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Chat log from W2 of 2015: Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Sydney vs Brisbane, W2 of 2015

SydneyRox: lets go boys!
SydneyRox: Titch looks like he belongs. Gonna be a big year
conor23: who’s filling malceskis shoes in the backbone for now?
SydneyRox: rohan and jetta
conor23: *backline
SydneyRox: really miss Eski at the kick ins
Ryno2K15: evening fellas, low scoring one ay?
SydneyRox: not exactly clean footy
SydneyRox: neither team has a fwd line tonight
AngryRyno: eyes on taylor, rich, heeney and mitchell tonight
conor23: what about rich, any backline time or standard mid?
SydneyRox: backline, havent noticed in mids yet
conor23: and last one, heeney midfield or half back, heard rumours he’s heading in the halfback role
AngryRyno: leun and martin just stealing points off each other
J.Worrall: lot’s of m0nty posts at 23.54
AngryRyno: here I was thinking its actually 23:54…. no wonder the scores looked so low
SydneyRox: Swans defense is a rabble
AngryRyno: grannie hang over for the swannies? or do they genuinely not care
SydneyRox: long way from our best team or structure
J.Worrall: 1/2 time came a long way after 23:54
J.Worrall: not a single hottie
m0nty: The quarters are shorter in NAB thus less time to score
AngryRyno: these guys are pretty good m0nt! scoring during half time
J.Worrall: ages mate, 23:54 plus about another 10 or 15
conor23: what’s going on m0nty?
AngryRyno: was that a donut half from sam reid?
J.Worrall: oh yeah, 1/2 time is the time to be kicking goals orright
conor23: where is heeney playing? back or mid?
m0nty: nowt to do with me
AngryRyno: blinked, and rocky was up an easy 10 points
AngryRyno: m0nt are you at these matches or on the couch?
SydneyRox: heenry running in mids
colmullet: K.Jack in mids or half forward?
AngryRyno: try kicking the sherrin, Mr Mitchell
SydneyRox: both. kids running in mids
colmullet: expect him in the middle or half n half this year Rox?
AngryRyno: @SydneyRox, any chance Heeney//Mitchell actually getting a game this year?
SydneyRox: mitchelll 100%
SydneyRox: would expect heeney to play half
colmullet: i meant K.Jack hehe, if he was back in the middle most of the time im considering jumping on
SydneyRox: CM, generally Parker and Jack float fwd
colmullet: thankx mate
AngryRyno: so whats changed for mitchell to play 100% this year compared to last
SydneyRox: he isnt injured
AngryRyno: swans have a sniff, they’ll want this
AngryRyno: good test of lions character
SydneyRox: swans very very rusty
Hadouken: did you know oprah lied
J.Worrall: i knew oprah anyway
J.Worrall: KHunt has a sniff he’ll want that’

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