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Chat log from R3 of 2015: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Chat log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R3 of 2015

SydneyRox: hows the chat refresh going Monty?
m0nty: Should be working much better now.
iZander: good to see pendles playing, although it would be interesting to see how the pies go without a midfield
colmullet: field Saad or Hogan in AF?
SydneyRox: god job! thanks mate
desmondo: does any-one know if it is raining at the G?
Sloaneyyyy: broomhead will have a blinder tonight… just watch
Sloaneyyyy: 7 Jack’s playing tonight… that’s just mental
Sloaneyyyy: would be nice if Swanny could don the pig costume for tonight too
matty20man: looking forward to seeing mccartin in action!
frenzy: who’s Varcoe gunna take out this week
Kenny27: @fren he probably ran into Reiwoldt in the warmup
frenzy: funny story ther Kenny27
Grumpman: swan 135 SC tonight please
bjones8995: Should i start Oxley or stick with McIntosh
iZander: that even a question
moorey21: This game is significant community
Stuart88: anyone know grundys BE?
Jordan321: Oxley or Saad?
cusch1: Who did Varcoe take out in round 1?
Grumpman: saad
bjones8995: rocky
Jordan321: @cusch1 Rockliff
sammyo7: J.steven most disposals and im happy
ballbag: anyone think Bonts will play. Sen reckons he’ll miss. need to decide to bring him into SC
Grumpman: sites root ted again
rickyb80: bont had better bloody play
rickyb80: anyone get sucked into picking up j bruce?
frenzy: yo monty, wots going on bud
MattyZ: here we go it’s up again i think
kangawalla: Grumpman, I just refreshed the page & Bob’s your mother’s brother!
KingPetrie: far out chose armitage over steven this week in draft
pies13: go pies!
Costanza: Beams lookalike
Cummo3: Get
p_terg: @jordan321 hoping to have both next week (already have Saad)
LuvIt74: I just got here and people are talking about Bontempelli may not play, is this true or just a bs rumour?
Cummo3: Get above the line grumpman
Cummo3: Pendles muppet
p_terg: Whose was the first goal? (no asterix on the stats sheet)
DirtyDawn: Evening Ladies and Gents
p_terg: @luvit74 Hope it’s just a rumour- got him as part of my dump-GAJ strategy
Sloaneyyyy: roberton was first goal
p_terg: cheers Sloans
Sloaneyyyy: if Pies lose this week… they’re gonna end up in the bottom 2 for the year
monkebuket: calling bs on the bont rumours
LuvIt74: @p_terg why wouldn’t u just trade GAJ straight to a premium like Fyfe, Sloane, JPK, Pendles or Lewis?
casey22: Pies being steamrolled: so slow
frenzy: FFs C’mon Jack Lol
p_terg: Won’t be a bad thing Sloans ..
Cummo3: Muppet
Moona: Pies players are ball chasing – no structure at all
p_terg: @luvit74 Already had Fyfe and JPK .. picked up Sloans but also dropped Frawley out for Bontemps & the cash from Gaz
ballbag: the age reports Bonts has been tight and restricted all week with his calf. flown down to tassie but unlikely to play
casey22: Rubbish free kick
Costanza: gotta love the Swan
cusch1: Varcoe has looked dangerous but this time he is hitting the scoreboard and not another player!
3rdstriker: When did Newnes become Dane Swan, atrocious d/e
Cummo3: Newnes purvis!
mstrbatten: Newnes is a fucking shit ball user
Cummo3: Fedke
Slashers: LOL! Is Newnes’ SC score in the negative? !
matty20man: newnes 16sc points pull your finger out
Torpedo10: Newnes DE can be low as long as he racks up the HTBs and Contested Possies
Sloaneyyyy: Go newnes, geary, Swan, pendles
colmullet: anytime Lonie!
Cummo3: Whitchers hats
Sloaneyyyy: u beauty, Swan!
Kenny27: Swanny!!
Moona: super pig swan is back
casey22: Very piggie like that goal
pies13: swan!
mstrbatten: Finally Newnes gets an eff kick
matty20man: OMG is this real life? newnes actually hit a target…
Costanza: Bruce saying Bruuuce
spudaroos: Newnes deserves his own icon. Butchers the pill.
Costanza: Whitchers lol
AngryRyno: swan looks so bloody slow chasing opponents
mjdub: Newnes gets the hard ball, you heroes try to hit targets under pressure
Sloaneyyyy: looks quite slippery underfoot out there
cusch1: What was that
pies13: what a mark!!
3rdstriker: wow, that was really bad
Moona: lucky to be paid that
eski_liddr: not sure that was a mark. didnt look like he had full control
casey22: No way was that a mark
Slashers: Mark my arse
tezzer_j: no mark but pay it anyway.
ballbag: ouch Lonie- please
wadaramus: No mark.
AngryRyno: donuts for the first-gamer
Kenny27: Seedsman hiding behind Karny is he
eski_liddr: what a great first quarter
Moona: McCartin waiting till his mum gets there before getting a stat
Sloaneyyyy: Swanny only wants to kick today – good lad
zadolinnyj: Should pay Elliot that one as well even though no touch
eski_liddr: swanny looking like he’ll ton up early today.. pendles can stop handpassing it
casey22: Piggie, hungry tonight
cusch1: High scoring quarter
Sloaneyyyy: Broomhead shouldn’t be allowed to play for Collingwood… has no visible tats
Slashers: Steven cape yet?
AngryRyno: hmmm, great ‘sounds of the game’
eski_liddr: 2 falcons today! loving it
eski_liddr: i dont like either team but god dam i love football
AngryRyno: triple donuts for us all
zadolinnyj: Great first quart
rickyb80: pretty entertaining first q
frenzy: seven Jacks and a jackson, flower me
banta: what’s with seedsman? anyone watching tell my where he’s playing? clearly nowhere near the pill.
eski_liddr: @angryRyno – sounds like his watching his son play “good boy good boy”
MattyZ: How did Seedy get a donut and a clanger????
sammyo7: Steven cape?
DanBlack: free against
cusch1: 10 scores under 10…wow
Sloaneyyyy: i was sure I saw McCartin get a kick ?
DirtyDawn: Fingers crossed Dave can be 60+ by half time……
Dommy02: seedsman just a disgrace atm
MattyZ: had to put all those donuts on first sammy πŸ˜‰
Costanza: std Fri night SBS porn i see
Kenny27: the clanger was for running out onto the ground
m0nty: SUperman icon for Steven, MattyZ!
bigjuddy: good stuff roberton. #2400 this week
Grumpman: pendles 4 free kicks already
LuvIt74: I got Harbrow but if Oxley scores 80+ I will trade out Harbrow next week
eski_liddr: cannot wait for anzac day. will be strange to see so many games of footy on it
sammyo7: All good MattyZ
MattyZ: shushh monty it takes a minute or two to update pls don’t fire me
rickyb80: lol
Sloaneyyyy: Oxley continuing his form from last week
LuvIt74: Oxley is my emergency
Tony9668: Sloannny, broomhead also has all his teeth, not pie material
rickyb80: all that adding donuts then removing them takes time;)
eski_liddr: marley williams spud
AngryRyno: 37sc for swanny
LuvIt74: Swan highest scoring SC so far on 40 and pendles 39
Grasscutta: anyone else have a problem with afl fantasy app showing team pre trade in league match up. I still have ablett and luey
LuvIt74: Steven 39sc
LuvIt74: @Grasscutta you can still trade them now.
eski_liddr: i left my sc on the work computer before leaving early..came home to check b4 the game and someone reversed my trades.
Sloaneyyyy: where did Roberton come from this year…!
Grasscutta: I have but league game matchup shows them still there. my team is fine
Grasscutta: Theres a bug I think surprise surprise
Sloaneyyyy: i tipped Pies by 10 pts… keep it up boys
LuvIt74: @eski make our trades today or before the game starts…
AngryRyno: pies by 20 here
eski_liddr: mrs roberton did something right πŸ˜‰
3rdstriker: So much for more “midfield” time for Newnes, has not started in the centre square once
LuvIt74: I still have Harbrow & on my side but im waiting coz oxley is my emergency so if ox scores under 80 ill trade Harbrow.
eski_liddr: @Luvit – someone tried to play funny buggers. Going to CSI that P.C first thing monday lol
LuvIt74: oxley on 31sc
Jackwatt$: Im not a betting man but I reckon Colingwood by 18.5 points
AngryRyno: am i the only one who thinks of science class when membrey gets a touch?
wadaramus: Where IS Newnes playing, can’t get a handle on his game?
ballbag: @eski gees youre a nice guy. CSI? Id be thinking more like Romper Stomper
eski_liddr: swanny will rip essendon apart next week. looking good atm
3rdstriker: a wing I think Wadaramus, hasnt been near it this quarter
AngryRyno: heres hoping gault holds his spot, plenty of talent
eski_liddr: haha @ballbag going to find the culprit then ill go batsht crazy on the bloke who did it
Costanza: no Harvey no Saints
Jackwatt$: Is Broomhead playing as a sweeper? I’m not watching
DirtyDawn: Kinda need shanks to chill out a bit. 80 foe the night would be nice
wadaramus: Thanks 3rdstriker, he looked like he was further fwd, now I cant see him anywhere.
AngryRyno: someone got an issue with toovey it seems
Kenny27: broomhead cleaning up at the moment
ballbag: @eski yeh. thats seriously fucked up. not funny at all. i’d be fucken ropable!!!
Sloaneyyyy: so good to see Swan running through the midfield and getting clearances again
eski_liddr: why do the goal posts have a almost pointy tip on the top
Jackwatt$: Cold symbol for Frost please Matty
ballbag: @kenny strange isnt. usually grab him by the ankles after the game and clean out the rooms
eski_liddr: pendles making up for missed free kicks
FlagDog: go pig go
banta: useless seedsman. can’t get near it. pathetic.
a1trader: Swannies Back
Tony9668: Patty McCartin having a policemans lunch
Torz: Grundy looking like a handy Burger replacement so far.
wadaramus: Go Swanny
Cummo3: Mccartin dead
eski_liddr: ess should take notw on swan. usually kicks it up a gear on anzac day
wadaramus: Go Swanny!
AngryRyno: still got both teams with individual goal kicckers
cusch1: Jesus Steven pick up your efficiency
AngryRyno: and my spellings as good as McCartin
banta: crisp looks a player
eski_liddr: another friday night blow out πŸ™
knickers: Has Grundy got a dad called Reg?
a1trader: Happy with Luey for Grundy
ballbag: yeeehar- already on 237 from 4 in DT
Jackwatt$: Pendles might get subbed….ugggh
Dasherman: Grundy in Leuy out looking good
AngryRyno: i see negatives
Kenny27: Pies nearly lost when they were 50 up vs Bris, Pendles wont get subbed
Sloaneyyyy: I had Brodie Grundy in for Leuenberger… but had spare cash, so I changed it to NicNat instead… dammit
ballbag: @dasher me too. cant see looey getting back in if hes just dropped without injury.
Costanza: that’s why ur Angry
LuvIt74: This is a shocking game, no skill at all. Absolute comedy of errors…
Scratchy: Sloaneyyy I did the exact same. Nic Nat has more keeper potential. doubt grundy will keep this up
LuvIt74: @Sloaneyyy why are u saying Damnit, Grundy is doing nothing
LuvIt74: oh sorry your talking DT i keep thinking SC
ballbag: hahahaha love it. that said costanzas not that positive now is he. mr half cup joygiee
Dasherman: @ballbag I agree
Sloaneyyyy: ffs – Newnes get a damn tackle
Slashers: Are Newnes ans Steven for real? Cue the Benny Hill music..!
bigjuddy: @LuvIt74 are you retarted his 63 and its not quiet half time
Tony9668: Grundy might become a “mini” cashcow
LuvIt74: Although grundy just scored 20+ sc points in 5 minutes.
zadolinnyj: Had grundy from start.he has scored well each week
banta: don’t think they should have given langdon that handpass. no contact. dropped it.
Scratchy: 6 frees in a half, is that a record
Costanza: nice call Dawn
LuvIt74: @bigjuddy if u scroll down you’ll see what i wrote I thought Sloaneyyy was talking SC not DT
frenzy: how does Jack Frost get a game?
MattyZ: grundy SC pls need to know for my perfect 9 hahah
MattyZ: frenzy jack frost is currently keeping McCartin to a tackle and a free against, and the tackle wwas when he was resting
banta: who will karnezis come on for?
LuvIt74: Roberton 72sc & Swan 70sc
frenzy: the perrenial icicle
MattyZ: karny will probably come on for frost though once they can afford McCartin to score and the game’s over
Dommy02: steven a deserved magnet symbol
ballbag: swanny is destroying pendles points wise in the FF scoring
man0005: newnes sc?
DropBear: its tough being a saints fan
LuvIt74: @banta most likely Frost late in 3rd or in the last quarter.
MattyZ: Steven going bananas atm, way too early for the symbols though especially when roberton has more disposals
wadaramus: Somehow Newnes is 37sc???
ballbag: so is anyone gonna bring bonts in this week? im not liking these rumuors and that age article
LuvIt74: Saints are very ordinary, even there kids aren’t showing a great deal, nothing like the bulldogs kids
Kenny27: Gault for the sub
LuvIt74: yup newnes 37sc
DanBlack: kicking efficency
cusch1: Steven’s sc is half his dt ffs
LuvIt74: @ballbag hell no, even though i think the bont will be a superstar
Wingard001: Sinclair for the price has done really well im very happy about that
wadaramus: For the amount of times I have actually seen Newnes, if he gets to 80sc, I’ll be happy
Costanza: asada ropable lol
Yelse: N brown pleaseeee score
3rdstriker: This will be the last week I have Newnes Wadaramus, would have traded him to Smith if I knew he would play
wadaramus: Really? I’m prepared to hold him for a bit longer, but only due to other more pressing issues.
LuvIt74: brown 16sc
3rdstriker: He’s looked really poor, very outside and doesnt hit enough targets, needs to get too much of the ball to score well
wadaramus: Definitely disappointed at his output, went with the hype with not much info.
LuvIt74: Ditto wadaramus its Jock’s fault…lol
3rdstriker: I went with him as there were so few other options down back, had to pick someone and I figured he should be able to
3rdstriker: average at least 90sc with minimal improvement, not seeing it so far
LuvIt74: Geary has a much better average then Newnes
wadaramus: lol LuvIt74, blame Reynolds. Agree, Geary has turned out to be the better pick.
LuvIt74: I have Geary & newnes
DropBear: same @luvit
LuvIt74: I also have Harbrow who is out for 6+ weeks but I have oxley as emergency so not sure if i trade harbrow
wadaramus: Yeah, he’s not repaying our faith 3rdstriker
Scratchy: LuvIt – Harbrow is 3-4 weeks I thought
Scratchy: Membrey, what a fantastic kick.
LuvIt74: I like Docherty but i dont think he will average 90 weekly
LuvIt74: Scratchy yeah 4 weeks but could b 5 easy, its Lambert thats out 7+ weeks
spudaroos: Mcartin looking like trash, give Spencer White a go.
wadaramus: Def is a real conundrum this year.
kangawalla: Geez….raise the bat Jack. 3 min into the 3rd!!!!
Torz: How is that a block ump? Maybe if you bounced it straight..
LuvIt74: lol@cunundrum your a jock reynolds fan like myself…
ballbag: @luvit the crouching one reckons GAJ has is head shoved up his pip
Yelse: who is marking stevens
LuvIt74: Did ya hear the podcast with crouching telling the story about GAZZ… I had tears from laughter…
p_terg: So, the steamrolling is happening in reverse now. Bugger
feralmong: I didn’t fall for newnes. Fell for k kolodash instead
wadaramus: I haven’t Jocked since I checked the Rookie Cheat Sheet in February!!
CamT: Did many people get on the Bruce train ?
feralmong: And malice ski
feralmong: Damn iPad auto correct
knickers: I don’t know who Marking Steven is but I know Steven Marking
LuvIt74: CamT u mean Josh Bruce? Why would you?
Samchez: I haven’t Jocked ever
Sloaneyyyy: Elliot and Gray are the best 2 small fwds in the comp right now
eski_liddr: haha cloke wanted it
CamT: I didn’t but a lot of people would have seen his break even and gone for it I think.
feralmong: Crisp got a tenner on himself?
wadaramus: You should try it Samchez.
Sloaneyyyy: told ya broomface would have a cracker game tonight
ballbag: once you Jock you’ll never stop!!!!!!!
bjones8995: he is only owned by 0.46%, so im guessing not many did.
zadolinnyj: What about betts sloaneyyy
LuvIt74: thats pointless and crazy only upgrade to elite premiums or huge cash cows…
wadaramus: Varcoe has another victim….
gdshifty: lonie bandaid
monkebuket: varco gets another!
MattyZ: and varcoe claims his next victim
eski_liddr: colyer is a damn good small forward. would be close behind them
mstrbatten: varcoe strikes again!
frenzy: AH Varcoe again, Lonie this week
snake_p: Varcoe = terminator this year
Scratchy: does Varcoe injure a lot of people?
Costanza: first person to look for Cloke all night
LuvIt74: It’ll be like trading out someone like Goodes for Bruce no point when u need to remember a trade is worth $200k
eski_liddr: god up next is daniher
rickyb80: lol classic clokey
Sloaneyyyy: When is varcoe gonna get pinged for sling tackles… Smith last week and now Lonie
ballbag: eddie betts πŸ™ one of carltons explayers to kick a total of over 20 goals last week πŸ™
casey22: How can they pay someone so much money to miss so often?
feralmong: Paddy Mac for golden raspberry award.
CamT: Varcoe got Tom Rockliff too don’t forget.
eski_liddr: poor paddy mac – too raw for afl at the moment
LuvIt74: @casey22 cmon dont be harsh Cloke is the BEST forward in AFL history….lol
Scratchy: Yeah I mean before this year did Varcoe hurt many people?
wadaramus: Barely got a hand on the bal CamT, cost me a trade and Rocky.
pies13: varcoe didnt sling smith?
eski_liddr: cloke looks like a neanderthal
colin wood: That’s a cape for Elliott! Go you pies!!!
3rdstriker: He broke a lot of Geelong hearts…
qiu333: whats jack steven on in sc?
Sloaneyyyy: yeah he did, he slammed his head into the turf from a sling
LuvIt74: Scratchy yeah himself, his learning now to stop walking pigeon toed so he keeps those knees away from himself…lol
CamT: Same here wadaramus & a I had Rockliff captain
Costanza: Ess will run this mob off their feet
frenzy: Elliott cape QTR?
pies13: nah smiths head hit his knee sum1 else tackled him
p_terg: First to 100–I’m calling it for the Wobbles
wadaramus: Luckily I decided to take 119 from GAJ!!!
eski_liddr: @constanza – i think swanny will rip ess a new one unfortunately..n cloke will kick straight
frenzy: Taylor Adams was the slinger
Tony9668: Newnes is starting to look like a crab
feralmong: It’s been a good 2 years for defender rookies
The39Steps: Re Cloke: How can a forward making $$$$s not kick at 85%?
wadaramus: Newnes Muppet.
Sloaneyyyy: @pies yeah that’s right, I stand corrected
Torpedo10: Newness forward is a good move, tried a rubbish pass there.
ronl: Newnes not involved in the game for this quarter
ballbag: supposedly newnes was a keeper this year
pies13: @sloaneyyyy all good
3rdstriker: Newnes may be dropped next week, has been appalling
eski_liddr: why has the AFL chosen such sht friday night games…its bs
casey22: Where’s pendles?
Costanza: keep on Pendles
CamT: Seen enough of Newnes. cya
eski_liddr: thanks CamT
deekay: newnes will get 85+
wadaramus: Newnes is always under pressure, needs to get free for a change.
jaxx: Did McCartin just get the bronx cheers? Rough in game 1! Very alert fans though!
LuvIt74: This is one of the worst games ive seen in years. Shocking all over the ground & mistake after mistake. Sloppy at best
Scratchy: I thought Newnes kick was okay there…
3rdstriker: maybe in dt deekay, will be lucky to crack 70sc
Scratchy: yeah McCartin got the bronx. very harsh
colin wood: Another goal assist for swan big score coming up for the champ!
DropBear: this is the best St. Kilda has played in 2 years
ballbag: oink oink oink
Scratchy: I wish Roberton would eff off. destroying me in draft :/
Sloaneyyyy: don’t know what everyone is complaining about Newnes will still get 90+DT and 80+SC, good value for his price
Tony9668: Bit harsh on McCartin, big guys take time to develope
gdshifty: swan pigging it in the final 5 seconds
eski_liddr: swan SC anyone? have him as my VC
deekay: luey to grundy is a good move atm…
Grumpman: swany 17 kicks whats going on
Scratchy: hope Roberton gets a rocket for letting Elliott get so many goals
iZander: thatsof cooke gets the ball vs the bombers backline
Yelse: oxley a keeper in def
LuvIt74: oxley on 71sc i dunno if I should trade harbrow in for a elite defender this week or just take ox score
ballbag: touch the ball steven. whats with the 15 min break>
Wingard001: Sinclair = 0 DT Points that quater πŸ™
wadaramus: Oxley this years Langdon.
LuvIt74: Swan 109sc
KingPetrie: swan & armitage SC anyone pls?
Jackwatt$: Newnes is now my D6, behind Saad, McIntosh and Oxley
wadaramus: Hope so Sloaneyyy, I’ll take 85sc.
frenzy: Jack Frost perma icicle
wadaramus: lol Jackwatt$
LuvIt74: Same here jackwatt$ – i think most will be in that senario
stew42: Why all the hate for Newnesy? Unless it’s SC πŸ˜›
wadaramus: Armitage 99sc.
pafc1870: Pendlebury SC?
LuvIt74: Swan 109 & armitage 99sc
LuvIt74: pendles 76sc
KingPetrie: thanks
LuvIt74: @stew yeah m8 SC
eski_liddr: @Luvit – woo that same blke that changed my side put swanny as VC – might keep his score if he does 125+
frenzy: Jack off
cusch1: Get that efficiency up Steven come on mate
LuvIt74: My rule is 120+ is a captain every day of the week
jfitty: Did you give OX the dollar sign instead of the gun Matty?
MattyZ: i’d give him every positive icon if i could jfitty
MattyZ: but he’s totally worth a million bucks πŸ˜‰
MattyZ: quack quack pendles jeeeez
eski_liddr: pendles youve got free kick count some teams get in a whole game
LuvIt74: @eski lock the VC on swan m8 hes already on 115sc so he will score 130+ find your loophole
Wingard001: Oxley lol
ballbag: LOL i have lumuba d7 on the bench for oxley. waste of $$ harry o
Tony9668: Still got Oxley on bench, Doh
eski_liddr: fantastic thanks mate much appreciated
kangawalla: Don’t know how I missed him but Oxley goes in next week!!
LuvIt74: @ballbag gr8 move
deekay: i think pendles has oxley in his DT. haha
colin wood: He’s gonna be a good player that Oxley
ballbag: ffs how long since newnes had a touch? should get a lemon icon for no points for 15 mins
LuvIt74: @kangawalla to late next week m8 he’ll go up close to 100k now u should have done it
SydneyRox: where are the Swan haters now?
gdshifty: swan is startin to oink
kangawalla: There u go Ballbag. πŸ˜‰
wadaramus: Newnes two handballs.
eski_liddr: cape swan
feralmong: Must be weird for Harvey in the pies box.
eski_liddr: @sydney – i still hate the swans!
Gotigres: Glad i trded Newnes for Rich
ballbag: @sydneyrox never hate on a gun unless it goodes
SydneyRox: LOL, why cos Eski is a sun?
colin wood: Rookie mistake to all who took Newnes. Never take an unproven fantasy player in a crap team and expect them to be good
Jackwatt$: Heart for Pendlebury?
gdshifty: whats with all the newnes hate? His BE is 78…
FlagDog: GUess i should have fielded Ox…
casey22: Swannie & Pendles on top once again
cusch1: Target for elliott?
colin wood: Can we get a dollar sign for swan?? Surely!!!!
3rdstriker: newnes hate is strictly sc, where he has been rubbish
LuvIt74: Pendles has finally pulled his finger out.
deekay: newnes will get 85+ relax
kangawalla: Yeah, think I’ve missed the boat Luvit. Fell for the wrong Pie & listened to all the people who said ” pick N Brown”
eski_liddr: newnes is not a premo why is everyone treating him like one
Scratchy: Newnes averaged 81-82 last year, hardly unproven.
m0nty: pumpkin icon for Bruce!
ballbag: @kangwalla bout time. and yes get oxley next week for sure
colin wood: Just for 5 minutes!
wadaramus: I reckon a lot of nor “rookies” went with Newnes colin.
SydneyRox: @shifty I agree, people expect way too much from mid pricers!
wadaramus: “non”
stew42: I’d be happy if Newnesy got 80-85, which it looks like he’ll get easily. Chill.
casey22: Clin wood: what a load of c#%p
Jackwatt$: Newnes highest SC score is 110. He’s not a premium
LuvIt74: @eski coz the SC god told us Newnes was the biggest thing since slice bread. Come to think of it i hate slice bread…
3rdstriker: That was better newnes
Scratchy: great spot up there from Newnes
gdshifty: newnes still a chance to get to 100 all of you idiot haters lol
eski_liddr: exactly why is everyone treating him like one
FlagDog: Newnes cost low $400’s, if he puts up 80-90nhe’s doing fine.
wadaramus: Well said casey22.
deekay: 86 for newnes… Im happy with that.
colin wood: I’m talking SC guys. The real stuff
AngryRyno: ox coming in next week
ballbag: @m0nty pumpkin iconn on my screen
DropBear: Newnes for PM
Scratchy: lol Collingwood don’t leave the MCG for over a month. nice draw
eski_liddr: hahaha @luvit mate i dont believe in SC god (unless your talking bout garry..the only sc god)
ballbag: *not
kangawalla: Ton up Newnes!!!!
LuvIt74: @gdshifty yes DT hes ok but SC newnes is a spud
Torpedo10: Newnes hate isn’t needed, the hate should be more towards those who have Ox on the bench, like me. -_- Carn Saad & Kmac
FlagDog: they play 4 melb teams, hard to believe….
wadaramus: I was talking sc too.
Jackwatt$: In DT he’s good. But too outside and disposal not always good for SC
LuvIt74: @colin Agreeeeeeeee
Scratchy: why does Dennis keep saying Armitage has ‘tried hard’ like he hastn’ been their best player comfortably?
Gotigres: Newnes 51 sc 3/4 time
LuvIt74: @eski GAJ sure was no SC god this year or last year…
Sloaneyyyy: come on Geary you hack
ballbag: the SC god is actually a cruel mistress with leather and boots and a whip
wadaramus: Newnes 62sc.
bob81: ive got newnes in both πŸ™
colin wood: My point is what do people expect? The guy is not a star and plays in an ordinary side
cusch1: Steven Supercoach anyone?
wadaramus: We expect 85-90sc, is that too much?
azzacooney: come on newnes get that ton
eski_liddr: @LuvIt74 – he didnt play in my mind the past few years. just like a jilted lover..i only remember the good times
colin wood: Yes wada it is lol again my point
CamT: Newnes ids the same price as Taylor Walker and Dane Swan. He’s scoring like a good rookie back.
wadaramus: Why is it too muxh, it’s only an incremental improvement on last year?
ballbag: good ridance luey. thanks grundy
Grumpman: swan back to his best over 30 touches and 16 contested piggy champ.
DropBear: Newnes is having a great game, fuck up
The39Steps: Nice prose, Eski.
3rdstriker: finally some gold from dennis, “Shenton, nice Shenturn”
eski_liddr: Swanny SC anyone
cusch1: This sliding rule is utter bullshit
m0nty: so what’s better, DT or SC?
ballbag: yeh i agree. didnt like all the swan haters last year. he is a gun
Sloaneyyyy: cloke is still crap
wadaramus: Mighty Swanny 136sc.
Scratchy: i thought he said U-turn. missed the good line :/
gdshifty: SC is rubbish
kangawalla: Agree Dropbear…..25 possies isn’t bad for a good ordinary player like Newnes.
LuvIt74: SC m0nty but thats my preference
casey22: Swanny back as cap next week? Like the good old days
DropBear: SC is better m0nty
colin wood: Yeah dropbear his 6 clangers tell the story…
3rdstriker: in theory sc, but the scoring can be mystifying
Roflcake: SC defs better website
eski_liddr: its whatever scoring structure you like the most isnt it?
SydneyRox: i like SC, rewards the hard ball
monkebuket: sc is good concept but seems a bit subjective
LuvIt74: Oxley on 90sc
DanBlack: Give Cloke the vulture. Didn’t do nothing till the Pies were 40 points up
wadaramus: Shame on you m0nty, sc rules!
DropBear: 5 clangers @colin wood
ballbag: lets go steven, swanny, grundy and you too newnes
mijg: how blessed are we to have Swany in the fwd line
deekay: newnes ow on 91.. more than happy.
bob81: dt was ruined
monkebuket: & dt a much more pracical
Tony9668: Grundy great value @ 337k
kangawalla: Monty…any tips on getting icons back onto my Samsung tablet? Only get flames now. No other icons like I got last year.
colin wood: I eat my case drop bear you must be a dreamteamer
eski_liddr: @kanga – #firstworld problems?
gdshifty: Swan, Newnes and Oxely for me tonight. Very happy.
bob81: junk it up newnesy
Scratchy: McCartin pretty decent second half
Slashers: Same on the iPad too.
colin wood: Rest’
deekay: swan/pendles/newnes/grundy/oxley for me… more than happy.
gdshifty: ton up Newnes!!
DropBear: no, i dont bother with that hsitty dreamteam, supercoach all the way m8
Scratchy: Steven BOG is a bad call. Butchered the ball. Swan BOG. Armitage the best Saint
Sloaneyyyy: Armitage = Atlas
bob81: swan newnes steven ox πŸ™‚
Terlob: Man Swanny looks good
DropBear: Paddy McCartin Junk time
colin wood: Who had Swanny as VC??
mstrbatten: Surely swan gets the star?
pies13: well done pies!!!
kangawalla: Eski@ granted. We have a pretty good life huh?
Costanza: Bombers will bring ’em back to Earth pretty quick
m0nty: I would suggest clearing your tablet browser cache.
Wingard001: What does the symbol on Cloke mean?
Wingard001: What does the symbol on Cloke mean?
iZander: you can’t get the star in a 74 point loss
zadolinnyj: Where is the new better then superman logo monty
iZander: my bad sorry it hadn’t refreshed
kangawalla: Thank you Monty. It might be a first world issue but I miss my icons. πŸ™‚
ballbag: @dropbear its not hard to play both
Grumpman: swanny my vc
Scratchy: 3. Swan, 2. Pendlebury, 1. Armitage
LuvIt74: sc scores are up the creek
lenny20: Thank heavens you changed that star from Steven to Swan Monty, you almost embarrassed yourself
frenzy: nothing 4 Armitage
carlton_99: these sc scores are rubbish
a1trader: Ramsay SC nice
mijg: cmon 150 for swany surely
Scratchy: i think there’s some uppscaling about to happen
LuvIt74: SWAN only showing 121sc
carlton_99: has it scaled
AngryRyno: how does frost supercoach add up
Flanno: What happened to Newnes’ SC score!?

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