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Chat log from R20 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2016

colin wood: Come on Ward and Cogs make up for this horrible start to the round lads!
TowelBoy25: Need Greene to stink it up, c’mon Ward. Bad start!
colin wood: With you towelboy. Need Greene to have a shocker and Ward to fire!
circle52: Giants not switched on yet
Sloaneyyyy: well this wasn’t the start I expected, but GO SUNS
TowelBoy25: Bloody hell Ward!
colin wood: Someone is surely taking the piss here… Ward and Coniglio.. LOL
9inch: Took a gamble and brought in SJ this week.
sfmmp23: come on ward, keep going heater
TowelBoy25: I have a 45-50 point buffer, I have Ward and my opponent has Greene. Hoping Ward pulls his finger out
Jukes82: hopefully coniglio has a mare because rooboyflog has him
casty46: same Jukes
JButcher: Cmon Captain Heater
clee!: Hey guys 🙂
TowelBoy25: Saturday twilight games coming back to burn me again :/
clee!: i like them big and chunky like steve may
LuvIt74: BLoody hell i traded Davis for Dahlhaus today and davis may score 120+
AngryRyno: i traded Davis and now have a midfield donut if Pendles is out
TowelBoy25: F off Greene!
LuvIt74: ward having a stinker
LuvIt74: Captin heater What were you thinking m8?
TowelBoy25: You’d think with Shiel out, Ward would step up to the plate. But nope, decides to stink the joint up. And in SC finals
LuvIt74: No trades left Angry?
LuvIt74: Not IF pendls is out coz he wont be playing next week
AngryRyno: yep, crucified by injuries
LuvIt74: Who would make heater captain in this round?
Sloaneyyyy: I could have picked, Pittard, Steven May, or Rampe and I chose Jason Johannisen… hope it works out
Pokerface: not really confirmed is it Luvit.. still to have scans?
colin wood: Where the hell is Ward? WTF is he doing…
TowelBoy25: Ward sabotaging my finals matchups in SC here, cheers mate
LuvIt74: I have 3 trades left & wanted to go Matheison to Menengola & Libba to Sloan but im holding off
Mex13: Please shaw… Touch the footy
Sloaneyyyy: Ward has been crap all year, not sure why anyone would have him, hasn’t shown proper form at all
AngryRyno: lol Ward dominated early weeks
LuvIt74: Just coz of pendles, im hoping I can win my league game but its not looking good now that im playing Dunkley over Sloane
sfmmp23: Pendles will probs be put away for the rest of the season, no point in risking him + needs to have a good preseason.
hinsch: pendles still got 80
LuvIt74: @sfmmp yeah i reckon pendles wont play again this year.
TowelBoy25: Shaw not faring any better, god I hate Saturday twilight games
fyfefor: 19th in AF before suffering Pendles and Gray this week, thinking Pendles to T Mitchell rather than $$ for Parker/JPK
sfmmp23: Ward far from crap
hinsch: Who has trades left this time of the year trades are over rated anyhow
AngryRyno: injured player gets stat
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno that was his final play of the day
AngryRyno: ah, cheers Ben
circle52: Band d aid for Nicholls as well Ben. Been struggling withg left knee since quarter 1
colin wood: lol @ Sloaney. You have no idea bud sorry.
JButcher: Deluded cow supporter unfortunately colin wood
LuvIt74: Ward is crap tonight thats for sure & certain.
TowelBoy25: Ward not crap all season, just crap tonight. Either a POD for the right or wrong reasons. Today, it’s the wrong reasons
zadolinnyj: Ward has definitely had some shockers
Ben_Gogos: Incredibly Sexton has gotten back out there!
colin wood: Here’s hoping for a big second half
colin wood: Good boy Cogs!
Sloaneyyyy: Ward has only tonned up in 8 out of 18 games this year (in DT), not exactly a keeper
colin wood: Good boy Callan
JButcher: Scott Thompson only tonned up 8 out of 17 this this year, but you’ll still suck him off won’t ya sloaneyyyy
TowelBoy25: 11 out of 18 tons in SC, plus another 3 scores in the 90’s. Not a keeper, but a good POD to have.
Ben_Gogos: Ward must be considered a keeper…
Sloaneyyyy: Im not saying he’s a bad player, just didn’t reach the lofty heights everyone thought he would this year
TowelBoy25: Least all my opponents have Shaw. But still, what the heck is he doing!?
Carnster: Hey fellas just tuned in
sfmmp23: Ward is a keeper, 11 tons with 3 in the 90s out of 18, sounds good. Not all mids can be like dangerfield
Sloaneyyyy: and no, Thompson is not in my team either JButcher… i’m not that one-eyed
Ben_Gogos: Agree with that from a fantasy perspective.
colin wood: Averages 108 in SC this year Sloaney and has toned up 11 times and 3 scores in the 90’s that’s pretty good
AngryRyno: carn Tommy bag another
TowelBoy25: I wouldn’t consider Shiel a keeper, but he has 10/18 tons in SC. High score of 120, Ward has surpassed that 6 times
Ben_Gogos: Great effort by Sexton to stay out on the park but he’s done now.
colin wood: lol sfm we must have been stat checking Ward at the same time lol
AngryRyno: Day pumpkin, 2 tons in his last two and has become spud again
banners87: Sakes Devon. Done pretty much nothing since half time!
colin wood: Stay down Greene and come on Ward!
TowelBoy25: Make that 7 scores over 120. But I honestly don’t call Ward a must have, just a good POD to have though. But get him in!
mattmac24: Shaw has been so dam inconsistent lately!
AngryRyno: if Ward scrapes to 80 all will be forgiven
TowelBoy25: Hope Giants win, another Hawks loss and their low % comes in for em…
m0nty: Heater’s getting those arms waving about again, he’s about ready to take off
AngryRyno: I want a cape ton please Heater
TowelBoy25: Nice 1 point quarter, Heater!
Apachecats: Just need Ward and Heater to play kick to kick this quarter.
TowelBoy25: Just need Ward to outscore Greene, don’t care if he doesn’t go 80+. Finals win is on the line dammit!
Crowls: 54.29% screwed by heater
mattmac24: When is Heater’s Disposal efficiency ever good?
myteamsuks: zwilliams bandaid he was crunched and gone off
lukefield9: I think he meant teams matt
frenzy: Scully you champ
TowelBoy25: Shaw 2 point half so far. Legend!
TowelBoy25: C’mon Ward, don’t stop (although you’ve barely started)
StuL: C’mon Pigs, beat those Gougers.
Ben_Gogos: Ward has scored 60DT this half…
circle52: Great Contested footy over the last 10 mins
Ben_Gogos: @circle52 truly terrific stuff
TowelBoy25: F. Off. Greene, lol
sfmmp23: What a comeback from Ward!
TowelBoy25: Do not want Greene to be one step ahead of Ward but >:(
LuvIt74: sorry but greene will beat ward on SC
AngryRyno: no surprise Sloaneyyyyy disappears now that Ward has basically won the Giants the match
colin wood: Well Ward has been massive this quarter helped turn the game
JButcher: he is deluded as i said ryno
frenzy: catchy song
TowelBoy25: Decent comeback from Ward, hope scaling helps reduce the Greene/Ward margin (doubtful), good win Giants!
TowelBoy25: Ryan Davis though, can never keep a good man down! 😛

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