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Chat log from R21 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide, R21 of 2015

Hadouken: hey all. hope this game is an exciting shoot out.
iZander: it seems unlikely but please ebert, repay the faith!
wadaramus: It seems very unlikely, as a Crows fan, I wouldn’t be upset at a destroyation.
andychiz: hi guys anywhere i can find info about david armitages injury?
J.Worrall: try the internet, andy
snake_p: one and possibly 2 weeks according to Saints website andychiz
frenzy: to VC Gray or not, Hmmmm?
andychiz: i did try and thanks for the help snake
snake_p: no probs andychiz. I traded him as I was worried it would become 2 weeks
Heizenberg: Hi,guys, how are we all?
Dommy02: mitchell to cop a tag!!
wadaramus: Beer, pizza and footy!
Heizenberg: Hi wadaramus
Heizenberg: I was close to fetting a pizza but had a pie and cooked myself chips instead 🙂
wadaramus: G’day Heizen
Heizenberg: What beer you drinking atm?
missmagic: australia plus is dead in the philippines,it was working earlier damn it
Heizenberg: Ill be on and off chat fellows
dipstick: who woulda thought that hodgey would be the leagues highest DT avge scorer for the year
wadaramus: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale…
wadaramus: Coopers Pale Ale…
zadolinnyj: Gents. Cmon hodgy
wadaramus: Back on the game please.
Heizenberg: Okay cool there nice vb for me atm
Heizenberg: Hi zad
danmaio: fuck you Gunston, 10/1 first goal and you miss a set shot
zadolinnyj: Suckling wants to know where kermit is monty
jaxx: Suckling muppet
zadolinnyj: Thinking Rioli due for the hammy isn’t he
Apachecats: I already know I’ve blown my VC on Hodge
Apachecats: Wish i’d put the VC on Gray
Beast_Mode: Port are on tonight, hopefully it’s a competitive game
Heizenberg: Yeah beats hope it stays close most of the game
zadolinnyj: Did u go Gray bc Frenzy?
Bruce: Special goal by Cyril, he’s on tonight!
frenzy: nup
Heizenberg: Beast*
casey22: Qustion: SC. Opponent has non player named on field but has two named mid emergeniceis – JPK & D Beams: which score coun
Heizenberg: Haha bruce
Fletch91: Gunston Mark and Handball missed, just before Rioli Goal
Dangermaus: Bruce just said the ball “almost squirted out”… lmao
banta: gray absolutely dominating. silly tha they haven’t sent someboday to him yet. dud coaching
spudaroos: @casey22 JPK’s score will count since Beams isn’t playing.
Grazz: @Casey the lowest score of the two
SubOptimal: @heizenberg we do shots every time Bruce says “poppy”
banta: this is flatout pathetic coaching from hawthorn. stop gray and you stop port, simple.
Grazz: Beams not playing so will be JPK
JRedden: gray is having one of the best quarters of all time
Heizenberg: Haha okay sub
Drummo: Car stereo?
casey22: Cape coming up for gray
Drummo: Carnster?*
Heizenberg: Should also do them when he gets a rioli stiffy haha
iZander: if gray had kicked his two goals (which he should have) then it might have been haha @ jredden
Heizenberg: You would be drunk by qr time
Heizenberg: He having a greatvquarter
JRedden: hes had 6 score involvements and 4 clearances, 11 touches, pretty good quarter
SubOptimal: lol for rioli it’s “ooooh he’s good isn’t he?!?”
iZander: you said it, “pretty good quarter” id even go further than that but not the best of all time hahaha 😛
Heizenberg: Hahaheah thats it mate 🙂
Heizenberg: I think scott lucas kicked 7 in a last qr once
Heizenberg: Anyone know?
Heizenberg: Surely,thats one of the best
zadolinnyj: Would be hard to beat heizenberg
Drummo: Carnster you there mate?
wadaramus: Rioli stiffy! Haha good one Heizen!
Heizenberg: Yeah zad for sure
Heizenberg: Can anyone confirm though?
JRedden: gray just set up another goal… are you guys seeing his involvement?
danmaio: Lucas did that against eagles
spudaroos: Say what you want about Rioli but every one of his disposals seems impactful.
zadolinnyj: Had brekky with Carey this morning and he said Bruce purposely does the Rioli love to get people talking
Dangermaus: bout time Gibson, 1 good game out of 4 aint bad
zadolinnyj: I can confirm heizenberg that it was a better quarter then J. Neade
casey22: @zadilllinni: Was that Wayne or Mariah Carey?
Apachecats: Burgoyne you are a complete ferret.Join my never again list.
Heizenberg: Yeah dan thats right if i remember….
zadolinnyj: Wayne but Maria would have been ok as long as she didn’t sing or talk
heppelitis: may have been hirds last game as a player
frenzy: Lol brekky with Jim Carey
danmaio: 2007, last game, kicked 7 in last qt, 8 for the game to get essendon in finals
Dangermaus: 9 contested possessions in a quarter, crazy
casey22: @zadillinni: While we’re name dropping I had a swim with Harold Holt yesterday
Heizenberg: Hi hepp
Dangermaus: Jim, Drew, mariah and Wayne
zadolinnyj: Jim Carey would have been ok.
Heizenberg: Cool dan
zadolinnyj: Drew Carey would be heaven. Loved that shower
heppelitis: hi all
Heizenberg: Yeah for sure zad
zadolinnyj: Harold holt would probably just bob around not swin @ casey22
Carnster: Hey fellas
Heizenberg: Hi carn
zadolinnyj: Who is the spastic review umpire. Checking the fist when he said it hit his shoulder
heppelitis: others teams in carnage…big outs this week…mine stuffed
Dangermaus: seriously Hawthorn…. what the funk!
frenzy: yin yang robbie gray ?
zadolinnyj: Mine horrible heppelitis. I’m going to lose the semi in my paid league to a shower team
zadolinnyj: Did horse punch Tom Mitchell in the eye or did it happen in last weeks game
heppelitis: sucks doesn’t it Zado….not a great start to the weekend
Dangermaus: has someone drug-tested The Sneeze… the last 2 weeks, he’s gone mental!
kangawalla: Good news….I’m pantsing my opponent in mmy DT final. Bad news….my opp is my 10 yo son!!
dipstick: ports young players tearing the hawks apart
Torz: Yes Lewis!
casey22: Goal to Lewis
heppelitis: mitchell…armitage…boyd and picken for me
zadolinnyj: Lol the sneeze
heppelitis: haha..classic kangawalla
dipstick: anyone getting donuts this week?
zadolinnyj: Add franklin as well heppelitis
heppelitis: i got them covered…with rubbish players
danmaio: Gunston missing first shot at goal, has ruined my night,
casey22: Why would you beat your 10 year old? Hope you’re not rubbing it in too much
heppelitis: used my last trade on him..took roughy…that bandaid no good
Heizenberg: Hodge and burgen lol
zadolinnyj: You have about 5 years before he beats you at everything @kanga so enjoy it
casey22: Riolli in trouble. Bwuce will be devastated
zadolinnyj: Did you have him danmaio at 10 to 1? Carnage
kangawalla: Yeah. Bittersweet feeling.Still a long way to go so he may still have the last laugh.
danmaio: yep, couldnt believe my luck when roughy kicked it to him. His kicking been off
DirtyDawn: Evening all
banta: lewis and mitchell getting on top as per usual. surely put somebody on those two?
zadolinnyj: Was a time he didn’t miss
Dangermaus: I think Gunston is wearing Cloke’s boots tonight
dipstick: you got any donuts dawn?
theuncle: Evening Dawn
DirtyDawn: Nah dipstick, but have some pretty average cover though. You?
Apachecats: Hi Dirty D
Heizenberg: Hi dd
simsovic: shoenmakers has to be the biggest passenger since LRT
Carnster: drummo??
dipstick: got big caleb daniel covering for titch and a pearce also
danmaio: too fucken late Gunston,
pies13: 2nd semi league worth 2k 4winner parker titch armo devon steele lever pikn not playing playn short dis week fkmdt!
zadolinnyj: Even gws Steele not playing so crispy creme for me up forward
DirtyDawn: Goddard the younger covering Picken for me
dipstick: is hodgey having a ciggie. beer and scratching the aggits or what? lift maan!
heppelitis: wow..pies13…thats really bad
zadolinnyj: Afl site reporting bombers Goddard may not play. Did not board plane
banta: port need to stick the knee into lewis’ shin to put him out
iZander: he did board plane, check goddards insta @ zad
danmaio: He was on plane
banta: shiels dud tagger, nowhere near gray in the last 5 mins. no tank.
zadolinnyj: Ta izander. Hope he plays
pies13: only good thing hep i finishd 4th $back dont have 2pay feelos like a bye round carnage everywhere 4me! flower
frenzy: Birdpoo icicle
dipstick: miised the flight did i? @bgoddard with pic on plane
pies13: feels not feelos?
heppelitis: still…rather pay and give the 2g a run…spewin
zadolinnyj: Article was in herald sun. That’s rubbish reporting and obviously read it
Drummo: Carnster? You there
Dangermaus: port will have to be up by 5 goals at 3/4 time to be any chance to win this one
heppelitis: smith out….no ball…haha
kangawalla: The mix up with Goddard on the plane was due to the wrong name on his ticket. The ticket read “Floggard”. 🙂
zadolinnyj: Smith caught on 92 then umpire checks for no ball and miles over
zadolinnyj: Lol kanga
dipstick: stop trying for HO hodge and get some goals and possies
pies13: agree hep but i cant predict team selections a poke in the eye yestdi could cost me 2k flower!
heppelitis: a poke in the whiskars costs me about 2g…lol
dipstick: @pies evryone knew horse was gonna find a way to dop titch
wadaramus: Was it Horse that poked him in the eye?
dipstick: since when does a poke in the eye cot you weeks? titch season over horse would think
kangawalla: dipstick…Horse probably poked him in the eye on purpose. 41 selfish posessions…….cop that!!!
wadaramus: Horse sucks!
zadolinnyj: It was a accident. Horse was trying to stab him in the back and he turned around.
kangawalla: Yeah Wada…..I felt sorry for him when he missed the 96 premiership. Now I say “suffer in your jocks”!!!
wadaramus: Ha ha zad!
frenzy: ya poke Horse’s daughter, horse pokes ya
dipstick: speyd goanna oil in my eyes at HT once/ was blinded for 15 mins then played on with everything having halos around it.
zadolinnyj: Hit the nail on the head frenzy
pies13: thats what i heard wad dropd the ball between his legs n said get it poked him thats 4poking my daughter
wadaramus: Oh good one frenzy, poke for a poke!
Carnster: Drummo
wadaramus: You guys are cracking me up.
dipstick: did titch daffy duck horses daughter?
zadolinnyj: Maybe horse got a little excited from the 41 selfish disposals and Mitch was standing to close and copped it in the eye
pies13: pretty sure thats why horse doesnt like him dipi
zadolinnyj: Did hodge actually connect with wingard then?
wadaramus: Well don’t shag the coaches daughter Titch! FFS mate you’re costing us!
Bazza2014: yes
DirtyDawn: Hodge in trouble I think
zadolinnyj: Ok the slow motion shows hip to head then post.
banta: 2 weeks
Bazza2014: hodge 2 weeks
iZander: yes @ zad
dipstick: wtf is with yyou want time off? you done nothing so far!!!ou hodgey?
TasDevil: in trouble
iZander: what do you guys reckon about that bump?
wtf???: hodge low act
banta: robbie gray still running amock. are the hawks coaching staff spastic?
penguins00: Worst act I’ve seen on a footy field hip and shuolder someones head into a goalpost
heppelitis: well…all fillies need to be broken in and riden at some point
Brown*Dog: Dirty Hawks, going to get weeks for that, second time this year
zadolinnyj: 1 week or 10 weeks it ain’t going to help next week
iZander: hawks have calton and brisbane next two weeks anyway, they won’t care
wadaramus: Zacly zad.
casey22: Dont believe he actually made contact
wtf???: wingard…magnificent
zadolinnyj: Hope review panel take into account he helped wingard wake up. 2 goals in 2 minutes
dipstick: @izand sportsbet paid out so if hawks dont win GF i dont care
iZander: casey they showed a slow replay, if you can’t see that your blind
wtf???: @Casey…..what are you watching?
iZander: hahaha yeah i heard that, the week before hawks lost, classic sportsbet
casey22: I have Hodge so I reckon he missed him; OK?
spudaroos: Ryder is a really good ruck, I wonder what happens to Lobbe now.
Dangermaus: Gibson done sweet-f-a since quarter time
wtf???: Hawks gone from ‘unsociable’ to a bunch of knobheads
wtf???: Ryder killing it…great game
dipstick: @danger to the contrary he has been adjusting his hair
wadaramus: We’ve all got Hoeg, but methinks he’s gone, his hip, spudgards head and post sandwich.
zadolinnyj: Grays pick up amazing
wadaramus: *Hodge!
Bothy: Hodge will get a week at least…there was no need for contact
banta: gibson even out there? lift!
zadolinnyj: I prefer the name hoeg @ wadaramus. He sounds like a Swedish guy modelling massage thongs
auxDT: no negative icons for Hawks, m0nty pls
zadolinnyj: Vest lake
Dangermaus: I think Hodge will get a week, but he was probably due for a rest before finals anyway
SubOptimal: eat it lake ya flog
circle52: Hartung oon for Lake
frenzy: Lake subbed lol
wadaramus: Hoegy it is then zad!
dipstick: @aux thats why the worlds corrupt. things aint always fair and even
The39Steps: Lake has become a cess pool.
zadolinnyj: Sc should introduce the general soreness rule at this time of year and give you the player average
Dangermaus: only 5 years ago when Lake scored 192
The39Steps: @dangermaus – all season?
dipstick: thanks vc hodge. swanny it is
Dangermaus: nope, in a single game
spudaroos: Give Hodge the cactus
frenzy: Shiels needs a muppet
auxDT: might as well ask for a spud for r.gray spudaroo youd have a better chance
dipstick: ebert wont even get a game next year. serious dud
Dangermaus: Ryder crapping all over Mcevoy
zadolinnyj: Rioli
zadolinnyj: Rioli looks spent
heppelitis: raise the bat smith
Bothy: lol that kick from Ebert was the worst!!
carlton_99: taht was touched r userious
danmaio: that review was a joke
Dangermaus: pfffft, that Cyril touched that with his elbow, gifted a goal there
Beast_Mode: afl is fixed i tell ya
carlton_99: what is the point of this goal review system if they dont even know that this is touched
dipstick: AFL 2.5 billion tv rights with vga quality cameras awesome!
RooBoyStu: m0nty must be goal review ump tonight
Dangermaus: lol @ dipstick, so true
carlton_99: when will the footy begin to be broadcasted in hd
TasDevil: shouldn’t have been reviewed, just pay the goal and go back to the centre
dipstick: *cga
zadolinnyj: Lol Ebert interception double missed
Bazza2014: ebert muppett
danmaio: Coz the 3rd umpire is not an umpire, its a camera tech
Bothy: ebert been so bad this quarter
dipstick: youre costing me ebert. you couldnt even fit a bathtub on your scone as a helmet flog
Bothy: it is broadcast in HD on Fox
wadaramus: Players walk off the line when shooting for goal. Umps should call play on.
zadolinnyj: Let’s get the hot spot from cricket on Cyril’s arm. Maybe snicko
kangawalla: Geez….The Gray brothers keep finding their way to the top of the points!
Bothy: lol zad
saltysalts: Hodgey needs the downward arrow
wadaramus: Snicko would have seen it for sure!
RooBoyStu: @bothy not when it’s a channel 7 game they take ch7 feed
Heizenberg: What a last qr this will be….
DirtyDawn: Ebert needs the up arrow
dipstick: yep. hodgey emaressing himself an not leading
TasDevil: hotspot might’ve as well, flight path might struggle
danmaio: First stroke of luck I have had this year. My opp has Hodge as C
casey22: Bloody Hodge not only wacks someone he also has a mare of a game. Ar elast give me a good score then disappear
Bothy: @roo you sure? Im pretty sure chn 504 is HD
Bothy: 1504 is normal
RooBoyStu: HD when not ch7 games mate, I’m 100% sure, as they use their feed and commentators
dipstick: hodge second highest avge in dreamteam. what a joke
Bothy: @roo np thanks for the info
zadolinnyj: RooBoy is correct. Third umpire uses channel 7 feed for review. That’s why frames were not clear
Dangermaus: need some junk from Lewis this quarter
dipstick: they dont even use HD cameras to film it so how is foxtel HD?
heppelitis: foxtel convert it somehow to almost hd..i think i heard
zadolinnyj: They are talking all HD in 2017
Beast_Mode: 3rd umpire needs snicko
dipstick: @heppel makes sense
RooBoyStu: Hird & Malthouse to be on channel 7 or fox footy telecasts next year, nothing surer
Bothy: neither is needed or wanted
dipstick: try and get 70 vc hodge lol
RooBoyStu: i agree @Bothy
heppelitis: aussies lose 2 wickets last over b4 lunch
The39Steps: Disagree with Mick Heard him tonite on SEN and had great insights.
RooBoyStu: Hird will be used for coaching insights and Malthouse will be used for his muffins his wife bakes.
sacky35: sorry.Is Sandilands playing?
dipstick: only want hawks wo win for my free sportsbet otherwise coulnt give a fat rats clacka
Costanza: didnt need this ya Shiela
Bothy: @Rooboy lol
Bothy: Hird ? coaching insights…like using Hulk Hogan for maths tuition
danmaio: Hird and bomber together, enough to put us to sleep
RooBoyStu: lol @Bothy
sacky35: Sandilands????>
Dangermaus: this is what I get for printing my whopper voucher 6 times – i tipped hawks to win by 30pts
Bothy: @dan lol
dipstick: hahaha hulk hogan called dr turf dr turd hehehe
The39Steps: Is Butcher contracted for next year? Could be for the chop.
Heizenberg: Hahah dr turd
Bothy: and Bomber said Port would win…he might be the hero !
Chelskiman: Ebert and Birch are on my never again list after this season.
Bothy: Ebert is poison
RooBoyStu: Hawks lose this and no way they can win flag, 2 finals possibly in WA
wtf???: Kygrios playing No. 6 for the Hawks.
dipstick: @chelks agree ebert that huge headed fucker is banned for life
frenzy: yin yang robbie gray FFS?
RooBoyStu: fat lady in the building
sacky35: Sandilands? U know that big bloke?????
danmaio: with friends like Bomber, Hird dosnt need enemies
wadaramus: Come on Hawthorn, pull your finger out.
Bothy: anyone want to pick Hawrthorn to win now?
Chelskiman: I’ll back them in, Bothy.
wadaramus: Yep.
zadolinnyj: I’ll pick Hawks to win this
vamos77: hawks by 7
Bothy: fair will be ny luck rather than skill tho..they havent done enuf tonight to be winners
sacky35: Hawthorn and Abbot???
Heizenberg: Still a big chance bothy
RooBoyStu: Boak is so underrated in fantasy teams, always consistent, hardly ever scores below 90
dipstick: ouch. hawks not being top 2 all year seems ominous now.
Chelskiman: Ah Chee for the muppet, lmao.
zadolinnyj: Kermit please
kangawalla: Muppet for the Sneeze!!!
danmaio: Monfries just a hungry bastard
RooBoyStu: Monfries muppet for calling for it
Bothy: just saying that Port looked better than Hawthorn a lot tonight
Chelskiman: Here come the Hawks!
AngryRyno: Monfries is the muppet, not trusting a young gun. greedy & selfish
meka100: Thanks Monfries you pussy
dipstick: @angry haha dermie called monfries a knob too
Beast_Mode: monfries lol. You can leave essendon but essendon won’t leave you!
Vich: gone under 90 six times this year… Hardly ever…pffft
danmaio: Ah Chee says, Fuck you Monfries
casey22: Bwuce has a new favourite
dipstick: confirmed fat lady choked on double stack hotdog clearing her throat
kangawalla: Well done Sneeze. Raise the bat!
wtf???: Hawks about to throw the toys out the cot
zadolinnyj: All over
RooBoyStu: blow your nose Denis Cometti
frenzy: flower me lift robbie FFS
Chelskiman: It’s over now.
Heizenberg: Over now
wtf???: Here they go…getting th cheap shots in now
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings iiiitttsssss ovvvvaaaaaa
Chelskiman: Maybe not, it
dipstick: to reiterate the point ebert. youre banned ya huge headed alps clown
Bothy: Bomber picked Port by 14
Chelskiman: Maybe not, it’s still possible. 3 goals in 4 minutes.
RooBoyStu: Hawks can’t win flag
dipstick: really poor effort hodge knowing you needed to lead this teams to all wins for the rest of year
zadolinnyj: Lol Ebert
Bothy: lol Birich is a flog
Chelskiman: It’s over now, for real this time.
Chelskiman: Fancy Port doing the double over the Hawks, especially after the season they’ve had.
wtf???: @Roo…agree. Atitude problem BIGTIME.
Jogr: birch isn’t even doing bad
dipstick: all interstate GF it seems
RooBoyStu: I know someone w3ho had $20 on PA at $8, he’s shout lol
RooBoyStu: *who *his
Heizenberg: Great win port truly….. SMashed them in the centee
frenzy: finally robbie, took ya time
wadaramus: Good one Hawks, fukn pathetic.
Bothy: lol Bomber was the only “expert” who picked Port
danmaio: Did my cash hawks, 1st leg gone, and Gunston miss, fuck you
Slashers: Where have Sam and Brandon been?
wtf???: Hawks playing like spoilt bullies who think they’re entitled.
frenzy: rioli gun
frenzy: shiels star
Heizenberg: @slashers ikr
frenzy: poowhopalow cherries
iZander: have you forgotten grays first quarter?? deserves something…atleast hulk
frenzy: breust magnet
spudaroos: Down arrow hodge, cyril cactus/petrol ticker
3rdstriker: You can move that star over to wingard or Gray, miles better than ryder
frenzy: sam gray blumoon Lol, ya taking the pee now m0nty
danmaio: Cant wait for the Clarkson press conference
wadaramus: Pathetic Hawthorn.
RooBoyStu: m0nty needs tissues, he’ll cry himself to sleep tonight
iZander: I’m just pretending the stars on gray, i think the hawks loss got to him? or?
Beast_Mode: hawks are shit
auxDT: m0nty spud icons
dipstick: pathetic hawks and not 1 negative icon. ridiculously bias and laughable in reality
frenzy: 3 rnd ave of 94 m0nty Lol

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