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Blog log from R16 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle, R16 of 2023

Poulter mongrels a kick inside 50 to Liberatore who then kicks to English in the pocket. English marks before snapping through the first goal of the afternoon! (Q1 3:36)
Bontempelli goes searching inside 50 and it’s Ugle-Hagan with a storming lead who marks 35m out on a slight angle. He splits the middle with a sweet kick! (Q1 12:34)
Macrae shovels a handpass up to Hannan who kicks towards goal from 40m out, it gets past Ryan and bounces through! (Q1 15:34)
Amiss roves a spilled Fyfe contest and flicks a handball off to Walters who quickly snaps and sneaks through the Dockers’ first! (Q1 19:19)
Fremantle work it across half forward to Darcy who hoists a kick out in front of Walters to mark. Walters gets a bit of bend on the ball but kicks straight as an arrow for two! (Q1 20:59)
Clark dumps a ball towards Jackson but the ball spills to ground. Amiss gathers and spots his chance to snap at goal and level the scores! (Q1 26:20)
Weightman snaps a high one from close range but misses to the left (Q1 28:37)
Weightman spears a kick towards Ugle-Hagan who is held by Ryan to win a free kick. JUH slides the kick to the left for a point (Q2 3:35)
Fyfe tumbles one towards the square where Darcy taps it back towards Amiss. Amiss finds himself with time and space to snap through his second goal! (Q2 4:46)
Liberatore smashes out a clearance from the resulting centre bounce and it’s Weightman who out-muscles Walker to mark 35m out in front and goal! (Q2 6:09)
Hannan collects cleanly on the wing and tries to torpedo it inside 50. Ugle-Hagan beats Cox to the ball easily, but his set shot drops short and is tapped over (Q2 8:53)
It’s Ugle-Hagan again who marks, this time in the pocket. He goes for the snap, and after a quick score review, kicks his second goal! (Q2 9:58)
A hot Darcy handpass causes a Brayshaw fumble, but the big man gets it to Young who slices a kick to Schultz 35m out. Schultz’s kick falls short and is scrambled over (Q2 11:42)
Darcy monsters English to take a mark 20m out from goal. He runs in and the kick looks good, but nicks the inside of the post (Q2 15:02)
Keath makes a meal trying to rush through the ball in defence, but Jackson does better. Daniel rushes it over anyway though (Q2 16:42)
Fremantle go on a slick counter-attack through Schultz, O’Meara roves a Jackson contest on the wing before handballing to Frederick. A kick to Amiss, a mark, a goal! (Q2 19:54)
Walters roves a contest to perfection inside 50, he spots Frederick with a quick kick, he plays on, sidesteps the defenders and slams through an emphatic goal! (Q2 22:04)
O’Meara blasts it out on the full after some frenetic Freo pressure forces a turnover (Q2 24:24)
Naughton beats Pearce to the punch at half-forward and passes to Daniel on the run, he kicks towards the waiting Ugle-Hagan who marks and kicks his third goal! (Q2 26:04)
O’Donnell marks an average Henry kick at half-forward and sends it to the pack forming in the pocket. it’s Bontempelli who rises to take the mark and snap through a goal! (Q2 29:59)
Clark marks just outside the 50m arc and backs himself in from range. He winds up and pumps it towards goal but it falls short and is handled over by Darcy (Q3 4:24)
Ugle-Hagan gets on the end of a neat play down the wing by the Dogs, but he miscues it horrendously as he sends it well back in the stands on the full (Q3 5:59)
Naughton ducks and weaves after a contest, he loses the headband but gets the shot away, though he misses (Q3 11:43)
Johnson blasts a rushed snap at goal that goes very high and very wide but sneaks in for a point (Q3 13:57)
Henry spills a mark at half back under Williams pressure and his opponent is free to run to 40m out and put through a punishing goal! (Q3 14:57)
Henry puts on a sidestep in defence before skewing it out of bounds. Macrae gets the free kick inside and Ugle-Hagan takes a strong mark! He slides it past the post for his fourth! (Q3 20:52)
Frederick takes a decent mark in the pocket, but he plays on quickly with a handpass to Walters, he snaps quickly and converts the chance! (Q3 24:17)
Treacy leads up onto the forward flank and Aish rewards him with a kick along the boundary. It slides across goal and is tapped over by English (Q4 2:43)
Fremantle turn the ball over on the wing and a quick counter-attack sees Serong spear a ball to Walters 45m out in front of goal. Walters gives it some go and slots his fourth! (Q4 4:22)
Schultz scampers inside 50 and places a kick in front of big Sean Darcy who takes a strong mark 20m out. He slots the goal from the 45 degree angle and Freo are in the lead! (Q4 6:41)
Ryan concedes a free kick against Lobb for unrealistic, the Lobbster makes the most of his chance as he winds up from outside 50 and puts the Dogs ahead once more! (Q4 9:50)
West roves a forward contest perfectly as he flicks a handball to Weightman on the run, Weightman smells the goal and pumps it through! (Q4 11:16)
West gets involved again as he sizes the kick to Naughton perfectly 35m out on an angle. The Astro-Naught sends it through the big sticks as the Dogs surge! (Q4 12:37)
Naughton sets it up to the square but it’s tapped over solidly by Cox (Q4 14:17)
Hughes is caught in a double West/Macrae tackle, and Macrae wins the free kick. The silky-smooth operator makes no mistake as the Western Bulldogs have smashes the game open! (Q4 18:17)
Schultz is under immense pressure as he tries to get Freo back in the game with a snap, but misses everything (Q4 19:38)
Smith kicks wide to the flank and Ugle-Hagan, who then kicks to McNeil 25m out from goal. He slots the goal and it might just be a bridge too far for the Dockers now (Q4 20:14)
Serong hits up Amiss on the lead, he quickly goes back into his run-up as he eases into the kick. It’s a peach of a kick as he keeps Freo alive with his fourth goal! (Q4 22:08)
Ugle-Hagan kicks across half-forward and Dale roams up to mark 45m out. He deadly kick in defence, Dale helps himself to a goal to snuff out the lights for Fremantle! (Q4 25:11)
Ryan is caught napping by Naughton in defence as he’s brought down in a strong tackle 40m out in front of goal. Naughton slots his second goal as it’s party time under the roof! (Q4 27:47)
Duryea blasts a kick towards the boundary out of defence and is pinged for deliberate. Henry gets the ball and kicks inside to the pocket where Jackson marks and hits the post (Q4 30:26)
Lobb tries to pinch a late goal but just barely misses (Q4 31:45)
Switkowski zips around in the pocket and finds a kick back to Schultz 35m out. He jogs in to kick from 40 and gets a consolation goal (Q4 32:43)

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