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Chat log from R21 of 2016: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R21 of 2016

J.Worrall: Go ‘Boners!!
TowelBoy25: C’mon Gubston, stop the slow starts!
sfmmp23: Two Hawk frees lead to goals
blashtroko: Because the roos were in awful position so couldnt do anything else
SteamHam1: Smash ’em, Hawks.
sfmmp23: Smitch get on the scoreboard
blashtroko: Shield for smitch? Looks like he’s trying to go back to shake dumont
m0nty: North unlucky to cop the Hawks on the rebound.
casty46: bet rooboy is having a goodtime
Gott2Win: Don’t choose today to have one of your 140 days Gibson!
heppelitis: really hope saints make the finals….roos are shot
Shaundog: Haha this is great!
Mex13: Fire up Wells
Fizzy343: lol log on to see this score
Ben_Gogos: What a shame I’m missing this!
m0nty: the match DVD of this game needs a bow-chicka-wah-wah soundtrack
sfmmp23: Wish they weren’t tagging Mitchell 🙁
BC__: Pretenders of the highest order norf
PieBoy: Onya breusty
Vich: hehe BC lets see ur mob pretend to be able to play footy away from home today 😉
DrSeuss: Gibson don’t you stop now…this is not the week to hit the brakes!
sfmmp23: Soft 50 there, let it go we wanna see fireworks
stoo: Carlton would beat Norths
heppelitis: has anyone ever had 9 touches for 6 sc points?
sfmmp23: BC, North closely followed by West Coast.
Dangermaus: Do you know what would be hilarious is if Roos came back and won this game. That would make my weekend.
poido123: Not happening Dangermaus. This willl be a flogging
m0nty: Cunners looking a tad slow there
SteamHam1: @Dangermaus yeah, don’t get your hopes up, champ.
blashtroko: sam mitchell isnt allowed to still be this good
armalitemk: I think it’s highly amusing that a West Coast supporter would dare to utter the word pretender haha! 4:35
BC__: Agreed
Dangermaus: yeah i know, it’s nice to dream. it would be nice if Hawks dropped another game to shake things up on the ladder
TowelBoy25: Lift Gunston!
benzammit: How does Hawk get such a good draw after 3 flags?
sfmmp23: Come on Roos, Hawks drop heaps if they lose this one. Highly doubt it though.
BC__: Lol holding the ball for anyone else
benzammit: Can be done! Oh wait free kick Hawks 50 n goal
DrSeuss: Come on Gibbo – no slowing down
Vich: @benzammit – they dont really.. Play NM,WCE,Sydney, Richmond and melbourne twice..
Vich: so thats 4 teams inside the top 8 from last year that they play twice..Easy draw?? pffft
benzammit: Where do they play remaining interstate teams?
benzammit: 7&6 day breaks?
Vich: 2 at the G… and eagles at subi..
Vich: thats their last 3 including todays smashing obviously
Vich: couldnt tell ya the amount of 6 and 7 day breaks theyve had..would have to look through all the fixtures!
Dangermaus: go away Duryea, you’re meant to be injured
benzammit: Today’s not dones yet go Roos
Vich: hawks have the equal most 6 day breaks along with eagles, tigers and roos.
benzammit: I have Vich it’s a pretty good draw
benzammit: Yeah look who they played the week before the 6 day break
Vich: geez they play 4/5 teams twice that were in the top 8 last year and they cop the most amount of 6 day breaks in the comp
Vich: what more do u want??!
Vich: paint it anyway you want buddy but id hardly call it a ‘good draw’
mattmac24: Need gibbo to stay under 90 🙁
benzammit: I disagree
Vich: How I’m unsure but fair enough matey!
benzammit: Incredible hatred is
oc16: talk about being butthurt…benzammit
benzammit: Lol call it what you want you had a great team at a fine time with GWS n Gold C taking all talent.
benzammit: My Bombers could have stopped ya if they let us juice up.
oc16: lol yeh they might have
sfmmp23: Come on Roos
Jukes82: this game is getting interesting
sfmmp23: Hawks shouldn’t get into the bif, north will towel them up. Not a good idea.
sfmmp23: Nahas costing the Roos here, too many turnovers and bad decisions.
Dangermaus: goooooo Roooooos
Dangermaus: He only needs 177 to crack the top 20 list for the 2nd time this year!
sfmmp23: They need to take Nahas off
TowelBoy25: Gunston burning me big time
LuvIt74: I need Danger to score a lazy 200+ just to have a sniff at winning my league game. Bloody disaster.
FordyHawks: Come on Norf, try be rough again, Hawks will smash you like last time
FordyHawks: Boomer dog 2 weeks?
JockMcPie: cmon Wells, push to 80+
Dangermaus: ton-up please Hodge
TowelBoy25: :O Gunston touched the footy *faints*
Dangermaus: could have chose gunston but went with Tom. T Lynch instead
armalitemk: @FordyHawks typical hawk supporter haha you should be ashamed
Jukes82: mitchell the hulk
FordyHawks: @arma explain ? Dirty hit by boomer dirty flower
Dangermaus: need Vince to have a decent game this week so I can afford to get the Bont in for next week
Jukes82: smash em hawks.
lock98: Smith star, Hill x factor
sfmmp23: Here come the Hawk supporters.
gdshifty: Lewis lift!!!!
DMS774: Nth yet to win at MCG this year!
DrSeuss: Cmon Gibbo finish off strong
FordyHawks: They have always been here sfmm
OnTheRocks: Mitchell you old fart, keep scoring and make up for Docherty and Simpson
Jukes82: rooboyflog eat a D
FordyHawks: Thumbs up jukes82

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