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Chat log from W1 of 2015: West Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for West Coast vs Carlton, W1 of 2015

m0nty: this thing on?
jfitty: this interface is all over the joint
m0nty: it’s still a work in progress
jfitty: i can offer my services in PHP!
J.Worrall: uh huh
J.Worrall: Vioj’nbow ??
nameless: This is better than last night
m0nty: first night always has some drama!
Special K: Then the icons under the game details?
J.Worrall: sad for McK
J.Worrall: a crisp goal
Special K: Looks better m0nty!! How about moving the team stats to under the legend??
J.Worrall: LeCras!
J.Worrall: you boick, bokynose
J.Worrall: Lookin’ good m0nty
J.Worrall: Hoping to see a tighter fromat in the next week or so …
J.Worrall: did i say fromat? frobro
p_terg: Well done guys
J.Worrall: x man is off
J.Worrall: we lerv bruise free NAB games, milfy!
J.Worrall: jumbled?

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