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Chat log from R11 of 2016: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R11 of 2016

OnTheRocks: captain Pendles
Yelse: would you take dangerfierlds score or put peddles captain?
kosduras: afternoon gents! collingwood a chance with all our injuries??
Breezey: I hope so kosduras
armalitemk: considering i upgraded de goey this week i expect him to score 120
Breezey: Captain Treloar for me
wadaramus: Captain Pendles, tipping Port, played the joker this week so need the tip!
Yelse: take hopper 65 or play josh smith???
Vinstar: Had zaka as my c only got me 40 still projected 2300 with 6 to play, if only I stayed with gaj
King_Robbo: Come on Pendles, smith, wines and gray! Especially you Ollie Wines! Time to repay the faith!
Mileroo30: Gibbs C, was 850/9 before last night. Turned to shower! 1420/17 now
Mileroo30: Gee Pendles is good
Breezey: Great work Scotty
9inch: Big one pendles sidey and gray. Need it badly
Yelse: still can’t understand bucks trying him in the back line
DrSeuss: Has Bucks really moved Howe into the Forward Line?
tiltraise: @Yelse he had cracked ribs at start of year
Mileroo30: I think he was great off halfback, reads the play and uses the ball so well
OnTheRocks: if Pendles gets over 150, i might just sing and dance in the streets
vartic: Brought in Hannebery this week instead of Pendles, hope I don’t regret that :S
Oli_hawks: need 100 from pittard
Bazza2014: pies by 46
Breezey: Howe down back Drseuss
9inch: Bang bang sidey and pendles. Keep up that stuff.
Mileroo30: how that wasn’t htb…
DrSeuss: Cheers Breezey – need him to stay there for the gamble to work
JButcher: This is why we wont play finals
Yelse: wheres cloke playing. haven seen him in the forward 50 in 7 mins
Homer1: Go pendles
DrSeuss: Looks like this could be the last week of the Ollie Wines experiment
RooBoyStu: Joffa just gave Cloke a meat pie
deanie: DrSuess maybe wines to Rocky, i think im over having him in my team too
Generalsor: Gee Howe looks good in defense
9inch: Howe looking like a must have in SC
DrSeuss: Thats the plan deanie
Generalsor: Don’t be fooled, that was Frost’s flowerup
Shaundog: I traded wines today sick of his crap
bigdipper: Pendles is a star
Shaundog: He will prob get a ton now
sfmmp23: Cox gets held out every time he gets near it
deanie: I so badly want to hold him. But he just keeps spudding it up
Mileroo30: where is pendles… haven’t spotted in 10mins
Lachie.BT: FROST making so many mistakes
Bazza2014: howe done his knee
vartic: frost is a spud, but fuck me the disposal in this game has been abysmal at all levels
Lachie.BT: just got howe
dipstick: hahahaha people are going to trade IN rocky? HILARIOUS
Breezey: How’s injured. Get up son
RooBoyStu: Howe in trouble
Generalsor: SHITSAKES Howe looks badly hurt
Mileroo30: 5 goals out the back for pta
Bazza2014: he is now lazarus. #toosoon
Barniclez: wingard looking like a good pickup
Generalsor: Strap him, jab him i don’t care. Must play on!
Breezey: Well done Big Cox. Fire up you big flower
vartic: based cox
colin wood: At game and Pies playing shitty zone like rounds 1-5…
PieBoy: onya coxy
Mileroo30: Big Cox shoots straight
sfmmp23: Howe looks ok, jogged off the field
King_Robbo: Wines has been very good so far! Watch him go 60sc
King_Robbo: That was such a joke of a free kick
Twatter: fuck yes cox
colin wood: At the game and we’re playing that bloody zone like rnds 1-5…
Kenny27: Love how we try to pin point short passes and handballs in the wet, we cant even do it when it’s dry
colin wood: King robbo no it wasn’t.. Clear holding the man
dipstick: New i/change rule killing wines his quads are too big to run out the game without many breaks
sfmmp23: We jusy gotta get the ball to pendles, sidey and treloar clearly our best users of the footy
Mileroo30: free wasn’t there but they’ve been holding him all match. was coming sooner or later
Generalsor: whats the word on Howe??
Thedude24: Guyss any news on Howe? I can’t afford another injury
Breezey: Good kick Dixon you knob
Gordo450: How about Boak’s kick Breezy? Was that better?
Bazza2014: jessee white goose
Gordo450: How about Whites kick? Cloke would be proud
vartic: what the flying fuck white?
RooBoyStu: Good kick White you knob
sfmmp23: Umpi
Lachie.BT: Jesse White…
sfmmp23: Umpys just ruined goal of the year
Yelse: if it was out of bounds then should get the free no adv
Mileroo30: barely out. but if I was that ump would’ve let it go
Generalsor: No word on Howe?? C’mon dermy, be useful
Breezey: Boak’s not a fair dinkum tool Gordo450
Kenny27: Howe about to come back on
sfmmp23: Howes coming on
Breezey: Howe’s back
Bazza2014: pies kicking well , must be for clokesy return.
Bazza2014: yep white has been home schooled by clokey
Thedude24: Thanks guys on the howe update
JButcher: Jesse White is worse than Butcher!
Breezey: Rubbish White. VFL for you champ
Generalsor: Really? Please be true
Mileroo30: you know your teams flowered when cloke is currently the best kick on
Generalsor: Yessss quick +6 good boy
Bazza2014: obviously mustn’t like the sodas
sfmmp23: Mikero
sfmmp23: Mileroo pendles, sidey, treloar howe currently some of the best in their positions in the comp atm
Breezey: De Goey could be anything if he converted these shots he gets at goal
Mileroo30: tongue in cheek mate!
_wato: Would be nice if Dougal did something. Even though he’s on my pine, want him to hold his spot…
shaker: A wet day and you Cloke Cox and White in the team
Bazza2014: lot of points and possessions to the “best in the comps” but useless stats when you are losing.
dipstick: mcgovern and easton wood are out
Lachie.BT: Cox would’ve have heaps of frees if they had paid all of em
vartic: not every day you see a team so incapable of hitting even the simplest of targets
RooBoyStu: Port are going to win by at least 8 goals
Bazza2014: flood gates?
Yelse: geez these umps are missing all these frees to pies big man. ridiculous
Stikman35: De Goey could be a butcher
shaker: I read Bucks is trying the zone and lots of talll players in the wet = stupid coach
Kenny27: @vartic we seen it yesterday with Essendon aswell
ryanbob: treloar not getting much reward from sc again
Lachie.BT: are open bazza
Torpedo10: Pittard may well be the worst trade I’ve made, been atrocious so far.
Bazza2014: thats what a big man does, he makes a great contest and the crumbers get it. Dixon!
Breezey: Have Port got more players than us out there. Outnumbered everywhere
Bazza2014: agreed lachie , whats the score NSW vs SA in the chicks games?
Gordo450: Shouldve got Young back when he was $250k Hard to predict when he spent so many games as Sub
Bazza2014: 18-13 half way thru the 3rd on a perfect day, sheesh, great viewing
kosduras: the umpires are disgraceful today, both ways
Bazza2014: pies murdering delivery, and umps murdering the game
Lachie.BT: same as our kicking @kosduras
Breezey: Pendles, Daylight, rest of the team
Kenny27: Serenity now!
sfmmp23: Coxy you legend
vartic: based cox again
tiltraise: go big coxy!
Stikman35: Pies will flower it in
RooBoyStu: Skunks VFL team on ch503
buddy4pm: Wines finally getting some CP
King_Robbo: Wines finally doing something
King_Robbo: Gee collingwood are poor. David King is right, they have such a poor defensive setup
kosduras: @lachie to be fair, its not anthing we arent used to..
ryanbob: go cox, give me some vital lost points cos of goldy
Kenny27: @breezy i think sidebottom is before daylight
ryanbob: whats up with treloars sc score? havent watched the game
blashtroko: Why does wines consistently play sub-75% TOG? It itsnt like his game involves a whole heap of running
thommoae: Treloar beats daylight as well surely.
King_Robbo: Pies just have too many spuds. Their top talent is awesome but from 10-22 it’s a poor team
King_Robbo: @blashtroko unfit maybe? He’s carrying a bit..
Yelse: they have had to rush in young players coz of there injury list. Bringing in so many too quick
Kenny27: @blash i’ve got him in my side so i’ve noticed this every game aswell he just doesnt have a tank
Breezey: @Kenny27. Sidey equal with daylight
RooBoyStu: Sidebum robbed, should be higher than Pendles, better eff and 1 more goal and same disposals
Stikman35: I agree Yelse.
ryanbob: williams in for bulldogs, well there goes my loophole. gotta put the c on Dahl now
jxxxxk: @RooBoyStu Pendles has more Tackles and more CP
Breezey: There’s one bloke in our league who has Rocky C. Big 368 thank you very much. Not playing him thankfully
jxxxxk: also sidebottom has had a few clangers
RooBoyStu: @jxxxxk tell me why Young is less than Pendles then same disposals and 80% eff and 2 more marks and 2 goals
vartic: @rooboy no tackles & 3 clangers
Fatbar5tad: Come on Robbie get a wriggle on
Bazza2014: impey is playing a fair game today
jxxxxk: @RooBoyStu 3 clangers for young, but i don’t know its just how SC scores the players
jxxxxk: But yeah i agree young should be higher
heppelitis: hows cloke going?
iZander: Also you can’t deny there is bias towards players, its what u get when someone has to choose the scores every week 😉
shaker: Hows Cloke going he is on 800K year and he is a potatoe
Bazza2014: too easy, for port
frenzy: L plate on your Austin, m0nty?
heppelitis: not a fan shaker lol
Yelse: @at shaker did you here SEN this morn… cloke will be on 300 coz he didn’t meet the criteria
Gordo450: Cloke going alright when he is 150 metres from goal
shaker: Just glad he is at the Pies hep
jxxxxk: i was gonna do the loop hole with kennedy as VC but I made a good decision sticking with peddles if he keeps this up
wadaramus: Where is the hyphen?
RooBoyStu: I love it when people call players potato by spelling it potatoe, who’s the spud?
Breezey: Missed tackle, missed tackle, missed tackle . Goal
Bazza2014: Potatoe is an older but still correct spelling of the word more commonly word spelled potato.
jxxxxk: never thought i’d say this but i miss chris dawes
Fatbar5tad: Bunch of Spudes
Twatter: Good attempt at trying to sound smart @Bazza2014 but the message you wrote was not only incoherent, but ironically dumb.
vartic: ah well, RIP 9/9. Collingwood ball use looking as bad as Essendon today and no defensive structure
tankin: love watching coll lose!
Lovemypies: Collingwood are just plain soft
LuvIt74: gr8 to see Cloke back to his useless self.
Stikman35: Potatoes are free at mcgeeeeee.
Bazza2014: twatter #twat
jxxxxk: All i hope is for peddles to get a 120+
Mileroo30: Who ate all the pies?
Bazza2014: cmon port, 9/9 on the way
shaker: Your the spud rooboy because bazza is correct
jxxxxk: pendles*
Breezey: @jxxxxk. I reckon Pendles looking at 150+
Bazza2014: was actallt twatters comment Shaker!
Twatter: @Bazza2014, quality reply, just showing your immaturity
Bazza2014: #donthatetheplayerhatethepies
Yelse: frost has cost the pies a lot today
jxxxxk: @Breezey i doubt that man, halfway thru the 3rd and on 81. Hopefully he can get a 130 i have him as captain
JButcher: Fuck me @bazza, all these pie supporters are killing me
shaker: Sorry bazza thank you Twatter
Twatter: No Bazza, you corrected Rooboy and I corrected you. Now shaker is also having a crack at Rooboy, twat.
Breezey: Talking DT sorry
tankin: id say impey has cost pies win
Stikman35: Rushed behind with a teammate next to you. Um wrong decision.
cusch1: Essendon supporter to the rescue butcher!!
Mileroo30: How about some quality banter instead fellas
Bazza2014: rofl @all
Bazza2014: cusch off the bench for the crumb
Bazza2014: neade beating jesse white #saysitall
shaker: Haha roo boy had a crack at my spelling just returning the compliment
Stikman35: Don’t read the crap. It’s is letting me down.
Fatbar5tad: Nice pluck Goodyear
Bazza2014: not a bad mark by a 2nd gamer
Twatter: Jesse White has to be up there with Vickery as the worst player to ever play AFL
kosduras: are we any chance to hit a flowering target today?
McRooster: Watching Collingwood these days is like being at a wedding between cousins, you feel compelled to watch but it’s awkward
Bazza2014: third goal in a row on the siren today
jxxxxk: @Twatters Vickery actually kicks goals unlike this spud.
Roksta: Forgetting about maxwell tester
sfmmp23: Bloody hell Pies
Lovemypies: Lol@Mcrooster
Roksta: Twatter*
Fatbar5tad: Not Cox tho unfortunately Bazza
Breezey: Flower me if Bucks punts a few of these to the VFL he’d probably miss the kicking is that bad.
Kenny27: wedding between cousins… only in adelaide eh
Mileroo30: @bazza wonder if that’s happened in all 4 quarters during a game before
Thedude24: Cox did okay as a back up for goldy i guess.. better than a donut
Bazza2014: not in my 37 years of watching
colin wood: Question: where did these flog Dogs supporters come from?
RooBoyStu: Collingwood supporters are going to ask Centrelink on Monday for a month’s pay in advance to book September Holidays
King_Robbo: Wow Pendles stopped
Shaundog: Who is going to win dogs or eagles? Need to put my tip in
Bazza2014: @msrooster um still larfing
jxxxxk: We have good defenders, and the worst defenders in the comp i mean srsly… from Reid and Howe to Toovey and Frost
MontyJnr: Twatter you’ve got no idea. Vickery has kicked 19 goals this season. Better player at least a quarter of the league.
vamos77: Vickery is like Franklin compared to White, White is in the same category as Ken McGregor
Krispin_35: @kingrobbo dogs easy eagles can’t win away
Bazza2014: problem was too be in the fwd line today for the pies, with faz and moore out, but its been the bacline, disarray
Breezey: White’s got Jarrad Grant covered surely
tankin: white makes dawson look like an afl player
jxxxxk: Even majak daw can make memes about how waste white is
jxxxxk: nuh jokes daw has been good so far
tankin: surely leigh brown gotta take the cake tho
ryanbob: how is treloar only on 65 ??
cobrakai00: white couldnt possibly be more of a joke.. then he got a manbun
King_Robbo: Does anyone think that eddie will snap his man crush and sack this spud of a coach? Turned a gun team into mud
shaker: Think the Pies list is ok but not sure about the coach
Bazza2014: couldnt hit the side of a barn varcoe
vamos77: white should cut of his prick and join the womens league
jxxxxk: is north melb racist not giving Majak daw enough game time?
Fatbar5tad: Have the shot Gray you plonker!
Kenny27: how Frost gets a game has got me stuffed
jxxxxk: who remembers when sam grey was good??? lmaooo i do???
jxxxxk: gray*
wadaramus: Not sure Pendles is gonna get to the 125sc from here.
jxxxxk: Im happy with 100+ at this rate dude
heppelitis: not many big scores wada…hope there is some serious scaling
jxxxxk: as long as he gets better then my VC kennedy
tankin: smith tackle missed??
jxxxxk: yeahhhh pendlessss
Mileroo30: don’t think it will count, has to stop the disposal I think
wadaramus: 100 not enough when the C is on him.
sfmmp23: Pendles should get around the 120 mark
Stikman35: Port showed how to play flower footy. We now have perfected flower footy. We’re better at it.thats a win.
Gott2Win: Young kicks his 3rd goal and drops in SC…Wtf
Breezey: Treloar not even trying
ryanbob: treloar youre killing me
9inch: Sidebum stopped. Gray stopped. Geez
shrtlg: Neade X-factor surely
jxxxxk: I’m fine with 110 + bro most my players have been scoring 100s
tankin: so glad i got rid of trengove
Stuart88: Why must Penddles and Sidey go missing when they are loseing they should be steeping up
JButcher: Its dat boi oh shit watup
OnTheRocks: it’s reminding me of NBA, when the game is all but over, you just play your bench and rest your stars
jxxxxk: @Stuart88 Pendles is leading possessions and tackles
FlagDog: Treloar you PeenArse…
Fatbar5tad: Low scoring game
OnTheRocks: moar Pendles
shrtlg: My supercoach team just took a massive dive
shaker: Guessing Bucks won’t have that cheesey grin on his face this week
Barniclez: treloar to sneak a goal in here
SilverLion: Atlas for Pendlebury.
NoneyaB: where r the sc scores?
ryanbob: i dont think young has ever had to work hard for a goal in his life
Hadouken: cloke no goals hey. back to the 2’s next week 🙂
awesomeguy: anyone elses sc scores on 0?
SilverLion: give pendles the atlas already
MarksMen: pendels sc ??
PieBoy: cmon monty where sc score monty
Jukes82: greenwood the butcher icon
Choppy: kidding yaself ryanbob
sMiles: yep – SC on 0’s and my Sc premium service been down all weekend too.
sMiles: I really hope it’s not some SC ploy to prove use of stats or some bs …
Smithy1: pendles, gray, and dbj sc scores?
m0nty: out of my hands I’m afraid… we have to wait
awesomeguy: pendles 106
deanie: Pendles 120, gray 90 unscaled
RooBoyStu: Treloar ying yang surely, was 39 sc at half time
44snub: SC is down too. Terrorist attack our very core!
Number 8: When Treloar said Collingwood had a better list than Richmond, looks like he was choosing between dumb and dumber

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