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Chat log from R9 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Sydney

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Sydney, R9 of 2016

Costanza: carn Lewis rip it up
BaxterR: Hewett for 100+
AngryRyno: missed a Parker handball
ryanbob: Hanners tackle as well
AngryRyno: boo, have em both
Generalsor: Lol, watch Mills chop up the week I trade him out
kangawalla: Back off Brand! I benched you after last week’s shower effort
Chelskiman: I’d give anything a Hewett ton.
SaintsMan: is sam mitchells super coach correct? ridiculously harsh
frenzy: how many brang hanners in this week
Generalsor: Need Hewett to go big for me. I’ve held you through some lean times mate. Pay papa back
frenzy: could even be a few C’s
All Reds: Big ass newbie here, the + symbols coming up on the stats chart (Gibson +6), Which scoring system do they represent??
Chelskiman: Come on, Titchell.
PureSwag: Kanga u could of postion loophole him like I did (Not Captain loophole) postion
AngryRyno: the + will always be the AF/DT value
All Reds: Cheers Ryno, is there a push for a SC function similar?
Breezey: Massive risk tonight with a Friday Captain Hannebery
Generalsor: Good for Rohan, rough trot
AngryRyno: sadly not, it’s because the SC scores are constantly changing, up 1, down 1 etc, even when not in the play
Giggles: Could someone please tell me what the Po score is about?? Cheers
kangawalla: @ Breezy. Friday captains usually bring PAIN!!!!
AngryRyno: hanners is my VC also keen for him to get going
All Reds: @breezey also opted for Parker (C) on an absolute whim
tbrowne: po= possessions
frenzy: if your on a tablet, Po is possessions
All Reds: Sicily out of the woodwork
Breezey: Especially against Hawthorn on a Friday
tbrowne: yes i would love a poo game from hanners tonight
Giggles: Sounds obvious now i know….thanks!!
AngryRyno: McVeigh spending a lot of time forward
AngryRyno: very short quarter, only 90 second on the clock with 22 mins elapsed
ryanbob: Two weeks in a row I go parker over hanner and this time I went hanners. Typical
All Reds: Parker better v quality opposition you would think
Breezey: They can’t keep Hanners down all game. He’ll light it up from here on
tamoz: Do something Hewett!
sticky12: Parker maybe better with Kennedy there too. Everyone bring in brand?
kangawalla: ironic. Teddy loses the helmet & cops a head blow.
ryanbob: So far I’m glad I wasn’t able to trade out mills
colin wood: Brought Brand in for Ruggles. So far so good.
Breezey: I’ve had Brand since his debut 2 weeks ago. B/E is -56 or so
Breezey: I benched Brand this week for that Mullett from the Kangas.
RooBoyStu: I expect to see Kaiden Brand on a Brand Power ad with Jo Silvagni in the summer
kangawalla: I benched Brand in DT. No loophole in that comp is there?
All Reds: Potential ouch @breezey
SaintsMan: same breezey
King_Robbo: Brand looking great! Won a number of contested balls already
Breezey: Tackle everything that moves Hanners if you can’t get the pill
King_Robbo: Anyone hear a Hawks supporters yelling “get up richards, stop wasting time” – real bunch of ferals that lot
Torz: Last week Titch was stuck at half forward. This week tagging. 🙁
circle52: just hope Ruggles is not a late in as I am loopholing Brand and DBJ
SaintsMan: sam mitchell you are killing me
Torz: Risky circle. Lonergan is a big chance to be a late out.
Jogr: how is shiels -1
Dommy02: love this 10 point improvement by hanners
colin wood: I had to trade Ruggles out or cop a zero. But I did start with Ruggles so it’s not too bad for me
Breezey: Swans loving the game being played like this
frenzy: get amongst it Parker
Chelskiman: I traded Barlow and upgraded Papley to Montagna. Have 300k in the bank for next week.
Torz: Sicily quack quack.
Jogr: cmon brand
Tigger5: Parker lift
Generalsor: I put Hewett on field over Davis because of his average. He’s showing how average he is
Jogr: u idiot brand
SaintsMan: sam mitchell u dud
RooBoyStu: muppet Brand, was Home Brand there
Chelskiman: I played Hewett over Gresham. I didn’t have many options.
Breezey: I’m. It sure who’s on Heeney but he’s leading them a merry dance
Breezey: I’m not sure who’s on Heeney that should be
sticky12: Got Parker vice, dam mcglynn and he could be twins
frenzy: Lol rooboy
3rdstriker: parker having another mare
Generalsor: Limp to 30 by HT Hewett, snag a goal or something…
King_Robbo: Parker is horribly it’s of form
wadaramus: Almost had a gutful of Paaahhhka.
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings: iiiiiiitttttttsssssssssss oooooooovvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Generalsor: lol Paaahhhka, Bruce’s boy
colin wood: Come on brand do what buddy and Hannebery are doing
Breezey: Buddy nearly BOG at the moment
sticky12: Hawks affected by roughy? Dam went swans under 39
Generalsor: Attaboy Georgey, 30+ at HT
poolboybob: Huh, maybe the Hawks really aren’t going to win it this year
ryanbob: Good advantage….
Generalsor: When’s the last time Hawks had a goalless half?
T Dog: goal finally
LuvIt74: Teams are starting to work out Hawthorn.
All Reds: swans all over them
Torz: Lewis has gone missing.
Breezey: I’d say Mitchell has done done his usual dog act on Hanners
Gloryboy: Free kick hawthorn
frenzy: norman gunstan!!!
LuvIt74: @poolboy now way will hawks win it this year
gdshifty: Lewis’ mind is elsewhere
LuvIt74: even if hawks win this by 6 goals they wont win the flag or even make the finals
Chelskiman: @gdshifty, yeah in a retirement home.
LuvIt74: Then again with the umps help they might
AngryRyno: lol Hawks will make finals
Chelskiman: lmao, they’ll make finals.
sticky12: That’s it Parker a bit more
AngryRyno: Top 8 is already decided
Breezey: Where’s the icicle for Cyril
tbrowne: what did mitchell do guys?
Generalsor: Go Georgey!
Chelskiman: Nice run there, Hewie!
3rdstriker: umpiring the last 3 minutes has been classic Hawthorn
ryanbob: How the hell is that not a trip
sticky12: Don’t forget about saints Ryno
circle52: Couple of Frees to Swans not paid in range
Neo Wanker: Piss poor game by two crap teams
LuvIt74: @Angry i meant Grand Final sorry mate.
wadaramus: Carn the Cowboys.
leorosma10: brand did nothing for the last quarter
cusch1: Few missed free kicks against Hawks in that quarter
King_Robbo: No trip their on franklin? #freekickhawthorn
Zeratul: Good one Nichols (Ump 15) – how do you keep getting friday night games… oh right hawks.
LuvIt74: Why have a bye strategy, i have Adams, Laird, GAJ, Wells, Hall, Barlow on on my bench
AngryRyno: Brand got stuck playing on Tippett, kept his score down
desmondo: Sam Mitchell having a kip in that quarter?? 🙁
poido123: Neo wanker living up to his name
circle52: @tbrowne a punch to throat of Hanners – only seen from one angle though
Generalsor: Parker and McVeigh worst efficiency in the team, wow
RoughRed: I do not follow either teams but perhaps the umpires should review the past 5 minutes … flowering poor effort
frenzy: Smitch @ $450K will be nice
Neo Wanker: Who’s the bigger knob. Tippett, Gunston or Buddy
thommoae: Buddy concedes F/As ‘cos he’s Buddy … and the Umps don’t give ’em to him for the same reason.
LuvIt74: lol @ #freekickhawhorn
leorosma10: yeah but tippett is killing it so didnt have any good impact i guess
poido123: i brought in mcveigh in after his 113. wth
cusch1: Kingrobbo if fletcher did that he’d get a 4 week suspension!! Hahha
wadaramus: Tippett.
Lodgy: @Neo still feeling a bit sore over lost players? least you have JJ…
tbrowne: cheers circle, i don’t have him but my best mate does so i’ll get right into him about it! music to my ears
poido123: @Neo, your trolling is weak. Adelaide won’t be going anywhere near hawks or sydney end of year
Wends: Ah go easy, it’s hard when they’re right in front of you
frenzy: Lol Parker flames up at half time
Breezey: Does anyone think that the Pies can push Geelong tomorrow at all. I’m praying
Neo Wanker: Tippett and Buddy were real winners in the GF so not sore at all we have Eddieeeeeee
Tigger5: really don’t think so Breezey
frenzy: head for the microwave
King_Robbo: Neo still confused how Adelaide won the freekick count but got towelled up again
myteamsuks: I sit here and think Parker has been quiet but he’s on the way to 30 possies
dipstick: more chance of growing new teeth breezey
Breezey: I need positivity only thanks.
Neo Wanker: You will need the towel in the Prelim final again bridesmaid
whafc: no chance Breezy
Tigger5: DE is killing Parker
Lodgy: @neo Yeah you have possibly the best forwardline in the comp! good thing Gunston moved or he wouldnt get a game!
Wends: Tonight was my panic trade in many a round.
Neo Wanker: Before they grow new teeth they would need to grow some balls first
King_Robbo: @neo at least we’ll be there. No danger=no adelaide
Torz: Gotta love a changeroom tackle. Good work Lewis.
Lodgy: Hawks need to kick a goal early 3rd term… need to get their minds out of the trench. if they do look out!
dipstick: @torz it was holding the ball. he didn’t touch his tackle
Neo Wanker: Actually Robbo – no danger = better team he is selfish
Neo Wanker: Well at least we have won two flags how many have the dogs won recently?
Chelskiman: Carn, Titch. 35 points quarter at least.
Central : Hey king robbo you should be there first 7 games at home….
3rdstriker: was has happened to mcveigh, looks finished
ryanbob: Mills done nothing since qtr time, was looking promising
Breezey: I wouldn’t say the Crows premierships were recently. 97 and 98
Neo Wanker: Good point central – u can borrow my street directory Robbo
3rdstriker: you can give the big red cross to richards
man0005: Poppy! You feel like that’s a crucial goal, don’t you?
ryanbob: God I hate poppy
Neo Wanker: Lot more recent than when ted whitten still had pimples breezy
OnTheRocks: c’mon Mitchell x 2 and Parker!
leorosma10: i just hat puopolo for some reason
Central : Where did you go Robbo……clown
tbrowne: Brand’s pulled out a Ryan Davis type of display so far
leorosma10: hate
Chelskiman: Titch and Hewie are killing me.
ryanbob: Mills didn’t get paid for tackling gunston out?
Breezey: Bruce showing Cafey some love. Wouldn’t be the first mate that Duck has loved either
Breezey: Carey some love
sticky12: Does Davis start strong then keep his hands warm after the start tbrowne?
AngryRyno: come on Hanners stay with Parker
sticky12: That was a try I reckon for Cowboys!
Neo Wanker: Does anyone else think that’s a pretty little headband that Kurtsey Tippett is wearing
AngryRyno: no touches for T Mitch this qtr
Chelskiman: I don’t understand coaches. Why get one of your biggest ball magnents and turn him into a spud tagger.
colin wood: What a shit quarter.. Buddy, hammers and Elton brand
King_Robbo: I’m just enjoying the view (dogs 6-2 adel 4-4)
Breezey: Because Titch had success last time out against Sam
Neo Wanker: Robbo wakes up
Jackwatt$: Because coach don’t care how many possessions a player has, it’s what they do with it and without it that counts
Breezey: Robbo’s view is correct.
Neo Wanker: 6-2 (8 home games) get some advice from Eddiefor this weeks road trip
myteamsuks: Oh they’re not getting the frees
Jackwatt$: Adelaide have had a harder draw though
AngryRyno: adelaide haven’t played their last 7 at home
Chelskiman: This isn’t the 35 point quarter I wanted, Titch. >>
Wends: Hopefully swans awake in red time this qu…
Pusti: Looks like tripping is a legal tackle now.
whafc: why we talking bout Adelaide???
Neo Wanker: Because we are great
Wends: About as legal as a punch to the throat apparently.
Yelse: tanners been on bench for 8 mins
ryanbob: Shit call on hanners
3rdstriker: Mitchell is doing an excellent job on Mitchell though, wearing him like a glove
Neo Wanker: Ok change tact – bring back Fitzroy
Pusti: That feeling you get when one of your midfielders is tagging another one of your midfielders. Grrrr!
poido123: @Neo, Adelaide are irrelavent roadhumps, IF they make the finals
cusch1: Look what confidence and playing in a good team does. Frawley a dud at Dee’s and doing well at Hawks
Yelse: why are SC so low
colin wood: Buddy, hanners and brand total combine of 2sc this quarter well done lads…
Breezey: Sam Mitchell looks to have won himself a new TV though
Wends: Bad week to bring in Josh Gibson. Spose Bartel will kill it now.
man0005: Tiff: “Lance Franklin has just gone into the rooms with the doctor.
LuvIt74: haners hasn’t done a thing this quarter, are these SC scores correct?
myteamsuks: Can anyone see a #freekickhawhtorn game?
Yelse: haters spend most time in this quarter on the bench @luvit. just could get on with hawks constantly pumping it in
AngryRyno: Hewett working hard to put up a respectable score #ThanksGeorge
OnTheRocks: @pusti: i hear ya
Jackwatt$: What did they put in Brands 1/4 time oranges?
frenzy: about 900SC points coming this QTR, yeah ?
Tigger5: Lets hope Parker can get up to 130+
OnTheRocks: Jelwood or Pendles for C tomorrow if vc Parker doesn’t get to at least 120 tonight?
Breezey: Brand plays down back. He won’t get near it when Hawthorn are pumping it in.
leorosma10: is kaiden brand dead???
Generalsor: Im calling it. Hewett for 70.
AngryRyno: Brand scoring just as well as McVeigh, can’t be too unhappy
myteamsuks: No sc ton for any Hawks maybe
leorosma10: mcveigh is so out of form tho, and he wasnt on 29 at QT
Neo Wanker: Gotta be happy with that general
Jackwatt$: Haven’t you got Danger or Goldstein?
Yelse: here come the umpire lovin
OnTheRocks: no Danger or Goldy
leorosma10: pendles, hes so reliable
Fatbar5tad: Have a kick Jack
Fatbar5tad: Arse goals + Umpire goals = Hawthorn 2016
LovesIt: 2 late handballs and hanners goes from 63 to 74!!! CD love child alright
Neo Wanker: Pendleton is as reliable as a Bulldogs semi/prelim final loss
AngryRyno: plus 2 CPS and a tackle @LovesIt
Breezey: Goal umpir couldn’t get that right looking straight down the line
Raspel31: Evening all. Buddy and Mitchell-where are you?.But game on.
Breezey: Hey walker do you know who Pendlebury or Pendleton actually is
colin wood: Luvit was actually 3 and they were all efficient and contested…
Central : Why are the goal umpire there?
Jackwatt$: Was that a pass from Zac Jones, or can he only kick a footy 35 metres?
Neo Wanker: goal umpiring is a tough gig, need laser light technology not cameras
Fatbar5tad: Incompetence
Central : Fatbar5tad im agree their paid very well
Neo Wanker: I do cheesy autocorrected to Pendleton- should have said swanny’s love child
ryanbob: How was that deliberate, Sydney guy right next to it
LuvIt74: Was that Sydney goal touched? Id didn’t look it to me?
Central : Not goog enough
sticky12: Cmon swans
3rdstriker: hit the post luvit
Breezey: Tool alert
circle52: Hit the post luvit
Wends: apparently a poster luvit
AngryRyno: Hewett has passed his average, be happy!
colin wood: Mag glass for buddy I think
Fatbar5tad: Land on a dudes back, play on LOL
ryanbob: Umpires are getting worse and worse
poido123: wow umps have tried their hardest to help hawks. that was obvious in the back
myteamsuks: Muppet ceglar
3rdstriker: haha colin wood
Tigger5: stop it buddy
colin wood: Scratch that…
Neo Wanker: Look Chelsea toffee can make as many mistakes as she likes against Adelaide Id still give her the thumbs up
whafc: there u go colin wood
Generalsor: lol wow, that ceglar HB
Chelskiman: Ceglar, you spud.
Wends: More like champagne glass colinwood 😉
Central : Budddyyyyyyyyy
LuvIt74: SpecSavers seriously must start using the AFL for there commercials.
pharace: Franklin the Great
poido123: makes me wonder if umps get directions from higher ups
TheMessiah: fuck off poido…. this game the umps are blatantly helping the swans
Goldie: Wow Buddy
LuvIt74: hawks look shot
Rilian: No Muppett for Ceglar?!
ryanbob: Themessiah don’t be so biased, hawks have had just as many lucky calls
Raspel31: Buddmeister!
LuvIt74: TheMassiah needs to visit SpecSavers.
Rilian: *muppet
OnTheRocks: Do something more with it titch
Fatbar5tad: Free kick Messiah. Lucky Swannies!
Neo Wanker: 120 for curtesy tipsy that’s bs must be rooting the wife of the SC boss
DragonLass: And how exactly are the umps blatantly helping the swans when the free kick count is in hawks favour?
sticky12: I don’t know who loves the Hawks more…the umps in fourth quarters or the commentators..
Raspel31: You said it Dragon-Hawks fans-no sense of perspective.
3rdstriker: umpiring has been fairly even tonight (so far), a few missed both ways
LuvIt74: @DragonLass Regardless in what favour the free kicks are for, if they r legit then they should pay them
Central : Now thats a hard 1
AngryRyno: give cyril a free why don’t ya
myteamsuks: @dragonlass the two tripping ones not paid to Hawks were shockers , and rampe has held Gunston all day
sticky12: Hey messiah, that’s what fair umpiring is like. Not favouring swans…it may seem that way for a hawk supporter though
Central : Hahaha cyriol
Fatbar5tad: Umpires shit. Both teams scratching their heads.
Breezey: Derr Cyril
OnTheRocks: I hate how much love Cyril gets from commentators
Paul105: Pull in the truck tmitch…
AngryRyno: c’mon Hanners keep going
myteamsuks: The ones that aren’t paid. They’ve missed a few either way though
LuvIt74: I cannot stand it when ppl bring up the free kick counts. if they r there pay them SIMPLES
LuvIt74: I got Hanners & Rioli in this
LuvIt74: Carn swannies
myteamsuks: Buddy!
Wends: Gerard Whately going early, worryingly.
Breezey: Wowed Budster says BT
poido123: Free kick counts reflect ACTUAL free kicks guys. Ive heard it all.
Breezey: Wowee Budster even
cusch1: If Hawks kick 4 goals they win by three points #illuminaticonfirmed #bushdid9/11
sticky12: You may have to change your name ‘myteamsucks’
colin wood: The curious case of Elton Brand..
Raspel31: Free kick counts is simply the most bring biased conversation on earth.
sticky12: Especially if they can beat north
LuvIt74: lmao @#illuminaticonfirmed who comes up with these classics…lol
Breezey: Come on Hanners, ton up champ
kangawalla: Yep, and all the Eagles home town frees are actual frees?
cusch1: Just change the logo to Fremantle or Brisbane
Fatbar5tad: Lingy gutted as Hawks miss.
LuvIt74: WTH has riolis score gone from 68 to 62 on SC
Chelskiman: 90+ please, Titch.
RooBoyStu: Gibbo you shower flog
Raspel31: 3 tons out of 4 aint bad-but Mitchell-really?
tamoz: Come one junk it Hewett!
Breezey: Deliberate rubbish ump
ryanbob: Where the hell did that deliberate come from? Deflection counts now? Pathetic
carlton_99: how in the name of football was that deliberate
Fatbar5tad: Bowled him!
Wends: Rooboy my adjectives might differ but I agree with your thesis.
LuvIt74: Who ya got Raspel?
OnTheRocks: How the duck was that deliberate
kangawalla: @RooBoy. Always satisfying to see players from your old club stink it up.
pharace: Mitchell on Mitchell hige impact on this game tonight
LuvIt74: Wasn’t your team hit with all the carnage this week, I got 5 outs, 4 are keepers
Jolles: Whilst ever we have mainly Victorian umpires we will always have brainless umpiring.
Raspel31: Parker, Hannas,Buddy and Mitchell Luvit. Okay-still hoping for Buddy.
ScootD: @cartlon99 cos its #freekickhawthorn
LuvIt74: @RooBoy whats the go on Wells, is it just a cork or what?
Central : Im with ya Jolles
RooBoyStu: true kangawalla except when you trade him in with his low sc be
Jackwatt$: McPherson or Smith on field?
LuvIt74: @Raspel no bye structure used?
Fatbar5tad: Mitchell shit again. Hasn’t tonned up for me yet.
leorosma10: macpherson
Central : Come on goal umpire. ..not good enough
RooBoyStu: heard 2 reports 1 he’ll be back next week and 2 we are icing him until after byes
kangawalla: @Jolles. And while we have South Australian beer we will never buy it!
LuvIt74: @Jackwatts Smith
Breezey: Brilliant Chelsea. Just brilliant
Raspel31: I know Luvit-time to think about that.
Torz: Lewis you spud.
Generalsor: Hewett, I love you
Lodgy: god dam disposal into the 50… wellplayed swans too G
Breezey: Nearly there Hanners
LuvIt74: Carn swannies
Wends: Lewis mind elsewhere tonight Torz
Jolles: @kangawalla … that’s good we don’t want to give you amy.
AngryRyno: George Hewett folks
Breezey: When Isaac is your top possible better then your stuffed
frenzy: will be going shopping in the weeks ahead, how goods this
3rdstriker: Thankyou brad crouch for being dropped so I couldnt trade Hewett
Yelse: whats the total SC so will be up scaled?
King_Robbo: Was that three tackles in a minute for hewett?
Jolles: Well done Hewett even if you are sitting on my bench.
desmondo: Thanks for your effort Sam your useless as tits on a bull 🙁
OnTheRocks: Titch destroyed SMitch 🙁
DragonLass: as one of the 1.32% of rampe holders in SC… thank you
kangawalla: @Jolles. We concur with that, and don’t call me Amy! 🙂
Raspel31: Hmm Mitchell you naughty boy.
Central : It’s a good year crows beat Sydney lose hawks Sydney beat hawks
Generalsor: Parker looks like he needs a rest
LuvIt74: blooody hell hanners score quite week, 33 disposals & 5 tackles.
King_Robbo: People from Adelaide talking down Melbourne lol. They genuinely have the iq of a carrot
Tigger5: and thats why you dont get hawks players in supercoach
Jackwatt$: Big last qtr from Hewitt, should rise to about 85
cusch1: Sydney will chase Hurley if Richards retires after his concussions
Raspel31: Why the hell doesn’t Freo bring back Barlow-39 touches last week. Jeez.
Zeratul: the +12 was 2 kicks + 2 marks, ball went back and forth
Jolles: @ kangawalla … Victoria perhaps 🙂
Zeratul: I’m hoping after review ll gains +4 or +8 from tackles though, I feel like he’s been stiffed a couple
frenzy: Titch star Lol
Zeratul: Mills that is.
King_Robbo: Ahh ok wasn’t watching. Either way he played really well!
Jolles: @King_Robbo … twice the IQ of Western Melbourne 🙂
desmondo: So Mitchell 9 touches at quater time…finishes match with 14 🙁
Central : Robbo is a dog…..
las_cons: how can we see live SC scores? My app/sc shows nothing live anymore 🙁
Krispin_35: Friggn sam Mitchell I’m gonna have to dump u if u can’t pull ur weight
Lowrider: Horse, I wish you’d just let Titchell run in the midfield instead of giving him these roles 🙁

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