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Chat log from R4 of 2015: Richmond vs Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R4 of 2015

carlton_99: Cmon Hunt, Lumumba and Hogan
FlagDog: Dustbin going with the standard the reverse cape tonight?
SaintsMan: Lest We Forget
colin wood: gone mcintosh and oxley and saad all ahead of bewick this week. Hope it pays off
SaintsMan: need lumumba bad game
cusch1: Hogan looks promising after that bit of play
colin wood: stay down hunt…
rickyb80: carn the tiges
Ball_Hog15: Stay up hunt…
Slightly01: are the disposal stats here from monty or official?
SaintsMan: please stay up hunt
Dasherman: missed a Martin handball
SydneyRox: what a surprise, woeful kicking!
Flanno: Shit Cotchin is looking good so far!
3rdstriker: muppet maric, terrible kick
danmaio: Cmon VDB, played you in front of CEY
casey22: Hero of the moment, Rance on zip?
stakerz: spud martin
uptoolate: why no print ?
casey22: Bwuce got a new special player
uptoolate: oops ! you’re all down there !?!
luked98: martin will have a 60 pt quater dw
uptoolate: go Brayshaw ! they have priced him up a bit for a rookie … but still will be a gun …
eski_liddr: just got back to melb from greece …forgot to trade newton 🙁
3rdstriker: hunt in the rooms
SaintsMan: hunt of to the medical room… so bloody typical
eski_liddr: hunt has terrible luck
ballbag: ohh fuck i still got lumumble
SaintsMan: is hunt injured bad?
Jukes82: Vickery’s career rip
eski_liddr: great grab
Jackwatt$: Just uploaded a picture of the scoreboard onto my Twitter account. Dees are winning!!
luked98: lift martin
uptoolate: Vickery who ?
danmaio: Isnt Greece in Melbourne?
Jwow: hunt update?
snake_p: What career Jukes?
Jackwatt$: My bro has a tequila whenever Watts has a possie. He’s still able to drive and he’s on his P’s!!
luked98: martin only 16 supercoach at quarter time
flame: How is Hunt?
luked98: lumumba only 14
Costanza: Watts – lest they regret
Jukes82: Dusty will ton up don’t worry lads.
luked98: hogan 30
wadaramus: Come on Lumumba, kick more handball less.
iZander: might have to crack and trade lumumba….
3rdstriker: they never picked up that missed dusty handball
Fernyys: hunt out there
Jukes82: hunt on the ground
casey22: Hunt update?
carlton_99: hunts back on
SaintsMan: hunt is on boys
wadaramus: Where’s Hunt?
iZander: whats the free kick count for both teams like?? (i go for neither team)
Slashers: Rance would have to carry a mirror in his sock wouldn’t he?
eski_liddr: some richmond players r acting like shts
casey22: Somebody say Hunt was on
iZander: yes he’s on
eski_liddr: i dont want watts to fail but god he looks like his lacking confidence
eski_liddr: or ability
mickeytg: RAIN on its way. Going to get ugly!
ballbag: u r shit harry o
3rdstriker: kent hammy
SydneyRox: its ugly enough now
eski_liddr: god any time lalabumba is involved it turns to sht
iZander: yes, must be why my dream teams turned to sit @eski….
ballbag: what happens when 2 crap teams dont deserve 3300SC points?
eski_liddr: god ever god dam round has been 2 god awful teams battling to kick a football
mickeytg: A heap of blue and yellow in the BOM radar
uptoolate: lift Salem !
eski_liddr: *every
Costanza: woeful skills all round
iZander: the standard friday night match this year…who has done this draw!
3rdstriker: avalanche of posters
AngryRyno: get a kick dustbin
eski_liddr: i heard that essendon got punished by getting only 4 friday night games
luked98: this is hard to watch
ballbag: any pick trent cockskin this year?
uptoolate: geez Monty …. are you really taking my comments out ? and why ?
casey22: Very messy but I like demons intensity
snake_p: Skills going to get worse when the rain comes
ballbag: *damn auto correct- cotchin
iZander: oh god, i hope not snake
eski_liddr: ballbag no need to be vile
uptoolate: said lol BBag …. re you being on ‘cranky pills’ tonite. Was in jest …. never appeared …
tamoz: Lets go Cotch, Dusty and Miles!
snake_p: I know hard to believe Zander
ballbag: nah. just not happy with rot at the moment
uptoolate: Vandambergen !!! what a bargain was !!!
eski_liddr: you absolute idiot dusty..dead set
AngryRyno: opponent has c bomb on lumbamber
FlagDog: DUstbin muppet
3rdstriker: pretty soft 50
wadaramus: Very soft.
AngryRyno: watts nearly missed baha
iZander: may have been soft but it was there for sure, good call
SaintsMan: hunt great recovery
ballbag: @angry sounds like a ghost team
luked98: Griffiths would be hurt on supercoach 16% eff
uptoolate: s’ok BB, not a brilliant game …. was just checkn on u … :0)
eski_liddr: lamumba is having a barry crocker!!
3rdstriker: drummond gone
AngryRyno: salem doing alright, i guess
Scratchy: drummond serious knee inj
snake_p: Just won’t kick the fucking ball eski
luked98: what did dusty do wrong?
Costanza: Harry 8 handballs – all to ground
SydneyRox: howe is the most natural marker since leaping Leo
FlagDog: Harry BE of 53 was the only reason I didn’t flick him… Sigh.
3rdstriker: tombstone for drummond, acl
casey22: First game, broken leg?
Jukes82: drummond tombstone
tamoz: Come on Cotchin, Tigers need their Captain!
eski_liddr: poor kid
Scratchy: yeah drummond ACL on landing
colin wood: The Macintosh love ends tonight 🙁
ballbag: taylor hunt 154 BE
Scratchy: first game 🙁
hbui35493: Such a fantasy-poor game
eski_liddr: so many bandwagons that will be jumped off this weekend
SaintsMan: thought that was hunt. thank god.
FlagDog: K-Mac still make good money, but next weeks BE will be stuffed if he doesn’t double his score from here.
Jukes82: S.Eds Having a blinder
bob81: vandenberg on field
AngryRyno: brayshaw sc?
Scratchy: man, Brayshaw looks a talent.
Flanno: Good to see a bit of feeling in the game
eski_liddr: rance is overrated
uptoolate: he can play ! watched him since aga 9 ….
Scratchy: sounds obvious given Brayshaw was number 3 pick but he looks as good as anyone out there
3rdstriker: of course it hit the post
SaintsMan: hunt, maric sc
Jukes82: bruce you tosser, he almost jizzed himself
colin wood: Lumumba stuff to have the icicle with 10 touches…
uptoolate: @Scratchy …. my comment was re Angus Brayshaw ! …. will be an absolute ball magnet …
ballbag: is broosey tenting his tracky dacks without rioli?
iZander: agreed colin, just low score due to handballs
Buzz67: Did Griffiths get doughnut that 1/4?
Scratchy: uptoolate i thought thats who you meant. Gun!
Scratchy: pretty sure Gordon and Griffiths scored 2 pts between them that qtr
ballbag: give lumumba the yam icon
Ball_Hog15: Lumumba’s leaking cash need to upgrade
colin wood: K-mac 22 at the half dare I say it… LIFT
iZander: best back option (premium) for next week in dream team? not hodge though he’s too expensive now
eski_liddr: Ellis is a fantastic POD
Ball_Hog15: Down one week up the next not good enough!
Karlpov: @iZander James Kelly
Ball_Hog15: @iz Brodie smith
wadaramus: Still a half of footy for the Prince to get to 90.
iZander: already got motlop, clarke and selwood, id be reluctant to get someone from the cats, yeah brodies defentely a chance
LuvIt74: Prince Lumumba & McIntosh doing very little
Ball_Hog15: Also thinking Docherty
eski_liddr: have a look at Ellis price and his scores this year…pretty happy tbh
LuvIt74: Wish I had Vendenberg on the ground, i didn’t even have him as my emergency
Kernahan: Cash up Vandenberg!
AngryRyno: back the doch
wadaramus: McIntosh on the bench with E.
kangawalla: Come on Kamdyn Town. I’d be happy with 70 from you tonight. Go Dee’s!!
Kernahan: Flashback – does Kennelly’s 0 count. Who remembers that?
wadaramus: Vandenberg on the bench with the E.
ballbag: are thunt and mcdonald serious?
jfitty: Is there any way to see the player notes on the mobile site m0nty?
LuvIt74: I have Lumumba, McIntosh, Martin, Hogan all on the ground and Vandenberg on my bench not emergency though.
LuvIt74: @wadramus do u have a way to loophole your mid so u get Vanderbergs score mate?
DarkLegend: Taylor Hunt lost 7 what
Ball_Hog15: Yes Vanders is on my field such a ball hog!
wadaramus: I have Anderson to put on the ground at the expense of NVB or Heeney.
Ball_Hog15: Ball magnet!
wadaramus: Martin and Hogan going OK, we just need the Prince and KMac to fire up.
DarkLegend: wow serious rain
LuvIt74: @wadaramus am i missing something why didn’t u put heeney on the ground? Coz of his post contact?
3rdstriker: this is going to get ugly
3rdstriker: *uglier
snake_p: It was already ugly 3rdstriker
wadaramus: Heeney is on the ground, but ifi want Vanders score I need to put Anderson on for someone.
Carnster: Need Lumumba to stand up
LuvIt74: ok i got ya
devize: at least they’ll have an excuse for it to be ugly now
snake_p: Car stereo he can’t stand up. No feet only handballs
DarkLegend: chat working scores not. just me or site
snake_p: Carnster. Bloody auto correct
Carnster: me too @DarkLegend
m0nty: fault is not at my end but there is a problem
meka100: morris is a trier, but he’s fucken shit
3rdstriker: great assist hogan
DarkLegend: ok Cheers m0nty
Carnster: The AFl app isn’t working either
3rdstriker: AFL website has been pretty ordinary this year, constant crashes
eski_liddr: the e-commerce manager is absolutely terrible
Jukes82: Lumumba is such a dirty player
Costanza: are we yet to see the worst of Watts?
Karlpov: Yarran’s getting so excited watching this at home.. He wants to be out there!
Torz: Can’t wait to trade out Harry O. Useless.
3rdstriker: Dont know whether the mare for watts or the prince
snake_p: Soft as butter jack
luked98: far out lumumba
eski_liddr: jack should get in trouble looking like he got shot after running into lumumba
SaintsMan: harry o always been useless
iZander: i don’t go for either team but i feel richmond just keep getting free kicks i don’t see
wadaramus: Umps have got money on Richmond.
uptoolate: ridiculous decision … reiwoldt u are a wimp !
uptoolate: agreez with izander !
wadaramus: Lumumba was fine last week?
Crazygood: has lumumba given away 3 free kicks in the space of 10 mins
eski_liddr: Riewoldt is a bundle of sticks
devize: dont understand how these stats are always crashing, lift your game afl
goldenleaf: melbournes first friday night game in bout 3 years…
iZander: how is that not fifty… umpires
luked98: stats haven’t changed in a while
wadaramus: +1 iZander.
eski_liddr: @devize – they have links that lead to 404 pages. rookie website build/management
uptoolate: great g & D Demons !!! …. will win this !
iZander: melbourne have not played well but they deserve this game
colin wood: Disgusting night for SC atleast we’re all in the same boat
devize: its not just the afl website though, even Herald sun live hq is down
eski_liddr: tigers will always be posers
eski_liddr: champion data maybe?
Carnster: I hop Ellis SC is ok
casey22: DT site is ok, so whats wrong here?
devize: must be champion data
casey22: vberg 68 dt
Carnster: What is Ellis on
eski_liddr: thoughts m0nty?
iZander: thankyou@casey
3rdstriker: appalling 50
danmaio: 50 meters for that
luked98: eyy there we go, fixed
Carnster: It’s working!!!
uptoolate: as I said earlier …. Brayshaw a gun ! (been watching him since 9 y.o at Hampton Rovers).
Ball_Hog15: Vandenberg you legend!
eski_liddr: Vandenberg the lone fantasy ranger
Raspel31: This site freezes more than Richmond
Torz: KK to Hunt not gaining me much..
SydneyRox: Tigers are awful
3rdstriker: hardwick looking nervous
luked98: richmond are woeful
uptoolate: lol raspel …. yes ….
meka100: Of course Vanderberg on the bench
Scratchy: great reply from Edwards
eski_liddr: come on channel 7…really? ads after 4 secs?
casey22: Good move @torz cause I did the same
Carnster: Why did people just go down?
rooboypete: Me too meka100
Carnster: They just went back up again
Raspel31: Rookies earning big bucks this year-go Vandenburg
LuvIt74: Vandervberg 89sc
danmaio: its what you get for lairizing in front of goal from Jack and griff
wadaramus: Go Vanders.
eski_liddr: unfortunately every opp has vandenberg so its not that big of a win
eski_liddr: its all relative to how many opps have certinly players..thats y players like Ellis is a fantastic get as little hav him
luked98: please put a spud on lumumba
uptoolate: the boss dumps my comments agin ? ….
Raspel31: Money in the bank eski
Crazygood: Mcintosh hit the rookie wall already?
uptoolate: what’s going on Monty …. made two sensible comments …. they are not here ?
Raspel31: New rules-type as fast as you can Uptoolate
eski_liddr: its money everyone will have though, thats my point – everyone gains that money so its not a massive win..not being neg
hbui35493: Don’t expect McIntosh to get 80+ week in week out, he’s still a rookie
m0nty: the only reason comments get dumped is they contain bad words
Scratchy: sometimes the page reloads and loses a comment before its submitted?
uptoolate: not mine Monty
Raspel31: Bad word ?
m0nty: I think I have a block on Deledio’s nickname
3rdstriker: jones sore
hbui35493: Monty, do you write the live game blog?
Ball_Hog15: Mcintosh will go up like an Apple computer, don’t worry
m0nty: anyway, back to the game please
uptoolate: you dumped my last comment again Monty ! are you serious ?
Raspel31: Regardless eski-rather up than down
uptoolate: perhaps there is a problem with your site Monty ?
Raspel31: All friends-chill
hbui35493: vandenberg with 10 tackles….you make me proud
uptoolate: ohhhh dearrrrr
snake_p: Raise the bat vanders
eski_liddr: Raspel31 – but u agree yeah. All that will matter is when ppl trade for the $$ diff 🙂
Raspel31: What a season already-mighty Dons firing and Richmond-sad.
uptoolate: my last comment repeat was to suggest that BRAYSHAW is a gun ! …. said 3 times …. never appeared on here > ???
SydneyRox: Richmond have always been sad
wadaramus: Gee whiz, carn Lumumba…LIFT.
m0nty: take it to email please UTL
eski_liddr: uptoolate – stop arguing with the it for a priv msg..not game nor fantasy related mate
Raspel31: But whole point of Rookies Eski-spend your money wiser
PowerBug: hello hello hello
happytimes: No way the Tigers can win this
SydneyRox: Dees home for sure now
uptoolate: k. wasn’t argueing. just wondered why my posts not here.
Ball_Hog15: uptoolate it’s time to go to bed
eski_liddr: Raspel31 – agreed but a larger weight is on POD that most dont have..diff between win/loss i guess
Raspel31: Another burger goes missing. Sad Richmond.
ballbag: i dont sideways but youre a fucken no hoper harry o
hbui35493: Oh dear Richmond….9th place is what you wish atm
Slashers: F u kamden!
Carnster: Need Ellis to play better
m0nty: nominations for star please
3rdstriker: @slashers, was a poor decision, michie had his arm, fooled the umpire
Ball_Hog15: thank god i put professor newton on the bench
eski_liddr: melb have been more committed..tigs stars go missing when it gets tough
gdshifty: mcdonald for star
casey22: Like this kid
wadaramus: Hulk!
Scratchy: vandenBerg or Jones for star?
Kernahan: Jones
Scratchy: headline tomorrow ‘Hogan’s heroes’
ballbag: hogan needs some icon. good on the kid. tiges…baaahaahhaa 9th
burgz300: edwards
DoctorRush: Hogans first SC ton
uptoolate: Brayshaw.
Bhack87: hack87
SydneyRox: give dusty the bin now, you know he is about to go running for stats now game is done
wadaramus: Tough to pick a star, do you have to allocate a star m0nty?
HawkTalker: Fuck, I took a bath at the TAB tonight. Good one, Tigers. Wont touch you again this year
Bhack87: vandenberg or jones for the star
LuvIt74: @wadaramus i suggest u work out your loophole for vanderberg mate well done
eski_liddr: supposedly theres been a power issue due to the thousands of microwaves being used to nuke richmnd memberships
jaxx: Hogan 13 contested marks, highest in comp by far!
uptoolate: Brayshaw. 19 year old rookie.
wadaramus: Already moved Anderson onto field LuvIt, hope he’s not a late in!
Raspel31: Nat Jones star for me
Carnster: gtg see ya guys
cusch1: You have to go VDB…the 12 tackles gets him across the line
Ball_Hog15: trash time lumumba!
casey22: Gun for Vberg
Ball_Hog15: you spud!
ballbag: losing money rd 4 lumumba? are u serious u fricken slacker. kick ffs. u turnover with hb’s
Raspel31: My grandmother just cleared to play for Richmond next week.
uptoolate: Let’s consider that the Tigers have been smashed ….
eski_liddr: that game mic just caught a few swears..lucky its post 10pm for chan7
Scratchy: Vberg muppett for that?
cusch1: Cotch atlas ?
eski_liddr: maric has been a quiet achiever
Ball_Hog15: please get at least 60 lumumba
uptoolate: Love you dearly Monty …. print half of my posts if you wish …. clearly a traffic issue …. s’ok I can repeat unt
ballbag: m0nty- can you have running totals under drummond and kent for stats etc?
NovaGlitch: what is riewoldts icon?
Raspel31: As an outsider-go Demons. You deserve it.
m0nty: there is a Team Statistics table elsewhere on the page, ballbag
Karlpov: Houli needed to be dropped after his no show against the dogs.
Karlpov: Problem is Hardwick has no replacements
happytimes: What is the Salem symbol
eski_liddr: @uptoolate – theres a song from frozen (cartoon) that you might want to learn
uptoolate: @Rasp …. agreez
luked98: lowest fantasy scoring game ever?
3rdstriker: midpricer going up happytimes, not really a midpricer though
ballbag: yeh i have no icon legend so have no idea either
m0nty: I really should update the icon listing.
frenzy: bye Dimma
DarkLegend: agreed poor fantasy. Winning team only 1 play above 80
casey22: SC scores will be interesting
Scratchy: what’s the Riewoldt symbol? butchered the ball?
Kernahan: What’s the symbol on Griffiths?
luked98: Garlett the x-factor? what about hogan
happytimes: Thanks striker
eski_liddr: will be a small mans game tmoz for coll v ess…cant see the point of playing carlisle
casey22: Rance calling for a comb
Bhack87: @kernahan. he is running on empty
HawkTalker: Dunno what tonight says about Richmond. isnt good.
Raspel31: Lol casey
cusch1: What is on Riewoldt
gdshifty: lol lumumba you pretender!!
Scratchy: wow the Tigers were awful tonight
Kernahan: Thx Bhack
wadaramus: Well played Demons.
Raspel31: St Kilda-Richmond are there for the picking. Pathetic
uptoolate: Demons !!!
ballbag: 1 goal 2nd half tiges… awesome team
feralmong: Melbourne were not great. Tigers were worse. Such poor disposals.
burgz300: Only thing to take away from tonight is Melbourne are great at applying pressure. wet game is anyones game
iZander: richmond were losing before the rain came down….dont use that as an excuse
hbui35493: congrats to Melbourne, not a brilliant display of football, but 4 points is still 4 points
wadaramus: Melbourne were still better than Richmond.

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