in the same position and one player not playing. What score do you get??
mattmac24: You won’t get the emg score if the player wasn’t selected
carlton_99: What do u mean @mattmac24
Raspel31: Hickey-get your butt out there-pleez!
carlton_99: Im asking if you get the higher or lower score of the two emergencies for the player not playing on the ground
Torz: Lower.
blashtroko: you get the one that plays, if they both play you get the lowest
J_Pinkman: you get the lesser score
mattmac24: If both players were selected to play and did play and scored, you’ll get the lowest
mattmac24: Thought you meant only one of the emg players were playing, sorry
Umpirespet: Carn saints
WizMan: If you say the highest scorers name three times in the mirror with your eyes closed, you get that score
Raspel31: Yep, lowest.
wadaramus: Hickey with a +2, he lives!
DirtyDawn: hahahaha Wizman
Twatter: Someone has probably already asked, but what are the colours for tonight?
9inch: Need buddy to go 200sc. Go son.
heppelitis: a bloke with the name twatter probably doesnt need the answer to his own question
JockMcPie: stay down buddy and parker
mattmac24: Twatter LGBT pride game.
StuL: It’s the ‘pride’ game because Winmars son is gay, or something.
StuL: Gay
Twatter: No idea what the name has to do with you being a wanker @ heppelitis
StuL: For some reason I can’t say that word g..,
Twatter: Cheers mattmac24 and StuL, clearly there are some good blokes on here still
heppelitis: dontb worry abourt me….to many beers twatter
m0nty: back on the game please
Twatter: hahahah all good heppelitis, yeah apparently the G word is bad now StuL
Twatter: That is about the game m0nty, was simply asking what the colours were for, don’t see the issue?
heppelitis: m0nty gewtting me back on the game..alls good
Pokerface: what icon are you drawing for the pride game winner m0nty?
StuL: I’ve got the week off so lapping it up.
Twatter: It’d have to be the LGBT logo
Twatter: Same StuL, very boring without opponents, will take 5 prelims though
Pokerface: thanks twatter
9inch: Why is there pide in being Gay as apposed to being straight? Gay pride?
cusch1: what a week. last nights game was incredible, as was this evenings, brisbane getting a win, norf choking again and this
Heizenberg: I know cusch what a round
heppelitis: @cusch….and then was the bombers game
Heizenberg: Who you got hepp?
cusch1: i think we are every chance of an upset win hepp. anything could happen after the week so far
heppelitis: Gc…but it doesnt really matter…season getting long now
heppelitis: Hope so Cusch
cusch1: we have gold coast heiz
Heizenberg: Okay hepp
Heizenberg: Good luck fellows
cusch1: well brisbanes win today and superior percentage gives us pick 1 for sure so we have nothing to lose
heppelitis: Enough positives there to keep our chins up…thks Heiz
Heizenberg: I hate brisbane
Heizenberg: No problem hepp
m0nty: back on the game please
cusch1: where is the high fend off there jesus
wadaramus: Carn the Saints, you can win this.
Twatter: Is this not a footy site m0nty? Real confused about the “game only discussion” policy that seems to have come in
Pokerface: its hardly ‘just come in’ twat
J.Worrall: Glad to see “back on the game” is back, mint0!
Heizenberg: I konw its a bit too strict
cusch1: its like the third appearance of “back on the game please” in this game isnt it?
heppelitis: dumped armo a few weeks ago hurting
Heizenberg: Ab0ut that cusch
wadaramus: mint0?!
Twatter: Yeah cusch1, feel like a 4 year old getting told what to do so strictly
Twatter: when nobody is hurting anyone where is the issue?
faisca7: anyone else versing the phantom this week?
Heizenberg: @twatter i knw right
Twatter: back on the game please @faisca7
faisca7: oh right, cant talk fantasy footy..
mattmac24: What are the chances of Zerrett getting 140 in sc?
cusch1: tbh it is hard to talk about the game during half time hahah
cusch1: i can see us all getting banned soon LOL
heppelitis: slim Matt…..but 110 likely
faisca7: exactly 31.4% mattymac
Ash777: The Umpiring in this game is so bad lol
cusch1: mattmac his last month has been incredible, and could provide a captains effort tomorrow.
Twatter: hahahah very good from you faisca7 and cusch1. Haven’t done anything to get banned really, we have a right to talk sc
Heizenberg: SwNs clciking into gearbhere
mattmac24: Projected to win by 25 but buddy is uncommon in my favour and they have Zerrett. Should win
cusch1: heizen i think its time to put the bottle down buddy
poido123: fck parker is a hog
cusch1: saints getting robbed here. few horrible calls against them
sfmmp23: Come on Parker, Hanners and Joey need some big scores tonight.
Heizenberg: Im not drinking, ii have amini cold
Heizenberg: My typing is really slow, anyone else?
heppelitis: move steven and ross
Costanza: Heiz has fat fingers like a well hung lesbo
cusch1: nothing warms the soul like alcohol
Heizenberg: Im not fuckin fat
JockMcPie: thanks Joey!
mattmac24: Cue “back to the game please”
poido123: gooooo frankers!!!
Heizenberg: Im skinny as hell
sfmmp23: I hope Buddy catches JJK and beats him for the coleman.
boo!: yer back to the borig game
heppelitis: common saints need you to push into the eight for lols
boydshow: franklin cape
mattmac24: Loving the uncommon buddy right now!
AngryRyno: buddy cape,
J_Pinkman: i’m the one drinkin round here, I’m pissed as a mute…lol
9inch: Not watching. Is Joey as bad as his SC suggests?
J_Pinkman: ok I’m powered as a mute
TowelBoy25: When certain players decide to show up to play when my opponents have them. Cheers Buddy 🙁
Thedude24: I don’t know man. You can’t accidentally umpire this badly… Saints aren’t allowed to win this
J.Worrall: Fns hve wited ll year to see this from buddy!
J.Worrall: Right this time cusch
sfmmp23: Parker and Hanners bag a few.
Umpirespet: You are a patient man Worrall
J.Worrall: Sure ump, but he’s not in my team!
J.Worrall: Enjoy, Pinky!
nbartos: And to think peeps were sayin JSteven is all Australian ha
mattmac24: How good has Aliir been as a player in general this year
Carnster: Love hearing the dolcet tones of BT on saturday night
9inch: Ali Ali will be the best player of his nationality ever!!
9inch: Carn Buddy 2 more
mattmac24: No clue us that should’ve been 50 or not but it’s in the hands of buddy so can’t complain
J.Worrall: you yest, carnster
heppelitis: Riewoldt just keeps powering long….respect
J.Worrall: another 5?
J.Worrall: Ball in McV’s hands! Happiness
9inch: Buddy should be on 150 at least???
mattmac24: That one was definitely there
sfmmp23: That one is a 50 on Roberton he walked over the mark by about 5 metres but jeex lot of calls going to the swans
J.Worrall: Swans pressure inexorable
J.Worrall: BudDy!
mattmac24: Saints are making a lot of mistakes though. Sydney taking advantage of that
J.Worrall: Roo’s longevity amazing!
poido123: steven has been disappointing last few weeks
J.Worrall: Agree, Poida!
9inch: 6 goals 27 pos at 80%. SC should be way more.
J.Worrall: How can Saints force a spillage, then have the ball fumble through to of their plyers to wind up in a Swans mitts?
mattmac24: Buddy should at least make 150sc this game.. that’ll seal it for me in my main league
willywalks: steven not up for fantasy finals, 2nd dud week in a row…
Umpirespet: Anyone think danger will beat hanners sc score?
Jukes82: hannes magnet
Raspel31: Lost a ruck anda forward but Hannes, Parker and Buddy-you keeping me in.
mattmac24: Just take 135+ for a VC score
Umpirespet: Probably will mattmac
J.Worrall: I took the Bont on Vc, matt
mattmac24: Reckon danger might max out at 140.. I’m at the game so won’t be on here during it
mattmac24: As did I Worrall
J.Worrall: Shoulda had Rocky, but there one goes!
Umpirespet: Richmond don’t have a tagged which worries me danger could go big
Umpirespet: *Tagger silly auto correct
luke394: Missed the Gawn VC again when will i learn? danger better go well he’s due
mattmac24: Well apparently Dusty is gonna be following him all game
J.Worrall: BT sez “well, he’s done everything, Nick Riewoldt”
J.Worrall: Yeah, BT – except a Coleman, a Brownlow, a Normie and a flag …
AngryRyno: T Mitch bin
J.Worrall: wrong game, luke!
ballbag: Leigh lasange always gets pox sc
J.Worrall: BT’s defn of “everything” seems a bit limited
Pokerface: thats cos he is a seagull ballbag. doesn’t influence a thing
J.Worrall: only about 7 to share on scales
LuvIt74: Steven what a piece of crap u are m8

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