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Blog log from R19 of 2023: Carlton vs West Coast

Blog log for Carlton vs West Coast, R19 of 2023

Newman roams forward to take a shot at goal, it flashes wide and Hough manages to rush it over (Q1 1:04)
Charlie Curnow smashes a handball inside 50 that finds Motlop, who decides to snap at goal himself from 35m out, Silvagni has to tap it back in and it rolls over (Q1 3:25)
Walsh puts on the fake handpass up on the wing and kicks direct to Charlie Curnow who marks and decides to play on, but grubbers the kick which fortunately rolls through! (Q1 5:08)
Newman marks in the middle of the ground as Dom Sheed is then pinged for encroaching the mark, which results in a 50m penalty and then a goal for the defender! (Q1 6:46)
Walsh kicks a beauty to the lead of Charlie Curnow who marks easily and slots his second goal in the first quarter! (Q1 8:09)
Honey gathers the ball inside 50 and with no pressure coming at him, cashes in with a brilliant snap for goal! (Q1 9:44)
Another mark, another set shot for Charlie Curnow, but this time he’s offline from the flank, kicking a behind (Q1 12:48)
Allen gets a chance to snap on the run, but he can’t curl it back enough, for a behind (Q1 15:28)
McGovern is paid a dubious 50m penalty after dropping the ball, he walks inside 50 and kicks, but the ball don’t lie. Behind. (Q1 18:07)
Curnow grabs the ball out of the ruck and snaps, kicking his third goal of the quarter in spectacular fashion! (Q1 20:09)
Cincotta marks at true CHF, and the half back loads up with a rocket of a kick from 50m out! Another goal for the Blues! (Q1 22:24)
Motlop receives a free kick for holding and gets his name on the scoresheet with a neat kick! (Q1 23:27)
Silvagni rips the ball out of the ruck from a forward throw-in, he streams forward and goals! (Q1 26:09)
De Koning is blocked and thus lines up for a set shot from about 45m out, it drops late and a review is called, with insufficient intent the outcome for a behind (Q1 31:35)
Curnow takes a towering mark after Docherty spears it inside 50. He goes back and kicks his fourth goal as the siren sounds! (Qtr Time)
Fogarty streams inside 50 and burns a golden chance, as he puts it slightly wide for a point (Q2 1:01)
Noah Long receives a free kick after his arms were chopped, and the small forward makes no mistake as he gets the Eagles on the board! (Q2 3:32)
Ed Curnow pops up a kick to the lead of Motlop who marks and goals! (Q2 5:02)
Young gets a chance to stop and prop, snapping at goal, but hits the post from the pocket (Q2 7:59)
Cottrell is held at true CHF and he gives to the run of Walsh who streams forward to kick from 50m out and slam through a goal with class! (Q2 9:33)
Hewett receives from Petrevski-Seton and snaps at goal, but can’t bend it back enough (Q2 12:01)
Charlie Curnow gets a mismatch on Cole and after a turnover, gets an easy mark. He smashes through a snap set shot and he already has 5 goals! (Q2 14:03)
A downfield free kick sees Curnow immediately get another chance at goal, and he slots his sixth goal in quick fashion! (Q2 15:00)
Petruccelle takes a nice mark drifting into the pack, he converts his set shot to give the Eagles fans a rare cheer! (Q2 20:06)
It’s a forward procession for Carlton after a turnover in defence, they work it forward to Ed Curnow, who like his brother, slots a goal! (Q2 23:26)
Charlie Curnow is held in the pocket by Allen, he lines up his set shot, and goals. That’s seven. (Half Time)
Hollands kicks for goal from the flank, it’s a low ball and is hooked to the left for a behind (Q2 28:00)
A 50m penalty sees Duggan with a shot on goal, but he misses the chance (Q2 30:02)
Jack Darling kicks an early behind to kick off proceedings (Q3 1:28)
Petruccelle also kicks a behind from 35m out (Q3 2:58)
Kelly flashes an attempt at goal but that too results in a behind (Q3 4:32)
The Eagles finally get a reward for effort, with Jamie Cripps slotting a goal after a neat West Coast passage (Q3 6:22)
Carlton surge out of the middle and Hewett gets the ball down to Cottrell. Cottrell kicks from 35m out, but misses to the right (Q3 8:33)
Hollands collects on the flank, and spears the ball back inside to Charlie Curnow. Curnow kicks, Curnow goals, and that’s 8! (Q3 9:33)
After some crash and bash deep in attack, the Eagles get another goal through Maric, who snaps it through from close range! (Q3 11:18)
Darling is paid a free kick after getting clobbered in the contest, and he adds another Eagles goal as the Blues let off the gas! (Q3 14:38)
De Koning gets a set shot from a 50m penalty, but he puts the ball to the left for a point (Q3 16:33)
Cottrell fancies himself another shot at goal, but another behind is the result (Q3 22:14)
Curnow marks and loads up the kick from near 65m out on the run, it’s an empty goal square and it rolls through after one bounce for nine! (Q3 26:44)
Cripps sets off along the wing before kicking deep to Darling in the square, but De Koning folds back to smash it over (Q3 29:24)
Dow weaves through traffic in the middle of the ground, and helps himself to a goal with a nice finish from 50m out! (Q4 3:53)
Bailey Williams slides in from the side to take a nice mark 35m out, and threads the ball through with a neat kick! (Q4 6:29)
Darling dislodges his opponent to mark easily 35m out on a slight angle. He bags his second goal as a result! (Q4 9:04)
Curnow leaps and takes a very strong tumbling mark, he kicks quickly with a snap, but the ball pings off the post! (Q4 12:01)
Another Carlton inside 50 and Charlie Curnow rises for it but can’t complete the mark. It goes to ground and Curnow cleans up his mess, snaps for goal, and it rolls through! TEN! (Q4 13:19)
A clever kick from O’Neill finds Gaff 30m out in front of goal, and the veteran splits the sticks well! (Q4 16:32)
Hunt loads up from 50m out, but his kick was always out to the right and rolls through for a point (Q4 18:18)
Petrevski-Seton puts on a nice little 180 and then immediately snaps at goal, putting it through the middle! (Q4 19:04)
Carlton instantly respond and surge forward, they chain up the handballs and it’s a simple procession towards goal, with Hewett converting from the square! (Q4 21:45)
Curnow takes another strong mark 50m out this time, but his kick is wayward for a behind (Q4 21:45)
A throw is picked out of a stoppage in Carlton’s forward 50, Cuningham is the lucky Blue to get the kick, and he makes no mistake! (Q4 28:59)
The clock winds down but the Blues are still looking for more, this time it’s De Koning on a storming lead from the centre bounce who marks and misses to the right (Q4 29:42)
Long marks 50m out with seconds remaining, he plays on to Sheed who marks on the siren, and he quickly chips it through to put a full stop on a sorry day for the Eagles. (Final Siren)

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