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Chat log from R8 of 2016: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Chat log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R8 of 2016

J.Worrall: Go Bears!
Lodgy: who are the bears?
JockMcPie: go pies, give me a reason to continue supporting you this year 🙂
Breezey: I’m hearing ya Jock
zadolinnyj: What do you mean by who are the Bears?
pies13: karn pies!!
tbrowne: keays, rich, pendles, treloar pls save my week i beg
Breezey: All I’m gunna say is Big Cox
ajconodie: I can’t believe they didn’t review that.
Jackwatt$: Bad start from the Bears
JockMcPie: put em away pies, 120+ thrashing please
Breezey: That would be nice Jock
RooBoyStu: to all the sc muppets on other forums that said i was a muppet keeping sidebum, cop a you know what up ur sidebum
JockMcPie: well done crocker, first goal in AFL football!!
ajconodie: Crocker will be a star.
RooBoyStu: Breisbane need to fold, if they do Fitzroy R.I.P
Stikman35: Crocker the magnificent
Ben_Gogos: Crocker’s issue has always been work ethic. Has the raw traits to succeed though. This type of game does suit him.
Jackwatt$: Sorry Smith it seemed like u were gonna have a promising career in the AFL b4 I traded u in. I have that effect sometim
Jogr: adams has more than 6 touches
The39Steps: is there a hurricane blowing?
JockMcPie: nope, brisbane are just playing really poorly
Ben_Gogos: Fair to say Brisbane hasn’t rocked up for this one.
grossn: Best QTR1 % of the year. Here come the pies! Premiers 2016
Ben_Gogos: Lets attempt to avoid ripping players after a quarter lol
PieBoy: onya pies
RooBoyStu: First time I have seen so many pies in chat all year, Centrelink must have given a bonus
Stikman35: Pies are coming.
Stikman35: Haha
Stikman35: Defamatory rooboy.
JockMcPie: most of the pies supporters are normally at the game, so thats why… 🙂
proudyy: cya rooboy
Bursill: calm down guys, Brisbane will win the next quarter, mark my words
ryanbob: Jeez Brisbane are bad
RooBoyStu: @JockMcPie like i was today
Stikman35: Bursill:( don’t pshyc out my unusual feeling of pleasure.
scrappers: robbo 3 tackles for 2 sc points?
Bursill: hahaha
Wends: O pendles you beautiful, beautiful man
grossn: Masonnnnnnnnnn
Stikman35: Two more goals pies and were fueledup and saucing our pies
ajconodie: It’s the 2 big sticks. Watch how the yank does it fellas.
RooBoyStu: while we have so many skunks in the room who do you prefer as coach Mick or Bucks?
Generalsor: Is Zorko hurt or something?
Breezey: I’m a Bucks man. Always will be.
Ben_Gogos: It looks the Lions are out there, but I remain unconvinced that some children haven’t just put on 22 fantastic costumes.
JRedden: fml zorko captain.. wtf is he doing
ajconodie: Bucks.
AngryRyno: Smith! good lad!
Stikman35: Rooboy is poking. Maybe he thinks he’s having Christmas early.
Amare: 19 scoring shots to 0….wow!
Yelse: bucks hasn’t had a chance to field full sides. when we have full teams pies play really good. go bucks
Amare: make it 20-0
proudyy: collingwood were at $2.30
J_Pinkman: not sure why I have so many Brisbane players in my team, they are woeful at times
Ben_Gogos: Lions supporters should be demanding a refund on this performance!
grossn: @proudyy it has been the easiest $130 i have ever made
RooBoyStu: @Stikman35 Christnmas in May 8-0
m0nty: never has the atlas icon looked more likely
Stikman35: You answered my query rooboy.
grossn: Dayum they’re going to score hahahaha
Stikman35: Cox is full throtle
JRedden: finally zorko.. now lift more
RooBoyStu: in 5 weeks after he drops a bit Dayne Beams will be in everyones sc team
Ben_Gogos: @m0nty I’ve detected 2 that are trying 😉 One of them can’t kick though.
JRedden: treloar is a jet
ajconodie: Or 21 mares Monty!
The39Steps: This is not a great day for Qld AFL. No surprise though as AFL has basically conceded Qld to league. Focusing on Syd.
JRedden: rofl zorko from 21 to 49 in 5 mins
AngryRyno: Sidebum has stopped, keep going son!
Stikman35: Lift side bum
benzammit: Side bum and Dusty are 1st half specielist players week in week out.
Stikman35: Smithy is $ us up
grossn: Benched Cox this week, fuming. But keep going son!
JockMcPie: put the $ on Cox?
Stikman35: Cox recruit of the year
The39Steps: 26 shots to 2. Bet that has never been done before?
JRedden: got treloar zorko martin smith, cant complain
Breezey: I’m going to save up all my pocket money and get Treloar ASAP
dipstick: YES treloar more at HT than parker will have at FT 🙂
LuvIt74: Cox & Smith are my only 2 pie players. lol
LuvIt74: @Dipstick did ya see what Hall ended up scoring afterall?
SilverLion: Any particular reason for playing Adams on half back? Noticed they played him there at times during the Anzac game too.
JockMcPie: zorko, steele, smith and cox – not going too badly
dipstick: @luvit no. i doubt he got more than 80. you wait 5wks without a ton before you trade him out OK?
LuvIt74: Dipstick try 84
benzammit: Hall if you opted to buy should be left in your forwards I’d love him @fwd 8
dipstick: 84. nice. and 50 of them after they were 10 goals down. Im happy with Zorko
benzammit: Dipstick were you a fan of Barlow 2 weeks back?
LuvIt74: @Jock Quite surprised with Smith & Cox as I was forced to play them as I have Adams, Laird, Wells, Barlow & C Rioli
benzammit: It could have been Ballbag?
LuvIt74: On the pine
DanBlack: Nah Ballbag saw the Barlow omission happening 2 weeks ago and got rid of him. Was just a cash cow
benzammit: Cash cows are players who rise in price!
FlagDog: Big COX on the ground for some god unknown reason and Im loving it!
benzammit: You don’t trade out premo’ snot in SC anyhow.
JockMcPie: @LuvIT74 just what the pies needed though, some good fantasy scores!
LuvIt74: Pies killing the swans ATM
DanBlack: Brain fade. Was meant to say Dipstick, not Ballbag. Sorry mate
benzammit: Uh there all ball bags to me they follow
LuvIt74: talk about brain fart… lol
dipstick: just heard cloke kicked 0.4 today & missed set shot 10 metres out
benzammit: Close is all out at sea!
Daboo: I can watch Cloke kick for goal all day everyday, nothing makes me happier than watching point after point.
Stikman35: Fasolo is playing naked
Breezey: Dermotts a fool
JockMcPie: zorko for the atlas?
gdshifty: zorko owners getting very lucky with 4 goals. Possessions well down
AngryRyno: Zorko deserves all
AngryRyno: all heroic icons available*
JRedden: zorko such a cheap little freak, love it
Stikman35: All Zorko owners are intelligent
Harmes37: lucky? have to get the ball to kick goals
SaintsMan: got zorko in this week
Torz: De Goey always stops like this.
JRedden: it was out of zorko/reiwoldt as i already have merret, zorko more consistent
Woosha 73: Got Zorko Captain for 1st time. He’s earned it
OnTheRocks: at this rate i should of started Mason Cox over Jacobs
tamoz: Get involved Smith!
kangawalla: Zorko the magnificent!
dipstick: cmon zorko a 130 would be superb
JRedden: zorko cant be stopped, absolutel freak
JockMcPie: love how zorko has only had 15 touches and is carrying the team, says something about brisbane…
Ben_Gogos: Late muppet for Grundy after a horrendous turnover in front of goal.
JockMcPie: witts back next week? i think so
Stikman35: Cloke is heading towards the pie cupboard
Ben_Gogos: @JockMcPie I doubt it, Grundy hasn’t been bad tonight.
Breezey: Very funny Jock
JockMcPie: still, they seem to prefer witts, looking at past selection. personally i would rather grundy.
Ben_Gogos: Agreed, they do seem to like Witts #Round1Teams
Ben_Gogos: Beams done.
Breezey: Cox a bit more mobile than Witts
Stikman35: Poor beams.
Stikman35: Cox is scratched
Breezey: Witts out and Grundy back in
Ben_Gogos: @Stikman35 Cox is still out there.
Stikman35: Only a scratch ben
ajconodie: Gee the umpiring has been stiff for Fitzbane.
Roksta: What happened to beams?
ajconodie: Knee. Did you get a bite from Benza and the other floggo?
SaintsMan: knee again
LuvIt74: Had Rich, Cox, Hanners, Smith, Martin, Rance tonight my lowest score 75 from Smith what a ripper
linusp: all this shows is Lethal is right again. Merge the terrible QLD teams already.
benzammit: Linusp golfers claps…..too right or scrap Brisbane

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