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Chat log from R12 of 2016: Richmond vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Richmond vs Gold Coast, R12 of 2016

RooBoyStu: I will laugh if Gold Coast beat the Toothless Tigers!
colmullet: Chase down Paddy bald master!
Stst1001: Where art thou menadue
Harmes37: menadue emerg.
Stst1001: Ah tq
Kekkington: Was hoping Menadue would be a late in as my opponent is using him for a captain loophole
damo110: nobody goes to (c) Gazza at the 1st bounce. Good start
Bazza2014: Have Miles & Edwards vs Nicholls
LuvIt74: did Hall play in the two’s?
Tigger5: yeah luvit, think he got 30 touches
Tigger5: 30 disposals, 8 tackles and a goal to be correct
LuvIt74: ok cool, any goals?
LuvIt74: awesome thanks Tigger
LuvIt74: GCS look shit house
LuvIt74: There was a ton of Talk that Hall injured his shoulder but if it was that bad u would think they would have rested him.
LuvIt74: Carn Rance & Davis I chose to go Davis over taking Dunkleys 59 not a good move i think.
bones351: You’re not playing me are you Kekk?
Vinstar: Let’s go captain Ablett, 30+ touches and a nice 130+ please
kosduras: what happened to mekenzie willis?
Gott2Win: need martin to outscore Ablett thanks
jeddies22: dusty cmon mate 120+
Tigger5: why do i still have kk, any chance of him actually showing up
vamos77: If Vickery was a Ginger he could be mistaken for Molly Ringwald
LuvIt74: Carn Davis get that pill son
LuvIt74: @vamos77 lmao
Bazza2014: dropped mckenzie
jmate: @luvit dont gc neafl team have a bye?
LuvIt74: Cmon Rance ya flog step up ffs
LuvIt74: @jmate when? Sorry m8 im lost?
bones351: They do next week I believe jmate
Bazza2014: malceski Icicles, wow, and vickery but who cares with sexton.
meka100: Are the donuts good Vickery?
kosduras: vickery a whole quarter without touching the pill? to early to break out the spud?
LuvIt74: I don’t follow the reserves in the neafl, however if Hall had a shoulder issue like everyone’s been sayin they rest him.
LuvIt74: Damn Rance just went BANG although Davis not so much
kosduras: @luvit the bloke was in all australian form and did nothing since round 3, probabaly due for a spell in the 2s
dipstick: potato donuts forvickery
Sloaneyyyy: praying that WRight and Davis keep this up
nbartos: May Day
lachlan.w: Hall got 30 touches and 134 DT points in the NEAFL this weekend
Roksta: Sc scores look low across the board
PieBoy: onya rancey
Sloaneyyyy: kolodjashnij is soooo overrated
RooBoyStu: Bags of Potatoes go up in value but Vickery doesn’t
cusch1: Does sc give points for bounces
thommoae: … and potato chips taste good with salt; Vickery chips not so much.
whafc: why the feral tiger supporters booing GAJ
superpls10: cmon peter wright, keep up the work
kano21: Com ‘on GAZ… Don’t let Rocky and Danger take your mantle!
Tigger5: sloaney, dont think hes rated at all this year
fyfe is life: jayden short where is this coming from?!?
cusch1: Essendon should give up pick 1 for Tom lynch
Raspel31: Hmm, Davis and Wright on the bench. Might be useful in the byes.
CrowEaters: lachlan.w my dear dead Nana could get 30 touches in the NEAFL
LuvIt74: Essenden wont get pick 1, think GWS get it.
Warney: oh richmond!
RooBoyStu: lol Richmond
LuvIt74: WTF is Davis on the bench, he was on 16 SC after QT?
cusch1: Hahah luvit but think, it’s a fair deal for both teams I think, maybe throw in a late fourth round as well
LuvIt74: ok thats better
lachlan.w: CrowEaters, you may think that but i doubt you would even get a touch in the league matey
Raspel31: Sorry-my bench Luvit.
Tigger5: dusty on fire
dipstick: 2 ellis martins on the field
spiggs: They’re better off playing with 21, wasting too many rotations on vickery
frenzy: LMAO Vickery
Warney: vickery out, cloke in
CrowEaters: lachlan.w Nana was a gun
snake_p: yes frenzy, hit the showers Tyrone
bones351: Nana Crawford Crowy?
dipstick: someone’s gonna crack 3000 sc this week
armalitemk: Oh wow vickery is actually just getting a point a quarter haha!
the worm: nana must be tagging vickery
CrowEaters: You know what they say ” If my Nana had balls”
Fury: Guys, Vickery is a gun player. Stop making fun of him.
dipstick: Nana’s got no teeth so gives the donuts to vickery
cusch1: You know your shit when kk is your fourth leading possession getter on ground
CrowEaters: dipstick Aye
superpls10: wright poor quarter – need an 80 from you
the worm: @fury In which sport?
Bazza2014: vickery cape
Fury: darts
frenzy: vickey opens the account just before half time
CrowEaters: Nana bit loose on Vickery in the last 5 mins
cusch1: I think he heard us
dipstick: @crows yep, she did a one and a pelvis
armalitemk: ablett went missing!
cusch1: Looks like touk Miller is going bald from the side of his head as opposed to the front
the worm: give nana a break, she needed a cuppa
PieBoy: onya dusty
the worm: to go with the donut vickery gave her
dipstick: *kneebone
leorosman_: whos nana
JockMcPie: is martin worth getting as a swap for kerridge?
CrowEaters: the worm, Is OK Nana was a tough lady went through 2 wars & the great depression, sticks & stone she woud say
CrowEaters: leorosman, Gertrude Hoffmann
poido123: It’s not a matter of getting a premium in Jock, it’s a matter of getting them at the right price..Free tip
Gott2Win: Martin working as hard as I have seen from him. His run is awesome at the moment
cusch1: It’s alright, Martin is due to disappear
poido123: Richmond over 37…go get it boys!
CrowEaters: Martin a good playr just at the wrong club
cusch1: Just like Dangerfield croweaters?
CrowEaters: needs to go to Swans or Hawks
Tigger5: lol
Burkey1: he can stay right where he is thanks
CrowEaters: Who the Bombers captin this year, Peptide ?
Tigger5: with that logic, ablett needs to leave gc, rocky needs to leave brisbane and neale needs to leave freo
CrowEaters: Sounds good we’ll take the lot
poido123: Not sure he would go to the swans, they like high characters players…
JButcher: stfu @CrowEaters
Tigger5: the one time i thought KK was going to do something…
poido123: richmond lose this, they should give up on the seaosn…cant believe they cant tke care of this mob by 37 at least..
cusch1: Goddard is the Essendon captain this year? What’s wrong mate, I know south Australians are stupid but come one.
CrowEaters: Can spell though
JButcher: @Cusch1 Not all of us are stupid mate, just the crowthrows
cusch1: Just a bit of autocorrect buddy. But I did manage to spell out the brain cells you carry
Umpirespet: Cusch1 Hirdy says it is injection time m8
Thedude24: If suns win this I’ll lol for ever
cusch1: I apologise butcher but your statesman doesn’t give you a good case
Warney: its tigertime?
Maerzy: Let’s talk about footy boys come on
CrowEaters: JButcher, Andrew Jarman master of the Crowthrow
tabs: neither ruck has kicked the ball. The game is better for that
RooBoyStu: Gold Coast one man down, no worries against Richmond
TheWarden : Wow wee that’s a kick
the worm: are there seriously people who would be surprised if richmond lost?
frenzy: whens Currie back
Umpirespet: Tiges are terrible will Hardwick see out the season?
the worm: tigers have been horrible for 30 years…must be the coach’s fault
casey22: A player named Short shouldn’t be allowed to play football, too confusing
dipstick: agreed! I’ve heard short kick 50 times and hes barely touched it
SaintsMan: missed mark and kick for davis
the worm: someone in the chat yesterday said tey had the tiges in the last leg of a multi….i instantly felt bad for them
CrowEaters: Lynch a gun
casey22: Short’s short game is pretty good
JButcher: Lynch is scoring ok for once
Bsmagicmen: Lift Davis, ablett,rance
Gott2Win: Day should not be on 72 SC.
frenzy: Vickeys SC generous
CrowEaters: Martin playing a great game
makemequac: Rooboy you’re here. What happened last night chump?
Vinstar: Big last quarter Gazza lift!
superpls10: big last quarter peter wright – kick the match winner
the worm: looks like game over, time to junk up dusty
bartsy: Just checked in……what happened and when to kk
luke394: Buddy killing it all year i trade him in lasr week and he’s gonna give me 2 shit ones god i hate him, never again
CrowEaters: Who kicked Richmond’s last goal ?
Roksta: Umpires getting Richmond over the line here
JockMcPie: cmon gaz, get to 120
lukefield9: deledio
Burkey1: umpire getting suns over the line here
Kootafides: come on tiges… we can do it.. lift boys
man0005: umpire getting hawthorn over the line here
the worm: arent the frees 12-5 in richmonds favour?
RooBoyStu: ever since Daphne did the dirty on Fitzroy the Tigers have paid. #Karma
frenzy: Dimma can’t @ Burkey1
CrowEaters: Vickery you legend, ugly play but a goal
CrowEaters: Edwards playing a blinder
makemequac: Vickery a legend? More like a spud
Burkey1: anyone but Hampson
Roksta: Double the frees Burkey
the worm: tiges will celebrate beating the suns like winning a flag
Burkey1: it’s where you get the frees though, isn;t it @Roksta
man0005: And Hampson goes bang! You feel like the next goal is important don’t you?
the worm: lol, GC have 5 frees for the game and ur using it as an
phatmattie: obviously noone at champion data has gaj in their sides anymore
dipstick: GAJ scratched his nuts for a +6 sc
grossn: Dustin you’re suppose to kick that for 100sc points
Roksta: Richmond are pathetic
Burkey1: there’ the square up.
superpls10: peter wright thanks for fk all
grossn: Thank you Dustin
the worm: Suns were robbed, good job umps
Burkey1: absolute shocher off the boot!!
Yelse: wanted to wait to pick up dustin coz of his BE. how that back fired 🙁
frenzy: star Jroo, not
rickyb80: ahh turn it up worm ya flog
the worm: did that last free just give richmond triple the frees of GC?
penguins00: these umpires should all be sacked
the worm: free kicks 16-6….and the suns lost kk at half time…nice win tiges
qcumbers: good game ruined by home cooking
nbartos: Yep agree worm
grossn: @the worm Tigers had over 100 more possies and 23 more CP. Power off
Willymack1: Feel sorry for poor old Gaz, the bloke tries his heart out every game and gets beat
frenzy: Lol qcumber

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