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Chat log from R3 of 2015: Brisbane vs Richmond

Chat log for Brisbane vs Richmond, R3 of 2015

Costanza: carn Tiggers I need my Sat night comedy
JRedden: gogo beamsy, christensen, rich, macintosh
rickyb80: kmac!!
Dangermaus: I’d be happy if Beams started this season for real tonight
AngryRyno: someone fill me in on the icon on griffiths
Jair: Martin, Rance, McIntosh and I have no faith in tipping the Tigers either:/
feralmong: Goose McGuire on him
wadaramus: The Goose.
AngryRyno: cheers, can’t get the icon list on this device, dunno why
luked98: need maric to perform
JRedden: christensen you star! thats why i got you
AngryRyno: no more than 75 for kmac please, bench for a reason
colin wood: What is the point of Bewick?
DropBear: do i take ellis-yolmes 104 or risk the bont???
AngryRyno: id take CEY
LuvIt74: kmacintosh on your bench? hes the best rookie in defence
AntoRyan14: Oxley and saad are also pretty good
AngryRyno: saad more consistant thus far
AntoRyan14: Martin is so hot and cold, so frustrating
AngryRyno: yessss zorko solid quarter
mijg: bewick drives yhe boys home on a night of the piss.
Wingard001: Yes Zorko 🙂
colin wood: Luvit I reckon Mr Oxley might beg to differ
zadolinnyj: Macca got Oxley covered
Costanza: yet to get understand Rance hype
Wingard001: Zorko is class, defo one of my best players for price
AngryRyno: lift rich
rickyb80: just wait till zorko starts producing 40’s and 50’s
Costanza: sad site bad luck Knights
Dangermaus: what is this crap that Dustbin martin is serving up lately?
roshanetw: standard martin, would not rate his consistency for SC scores. cotchin going nuts though
AngryRyno: don’t make me drive to brisbane to whip your arse martin, lift
Ben_Gogos: Knights the one injured, apologies fellas
Dangermaus: You champ Beams, I knew I kept you for a reason
Ben_Gogos: 21 disposals for just 68 is not a good sign for Beams owners
AngryRyno: please tell me martin’s stats are wrong too ben?
Koss: Knights never any luck 🙁
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno I’d be lying mate.
JRedden: who cares, id rather have a score of 68 at HT than JPK …
AntoRyan14: I’m gonna trade Martin this week, so frustrating
Ben_Gogos: @JRedden focussing long term mate
theskunk: traded beams in sc hope i did the right thing
Ben_Gogos: @AntoRyan14 and that’ll be a bad trad
AngryRyno: meanwhile, ive still got Touk Miller, thanks to no internet pre round 1
rickyb80: why trade in beams now. set for a big price drop
AngryRyno: beames 58, zorko 64 sc
AngryRyno: mcintosh 26, rance 38
AngryRyno: martin 35, rich 46
bob81: who u trade himfor skunk
NewFreoFan: Speaking of Martins, loving big Stefan!
colin wood: Oxley now becomes the number 1 rookie D player for 2015
AngryRyno: anyone need sc scores?
AngryRyno: everythings going well, and then theres just martin
Jukes82: A lot of people have Dusty, but their not having a cry about it.
Jukes82: *they’re
Costanza: only Tiges could blow it from here
luked98: Is Mcintosh still playing?
CamT: Zorko please Angrey Reno 🙂
NewFreoFan: keep asking that luked98 hopefully a few more +4
CamT: * AngryRyno sorry. my spellcheck doesn’t recognise your ff name it seems
alekstah: where did all those people go who said McIntosh is the D1 rookie?
Wingard001: God i love Zorko
Ben_Gogos: Beams has his first ton of the year
bob81: first of many hopefully
Torz: Here comes Dusty.
DropBear: plz die dusty
DropBear: i need to win
zadolinnyj: Wines wrist possible break in other game
rickyb80: dusty sc plz?
FlagDog: Dusty attempting the reverse Dustbin.
wadaramus: Lol Flagdog, lets hope you’re right!
demon_spud: dusty junking
m0nty: No spoilers from the other game please.
zadolinnyj: When you think about it dusty is the ultimate sub. Plays half a game anyway
FlagDog: needs to ton seeing as Rich is killing me here after a great start
FlagDog: Pity if he comes on and plays the wrong half Zado…
AngryRyno: bins already come out for dusty
ballbag: why this no. 4 bloke for tigers only score when games are over? is he brain dead?
FlagDog: Is Kmac alive?
Ben_Gogos: He just goaled @FlagDog
FlagDog: yes, yes he is…
AngryRyno: theres a goal for ya @FlagDog
Ben_Gogos: Hahahah
Torz: Beams might go close to his B/E.
FlagDog: lol, another one please Mr Mac
AngryRyno: more junk dusty, more!
AntoRyan14: Hahaha, mcstay had 12 after the first 5 minute of the game, 9 since then
roshanetw: rance mark and kick please
Dangermaus: dusty the junk king, love it !
Costanza: Dusty’s doubled his score this qtr
FlagDog: Dusty and Kmac bringing scores up to decent enough
AngryRyno: people who don’t follow the entire game and just get scores at the end won’t understand how dustin martin this was
FlagDog: The reverse Dustbin has been achieved!!
Auldy: *Dustbin Martin
Slashers: Go Port! Another goal!
Slashers: Shit, wrong game, sorry
DropBear: i needed dustin to stay around 50-60, now im probably gonna lose
NewFreoFan: My boy Stefan, what a legend
ballbag: s dusty ever proud of his games? so often he dustbins it
AngryRyno: martin 92, solidish
AngryRyno: my bad, slow on the refresh down this emdend
AngryRyno: slow on the typing too it seems

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