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Chat log from R5 of 2015: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R5 of 2015

frenzy: Gray playing I hope
OnTheRocks: my finger is hovering over the E button on CEY in case Gray doesn’t play
Jwow: Gray will be right. was pretty much good to go last week
theKid: Gray will play!
spiggs: krakour or van berlo field… my big dilemma
Grazz: Eddie
Dommy02: why is sloane copping the cornes tag over Dangerfield
carlton_99: Please Krakour, Boak and Smith pls
theKid: break the tag gray
Cummo3: Crows fans so quiet
OnTheRocks: Sauce and Gray, come the flap on
dipstick: coz danger has poor DE constantly
Tw1tch1n: Cmon Krak! I need you to plump up my cash cow.
wtf???: Dommy….cox Sloane is more damaging over the course of a game
Tw1tch1n: I’m yet to be impressed with Tex, not sure why I’ve got him in my team as yet.
auxDT: bad week for rucks
Grazz: Yay
ReaperRage: Common CEY NVB Gray and smith!! Ton up each of you!!!!
Grazz: Ouch
Grazz: 20 fwd entries for 1.5 Port 5 entries for 3 goals omg
monkebuket: can i have eberts sc pleases next time someones checking?
monkebuket: and maybe cam ellis as well
OnTheRocks: omfg wtaf is Jacobs doing
pies13: 160 up in dream team i got sauce n gray v sloane c tex vb n krak who wins?
frenzy: ebert87 cey 40
DanBlack: What was Krakouer’s breakeven for DT?
pies13: -70 i think @danblack
DanBlack: @pies13 Cheers mate. Looks like I’ll make a couple of bucks there then
monkebuket: thnx frenzy
pies13: no probs bud
dipstick: cmon sloaney
auxDT: whatta game!
Ewoks: thats not a free!!! he ducked
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Jay Schulz to draw a free on Cheney, but he misses the set shot.
gdshifty: keep going Ebert!!
theKid: cmon gray!!!
KingPetrie: danger lift
luked98: i need danger to get injured
dipstick: you stopped ebert?
luked98: ive lost this week, needed NVB to score for than danger
wtf???: Jenkins is useless..
toddpaps9: hi
wtf???: how does he keep getting games?
rosty63: hammer goal
DirtyDawn: Evening all
DanBlack: Keep racking them up Ebert. Could help the health of my sportsbet account
The39Steps: Get Jonas off Betts – it is not that hard.
auxDT: jacobs pls
spiggs: Fucking cey and danger cost me a massive score
Rockafella: Hey Dawn
Rockafella: Shame about Rocky for u in the draft
DirtyDawn: Hey Rocka. Dont know why Im on here, thius game is killing me this year!!
dipstick: you yankin my chain sloaney…. again?
Jair: Come on Ryder, so many flog rucks this year SC wise
frenzy: krak needs to get sum kicks
dipstick: krak needs to get some tackles and show some effor
Rockafella: yeah im going ok, you watch the fight
dipstick: yeh watched mayweatha run away for 12 rnds and only counter punch
Kenny27: krak will be lucky to avoid the vest
DirtyDawn: Nah mate, I was out on the paddle board haha
spiggs: Krak has a one way ticket to the red vest
DanBlack: Do I have a Docker symbol next to my name
DanBlack: Oh yeah I do!
OnTheRocks: Sauce and Krak have lost me my game 🙁
AngryRyno: needed a ton from smith, jacobs and sloane to knock of #63 overall in a league match… not happening
banta: missed heaps of jaensch points
dipstick: nice one sloaney. you’ll be cheap as a hotdog in a few eeks
runt: Crows mucking about, Port just doing what they have to
DirtyDawn: I reckon there would have been better fights to watch at the Narrogin Inne in Armadale?
gricho: Is Krak playing the same role as the last two weeks or is he just having a stinker?
frenzy: gray 102 woot woot
Rockafella: Ha ha yeah, I didnt watch it eiether
AngryRyno: all my prem defs are rubbish
dipstick: i see the SC cup has dropped from 32K to 16000 teams coz they dont have enough subscribers to be eligible
dipstick: ohh nah im wrong its still for 32K subscribers. my bad
Rockafella: everyones defenders are rubbish angryryno
DirtyDawn: ve gione down in the Rejis League Rocka, and hangin on in the Dirty Girls league just!! You?
gricho: Oxley is a premo defender right??
Rockafella: I should win all games dawny
DirtyDawn: D4, Relton Roberts
Rockafella: This week he is gricho
Grazz: C’mon
FlagDog: Played Krak over Lonie, cost me the match :/
runt: Sloane off
tezzer_j: i need 15sc points from Smith, ain’t going to happen i don’t think. haven a shocker
dipstick: fuck that sloane if this is a joke. you gota get a better attitude next week
runt: Sloane apparently has a calf issue
clarkoarmy: sloane calf – thats a few weeks
auxDT: jacobs 50 point qtr please
Ewoks: some shocking umpiring in the last few minutes
The39Steps: Could the Adelaide runner please check if NVB has a pulse?
gdshifty: touch the ball krakhead!!!
willywalks: regret trading in nvb of cel a couple weeks back, going to cost me my matchup…
clarkoarmy: Ryder will a good F6
Grazz: Beam me up Scotty
SaintsMan: boak sc?
Raspel31: Clingingon here with Sloane subbed-go Ebert !
Dommy02: sloane alright?
iZander: will sloan be alright next week? or no1 knows?
dipstick: sen was saying the coaches had a few words to sloane at 3QT
roshanetw: corked calf
Raspel31: Word is just a corkie izander
foolysik: Can Walker get a touch please ??
banta: lift jaensch. need 20 more and danger to hit 115!
gdshifty: ebert junk it up!!
PlayboyZM: Keep going ebert! best captaaain choice ive made 🙂
Kenny27: ffs kick the goal Gray
meka100: Gray wtf kick it
frenzy: cey might be a keeper
pies21: danger tex and gray sc please 🙂
Grazz: Well done Port to good. 🙁
grossn: Dammit Gray hahaha
Ewoks: would have been really tight if the crows DE wasn’t so bad in the first half
Grumpman: gray kick the goal you spud.
Raspel31: C’mon Ebert-just a couple more touches.
tamoz: 13 more pittard, lets go
frenzy: krak back to the rook list
iZander: anyone know when the new positions for AF will be announced?
PlayboyZM: lift ebert! wanna crack 2200!
WPMUFC: CEY you ripper!!! 2100 knocked up
banta: useless jaensch back to sanfl for you
Kenny27: krak couldnt run outta sight in a week
m0nty: nominations for star please
Fernyys: gray
banta: shulz star
iZander: ebert, 83% efficiency 31 posses enough for me
toddpaps9: hi boak
tor01doc: Gray medal
buttox: betts star ebert gun
willywalks: nominating for NVB for the yin-yang
danmaio: Krak will hold his spot, done a job on CC, but fucks our scores
Mozza42: r gray
auxDT: gray star
roshanetw: brad ebert for medal i think and gray for star gret work today and unselfish
meka100: Yolmen 10 tackles for a rookie, fucken give him the heart
frenzy: ebert star
Kenny27: gray star 20 outta 32 contested 11 clearances
grossn: You’d have to give Ebert star unless he gets medal, in which case give it to Gray
Pedrominat: Boak
danmaio: Wingard , arms up like he is the hero, king tosser
Ben_Gogos: Boak
tor01doc: Kenny’s nailed it.
dipstick: gray star boak magnet ebert gun
m0nty: good point on the medal, will have to wait for that
frenzy: schultz cherries
PlayboyZM: find the ball ebert come on! xD
DanBlack: Ebert almost need the petrol tickets. Ran out of juice
Kenny27: give Krak the James Kelly icon, ballbreaker for our fantasy teams
rosty63: we got PoWER to win
DanBlack: @kenny that’s gold!
Raspel31: Home by 20-phew-thanks Ebert
Jukes82: danger magnet
OnTheRocks: krak needs pumpkin icon for his entire career
monkebuket: ebert deserves more than cherries surely?
frenzy: poor old danger should get sum fing
SaintsMan: what did nvb get?
dipstick: betts 109 but schulz 119? wth?
Viscount: Van Berlo supercoach score please
shaker: Van Berlo got no SC points poor bugger

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