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Chat log from R4 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, R4 of 2015

Sloaneyyyy: carn the crows
tezzer_j: spewin, kinda hopin that either CEY or NVB were a late withdrwal to get Cripps 172. No such luck
Sloaneyyyy: just gotta suck it up like me with Vandenberg on the bench
tezzer_j: yeah i’ve accepted it, betcha it will happen when we have no cover at some stage of the season
cusch1: Had Vandenberg, Touk Miller, Lonie and Cripps on the bench and played Heeney :/
luked98: big game, hopefully the dogs can limit sloanes and dangers input
uptoolate: goooooooo doggies !!!
ballbag: lets go bonts. 10 tackles today junior
LuvIt74: whats wrong with that
Sloaneyyyy: need Danger to do average today
Sloaneyyyy: who is playing Ruck for Doggies ?
uptoolate: cmon Bonti …. get in amongst it !
Jukes82: need sloane to score more than danger
LuvIt74: Carn doggies
uptoolate: good question Sloaneyyyy …. can only be Cordy ? standing Minson down sheer lunacy !
LuvIt74: Sauce is gonna score huge i reckon
Tim Tam: yeah cordy in the ruck, but jacobs smashing him at the moment
Sloaneyyyy: how did Danger miss that, lol
LuvIt74: sloane on 2sc points
Tim Tam: what on earth is danger doing…. 2 shocking kicks
LuvIt74: i know its early and the dogs should get thumped but damn there kids have a ton of tallent
Sloaneyyyy: I wonder if Matty Boyd will get DEF status ?
Torz: Hope so!
uptoolate: @luvit. I luvit.
LuvIt74: that was holding
poolboybob: wtf sloane
LuvIt74: @uptolate lol
LuvIt74: Woof Woof
uptoolate: whoooo let the Doggies out ?!?
JDolling69: Sorry guys, traded in Sloane this week
LuvIt74: allot of soft frees
AntoRyan14: Sloane into negatives
Torz: Terrible free kick. Smith just ran his head into him.
Sloaneyyyy: sloane got smacked in the head by a random elbow
Schillaci: My captain isn’t doing very well atm
LuvIt74: Sloane looks ginger
Tim Tam: lol torz yup, smith ran his head into smith
Sloaneyyyy: talk about Upset round…
Torz: Yeah realised they were both Smith after I posted. Haha
AntoRyan14: Dogs trampling the Crows
iZander: imo opinion trading in anyone from adelaide thats going well is silly because of there easyish start 😀
uptoolate: grrrrrrr. goooo Doggies ! yes…
Sloaneyyyy: I think someone’s replaced the Crows players with Brisbane or StKilda
Jukes82: or the crows are pretenders
uptoolate: great quarter Doggies !!!
LuvIt74: Sloane still on 2sc
Torz: Adelaide doing junk footy and Smith nowhere to be found.
ballbag: crows only need to win most home games and a few away games to make the finals
Sloaneyyyy: they missed Sauce’s tackle
Tim Tam: jacobs dominating the ruck and crows midfield are getting smashed….
happytimes: I got the danger
colin wood: Stay down yolmans!
meka100: wtf Sloane you cunt
Raspel31: Sloane suddenly on fire.
LuvIt74: Sloane on a massive 4sc is he ok
Tim Tam: finally a goal….
Tim Tam: wright knocked a bulldogs player onto sloane, hasn’t looked the same
JDolling69: @Tim Tam, he wasn’t doing anything before then either
Tim Tam: nothing going right for the crows, boyd beat talia 1on1….
LuvIt74: @Tim Tam its not that nothing is going right for them as they had many opportunities but they just stuffed it up.
Raspel31: Sloane Bontompelli and Walker-hmm
colin wood: come on Bonti…
Perry95: get amongst it bont. weave some magic
uptoolate: JacMac !!! champ.
mijg: Bont sub material?
Sloaneyyyy: Crows are just kicking directly to Dogs players
Tim Tam: this is pathetic from the crows….
uptoolate: Bontiiiii !!
Perry95: yeah bonti
ballbag: oh well no SC points for sloaney today. game over
colin wood: stay down yolmans…
auxDT: the rucks come good every 2nd week confirmed
Sloaneyyyy: just need Danger to stay under 130…
MattyZ: bonts lifted a lot this quarter, i guess adelaide realised that giving him too much attention let the other players loos
23rookie23: WTF just got online what has happened to Sloane? Different role?
mijg: yep traded out Macrae this week
Schillaci: Bartel cost me from winning last week. This week it’s Sloane.
uptoolate: why trade JacMac mijg ….. a gun on the make !
Raspel31: Well-on the bright side-didn’t make Sloane cap.
AngryRyno: traded macare for sloane, sums up my life
uptoolate: note to self – trade Sloane !
Jukes82: why doesn’t sloane have the icicle?
iZander: whats everyone looking at score wise in AF?
JRedden: roughly 2100 for AF, zander
mijg: too many of the iffy players so one of macrae parker or griff had to go.
AngryRyno: not gonna crack 2k with heeney on and sloane captain
iZander: can i ask how your going this year in general? like your overall ranking before this round?
OnTheRocks: my opposition has Sloaner ranger as captain. Stay down pls
NTRabbit: Sloane needs a groggy, he got a Bontempelli hip to the head early in the 1st and not the same since
iZander: @redden**
uptoolate: go Doggies ! do it again. New half !
JRedden: I’m 1000th overall atm for AF, I was I think 800th before this round?
iZander: oh nice! looking pretty good then, I’m about 3000 atm and i don’t think i might only just crack 2k this week
uptoolate: only a dill would trade JacMac now
mijg: 13 scoring players of the dogs
uptoolate: apols mijg …. I have concrns re L Parker though ,,,, he will go …. > Brayshaw
colin wood: stay down yolmans….
uptoolate: Big Jake !
LuvIt74: Cannot believe how good this side is
pants42: Need 123 sc from Jacobs. chances???
Ewoks: ffs crows are stinking it up
mickeytg: Stringer needs a cape!
uptoolate: @luvit ! woof woof woof !
AntoRyan14: Well done Luke Beverage
mijg: yeah looks like I should of gone Parker now. oh well might turn out well in the long run we will see
spiggs: Cone for hartigan, getting a sponge bath
JRedden: stringer is one of the most underrated players
LuvIt74: Does anyone know the stats regarding the dogs side, how young is the side compared to the other teams
eski_liddr: piss of danger, someone get on him like a fly to sht
LuvIt74: I know port was the 3rd youngest side in the comp last year
JRedden: dogs are the 3rd/4th youngest team in the comp luvit
LuvIt74: cheers JRed much appreciated mate
eski_liddr: fletch skews essendons avg age to the eldest
ballbag: fucken destroyed my weekend sloane ya flog
Ewoks: dogs are playing well but the crows are playing shower
Sloaneyyyy: this is really embarrassing now Crows…
Costanza: Cows mauled
Sloaneyyyy: Power are gonna be hot favourites for the showdown now
JRedden: its because they lost griffen/cooney who were quite old
colin wood: yolmens SC lads?
Bulky: Might wanna cancel those Grand Final tickets that you booked after Round 1 Crows fans.
Judd Magic: Sloane you flowering weak dog! Of all the times to make you captain you flog!!
_wato: What’s Sloane’s current SC?
pants42: yol 47 sc
Ewoks: nah never epected the run to continue but expected better than this
Judd Magic: Trading out Sloane just due to pure rage!!!
eski_liddr: @judd…u were the one that put the C. on him
uptoolate: repeat Monty. Sons of the West !!! red white and blue !
LuvIt74: yeah i know the majority of the older players in Griffen, cooney, higgins didn’t get along with Mcartney.
Judd Magic: whats your flowering point eski? Sloane had an fing 140 average. Wasn’t expecting this!
JRedden: mccartney just didn’t have the right set up, watch how the dogs stream from defence
mjdub: Sloaney a vest risk?
eski_liddr: that u r being irrational mate haha
KingPetrie: anyone know whether douglas is on the ground?
uptoolate: Thank GOD for Bob Murphy !!!
eski_liddr: @mjdub – hopefully! i wana see ppl loose their collective sht
Sloaneyyyy: goodes wont be back in this time anytime soon
bob81: judd magic did untrade sloane in this week??
mickeytg: Like I said earlier Stringer needs the superman!
mossssssy: after bartel C and he got 5, glad fyfe did well as vc so i didnt keep the c on sloane
eski_liddr: danger on track for a massive one
Sloaneyyyy: Bulldogs defenders have exposed the crows forwards horribly today
MattyZ: did laird just die? what actually happened there?
Jair: Is Webb looking like a must have?
madskill55: cam ellis yol, nvb and bont sc scores anyone?
ballbag: copped an elbow to the scone
Costanza: that’s a bit rrruff
AngryRyno: so, round 4, and we have no teams without a loss?
uptoolate: if only Jake Stringer believed in himself how GOOD a player he IS !! Brownlow material !
Sloaneyyyy: $ for M.Talia
roshanetw: Stringer been subbed
Sloaneyyyy: Dockers haven’t lost a game yet
roshanetw: done for the day honeychurch on
ballbag: lol stringer best player in the lague? go to bed @uptoolate… its almost 7pm
colin wood: no icicle for sloane?
JRedden: give stringer the cape
MattyZ: can’t give both the ice and the groggy sorry
Perry95: stringer subbed off per superfooty twitter
meka100: Take the flame off Danger only 7 points this quarter
uptoolate: @BBag … thanks. (and gag on a sock)
Sloaneyyyy: stringer subbed
Perry95: *supercoach paige twitter
ballbag: @uptoolate you talk constant
ballbag: *shit
madskill55: cam ellis yol, nvb and bont sc scores anyone?
Perry95: brodie smith lift pls and ty
uptoolate: @BB thanks again, Bulldog man here & aint going anywhere just now !
AngryRyno: was undecided between thompson & sloane…. now it seems clear
ballbag: when m0ntys in controlwe usually get club emblems
JDolling69: Crows for pumpkin?
uptoolate: Monty ?
Yelse: supercoach unpredictable now, footy unpredictable nowdays!!!
MattyZ: might have to give all the crows the mare at this rate :O
frenzy: dogs with no ruck leading by 80 points lol
uptoolate: J Stringer a gun of now & future !
Sloaneyyyy: Dangerfield the yinyang symbol
Schillaci: Bartel to Sloane. Sloane Captain. Jinxed.
frenzy: rucks are over rated
feralmong: walsh, this team of urs is not tough.
Jair: Who’s house? Dahlhaus
SaintsMan: dangerfield sc? and also sloane sc please
luked98: lift van berlo
roshanetw: Danger down
roshanetw: bit groggy
luked98: not dangerfield
roshanetw: still manages to kick a goal
Sloaneyyyy: stay under 130 please dangerfield!
Ewoks: crows not even trying 🙁 comes with being a crows fan never know if they are going to turn up
LuvIt74: Danger 101 & Sloane 39sc
mijg: junk it up Bonts
ballbag: danger would be lucky to ton up. poor DE
LuvIt74: Dogs defence is killing the crows
grossn: Worst part of this week is having Cripps on the bench =(
Costanza: as that German F1 prick once said “too slow, too slow”
uptoolate: 3rd repeat Monty …. are u ok ?
Sloaneyyyy: Doggies defence has been amazing, but the crows have been destroyed by the midfield run today
ballbag: LOL if danger tonus up IN SC the betting on SC should be outlawed. corrupt
uptoolate: Sons of the West rule today ! What a treat !
LuvIt74: The ruck favours the crows 4 to 1 though.
ballbag: danger 17 touches 8 turnovers
uptoolate: Bring back big Will u idiots !
LuvIt74: danger has already tonned up
gdshifty: sloane is hurt
ballbag: if danger has tonned up then thommo is on track for 190sc
mossssssy: danger 9 contested and 5 clearances though, and 2 goals. Makes up for his DE, will ton
ballbag: yean and thommo 34 touches 20 CP 1 goal and way more effective. danger should get 70-80
colin wood: yolmens SC please?
mossssssy: thompson will go bigger for sure, deserves it
qiu333: how many minutes left?
Costanza: Bob Murphy great game
LuvIt74: Ellis yolmen 78sc
AngryRyno: whats scaling looking like?
ballbag: no crows players deserve much more than 100sc. theyve been pathetic
LuvIt74: 9.30 minuets left
pants42: yol 79 sc, scores keep changing by 1-5 tho
mossssssy: I had Sloane and CEY vs Bob Murphy, and only had to make up 31pts. How the hell am I losing
auxDT: jacobs sc pls?
LuvIt74: sauce jacobs 109sc
mossssssy: jacobs 110
colin wood: i need yolmens under 83SC…
auxDT: cheers guys..he might just win my SC head2head (i had heeney on field)
Costanza: Thompson 18 kicks 11 clangers ouch
LuvIt74: @mosssssy is that SC?
RooBoyStu: bin for Jong
colin wood: time left?
auxDT: haha nah hes only had 2 clangers
Ewoks: Costanza Cl is clearances 😉
LuvIt74: my sc score this week is deplorable
Kenny27: @Cost thats Clearances champ
AngryRyno: sloane captain costs me all my fkn leagues, captain on cripps next week
auxDT: hes had 11 CLEARANCES not clangers
LuvIt74: 6 minutes left
Costanza: doh well prob more then
happytimes: 6m
carlton_99: it cant be 6
colin wood: thanks lads
ballbag: gonna be huge svores then cause 6 doggies should outscore dangerfield
LuvIt74: @angryryno dont u have Fyfe?
carlton_99: why isnt the time changing
pants42: yolman clanger
Schillaci: sloane captain has cost me all my flower leagues too Ryno…we should’ve played each other
AngryRyno: yeah, but rolled the c to sloane
frenzy: sloanne sc ?
ballbag: hopefully champon data ton sloaney up
pants42: 24min mark
OnTheRocks: Sloane’s score may have just won me my league
LuvIt74: u didn’t have the VC on fyfe?
AntoRyan14: Need to get Fyfe this week
colin wood: game over yolmens will be 85 ish and scaled up… 🙁
LuvIt74: lol ballbag if that happened i’ll use my own cash to sue SC
ballbag: @luvit loophole only works if you have a non player after fyfe
AngryRyno: of course, but what good is the vc
pants42: cmon jacobs need 113 sc
frenzy: time ffs blow it over already
LuvIt74: @ballbag yes i know, i had fyfe VC and had C on Read. My point is many had VC on fyfe but still chose sloane C
auxDT: honerchurch on field for my fantasy team lol ouch
AngryRyno: star to bob? fair enough
grossn: Happy with my Goldstein captain, but Cripps on the bench hurts
Roksta: EAD Adelaide get around the doggies
luked98: fyfe with the c won it 4 me
LuvIt74: Well done Doggies
ballbag: murphy NO tackles. stringer won the game
LuvIt74: I hurt with vandenberg on the bench but had Cripps on thankfully
LuvIt74: @ballbag but what murphy done in defence was seriously freakish
uptoolate: goooooooo doggies !!!
colin wood: yolmens 76sc! plz only scale up a couple!
ben31215: Happy I brought in Dahlhaus in!
NTRabbit: Witches hat for Hartigan, Atlas for Thompson imo
uptoolate: @monty …. get over it
ballbag: told you at least 6 would outscore danger SC
ballbag: *doggies
luked98: there wont be any scaling for this game

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