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Blog log from R4 of 2024: Collingwood vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Collingwood vs Hawthorn, R4 of 2024

Meek flicks a handpass to Newcombe who finds Butler with the kick at half forward. Butler dumps it into the pocket where it drops into the lap of Chol. He pushes the kick wide. (Q1 8:58)
A sloppy Mackenzie kick is grounded by Lipinski who goes to Cameron by hand. Schultz streams down the flank for the receive and spears the ball low and through for the opener! (Q1 10:19)
De Goey gathers outside a forward stoppage and snaps for goal, but the ball drops short and is slapped over by Frost in a contest with Mihocek for a point (Q1 11:19)
Chol takes advantage after Hill gives Ward a shove in the back. He lopes down the flank into the pocket, and his kick pings into the behind post (Q1 15:18)
De Goey chops of a rushed Impey just inside the 50m arc. He eases into the set shot and blasts it through for a goal! (Q1 16:15)
Josh Daicos marks just outside 50 and kicks towards the pocket where Elliott pulls in the mark after an impressive leap. He screws through the snap set shot for a goal! (Q1 19:21)
Ginnivan gathers the crumb after a forward contest and is caught high by several Pies defenders. He opts for a snap set shot 35m out on an angle, and salutes against his old club! (Q1 24:30)
The Pies are on through the middle of the ground through McCreery who kicks wide to Schultz on the flank. As the clock ticks into the red, his kick carries through for a goal! (Qtr Time)
Meek smashes the ball forward from the centre bounce and finds Ramsden at half forward. He kicks truly as he gets Hawthorn off the right way in Q2! (Q2 1:35)
Josh Daicos coughs it up directly to Chol with a bad handball in the back pocket but applies the pressure to force Chol’s snap out on the full (Q2 5:24)
Noble loses the ball among a pack of Collingwood players, but Newcombe bursts through and picks the pocket of Crisp to stream inside 50 and blast through a classy goal! (Q2 6:50)
There’s a mad scramble at the top of the goalsquare following an Elliott entry, Hill finds time for the snap, but can only manage a point (Q2 8:51)
De Goey tries his luck from outside 50 with a thumping kick, Weddle marks on the post, but then plays on from behind the goal-line for a rushed behind. Strange. (Q2 11:51)
Hill and De Goey link up the handballs to find Pendlebury in space. The stalwart steadies himself and snaps through a lovely goal! (Q2 12:51)
Sicily gives away a clumsy free after holding the arm of Mihocek. Mihocek kicks true from 30m out on the 45! (Q2 15:48)
Lipinski scans inside 50 with free Hawks everywhere, he opts for the pocket and it’s Schultz on a thundering lead who marks. He goes for the snap but the ball thuds into the post (Q2 18:45)
McInnes puts the work on Sicily and pulls down a very nice mark 25m out in front of goal. He splits the middle with a lovely kick! (Q2 20:34)
Hill gathers on the forward flank, sends two Hawthorn defenders to the candy store before giving off to Hoskin-Elliot at pace who spears through a massive goal from 50m out! (Q2 23:19)
A dodgy De Goey kick to Pendlebury in the middle of the ground is turned over and the Hawks capitalise ending in a Moore mark in the pocket. His kick falls short and is rushed over (Q2 26:38)
A scrappy forward passage by Collingwood eventually bears fruit as Mihocek grubbers a kick to Josh Daicos who then enables Crisp on the run to snap and goal! (Q2 28:34)
Maginness flicks a handpass to Mackenzie as he runs down the flank, he shapes the kick well, but only enough for a point (Q3 1:40)
Maginness drops a floater inside 50 and Hardwick is the one who gets there first to take an easy mark 30m out dead in front. A simple kick and the position change bears fruit! (Q3 4:40)
Weddle drops a mark in the middle of the ground and the Pies capitalise, Elliott sending a kick to Mihocek who takes a tumbling mark 35m out in front. He converts for his second! (Q3 6:42)
Darcy Moore professionally rushes through a behind under Hardwick pressure (Q3 13:02)
Hardwick, alone in the forward 50, is the beneficiary of Hawthorn getting it out the back. He kicks from 40m out on a slight angle, and slots his second goal for the quarter! (Q3 15:43)
A free kick for Nick Daicos in the middle of the ground leads to Daicos finding Mihocek on the lead 40m out on an angle. He starts the ball left but it bends back right for a point (Q3 17:39)
Worpel heads inside 50 to the lead of Moore in the pocket. He holds firm to take a ripper of a mark! The kick rewards the effort as he gets another one back for the Hawks! (Q3 19:53)
Mihocek crunches Nash in a tackle following a forward stoppage and Nick Daicos is there to gather and snap through a goal! (Q3 25:01)
Mihocek drops what he should have taken, but Hill is there to snatch the ball and snap at goal from the pocket, but misses to the near side (Q3 26:42)
D’Ambrosio kicks long and deep to the pocket where Hardwick is storming in on a lead. He steadies himself and just keeps the Hawks in this game with his third goal for the quarter! (Q3 28:58)
The next centre bounce goes the way of Hawthorn as Weddle spears the ball to the chest of Hardwick 35m out on the 45. He starts it left but it bends its way back… into the post. (Q3 30:37)
A high ball from Scrimshaw in the back pocket drops into the lap of Tom Mitchell 40m out on an angle. He sticks it out left and it’s tapped over the line (Q4 1:58)
Hardwick out-muscles Howe to mark 35m out and converts his fourth goal to continue to give the Hawks some life in this game! Margin back down to 20. Game on! (Q4 4:57)
Maynard hangs onto Ginnivan in the pocket and then Quaynor coughs up a soft 50m penalty for dropping the ball allowing Ginnivan to walk into goal and slot his second! (Q4 7:28)
Josh Daicos dumps a ball to the pack and it falls down to McInnes who quickly snaps at goal, D’Ambrosio is there with a diving effort to rush it through! (Q4 14:42)
Hill can’t complete the mark from a Mihocek kick on the flank, but he cleans up his own mess to recover and snap at goal, but pushes it wide for a point (Q4 18:53)
Nash manages to get the ball away to Moore by hand in congestion, before Noble hangs an arm around Moore’s neck. He lines up the snap set shot and curls it through! 10 point game! (Q4 20:55)
De Goey streams away from the middle of the ground following the centre bounce, but he pushes the kick wide under a bit of pressure for a point (Q4 22:13)
Amon barrels a ball down the guts to Chol who taps it forward to Hardwick to boots it forward to Moore who chases down the ball, straightens up, runs in and goals! 5. Point. Game! (Q4 24:31)
Meek shovels a kick out of the middle, it’s chaos inside the forward 50 for Hawthorn, MacDonald is the on who pops up in space, he snaps, but misses right…. 4 points in it now. (Q4 25:45)
A towering mark at CHB for Cameron, 2:30 on the clock and Pies have the ball.. (Q4 26:57)
The Hawks are pushed to the last line of defence, a throw in in the back pocket as the clock goes under 2 minutes… (Q4 27:42)
De Goey bobs up following the throw-in and tries to snap it through, but Newcombe applies the pressure as it goes OOTF (Q4 28:12)
Hoskin-Elliot kicks deep to Mihocek, but he can’t mark and it goes through for a behind (Q4 29:10)
Repeated stoppages at CHF for the Hawks as the clock goes under a minute (Q4 30:07)
Quaynor walks the ball over on the far wing with 12 seconds remaining (Q4 30:42)
Ball up at half forward for the Hawks, they can’t get it forward as the clock ticks down to zero. Pies hold on for the win! What a game! (Final Siren)

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