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Browny says: Round 10

Nathan G. Brown says he’s aiming for a Round 10 comeback, after continuing soreness in his left leg which he broke last year. Brown made the call on The Footy Show last night – the first newsworthy comment to come from eight episodes this year.

At $235,600, Brown represents excellent value for Dream Team coaches, even accounting for his injury worries. He was in cracking pre-season form, and that price is a Monty (boom boom) to rise – if he can make it on the park.

There’s a few cheap-ish forwards around, including Warren Tredrea, but Brown would be a certain addition to pretty much every elite Dream Team. He could be a very handy trade target in a few weeks time – but don’t count on anything. It’s too risky to factor him into your upgrade/downgrade plans.

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