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Chat log from W2 of 2015: Essendon vs St Kilda

Chat log for Essendon vs St Kilda, W2 of 2015

m0nty: this one is going be a doozy to cover…
Jmachete: Cleanest essendon team to be fielded in two years hehe
snake_p: lol machete
Jmachete: Jobe should return the brownlow too
AngryRyno: simultaneous breaks in both matches, no good!
Jmachete: Top player clint jones lol
PiesGOGOGO: Hmmmm
m0nty: McKenna, that was lolworthy
Jmachete: James Hird still coaching what a disgrace to the game
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: McKenna is pinged for running too far on the HFF then gives away two 50m penalties to gift Shenton a goal.
AngryRyno: Mckenna and McKernan, could this game get any more confusing?
m0nty: Not hungry enough McCartin!
m0nty: oh wait it was Membrey
J.Worrall: freezer jolly good fellow- icicle him m0nty
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Shenton sits under a hospital ball in the back pocket by Goddard and drops it cold to allow Edwards to goal.
J.Worrall: who is bombers other ruck?
J.Worrall: mckernan?

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