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Chat log from R18 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R18 of 2016

J.Worrall: Dogs ahead already!
Viscount: All fixed now J Worrall
J.Worrall: .. and I thought they were off to a great start!
mason2016: has it started?
Torz: Big fantasy game this. Monty, Steven, Hunter, Suckling and Biggs for me.
SilverLion: On ya Smitty.
MONEY TALK: i was going to loophole stevens then realised i have no none left not playing
sfmmp23: Come JJ, Libba and joey. Big tons please!
mason2016: Hunter go plus 2 for a kick and a handball???? WTF is this
jaypeee: I put libba on the bench for petracca lets see if it works out for me
JRedden: playing smith at F6 till he makes some cash, should get 90s
Yelse: was gonna get clay smith for menage damn regret
9inch: Whats 1 dt 12 sc for Libba. Hows that work?
SilverLion: Smith is my m8/f6, put him in to allow me to get D. Martin. Looking good so far.
mattmac24: Joey, bont, Boyd and dunkley. need you all to ton up tonight
RooBoyStu: Libba sc score what bullshoer
colin wood: Come on Boyd! Get in the game FFS
Yelse: m boyd get the ball
Breezey: What’s gong on with Boyd of the Matthew variety
CBeezDeez: MBoyd started slow last week 2 4 memory
Ben_Gogos: Montagna receives a muppet for recklessly giving up that goal.
SilverLion: ffs Joey, you’re a bloody frustrating player to have in an SC side mate..
ryanbob: Boyd, libba and bont. Uh oh
mlakmlak: Jj & joey ripping it up
DrSeuss: Let’s go Joey – got you in this week for this?
SilverLion: Have Smith, Libba and Joey. A mixed bag to say the least…
JButcher: No point upgrading clay smith, he’s playing like the perfect Mid8
Yelse: disaster . . . libra boyd montagna bont danger captain
ryanbob: Is bont getting tagged?
Torz: Where was this last week when I still owned you Armo? Turn it up.
SilverLion: Heh opponent has Boyd. Its Boyd vs. Joey. Who will break 50?
RooBoyStu: Clay Smith better in the fwd line in sc as mid/fwd
mattmac24: yelse, I’m the exact same expect for libba.
mattmac24: after having 11 straight players get over 100, Joey, bont and Boyd ruining a nice start
Rebuild: Steven you champ
Yelse: this is the 2 games which will undo all the good work damn @mattmac
mattmac24: dunkley still covering for Dahl is working out nicely though
mattmac24: only 1st quarter though.. hopefully they all step up
ajconodie: Has Riewoldt ever got through a game without a red cross or band aid?
grossn: Steven i’m sorry for being annoyed when I picked you up last week 🙂
grossn: um… Libba 4 hbs and a FA and he’s on 18sc? how?
jeddies22: boyds supercoach?
sfmmp23: come on jj, libba and joey i cant afford anymore low ones
LuvIt74: Why do they call him Loey?
LuvIt74: Joey i meant
Stealth05: umps need training
sfmmp23: idk why they call him joey luvit. But why does he only have 16?!
Ben_Gogos: Saints are seriously undersized tonight
mattmac24: Joey often starts off slowly and steps up later when it’s needed.. has had a few weeks like this
ajconodie: Luvit – after the dude on Criminal Minds
JockMcPie: montagna and m boyd need to lift, every single week
9inch: Joey montagna. Isn’t it a baseb5player or something?
9inch: *baseball
sfmmp23: Go JJ, dont stop son
Viscount: C’mon Monty!
Ben_Gogos: Suckling receives a muppet for that horrendous effort.
colmullet: Jacky Steven you gun!
mattmac24: joe montagna is an actor. guess Leigh just somehow picked up a nickname from tjat
LuvIt74: I should of left dunkley on…lol
sfmmp23: Jack steven on track for a double ton. Stil 7 minutes to go
heppelitis: not a muppet in my book….that kick was straight to capt jack…legend suckling
MONEY TALK: had stevens as cap was doinga loop hole didnt look to see all my players who dont play played
Yelse: where is libra actually playing?
mattmac24: LuvIt. I have to play him this week. after this week it’ll be between dunkley on petracca to be on field.
LuvIt74: WTF are they going sideways stupid fools
LuvIt74: I took his score last week mate.
LuvIt74: Dogs should lose with this crap
colin wood: What’s up joeys SC? Surely incorrect??
Ben_Gogos: @colin wood he has been using it very poorly.
sfmmp23: Why is joeys sc so low?
colmullet: zero contested and two clangers equals shite supercoach
DrSeuss: Hunter & Smith – nothing this quarter
LuvIt74: no contested, 2 clangers, 1 tackle for joey
sfmmp23: Sill going at 78% DE thats still fairly decent
poolboybob: wtf Libba
LuvIt74: Glad I got steven just wish he was my Captain
LuvIt74: Libba will still score 125
Yelse: anyone know where libra is playing? don’t tell me fwd again
LuvIt74: With steven’s score
MONEY TALK: samei had him as cap then got locked out when i was setting up the loop hole
9inch: Much better Bont you ledge
9inch: Why is Joeys Sc so low?
RooBoyStu: Clay Smith 1 pt sc qtr?
9inch: And Liba sc so high?
sfmmp23: Go JJ and joey. big qtrs please
RooBoyStu: no contested footy for Joey, being a seagull
JockMcPie: stay low libba
LuvIt74: dogs deserve to get smashed with this shit
sfmmp23: Come on JJ put that through
grossn: Keep going steven don’t slow down!
oc16: geez bont is good
Shaundog: C’mon doggies!!
JRedden: bont gonna win a brownlow soon
LuvIt74: is redpath ok?
mattmac24: knew I should’ve moved the captain from danger to Bont. had a bad feeling about danger tonight.
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 Redpath is back on the ground.
mookie: No he won’t
sfmmp23: Low scoring week for me it seems. Yeo,Silvagni, Kerridge, Joey, CAP Danger and Libba…
Stealth05: bont agin!
sfmmp23: Steven slowed down
LuvIt74: danger has screewed up my week
Torz: Biggs has spent more time on the bench than the injured players. :/
Smurf_x: How good is trading out Libba and Davis for Bont and Jacky Steven!
iZander: to be fair youre bit late on steven 🙂
ryanbob: Does libba play mid anymore?
Smurf_x: @iZander Fair call, better late than never though!
iZander: true true 😛
Roksta: Tboyd clear mark
heppelitis: did armitage even score that quarter?
iZander: Armitage must be carrying an injury, why is he playing this little game time?
mattmac24: I really hope neither bont or Dahl drop form once Dahl comes back..
Krispin_35: Cmon Steven 150 please and lift mboyd u spud
LuvIt74: Bont wont but Dahal will need a week or 2
JockMcPie: montagna please have one of those really good quarters
LuvIt74: I’m playing dunkley and davis and will bring in Dahlhaus in round 20
sfmmp23: libba and joey, your ruining me. JJ please get 110
LuvIt74: @sfmmp dont think libba & joey can hear ya mate. Yell
Smurf_x: OMG! Not that i’m happy that redpath is down, but im so glad its not smith!
RooBoyStu: bulldogs copping more injuries
LuvIt74: Redpath either ACL or Meniscus
ballbag: so that’s bongs
ballbag: *bonts gone?
Smurf_x: Piss weak free kick
LuvIt74: thats a silly free not a sling
Smurf_x: What are you talking about ballbag?
LuvIt74: fuch wallis ankle
mason2016: Wallis broken leg
kangawalla: @ballbag, Freudian slip?
3rdstriker: wallis snapped his leg
BestCoast: @ballbag is the Bont injured
LuvIt74: Redpath knee and Wallis ankle
heppelitis: both bones
RooBoyStu: Wallis broken leg i reckon
3rdstriker: bont is at ff, not injured
ballbag: they said bonts leg but now they said wallis . soz
Breezey: Bad break on the leg for Wallis
heppelitis: oops my bad
m0nty: tombstone for Wallis 🙁
RooBoyStu: more serious than ankle you don’t cry rolling an ankle
willywalks: ugh, that has to be a broken ankle for wallis
LuvIt74: Yes wallis definate broken leg or ankle
GJayBee: God needs to protect the bont. And help Swanny come back.
Smurf_x: Nah, you called that way too early ballbag
GJayBee: Sad for Wallis and the dogs
heppelitis: leg had the flop happening
Umpirespet: Is he dead m0nty?
ballbag: @smurf actually I asked if you read it
LuvIt74: that looked ugly poor dogs cant get a rest from injuries
Stealth05: can’t believe I’m 2nd in MB without Steven…
Umpirespet: Why don’t they give him the magic whistle?
ballbag: the dogs have been cruelled by injuries. unbelievable
willywalks: the freroll stealth?
sfmmp23: Words said between doggies fan and rooey.
Stealth05: the highroll WW
LuvIt74: Give Morris a Valium and that will fix his back
Yelse: so many injuries this year… maybe they gotta rethink the capped rotations
BestCoast: Wishing Wallis a speedy recovery not good. Go Saints
BestCoast: Where is King_Floggo
Yelse: why has libra played fwd most of game
willywalks: ahh, im in the freeroll, only 1.8% have steven, including me, sitting 6th with more players than the guys above me
Stealth05: goodluck
LuvIt74: Monty ya can put the red cross on wallis mate,
sfmmp23: King robbo will be missing for 5 weeks if the dogs dont get up, lol.
stakerz: this is one of the better games all year
m0nty: tombstone is worse than a red cross
Lodgy: @ sfmmp Is that just wishful thinking?
mason2016: Red cross looks worse though
BestCoast: King_Robbo loves dishing it out, where are you hiding mate
LuvIt74: didn’t even notice the tombstone, far to many emoticons
Stealth05: dogs are gone
Yelse: when the dogs run over the pies everyone said u couldn’t use injuries as excuse. is it the same now?
LuvIt74: i didn’t even see Morris injury
3rdstriker: roughead in trouble too
Umpirespet: Hickey u star
grossn: Smith if you could not move backwards that’d be great
BestCoast: @Yelse true sad for injuries, but great to see the Dogs get licked
sfmmp23: I know what you mean yelse, pies were gonna win that one
The39Steps: @mason2016: agree.
frenzy: where’s Rubbo
willywalks: wood absolutely murdered that ball, why kick it to no one when they were streaming fwd…
Umpirespet: Knobbo is hiding
RooBoyStu: Well done Saints!
Bazza2014: excuses…… i hear them coming
Umpirespet: Who will Beveridge blame this week?
RooBoyStu: Back in the kennels doggies
sfmmp23: Joey huge sc difference, libba poor. JJ wanted a ton but alright.
Roksta: Saints pressure was great least dogs will play finals
Umpirespet: Beat me to it Bazza
nbartos: @yelse not many gave Freo any slack
sfmmp23: saints pushing hard for norths spot. Deserve it more than north
Krispin_35: Poor Steven slowed down heavily after the half but good score hoping for 150 with scaling
RooBoyStu: Saints % too low for them to make it

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