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Chat log from W3 of 2015: Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Sydney vs Fremantle, W3 of 2015

valkorum: And we are off. Go to if you want to watch the game live
SydneyRox: hope for a good game and no injuries
SydneyRox: Swans looking very good
valkorum: lots of tackels 🙂
SydneyRox: it is ferocious, gonna open up when they get tired
valkorum: great goal Suban
SydneyRox: horrible attempt to tackle from jetta
SydneyRox: Parker! Rucked Roved and then handed off!
valkorum: the wind affecting a lot of kicks
SydneyRox: really like the look of robinson
valkorum: is he gonna get games come the season proper though?
SydneyRox: think so, but will need to play well to keep it
valkorum: mzungu has been subbed for weller
valkorum: been told that he has ice on his hamstring
SydneyRox: hope weller gets going
Dommy02: where is heeney playing?
SydneyRox: mid and fwd
SydneyRox: How much of a beast JPK is the only reason
SydneyRox: i wont have parker in all my teams
SydneyRox: heeney just looks like he belongs
SydneyRox: great handball from heeney to set up parker supergoal
SydneyRox: go nank the tank!
SydneyRox: buddy subbed out?
SydneyRox: and Ted for his brother?
SydneyRox: feels like i am talking to myself
valkorum: Yeh you were – I had to leave the computer as my son woke up

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