Chat log from R3 of 2015: Geelong vs Gold Coast

AngryRyno: carn ceski, due for a big one today mate
jarradb33: why is tom hawkins out
Torz: “Personal reasons”
Scratchy: illness in the family
whoislids1: “he has to kick this for GC’s chances in the game” – Leigh Matthews in the 10th minute
Torz: Brilliant goal from Garlett.
cusch1: Classy goal
AngryRyno: GC are winning…. lift leigh
ballbag: jelwood for the headband today
Sloaneyyyy: come on saad, get a touch
AngryRyno: plenty of donuts out there at the moment, saad, even stevie j
Perry95: miller better score something more than 30odd today…
cusch1: If Motlop kicks the winner, I tihnk Scott owes hima drink
whoislids1: No Jimmy!!
rosty63: hello stevie j
ballbag: haha exactly. the aim of sport is to WIN! if drinking 3 days before helps then so be it!!!
Blues1: Got Saad in SC Draft, opp has Miller. Cmon Saady get a touch mate.
Cyberdyne: cmon prestia do something
whoislids1: Martin for greatest player of all time
Torpedo10: Jimmy will be fine, slight corkie
whoislids1: looked like knee to me mate
Costanza: cmon mr G
Scratchy: Bartel subbed out
Torz: Bartel subbed!
roshanetw: jimmy off the field
Woodie: Jimmy subbed
qiu333: permanently subbed? this could win me my match
Fernyys: i accidently left jimmy on the bench from last week
tezzer_j: mitch clarke groggy as well….love that word…..groggy
Torz: KK you are horrible.
colmullet: ffs Jimmy
SaintsMan: of course jim subbed off, cheers
Sloaneyyyy: Bartel noooooooooooo
Blues1: Well Bartel just killed my SC Draft team
Costanza: Jimmy’s down
roshanetw: what’s kade up to this gamr
mijg: Is Jimmy negative in SC ?
Sloaneyyyy: well Bartel going down matches my opponent who had Ziebell… thought I had the edge, now I need to get 70+ from Clark
Woodie: Jimmy 5 sc
Perry95: kolodjashnij out this week, fed up
Slashers: So… Is Bartels SC minus?
Hawks_15: I should have got rid of malceski
mijg: should be cheap when he gets fit.
cusch1: Bennell Get the efficiency up!!! fist Steven, then Lewis, now you!!!
AngryRyno: same boat as you @hawks_15, but who to trade to?
itsduftime: please don’t fist steven
eski_liddr: what carnage for the first 3 rounds of afl
ScootD: omg… what a shit Sunday… I have the Bont, Wallis and Bartel… who have combined for a total of 18!
ballbag: @cusch you fisting some big names there
eski_liddr: I feel like Neo – dodged every bullet in SC…my matrix moves are on point
Scratchy: Rischi is winding back the clock this year.
eski_liddr: ive almost got a perfect round .. damn it’
frenzy: stevie j Lol
AngryRyno: how risky /10 would it be to pick rischi
mijg: fuck bennell 2 points and 37 DE
tezzer_j: cats have been a bit lucky, GC should have scored there
Torz: Malceski is looking so disinterested.
cusch1: Is Bennell on 2? Fml
tezzer_j: selwood battered and bruised, but keeps pluggin along
Scratchy: Selwood just runs in to someone…why does he get a free
eski_liddr: cause its selwood
mijg: 2 behinds
Jackwatt$: SC 2015 is over. Time to start planning 2016. Midfield Ablett, Wines, Libba, Petracca
cusch1: What is Bennell’s SC then? Anyone know?
eski_liddr: never understood why so many coaches traded out Miller in week
JRedden: what the fuck is kk doing? hes unseen….
CamT: I’ve got Miller on the field for Bont. Every point a bonus.
Woodie: Bennell 32 sc
AngryRyno: if the lot of you had to choose right now, would you take miller or vberg?
eski_liddr: Kolodjashnij is my biggest mistake this year
Jackwatt$: @Ryno in SC vberg. As a player miller
auxDT: veberg anyday of the week
Costanza: Cats being mawled physically
AntoRyan14: Selwood sc??
AngryRyno: @AntoRyan 52sc for selwood
Costanza: and mauled
frenzy: is the DT score AF or RDT and is it accurate
AngryRyno: anyone pick the suns?
AntoRyan14: Thanks ryno
Jackwatt$: AF RDT same score I elieve
OnTheRocks: 133 between Jelwood and H.Taylor to win, doing it easy atm
Jackwatt$: Hungry Jacks want GC to win
NewFreoFan: now that was a muppet and a half lol
frenzy: wanna no why suckling scored 100 in RDT but 89 on here
tezzer_j: a man’s gots to know his limitations Rory
AngryRyno: opponent had hodge and roughead, need another 300 as C from nathaniel fyfe to win it this week
ballbag: if all the away teams win do you still get a whopper?
frenzy: fix UR score’s m0nty
AngryRyno: @ballbag, doubt it, can’t see it happening anyways
Jukes82: Rischitelli is the new gaj! lol
ballbag: mmmmmm whopper with cheese plus bacon smashes anything at mcdonalds 🙂
AngryRyno: if i got $1 for every @GeelongCats tweet during a match….
m0nty: fixed
ballbag: lift ya feacken game saad. minimum 90 is acceptable
Hadouken: how much is bartel going to drop in price? currently 560k
Sloaneyyyy: come on Clark get a wriggle on
Jackwatt$: Bartel will stay 560k
Jackwatt$: I’m trading Bartel out to get Fyfe
ballbag: @m0nty what did roughy for hawks get in SC? the score must be wrong
Sloaneyyyy: Just need Geelong and Freo to win for my Whopper !
OnTheRocks: Taylor has forgotten what the ball looks like
Jackwatt$: Add 100 for Roughie
Costanza: R4 shaping up as a ripper round of games
Koss: Lol Taylor..
Sloaneyyyy: Bartel to Motlop should generate some cash
AngryRyno: ffs miller, through the big sticks
OnTheRocks: i know right
m0nty: 173, fixed now
AngryRyno: gregson, just doesn’t sound like an AFL player
Costanza: he’s a drama teacher by day
ballbag: geees jimmy bartel is done. must trade next week
luked98: kk, get the fuck outa my team
ballbag: ill pick up KK when he drops to rookie price
SaintsMan: stay off saad
flame: KK- you’re dead to me!
AngryRyno: walker is pretty gun
SaintsMan: jelwood,sc?!?!?!?!
Sloaneyyyy: keep going Geelong, I can taste that Whopper
Sloaneyyyy: StevieJ gonna drop big time after this game
AngryRyno: now that the cats are in front, it’s hard to see them losing
auxDT: selwoods a champion
whoislids1: A lot of footy still to be played Ryno
JRedden: dont pick up kk, if hes down hes down, this guy sucks
roshanetw: shaw subbed on
SaintsMan: who’s kk?
AngryRyno: kade kolodjashnij
banta: stanley. fair hack.
AngryRyno: have suns scored this quarter?
cusch1: Gold Coast Stunned
JRedden: i cannot believe kk’s score… what on earth?
whoislids1: New coach. Added Malcheski. 2nd year syndrome. Lots of reasons for KK not to be scoring
JDolling69: Well malceski certainly is not taking his points
auxDT: putting saad/oxley on field over kk feels good
AngryRyno: any recommendations on who to trade malceski to?
happytimes: And what the fuck is 2nd year syndrome
wadaramus: Come on Clark, help a brother out.
luked98: AngryRyno – kk
Fernyys: hodge Simpson birchell
tor01doc: Ha luked98
colin wood: long quarter
Sloaneyyyy: lonergan stretchered off
iZander: 2nd year blues….its where a second year players has a down year
AngryRyno: 1 on the bench for the cats, could make things interesting
LuvIt74: Apart from the BONT he don’t have no 2nd year blues
iZander: so true luvit, my only good pick this year
Sloaneyyyy: lovin the toyota footy ads are back on tv
auxDT: anyone here hit 2.2k on fantasy?
luked98: ill be lucky to hit 220
DropBear: im 1.95k plus clark and saad :/
Torpedo10: @auxDT I’m on 2135 with JSel, Bennell, Saad in play
SaintsMan: 2k for me
auxDT: nice…i need selwood and saad to score 45 this qtr for 2.2k
AngryRyno: limping towards 2k, depends on captain fyfes score
Hadouken: id say bartel ruined it for me, but most would have him i wouldve thought
CamT: Only 1 in 6 have Bartel
colin wood: get the pill bennell~!
rickyb80: selwood sc plz
rickyb80: been burnt by bartel too many times
SaintsMan: hes on more than 119
rickyb80: cheers
SaintsMan: go on super coach paige
AngryRyno: touk done well today
auxDT: selwood was 121sc 3 qtr time
CamT: Touk Miller … I didn’t see this coming !!
rickyb80: good to see touk finally get amonst it
auxDT: wtf selwood..just kick it!
cusch1: Touk about good players Miller looks the goods
colin wood: can someone put a cracker up bennells arse and get him moving!
AngryRyno: was all but certain to trade touk this week, no longer!
Sloaneyyyy: omg, if Geelong lose I’m gonna be so fricken annoeyed
Perry95: me too AngryRyno, its good i can save a trade now 🙂
SaintsMan: selwwod proven his worth
rickyb80: lmao
Hawks_15: geelong should lose, gold coast has has more scoring opportunities
Jackwatt$: Touk Miller a keeper!
Perry95: have to rid myself of KadeKolo tonight, bring in oxley
AngryRyno: ceski to oxley looks possible for me
OnTheRocks: Harry Taylor game winning intercept mark or JOelwood game winning goal pls
colin wood: bennell game winner please
LuvIt74: Is clark injured?
cusch1: Scott owes you a drink Steven. He owes you one after that
AngryRyno: big goal
LuvIt74: @perry yes oxley a must its a shame u didn’t bring him in this week
luked98: love it cusch1
NewFreoFan: gee they constructed that well
luked98: bigger goal
Sloaneyyyy: Jack with massive SC right there
AngryRyno: arguably bigger goal
auxDT: selwood clutch
Sloaneyyyy: Blicavs with 50 SC for that one too
Costanza: Blicavs could be a mini Kouta one day
Costanza: Bennell disappointing
Buzz67: had Miller and Oxley on my bench this week
AngryRyno: free whoppers all round

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