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Blog log from R6 of 2024: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2024

Amartey gets the party started with a pack mark from a long Gulden speculator at the hotspot and the first goal. (Q1 2:12)
Grundy marks a short Rowbottom pass near true CHF in front of Miller after the next bounce, set shot falls on the goal line and is reviewed… Witts did touch it in time, point. (Q1 3:42)
Gulden gets another score assist with a pass to Papley leading up the guts to 40m, Ballard trailing five steps behind. Papley converts. (Q1 6:08)
Adams passes to Heeney 40m out on the flank who sails through another set shot. Sydney not looking like giving up another shock loss to GC at this rate. (Q1 8:37)
Papley passes to the lead of McLean in front of Witts 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 12:29)
McCartin and Fox combine to stuff up a defensive crumb on the HBF with poor talk, Ainsworth wins a HTB free on the former 45m out but shoots across the face. (Q1 15:43)
Rowell gives wide of congestion at half forward to Clohesy who roosts a lovely snap from 45m on the flank! (Q1 17:58)
Chad Warner hits a loose ball at pace at the hotspot but tries a right-foot checkside that doesn’t bend. Needed a left there. (Q1 19:40)
Florent passes short from the HFF inside to Wicks on his own 40m out on a slight angle, who had run on after passing to Florent. Another perfect set shot, Swans are on today. (Q1 21:58)
Papley marks and goals from mid range, it’s a bit of a procession early. Suns bus is still on the Pacific Highway. (Q1 26:34)
Sydney were kicking with a noticeable breeze in Q1 but that does not explain the ease with which they moved the ball, Gold Coast are not switched on today as yet. (Qtr Time)
Frontal pressure has been the hallmark of several big games this weekend, and Gold Coast has brought almost nil on that score. (Q2 6:26)
Humphrey is favoured by a crumb at the hotspot, he has time to fumble, drop the ball clumsily onto the left boot and watch it wobble through. (Q2 7:05)
McDonald takes a contested grab over Collins 40m out on a slight angle, crowd goes up early on his set shot but it curls late to the left of the post. (Q2 8:41)
Rowell centres from the HFF to Humphrey 40m out in front whose set shot fades to the right. (Q2 11:10)
Holman hits the post with a relatively simple set shot from 20m on a slight angle. Gold Coast just hanging in there with better effort in Q2 but need scoreboard nourishment. (Q2 16:03)
Rogers kicks off balance from the boundary 25m out, ball lands near the behind post where Walter claims the mark, crowd boos lustily as it looked OOTF, Walter goals! (Q2 20:15)
Collins roves at defensive hotspot and baulks an onrushing Swan but gets caught HTB from behind by Hayward for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:45)
Witts gets a free for a slight jumper hold in ruck by Grundy just inside 50m on a slight angle. His kick is wide, short and out for a throw in. (Q3 3:41)
Ainsworth gives away 50m at half back, Blakey plays on with no one on the mark and sizzles a pass to the lead of McDonald 45m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q3 5:46)
Miller wins a HTB free on Roberts 45m out on the flank and kicks a big goal to almost zero reaction from the home faithful. (Q3 9:45)
Rowell sets up Powell to go POW with a long ball up the corridor to 10m out, McCartin prevents King from marking but is pinged for a push, free kick and goal Suns. (Q3 12:25)
Lloyd intercepts a Powell kick to the HFF for Sydney, he sets up McInerney who blazes wide from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 15:53)
Andrew kicks very short to Flanders near defensive hotspot, ump doesn’t pay the mark but then pays the HTB free to Amartey for the charity goal. (Q3 17:31)
A 50m penalty against McInerney puts Andrew at true CHF, he has a ping but tugs it just to the left. (Q3 19:53)
Another 50m penalty against Flanders brings Wicks from outer wing to 40m in the corridor for another charity goal. (Q3 21:46)
Heeney rvoes at half forward and gives outside to Florent whose right-foot snap bounces at the top of the square but takes an off break when a leggie was needed. (Q3 24:33)
Papley beats Ballard to dive for a nice mark from a Gulden kick to the pocket 25m out. Home crowd gets on their hind legs to applaud, then stay there as the Smear goals! (Q3 26:16)
Rowell to Berry on the HFF out of the middle, obvious kick to the hotspot draws four Swans who spoil each other, Holman roves and shoots off the left… into the post. (Q3 27:51)
Miller drops a short Flanders pass on the wing, McLean roves and goes to Papley who draws a push free on Lukosius 35m out on the flank, crowd chants then goes aww as he misses. (Q3 29:26)
Blakey marks in the centre and delivers a sensational pass to a phonebox for Chad Warner to mark 20m out, play on and run into the open goal. (Q3 30:31)
Read drops Melican after kicking inside 50 with mere seconds left to 3QT, downfield free to Amartey 45m out on a slight angle. Siren sounds, game already shot… he goals. (Q3 32:52)
Gold Coast looked like winners in Q2 when their pressure was high, but they have too many young players to make that last for a full game and the Swans are now cruising. (3 Qtr Time)
McCartin baulks two at half back and hits Chad Warner on the wing who plays on around Powell for two bounces and a long bomb to the square… over the head of Papley for a point. (Q4 1:39)
Jordon has had a very handy game for the Swans today and gets some nourishment with a running goal from the HFF 45m out after baulking Clohesy. (Q4 4:14)
McInerney passes to Hayward standing on his own 40m out in front, things getting loose in transition now. Hayward clunks through some more garbage. (Q4 6:02)
Grundy juggles the mark from a Hayward pass to 45m on a slight angle in front of Witts, he kicks the champagne goal in his 200th senior match. (Q4 8:06)
Walter hits the left goalpost with a set shot from 30m on a slight angle. (Q4 13:39)
Anderson has had a dirty day and doesn’t really deserve a running goal from CHF, but gets it anyway despite the rank stench. (Q4 14:39)
Andrew intercepts Heeney’s speculator on the HBF but his poor kick across half back is picked off by Amartey 45m out in the corridor for goal number four. (Q4 20:24)
Berry marks a Miller pass 40m out on a slight angle but hooks it left. (Q4 22:05)
Rowell’s pressure forces a Campbell cough up by hand at half back, Suns flip it around finishing with a give by Ainsworth for the goal by Fiorini from 30m. (Q4 23:20)
Gulden bounces around outer wing in classic style and passes to the pocket for McDonald who threads the needle from 35m. (Q4 25:20)
King leaps for a chest mark from a Flanders speculator near the hotspot in the last minute for an extremely aromatic goal, his second. (Q4 30:06)

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