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Blog log from R24 of 2023: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R24 of 2023

A long kick to half forward leads to a Stengle crumb. He has Isaac Smith ahead and it’s a quick handpass and a trademark Smith goal! (Q1 2:26)
Neale marks 50m out from goal and gives off to Isaac Smith who goes searching for his second goal, his kick drops short and Knevitt is able to get a kick away, but it’s touched (Q1 7:30)
Baker goes for goal with a raking kick, but pushes it wide for a point (Q1 13:25)
Dangerfield calls up Stengle on the lead and finds him in the pocket in space. Stengle coolly converts and the Cats have 2! (Q1 14:13)
Scott marks a touched ball and tries to square it up, it doesn’t travel the distance but Naughton ends up with the ball anyway and is able to quickly squeeze through a goal! (Q1 15:25)
Menegola gets a chance to go for goal from the forward flank, but keeps it to the near side for a behind (Q1 17:29)
Ollie Henry takes a strong grab 30m out from goal under pressure, but his kick slides to the right for a point (Q1 20:45)
West sizes up a short kick to Lobb who marks just outside 50, no one gets on the mark so Lobb decides to quickly wheel around and send one through from 50m out! (Q1 21:28)
Gryan Miers squares up the ball to the run of Holmes who streamed inside 50. An easy kick from 30m out dead in front, but he wobbles it right and into the post! (Q1 22:30)
Bontempelli squares the ball up for Naughton in space, and he pulls in a nice mark. Eases into the kick from 25m out, and puts the Dogs in front! (Q1 27:58)
Henry marks right on the boundary line, but his set shot from 35m out slides right for a point (Qtr Time)
Parfitt attempts to curl one through from congestion, but misses (Q2 2:38)
Kolodjashnij roams forward and tries on a checkside from 45m out, but misses right (Q2 3:03)
A turnover from kick-in sees the Cats counter viciously ending with Dangerfield providing Henry with a Joe the Goose special! (Q2 3:34)
Stanley smashes the ball forward and Smith is there to gather and throw it on the boot, but misses to the right (Q2 7:38)
Naughton is infringed by De Koning in a contest and wins a free kick as a result. Naughton’s kick is off to the right through (Q2 8:39)
Vandermeer and Scott link up in the forward line to provide English with a handball in the square so he can poke through a goal! (Q2 16:22)
Stengle and Henry combine on the flank with a helicopter ball finding Neale standing in the square. A big roost into the empty stands for his first AFL goal! (Q2 20:07)
Parfitt bullocks his way through the Dogs and flicks a handpass out for Atkins who takes a step and makes it back to back goals for the Cats! (Q2 21:20)
Pariftt gets involved again, this time finding Stengle on the lead 35m out from goal, but he drags the kick left for a behind (Q2 22:06)
Lobb wins a contest against the undersized Kolodjashnij in the pocket, and nails the snap to cut the margin back to 8! (Q2 23:34)
Stanley marks a Bowes kick 40m out from goal on the flank, but misses to the right (Q2 25:40)
O’Donnell coughs the ball up to Dempsey who runs through the pack and helps himself to a goal! (Q2 27:04)
A slick team play at the centre bounce leads to a Henry mark 40m out from goal on an angle. He lopes into the kick and bends the ball back well for a goal! (Q2 29:04)
A Bontempelli tap down to Poulter sees the flowing mullet take a few steps and goal from 30m out on the run! (Q2 30:15)
The Dogs surge forward again from the centre bounce, Weightman finding Poulter in the pocket. This time however, he misses everything with the kick (Q2 31:23)
Vandermeer forces a turnover kick then eventually sees Treloar strike with a goal after a scrap! (Q3 1:16)
Lobb from the centre bounce bombs it forward, Naughton takes possession and flicks it to Vandermeer who takes a few steps before powering it through the goals! (Q3 2:41)
The Dogs go forward once again and this time it’s Liberatore who pops up front and centre to snap through a goal and the Dogs have hit the lead! (Q3 4:21)
Baker marks on the flank, but once again he drags the kick to the near side for a point (Q3 10:17)
Baker has a shot at redemption, this time from a better position, but puts it wide out left now for another point (Q3 11:56)
Holmes finds Neale at half forward who takes a nice mark. He plays on out the back to Miers who has run into the square. He marks and goals! (Q3 16:37)
Stewart handballs through a behind under pressure, and from the resulting kick-in causes the defence to come unstuck. Weightman marks eventually, and snaps through the goal! (Q3 21:55)
Atkins and Parfitt linkup through the middle of the ground, finding Ollie Henry deep forward who drags in a mark under pressure. He goes back and kicks number 3! (Q3 22:36)
Dangerfield bursts through a forward stoppage and curls a ball back towards goals, but it nicks the top of the post (Q3 24:41)
Bews loads up from 50m out on the run, and Henry decides to try and mark on the line rather than usher it through. Spills off hands, behind. (Q3 26:22)
Dangerfield leads up into the pocket and marks in the dying seconds. Set shots not his forte, he makes no mistake this time and puts it through at 3QT! (3 Qtr Time)
English leading up like a natural forward takes a mark 25m out from goal. He sneaks it through for a quick goal to start the final term! (Q4 1:44)
A 50m penalty sees English stroll up the ground and give off to Treloar who then streams inside 50 and power the Dogs ahead with a class finish! (Q4 5:06)
Stewart spills a mark after having a massive piece of the pie. Weightman roves the pack as a good small should, and spans through a demoralising goal! (Q4 7:15)
Guthrie gets a tap off to rush a behind, getting cleaned up in the process (Q4 13:30)
Ugle-Hagan battles with De Koning and juggles down a mark 40m out from goal. The kick is pinpoint and and gets over the line as the door continues to close for the Cats! (Q4 17:09)
Naughton is lurking deep in the pocket and is able to get a head of steam leading up to the ball. He marks, but his set shot misses left (Q4 19:51)
Ugle-Hagan is left unmarked and like Naughton, reels in an easy mark 35m out from goal. He absolutely shanks the set shot though missing everything (Q4 21:38)
Liberatore was slick with the collect on the wing and hits up Lobb who takes a magnificent spinning mark 40m out from goal. The x-factor tonight, Lobb slots his third goal! (Q4 25:50)
It’s Naughton this time who takes a towering mark with Geelong just fading at the finish. He kicks true and the Kardinia Kurse is broken! The Doggies are still alive in 2023! (Q4 28:30)
Miers finds Stengle in the pocket who battles with Jones for possession, he dodges and weaves, takes the ball and snaps across his body, bouncing through some late joy! (Q4 31:10)

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