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Chat log from R12 of 2016: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R12 of 2016

Viscount: McKenzie late out
Viscount: Barrass late in for McKenzie
CrowEaters: What about Nick Nat ? In or out ?
Bazza2014: In obviously
kangawalla: No mint Twirls tonight Baz! Sent you barmy last night. 🙂
Sloaneyyyy: nicnat is IN
Bazza2014: butler ut , ellis in
Bazza2014: nah whitakers peanut slab tonight
Bazza2014: that was Butler OUT
JRedden: need gaff to go massive after a down week last week
Bazza2014: Xavier Ellis in. i repeat!
Bazza2014: cmon Camry Cows
JockMcPie: Bazza u the only 1 watching this? lol
crazyet23: 71 SC point at q time for danger !! GUN
PieBoy: onya lairdy
Bazza2014: yup i have 4 crows players, and my norf players are muppets
ryanbob: Hopefully laird doesn’t get ripped off this week
Harmes37: No info from other games please
crazyet23: is less info than the twitter feed gives……
JockMcPie: ton up priddis and laird please, thanks in advance
mattmac24: need a good game from you Laird.. You’re uncommon in all of my H2H leagues
crazyet23: well if someone kicking them against my team, let it be JJK
SilverLion: Laird on track for a better score than last week, yet playing worse. Obviously CD put laird in their sides this week…
Grazz: Goal
Grazz: Thats rubbish lol
crazyet23: no, right decision was made unfortunatly
tbrowne: Oh my priddis
wadaramus: Unfuknblvbl, how can that not be given a goal?
THESKUNK: gipped
crazyet23: foot was touching as it crossed the line
Grazz: Rubbish
wadaramus: Blind Freddy could see he kicked it, it’s just ridiculous.
THESKUNK: nic nat is soooo average
Yelse: prides and laird lift please help
PieBoy: onya lairdy
the spud: Laird lift? are you serious? it’s his 2nd week back and he’s scoring well. What more can you expect?
Bazza2014: happy with priddis not going big
mattmac24: That’s what I like to see from Laird!
PieBoy: happy priddis will go big
Yelse: need 240 between prides and laird
LuvIt74: How’s Nic Nat playing fellas, is he moving well?
Bazza2014: its bs priddis score going up and he’s not involved
Bazza2014: a 100 from priddis will be fine, no bigger
cusch1: Priddis just got three clearances baz
Bazza2014: nothing wrong with nic nat
eagles86: priddis has been involved hes last two possesions for priddis has lead to eagles last 2 goals@ bazza
PieBoy: onya priddi
Bazza2014: i counted them
cusch1: And a few tackles
Bazza2014: fark i had to withstand rockys crap, not the perm
Bazza2014: now the perm
SilverLion: Again, laird is playing about the same as last week, maybe worse, yet on track for 100 SC. Seriously CD, not even subtle
Maerzy: Go in Cheney finally paying off
Torz: Seeds got robbed of a tackle.
Bazza2014: #floodgates #blowout
zazzman77: 53 diesel williams & hobgoblin ablett
Torz: Great work Laird and Seeds!
Solat: stop playing SC if you don’t like the scoring Lion
PieBoy: onya lairdy
Kekkington: Do you honestly think Champion Data just goes oi lets just troll and lie about the stats for a laugh.
Bazza2014: yes Kekk, yes he does
m0nty: Last time I checked there were over 80 stats that go into SC scores, it’s fairly complex.
superpls10: quality kek
superpls10: urgh naitanui every since i got you…
ryanbob: Come on nic nat
Kekkington: Fck I have West Coast in my multi. Adelaide please don’t do this.
Grazz: Not sure how we’re infront played ordinary but we are C’mon Crows
wadaramus: What a cracking game of footy!
grechy76: danger 215sc
willywalks: love to see wet toast lose so they can get rid of the flat track bully tag to just plain shower
superpls10: how danger got 215 to get geelong the win i won’t know
Maerzy: I just need 10 more from hutchings
LuvIt74: He had 47 or 48 possies
Torz: So good to have Lairdy back.
superpls10: nic nat just went ham, 67 to 84 in seconds
grechy76: 345sc between danger and selwood
cusch1: Nicnat got the points for smashing sloane I think
poolboybob: Hey remember last year when the Eagles were good?
Shaundog: Put Nic Nat back on for fuck sake
Disco DB: 260 points between Danger and LeCrap
Bazza2014: gaff 22 touches of nothing, glad i dont have him
PieBoy: onya lairdy
cusch1: It’s alright poolboy, remember the last time Adelaide were in a grand final? Me neither
poolboybob: LeCras is only AFL standard when facing terrible teams
heppelitis: classic Disco
mattmac24: Must have been a huge quarter for the Crows!! Laird, I love you and Danger too!
Jukes82: nicnat heart
wadaramus: Victory at the house of pain, yeah baby!
Torz: 3 tons out of the last 4 for Seedsman. He’s come good.
poolboybob: Eagles too unfit to run out a game despite very few injuries.
JRedden: ye gaff was useless tonight, trading him in the byes
Bazza2014: 41 pt turnaround, sheesh WC poor didnt score
Bazza2014: loving seedsman and sauce and sloane and laird
wadaramus: 23 I50’s to 3 in the last quarter, Crows all over the Eagles.
Seb78: Shower last qtr Yeo

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