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Chat log from R16 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R16 of 2016

Hawkey: Afternoon all!
JockMcPie: Need something special from Jansen today, bloody Barlow and Wells…
heppelitis: yes it is a good arvo…beer o’clock
desmondo: Yah!..I`ll drink to that 😉
JockMcPie: reckon Robinson will keep Ablett quiet
Hawkey: It def is. Just having a delish spiced rum and coke.
Hawkey: Big one from hall hopefully!
Barniclez: rocky 150 would be lovely
desmondo: And 40 possies from Rocky in a losing team wont be a bad effort I reckon
blashtroko: of course hanley gets freaking tagged
leorosman_: sc scores?
Heizenberg: Hi hepp
heppelitis: rich to start in a blaze of glory and die by third quarter
leorosman_: sorry working now xD
Yelse: robo on ablett
Fatbar5tad: Another injury for the Suns
stakerz: that sucks
heppelitis: afternoon Heiz
Yelse: hall started on bench FML
Tommo2909: What happened to Rischitelli?
leorosman_: done his knee tommo2909
leorosman_: his knee buckled underneath him changing direction to tackle robinson. looked pretty bad
iZander: any brissy supporter tell me if Bastinac has started forward option this year? Hes been named deep forawrd often :p
Raspel31: Slightly bemused Davis has 20 for 1 kick-1 mark and 1 goal. Got him on the bench.
Raspel31: Whoops-and 2 tackles.
leorosman_: yes jansen!
RooBoyStu: if your names is Ablett you can go low in disposal eff and still score well in sc but if your name is Coniglio you can’t
leorosman_: hes got a goal
leorosman_: 2 weeks malceski
JockMcPie: malceski will get 1-2 week
Hawkey: Def getting something
Pokerface: so pick ablett and not coniglio if thats how you think the scoring works rooboystu. or don’t play it.
Jukes82: is rich gone?
JockMcPie: no news on Rich yet Jukes
Raspel31: Be brave-cap Ablett they said-glad I stuck with Danger.
heppelitis: Bloody hell, Predicted Rich to die (score wise), in 3rd not First Qtr
Pokerface: nobody said that raspel!
Pokerface: ablett to reuben william to free up some cash?
JockMcPie: Rich back on
J_Pinkman: Rich back on
Torz: Will be most popular trade this week Pokerface.
frenzy: we need a mercy rule
heppelitis: super meatball
Pokerface: looks a good upgrade torz
Fatbar5tad: Stay off Rich. Think of your health mate.
Pokerface: $ for hipwood
theuncle: Im sick of Brisbanes Zone rubbish if we played man on man like last year i think we would actually win a game…….
LuvIt74: Bloody hell lions are seriously crap they have to seriously either consider merging them or getting rid of them.
Z. Dawsome: will essendon beat brisbane?
LuvIt74: How bad was Rich’s knock I missed it but have him in defence
heppelitis: great solution LuvIt74..that theory we getting rid of 1 or 2 teams each year
LuvIt74: at this rate the under 10’s will beat brisbane.
The39Steps: If they merged all the crap teams there would only be three or four in the comp.
Raspel31: Golly-Rocky aint kicked the ball yet.
LuvIt74: it will be interesting to see what transpires over the next 5 years for the lions
frenzy: barely got a kick last outing either @ Raspel
The39Steps: Has Merrett ever got double figures in fantasy?
LuvIt74: It’s quite obvious Brisbane are haemorrhaging cash and the supporters are not there PERIOD. Something has to give.
LuvIt74: Do you really think Brisbane needs two AFL clubs, I sure don’t, they take a step forward & 3 steps back.
ryanbob: gee garlett was lucky there, terrible decision to not kick it over to his team mates
heppelitis: No Luvit…personally I like Tassie first but AFL stubborn and wont change
Yelse: hall lift ur game
TeamKids: queensland does like melbourne needs 9
frenzy: it’s hard to believe, but $ for Joyce
LuvIt74: @heppelitis the Tassie club will do very well compared to Brisbane, having 2 clubs up north is going to kill one.
Zeratul: Rocky hall and martin… all disappointing so far!
LuvIt74: Zorko not quite magnificent coz I brought him in for Wells
SaintsMan: no one is doing well for lions luvit
The39Steps: I feel for the Suns. Shafted by Demetriou. AFL have given GWS a flag but Suns didnt get the concessions and cash.
heppelitis: zorks my captain needs to lift and go full magnificent
Viscount: The reality is the AFL is the VFL plus some manufactured clubs, with major $ from national tv rights
LuvIt74: oh what happened there Zorko went from 27 to 44 on SC, he is magnificent now.
Torz: Rocky doesn’t get much on the outside like he once did.
LuvIt74: @Saintsman No shit Sherlock.
heppelitis: i bet there will be 2 clubs in qld and none in tassie in my lifetime
frenzy: true hepp
LuvIt74: @Viscount precisely, the FOX deal is a billion $$$ deal not Millions
GJayBee: Viscount, you are right. The VFL is now the reserves plus VFA?
LuvIt74: I would be very surprised if Rocky stays with the Lions.
heppelitis: het jack martin goes alright…rising in fantasy stocks
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Mathieson on my bench as Emergency
heppelitis: hey*
RooBoyStu: Joyce finally scoring, he needs the $ icon
JockMcPie: Ablett and Zorko keep going, finish with 250 between you hopfully
LuvIt74: If Mathieson tons up I’ll take it and bench Libba.
hinsch: Mathiesen on the bench good E loophole
frenzy: and lewis taylor wants 500k, hehe, tell him he’s dreaming
LuvIt74: @frenzy he’ll get it, look at Ward he got $1 Million and back then he wasn’t much, lucky its paying off now though.
Lowrider: Should’ve put the VC on Lynch instead of GAJ
desmondo: I know he got ‘hit’ early…but Rich is poor 🙁
frenzy: rocky would hardly be on 500k if at all
LuvIt74: @Lowrider lol Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
nikos: What formation Luvit74?
desmondo: Get it?…Rich is Poor lol
LuvIt74: @nikos what Regarding Ward? It was all over the papers back in 2011 $4 Million for 5 years.
shaker: Scully got the million ?
nikos: @luvit no, regarding your fifa ultimate team
Pokerface: $cully not ward
SaintsMan: what a shocking game
Torz: Great week to bring Zorko in.
JockMcPie: coaches are killing me, put ablett ans zorko in the middle please
JRedden: theyve missed like 3 tackles by zorko..
LuvIt74: @nikos far from ultimate mate, I brought in Zorko this week, not so great thus far.
LuvIt74: Got Zorko, Rich, GAJ, Hall & Mathieson as my E in this game. Not looking good.
LuvIt74: Thankfully I don’t play greedy and took Dangers VC score.
JockMcPie: I think this is a good time to go for dinner, this game is not great for me
frenzy: Touk with the early ton
LuvIt74: Any idea why it says “Live” on SC on the Gameday tab?
LuvIt74: Bloody hell they must of got bitten by a African Lion coz there coming back
CrowEaters: just to upset you @LuvIt74
StuL: Come on Gaz. I was playing safe rather than Greedy but gee, it could have been all over if i took danger
willywalks: missing persons report coming through, please return G Ablett to Metricon Staidium ASAP, unsighted since HT with my C!
whafc: why oh why GAJ
sfmmp23: zorko firing up
the worm: must have
LuvIt74: was hoping the scores would be live like DT but Herald Sun to tight to offer such privileges.
the worm: or must’ve
hinsch: GAJ below his average last few week time to trade??
StuL: Gaz looking a bit Jimmy-like. Like the end is close. Just doesn’t want contact, still, and off the pace.
heppelitis: a few weeks ago the live players scowere were added to you running total…not working properly atm
RooBoyStu: Ablett is no longer a must have.
StuL: No trading Gaz but I think the days of pumping out a certain ton are gone. Two weeks ago was an exception, not the rule.
heppelitis: yup rooboy
sfmmp23: Never doubt the little master, had 4 weeks in a row above 120 odd
JockMcPie: Even the best players can struggle with a tag. Ablett won’t make my team though next year
heppelitis: danger taken his place
LuvIt74: @Roo What do you base that on?
Yelse: danger and peddles are the only must haves. the rest are a mix
oc16: i would still take fyfe at his best over danger at his best
JockMcPie: Touk for blue moon?
LuvIt74: Gazza has had 7 scores of 120+ he is back to his old self in my opinion.
heppelitis: he used to o it week in. week out….not any more
ronl: Hey, Gaz, it’s my way or the highway, get you bum in gear!
RooBoyStu: LuvIt74 1. his getting older, 2. The Suns want a more team spread output and 3. His form this year up and down
RooBoyStu: *he’s
Gotigres: $ for Hipwood
Yelse: noooooo hallllll
heppelitis: doesnt look invincible anymore imo
LuvIt74: @Roo yeah however he was playing sore earlier in the year, you could see it on his face
THESKUNK: hall in trouble
Fletch91: Another Qtr like this and I will be happy. Stefan, Hall and Zorko for me
tbrowne: ease up fella’s he’s copping a hard tag
BoredSaint: Hall unlucky got bumped and then his head hit the player behind him
StuL: Liking Matho, good for a rookie, and another Geelong district boy.
CrowEaters: no tv what happened to hall
mattmac24: What Robinson is doing to Ablett is disgusting.
JockMcPie: Gaz could still ton up if he lifts his work rate
ballbag: pffft @rooboy GAJ still top 10 scorer in this game. better thaneverynorf player for the next 50 years
BoredSaint: doesnt matter if GAJ isnt scoring well because all the top teams will have him anyway
tbrowne: 15 of his 18 touches have been contested, clearly under the pump. I hope you all trade him like those early in the seaso
LuvIt74: I like the way Hipwood plays, get some muscle on him he will be a great player.
LuvIt74: Gaz last 5 scores on SC
wadaramus: Head clash Croweaters, bumped by Hanley cannoned into another player.
heppelitis: some seem to forget he was good for 2 or 3 majors…6 or more marks and 40 touches per game
tbrowne: agree Saint, 45%+ ownership i don’t care what he gets haha
LuvIt74: I’m hoping he scores 90 to 100 coz allot of greedy players would have put the Captain on Pendles & Gazz
BoredSaint: hall back on the bench
JackRipper: Can anyone tell me if Hall is on the ground ?
JockMcPie: Ablett hurt
Viscount: ablett in trouble
LuvIt74: ouch GAJ jinxed
Bazza2014: ablett done!
JackRipper: Thx Saint
shaker: What greedy that I did not take Parker’s 113
BoredSaint: GAJ injured
Yelse: ablett done his shoulder
RooBoyStu: Ablett injured
BoredSaint: Hall on the bench still
wadaramus: Oh crap, GAJ shoulder.
LuvIt74: Gazz looks like he done his shoulder again
The39Steps: That’s one less rade
LuvIt74: @shaker no but quite a few didn’t take dangers 135
shaker: Lucky I went Pendles not Gaz
The39Steps: That’s one less trade left for the year for most people.
heppelitis: sorry god for dissing you
hinsch: Need a SC ruckman is Martin going to be reliable
StuL: No wonder he didn’t want to tackle.
mattmac24: Looks to be his wrist rather than his shoulder
BoredSaint: Hall back on the ground
hinsch: Sloane in next week
mattmac24: Nevermind..
The39Steps: These Sudanese guys have deceptive pace. Alir ane William look like their loping but they do cover some distance!
LuvIt74: Glad I didn’t trade Libba to Parker now if GAJ ends up out for a few, it doesn’t look good.
whafc: soft as butter GAJ
BoredSaint: nah its shoulder for GAJ. Cant lift his arm
sfmmp23: ton up zorks
shaker: Gaz’s good times are gone I sadly think
Lowrider: Looked like a pec injury for Gaz for mine. Not good either way.
LuvIt74: @hinsch yes mate Martin possibly better than Goldy as he is playing injured
StuL: All this ppl who went full premo but with few trades left will be in trouble
frenzy: this match is depressing 2 KO’D and GAJ
RooBoyStu: the 55% who don’t have Gazza are laughing
LuvIt74: @Saints agree, thats what he done when he injured his shoulder last time.
CrowEaters: has hall come back on ?
heppelitis: anyway…you guys keep picking him
shaker: Never go full premo
mattmac24: I’m one of the ones with a full premo team including gaz with only 4 trades left..
ballbag: full premo with 7 trades left
TheWarden : @shaker What are you supposed to do?
hinsch: Wright in my DT go son you little beauty
StuL: I’ve seen ppl with 2-3 trades left.
AngryRyno: haha, I have Gaz and even fewer trades
colin wood: Come on Rocky… ton up you overrated spud!
heppelitis: same mattmac…cannot help it lol..its fun trading
Bazza2014: never go full retard
shaker: Never watched Tropic Thunder?
AngryRyno: I’m in the 2-3 trades bracket, no sideways only injuries
tbrowne: glad i put rich on the bench just in case, collins please go big now!
heppelitis: simple jack
frenzy: go hard or go home
mattmac24: Heppelitis, I don’t like trading but I’ve had that many injuries I’ve needed to
hinsch: Trengrove from Melb out again tonight must have upset somebody
LuvIt74: Do a crouching and go BANG, BANG
heppelitis: opposite trade when ever there is a rookie about to ripen
ballbag: Ha ha ha crouching. he shit sc. no good scorer.
DrSeuss: Come on Rocky
Pokerface: you all thought i was silly earlier when i suggested ablett to reuben william!
LuvIt74: Rich looks fine to me, he’s just crap
ballbag: @poker no. we all thought you were simple jack
frenzy: looks like Mills still aint getting the rising star nod
heppelitis: hipwood 4 omg on my bench loopholed brand close thing
Yelse: hall tone please
StuL: Gaz to rocky. Rocky’s hMmy
StuL: Gaz to rocky. Rocky’s hammy goes ping.
magic007: who needs wells when you got wright cant go wrong 🙂
northernstar: Poor gaz. Will never be the same again.
ballbag: poor game dorko
Raspel31: Not happyre Gablett but slightlt caffed with Wright
frenzy: give squizzy taylor a pillow, still dreaming
LuvIt74: @magic Wright is crap compared to Wells, has played 10 games for 3 good scores.
heppelitis: ok raspel lol
Raspel31: Luvit-think we seeing a player on the rise.
ballbag: yeah but wells is 3-4 weeks away it seems
magic007: somones a little butthurt lol
Raspel31: Only reason I dumped him ballbag.
ballbag: bris 117 points, only a few goals behind and no tons. gotta be a first
Disco DB: Massive scores, football in QLD seems to be thriving! haha
Raspel31: Hmm-guess noneof us wanted to lose Gablett now with trades at a premium.
Jackwatt$: Who wins my eliminator? I trail by 219 with Neale and Steven?
Raspel31: I’m thinking you Jack-or bad game for both.
mlakmlak: Lewis Taylor definitely worth that 500k a year lul
LuvIt74: @jackwatts flip a coin mate

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