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Blog log from EF of 2023: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, EF of 2023

McEntee marks a Rioli pass 45m out in front but shoots wide right. (Q1 1:05)
Hipwood clunks a long Daniher ball from the HFF next to the top of the square in a big pack, but sprays the set shot. (Q1 5:05)
Wines clears by hand behind a stoppage on the HBF but only to grass, Bailey darts in to mop up and burns off Bergman running around the boundary, first goal Brisbane! (Q1 8:20)
Marshall beats Payne playing from behind to mark 25m out on the flank, lot of hand work there but mark paid. Set shot is a horrible shank, footy gods raise an eyebrow. (Q1 10:01)
Lord smashes a snap into the post from a pack 20m out. (Q1 11:07)
McCluggage rides contact by Jones to pass from half forward to Hipwood 40m out in front, who hooks it right. (Q1 13:06)
Marshall gets the free in a contest with McKenna, contact over the shoulder was soft but there. He shanks again from 15m on a slight angle. (Q1 14:20)
Port defenders swarm to Cameron as Bailey centres from the pocket to the hotspot, but Fletcher flies over the top for an impressive grab. Now the kick… passes the test, goal. (Q1 18:33)
Rayner loses his feet after roving in the pocket and is a little lucky to draw a high contact free on Farrell 40m out. His kick is a peach though, screwing in from long range! (Q1 21:18)
Lord roves the next centre clearance by Drew near the hotspot and snaps across the body off his right for a fantastic finish! (Q1 22:28)
Ah Chee kicks from the centre to McCarthy just inside 50m on a slight angle to mark in front of Lycett, then tug the set shot narrow left. (Q1 24:35)
Lycett catches Wilmot running from defence to win a rare HTB free in open play, but he pushes the set shot wide right from 30m in front. (Q1 26:51)
Pretty even game so far, forward efficiency the difference so far, as it has been in so many matches this year. (Qtr Time)
Houston’s kick from a stoppage in the back pocket is smothered by McCluggage to fall for Fletcher whose quick quick to the square is marked by Daniher, goal Brisbane. (Q2 4:05)
Powell-Pepper gets a holding free on Starcevich 20m out in the pocket, Lion faithful boo lustily then cheer the set shot going narrow right. (Q2 7:36)
Finlayson marks a McEntee pass in front of Andrews 40m out on a slight angle but pulls the set shot right. (Q2 12:40)
Lord checksides his second goal from the hotspot, he has all of Port’s majors so far. (Q2 13:52)
Cameron flies off the square to catch Horne-Francis HTB after the next bounce, Rayner plays on to advantage with a one-two via Dunkley and launches a Bayraktar from 55m for a goal! (Q2 15:40)
Rozee delivers the best kick of the night so far over Andrews to Lord in the square: low, hard and accurate to the advantage of his forward. Lord boots his third. (Q2 19:10)
Daniher roves the next centre clearance at the hotspot but his snap across the body off the left is pulled too far right. (Q2 20:17)
On the end of a quick and direct rebound by Port, Powell-Pepper passes long to Marshall in the pocket 20m out. Marshall curls that one through. (Q2 21:10)
Rozee’s got a laser weapon in that left boot, and he loads up for bear once again for a fabulous goal off a step from 55m after spinning on the turn outside a pack! (Q2 24:10)
Rayner bullocks through traffic to slam through his second goal from near the hotspot to restore Brisbane’s lead. It’s a shoot out at the Gabba! (Q2 26:38)
This is possibly the best kicking display of the season, add the strength of Rayner and Powell-Pepper and this is a top four clash living up to the hype. (Q2 27:10)
Berry drags in on a loose ball after a stoppage and is pinged for HTB under a Marshall tackle. Marshall shanks it again from 30m on a slight angle. (Q2 29:08)
McCluggage catches a fumbling McKenzie HTB near the top of the square after a mad scramble in the pocket, he delivers the goal for the Lions. (Q2 31:11)
McCluggage handballs behind a stoppage in the pocket 30m out to Zorko who screws in the goal from the right boot off a step. (Q2 35:12)
Payne spoils a long ball to the square towards the pocket but right into the path of Rioli who snaps it over his head for a fine goal from 15m! (Q3 1:01)
Hipwood reaches over McKenzie to pluck a long Wilmot ball next to the behind post. His screwing set shot is across the face. (Q3 4:05)
Long ball to the Lions square, two pairs of talls converge, Aliir is pinged for contact on Daniher and Fletcher comes in late to volley home the goal anyway. (Q3 7:43)
Cameron marks a Zorko pass from the centre over Burton 40m out on the flank and steers through a nice set shot for his first goal in game 200. (Q3 9:23)
Centre clearance Brisbane, McCarthy roves and feeds Cameron zipping past for his second in a minute! (Q3 10:34)
The crowd sings Country Road with gusto as the team goes a long way towards securing another home preliminary final. (Q3 11:17)
Marshall drops a mark at the hotspot under a hard challenge by Starcevich from behind but gets a late whistle for the contact free. Fans boo, Todd shoots… that one is good. (Q3 12:32)
Long ball to the Lions hotspot, three Port defenders fly to spoil but three Lions are there for the crumb in the pocket, Daniher strolls into the open goal. (Q3 14:29)
It’s the premiership quarter, and Brisbane are surging away. (Q3 15:17)
Powell-Pepper gives inside from the HFF to Byrne-Jones who checksides off a step from 40m for a nice finish. (Q3 16:26)
Rozee receives outside CHF and kicks very long, Lord and Andrews wrestle on the line… Lord wins and plays on into goal for his fourth major! (Q3 20:32)
Powell-Pepper snaps wide from a pack 20m out on a slight angle. (Q3 25:22)
McCarthy marks on the boundary 25m out after a flowing Brisbane rebound, he screws in another goal for the Lions. (Q3 26:15)
McCluggage hits the lead of Daniher 30m out on a slight angle who steers through another one. Everything coming up maroon now, Port injury list growing. (Q3 28:45)
Brisbane playing downhill on rebound, Cameron has Hipwood over the back to mark in stride and goal from 20m. (Q3 32:26)
Daniher roves Neale’s centre clearance and rolls through another from 25m, it’s a dance party now! (Q3 34:18)
Rayner marks in front of Jones near the boundary 40m out and leaves his set shot narrow to the right. (Q4 7:31)
Fletcher flies over Wines to mark a Zorko kick to the top of the square for a junk time goal, which he deserves. (Q4 10:39)
Lyons has just come on as sub and joins the party with a grubber from mid range. (Q4 11:58)
Horne-Francis gives the crowd something to cheer with a shank OOTF from 45m on a slight angle after marking behind Berry. (Q4 15:55)
Powell-Pepper marks a floater inside 50 by McKenzie from the centre that lands 20m out in front for some junk. (Q4 20:55)
Powell-Pepper snaps some more garbage from 30m on the flank. (Q4 22:31)
Daniher marks a Dunkley kick in front of Bergman near the boundary 40m out. He threads the needle with a drop punt for a personal best fifth goal in a final. (Q4 25:58)
Neale goes short to Berry 40m out on the flank, no hurry for this set shot, he kicks wide and short for a rushed point. (Q4 27:51)
Duursma falls over the wing to cough up a ground ball, Neale passes to Cameron 40m out in front just before the final siren. Charlie misses. (Q4 30:36)

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