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Chat log from R8 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R8 of 2015

carlton_99: need 200 from boak possible? and need martin and mactintosh and krak to get less then 60
Jair: Krak, Dusty, Gray cpt.
Jair: That’s about a possible as malthouse lasting the season carlton_99
carlton_99: anyone think boak will go big or gray i need to choose a cpatain
Jair: Gray will get 140:)
SaintsMan: what do you guys think a rance will get?
carlton_99: im going boak for a big 200 lets go mate
Fury Ride: 89 @ saintsMan
Cyberdyne: tigers any chance?
rickyb80: a big chance cyber
Jackina: hombsch using the ball well…
Fury Ride: Ricky y r u purple
rickyb80: cos im awesome fury 😉
Jackwatt$: M0nty said I can go purple if a Jack Watts ever capes up in a quarter.
rickyb80: u aint ever going puple then jack lol
Jackina: lol
Fury Ride: What does it mean to be purple, red and blue
meka100: Krakouer you bastard
rickyb80: @fury ride nah i think its cos im a subscriber
Sloaneyyyy: first port lose to Brisbane… and now they might lose to Tigers at home… hilarious
rickyb80: dunno bout blue. but the admins are red
Fury Ride: Ellisu superman
Sloaneyyyy: with Wines back, Krak will revert to being a backline lockdown player… u can forget anymore big scores from him
rickyb80: i mis understood. at the start of u year. i thought u need to subscibe to have access to scores and chat lol
rickyb80: ah well its only 10bucks i guess
deanie: Uhmm, Maric??
bigbaddasa: comon Houli, you are supposed to be one of best defenders
rickyb80: the mullet just gettin warmed up. dont worry
Sloaneyyyy: good to see Cotchin back to his regular scores of 1 good game, then 4 or 5 bad games
rickyb80: this the first year i overlooked cotchin. i love him but sick of his shit scores
Raspel31: Richmond fans-get not excited yet.
feralmong: I got kmac and 44 pts vs vandenberg. Yet again it’s close.
feralmong: Rasped I’d rather be 19 points up than 7 goals down.
AngryRyno: penguinssss
Raspel31: A fair point feral
Chelskiman: So I brought Houli in this week. *sigh*
feralmong: But ur right. 3 more quarters for them to screw up.
Raspel31: My point lad-but good luck.
AngryRyno: sam gray & houli penguin
frenzy: penguin for Houli
banta: lol Port most overrated team in the comp. suck it port.
bigbaddasa: Rightio Houli, three 30 point quarters and all is forgiven
banta: wow houli should be playing vfl, he is useless
AngryRyno: wines 20sc, rubbish DE
SaintsMan: what does penguin mean?
frenzy: there it is Lol
carlton_99: Come On C Boak please get to 80 b half time, you’re my onlt hope
banta: spud for houli
luked98: comon krak
SaintsMan: good stuff maca
banta: the subs still beating houli lol
banta: the big russian a bit useless today as well
Fernyys: how is maric on 25sc with 0% Eff
luked98: how is rance on 20 sc
feralmong: Bonus points for a mullet
Raspel31: Everyone in South Australia has a mullet.
Jackina: ive been on fanfooty for years and I have no idea what that penguin is next to houli
Hawks_15: how does cotchin go from 150+ to bad
deanie: @Fernyys H/O to advantage mate
frenzy: had a hearty, saw Gray at the bottom of ports list
colmullet: It’s because he’s in the negatives….
Ben_Gogos: Penguin is when a player is in negatives after a full Q of play. Penguin suggests it’s cold, negative degrees.
Raspel31: Great explanation Ben.
Jackina: cheers benny, couldn’t find it in the list
banta: lol houli hasnt changed much since looking 30 mins ago
Chelskiman: 9 points for Houli this quarter. Give him the superman!
AngryRyno: whats wrong with vickery, subbed
rickyb80: knee injury
frenzy: Vicky got a pea heart
Jackwatt$: Tyrone subbed due to injury, being crap or (c) all of the above
Raspel31: They coming for you Tiggers !
bigbaddasa: Cornes tagging Cotchin to 4 pos…..remind me again why he is quitting the game?
luked98: gray 68 sc
Jackwatt$: He’s quitting the game to become a firefighter. A life hood dream apparently
banta: jesus wines back for one game and does this. shows how much the rest are struggling
frenzy: that would be childhood
ballbag: wheres cotchins score? ohh there it is- off the screen. had to scroll down
bigbaddasa: lol…..yeah, I know why Cornes is quitting the game…..I just understand it!!!
Raspel31: Read that jackwatts.And he on firetonight.
ballbag: gluck kornesy- no more intakes for 4 yrs so he had to leave. traing starts june
luked98: ill take ivans 50 sc at the half
luked98: why did i chose krak over hogan
Raspel31: Gave up long ago on having a Richmond player.Go Port.
AngryRyno: “rance & houli, two must have fantasy defenders!”
Drummo: Good stuff from the tiges
Drummo: Lovin hunts performance as well
AngryRyno: gray 65sc & bin martin 64sc
heppelitis: brought ellis in as pod…2 weeks ago very happy
AngryRyno: ellis 61sc
Andrew37: Cotchin+Deledio+Gray+Wingard vs Krak+109. Who wins?
Sloaneyyyy: nothing worse than seeing tonnes on your bench and you lose your eliminator by less than 50 pts 🙁
heppelitis: thx Ryno
nicw98: get a lid luked98
AngryRyno: surprised at bin martins sc with such a low DE
Drummo: As a Tigers fan I’m kind of happy that vickers is subbed
Brown*Dog: Need a big one from Dusty to save my weekend
Burnsyy: @Andrew, definitely the one with cotchin ect.
heppelitis: contested posies perhaps ryno
Pokerface: is chad forward or in the middle today?
AngryRyno: one would assume so @heppelitis
Carnster: i neeed ellis, ebert, hartlett, pittard and westhoff to beat Lobbe with 190 behind him. In sc. I don’t think I can do it
heppelitis: go close carnster
berniebern: $20 per month for super coach gold to tell me houli will score 120+ each week!!!
pies13: i need mcintosh 2get 84 2win my elim dam lamumba has cost me
Drummo: Good to know @carnster
AngryRyno: lobbe only 39sc
Carnster: thanks @angryryno
AngryRyno: phew, got rid of that disgraceful logo beside my name
Carnster: What happened to the 24 hour thing @drummo
IHateChat: Robbie Gray
Fury Ride: Y r there club symbols
AngryRyno: don’t really care if the power get done now, dogs have already lost me the whopper
Derekcraig: Dusty 73Sc
Raspel31: Heading out-but Port-these guys beat you. Season gone. Carn Port.
MIJG: typical the week I get rid of hunt for Macdonald. geez
uptoolate: i’d rather not talk about it
Carnster: clanger for hartlett
auxDT: vanders and hogan on bench for krak and tarrant..gonna lose about 150 points
Sloaneyyyy: Power starting to come back , PAFC will claim it’s their greatest win ever and how they “did it for Cornesy” if they win
Burnsyy: Got Ranch in this week, will definitely be getting rid of him next.
MIJG: and if they lose it will be port show no heart
AngryRyno: cornes, gray, wingard 31 CP between them
SaintsMan: wtf hunt i get rid of you of consistent 40’s and 50’s and then you pull out this from your bun
AngryRyno: kmac DE might as well by 0, does he miss the lock with the key?
KelCO: Come on Gray, get 6 more points than martin
Cyberdyne: “go the Powaaa!” *whack*
Carnster: Need pittard and hartlett to lift
banta: depressing me houli
SaintsMan: keep on going gray
ballbag: bye bye martin. time for you to drop off and stop scoring
frenzy: bin martin betta not of stopped
Jair: wtf is Rancid doing in my team? I dont remember being that stupid
AngryRyno: just heard that Paul Roos said Lumumba was fantastic… surely not
tiges4ever: cotch sc
banta: do something houli you douche!!
meka100: Krakouer come on you fat bastard
Andrew37: ANgryRyno. Not all of football has to do with fantasy. He was decent today and lifted when the game was on the line
Ben_Gogos: Roos clearly doesn’t have a fantasy side
ballbag: gees ive gone from 2300 predicted score to not breaking 2000
AngryRyno: i understand that, but to me he was never of use near the contest, plus he gave away a bunch of frees
AngryRyno: and what did he finish with, 40% DE?
frenzy: stay down Krapouer
Andrew37: Gray fantastic again. No idea how he isn’t rated the number 1 player in the comp..
Chelskiman: I’m playing a team called Ball Baggers in the eliminator. Is that you, ballbag?
AngryRyno: Duggan or Vandenberg this weeks rising star?
Fury Ride: Cothin 28 sc
heppelitis: where you view eliminator?
frenzy: vanders not eligable, too old
AngryRyno: Gray 94sc & martin 86sc
ballbag: no
roshanetw: krakeour subbed ffs
Torz: Krak subbed..
AngryRyno: too old? i thought it was only on games, my bad
Chelskiman: Ahh, fair enough. That guy didn’t crack 2000 either, so I thought it may have been you.
ballbag: @chels has ball baggers got the game in the sack? you gonna win?
AngryRyno: carn amon, gun
heppelitis: anyone..anyone..anyone..bueller?
Chelskiman: Yeah, I’ve already won. 1995 vs 1948 and I have two still in play.
ballbag: take your flaneltte shirt of dustbin and get stuck in
Torz: KMac should cover his BE at least.
roshanetw: carlisle for traffic cone
heppelitis: maic great after slow start
Chelskiman: Connor!!
luked98: Anyone know krak, houli, Gray and mcintosh sc?
ballbag: ohhh ffs just sub yourself out dustbin. the games is 4 qtrs flog- not 3 periods ya bogan king
luked98: I need krak and Maric to beat kmcintosh and rance
jesseboy: Well krak got subbed a while ago..
RooBoyStu: Muppet all the Port players for losing for Cornes’ last game
Sloaneyyyy: Power forgot to pay the electric bill, been cut off now
MIJG: ports been losing to a few shit sides this year.
FlagDog: Junk it up now dusty 110+
Sloaneyyyy: looking good for a non-victorian GF this year, West Coast/Freo/Sydney/GWS
MIJG: 5 goals for a game of footy is B grade.
jesseboy: lol GWS won’t be making a granny in 2015
SaintsMan: gray sc anyone?
willywalks: Hombsch for the blue moon
ballbag: strange how dusty always dominates in losing games
bigbaddasa: how about a muppet for Cornes walking out on his team mates
frenzy: not in the mood to debate the star @ ben gogos
mike944150: cornes ports best in his last game lol
Andrew37: Gray been better.
grossn: After the Bye GWS will lose majority of their games, will tire, not make the 8
Ben_Gogos: Right when I felt the Power were making the charge. He was the one that stood up when it counted…
frenzy: thanks sugar cornes, port gunna be a whole lot easier to beat
roshanetw: anyone got gray’s SC?
MIJG: glad I stayed away from Rance this week
Fury Ride: Gray only 68 sc very weird
SaintsMan: funny fury
casey22: Again Amon puts in a solid quarter
H A MM E R: I need 126 SC from Hobsch to win! (I have Krakouer, but with him subbed it could mean a loss unless Hombsch stars!)
Ben_Gogos: You’ll find out the scores within a couple of minutes
H A MM E R: Hombsch SC please
foolysik: Hombsch 100 sc
spudaroos: Hombsch on 100 atm. Bad luck
FlagDog: THanks Dusty
wadaramus: 101 pre scaling hammer.
frenzy: Port on the nose
H A MM E R: Damn it’s gonna be close! I need that 37 from Krack😁
H A MM E R: gonna be close! I need krakouer’s 37
H A MM E R: Gez i think I’ve got it in the bag! Need Krakouer’s 37 🙂
AngryRyno: 2160 for me this week, i’ll take that

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