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Blog log from R13 of 2023: Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R13 of 2023

After five minutes of no scoring, Philipou bounces through the first goal of the night from near the hotspot after Marshall clears from a pack at half forward. (Q1 5:57)
Wilkiegets back ahead of Franklin to try to rush a long ball to the square, evades him but Bud is pinged for a push in the back to nullify the score. (Q1 8:16)
Both sides running with two recognised key forwards in this one and it is some turgid stuff. (Q1 17:25)
Warner gets caught high by Howard 45m out on a slight angle, he tries a quick pass but it turns over. (Q1 20:01)
Higgins roves in the pocket and gives inside for Owens for a checkside off a step from 10m… across the face. Finally, a score! Terrible footy. (Q1 23:00)
It is a bit dewy out there at the SCG tonight but that is no excuse for some execrable skill execution. (Q1 23:10)
This is like Bellchambers v Mooney except as jelly wrestling. (Q1 24:00)
The flow of this game is like one of those questionably-fixtured midweek NFL games, when the players haven’t recovered from playing three days ago. (Q1 25:28)
Two ordinary sides coming off the bye and have barely got out of the blocks. Okay, I’ll stop now. (Qtr Time)
Francis holds King to concede a free after the Saints get the first centre clearance of Q2 through Gresham. He converts with no problem. (Q2 0:52)
Lloyd is involved twice in a switch rebound around members wing, his long ball to a pack 30m out on a slight angle is clunked by McLean in front. McLean hits the left post. (Q2 3:57)
McLean intercepts on the HBF, Rampe accepts the feed for a long ball to the HFF, Franklin draws two to provide a crumb for Papley who skids through the finish from 45m. Lovely. (Q2 9:12)
It has taken a very long time, but finally we get some finishing quality. (Q2 9:58)
Franklin draws a contact free 40m out on the flank, Hayward takes the advantage from the pocket 20m out but his snap is touched through on the line. Crowd goes aww. (Q2 12:15)
Franklin flies over Howard and juggles a rare contested mark above his head 40m out on a slight angle. Crowd hushed as Bud lines up in his 350th game… then cheer as he kicks it! (Q2 15:57)
The score is 14 all and the game hasn’t risen much above under-14 level all night. (Q2 18:00)
Two Saints spoil a long ball up the guts to Hickey at the hotspot, the crumb falls to the front where Papley is on his own to goal off his left with a bit of ease. (Q2 18:57)
Gulden roves a Franklin contest after the next bounce but misses under a tackle. (Q2 20:06)
Gulden tumbles a kick from a stoppage 40m out in front, Wilkie prevents Franklin from marking but goes to ground to allow Budwood to rove and goal easily from the line. (Q2 24:53)
Gulden goes to the hotspot after the next bounce, crumb falls for Wicks who grubbers home another one. After a scoreless Q1, Sydney is on FIYAH! (Q2 25:58)
The Saints get the next centre clearance through Gresham, Caminiti gets a contact free on Fox next to the behind post and curls through the kick. (Q2 27:13)
Warner sharks a Gresham handball in defence but gets caught HTB by Butler 30m out on a slight angle, who tries a J-curve set shot and screws it in. (Q2 29:13)
Florent drops an intercept marks near the hotspot early in Q3, his man Butler stayed down to accept the crumb, he pokes a kick to the square for King to mark for the goal. (Q3 0:49)
King marks over Francis 30m out on the flank, crowd boos as he didn’t have a whole lot of it but it was enough on a wet night. King misses anyway to the right. (Q3 3:09)
King feeds Owens who tumbles through the gaol from 30m on a slight angle off the left to restore St Kilda’s lead. (Q3 9:22)
Gulden gets a free just on 50m on a slight angle for a push in the back by Phillipou. He plays on to the left of the man on the mark and roosts a big goal! Sydney back in front. (Q3 11:43)
Marshall pokes a pass inside from the HFF to Gresham after the Saints exit from a stoppage on outer wing. Gresham lines up from 40m on a slight angle, and tugs it left. (Q3 15:15)
Clarke goes to ground chasing a crumb from a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle and gets a very soft high contact free on Wanganeen-Milera. He kicks truly. (Q3 18:43)
Papley centres from the pocket for Campbell 50m out on the flank who puts his hand up immediately to signal he’s taking the shot. He misses to the left. (Q3 24:25)
Wicks misses a mid-range snap after a turnover at half forward. (Q3 26:13)
The Saints scrap and fight with some poor-quality but high-energy ground play, eventually ending with a Butler mark 30m out on the flank, he screws through his second goal. (Q3 30:43)
Surge footy has won a lot of games over the past few weeks as winter descends, and this game has featured two teams with not enough momentum to generate much of it. (3 Qtr Time)
Butler toepokes the crumb from a King contest from the pocket 10m out but it skids too near to Papley who touches it through for a point. (Q4 0:52)
Gresham roves Lloyd’s kick in and tries to send it quickly over his head from 55m on a slight angle but it skids wide left. (Q4 1:37)
Gulden is pinged 50m for ignoring the umpire’s calls to come back over the mark after Owens marks on the HFF, mark brought to point blank range for a gimme goal. (Q4 5:08)
Another technical 50m against Sydney for encroachment on the mark by Sheldrick brings Wanganeen-Milera to 40m on the flank, he kicks truly! (Q4 8:08)
Ross is pinged for a dangerous tackle on Amartey 45m out on a slight angle, but the set shot is wide right. (Q4 9:32)
Gulden misses off the left across the body on the spin from 35m on the flank under pressure. (Q4 13:07)
Campbell chips in front of the lead of Franklin to mark a Papley pass 30m out in front, he kicks straight as usual, scores tied up with 10:20 to play. (Q4 14:32)
Phillipou roves a Steele speculator to the hotspot and gives outside to Hill who snaps high and wide off the right. (Q4 17:23)
King follows his own crumb after contesting a repeat inside 50 at the hotspot, he gathers and gives to Higgins who does the rest off the left from 20m. (Q4 17:44)
Windhager blazes OOTF from a stoppage near the hotspot. Swans need to get a wriggle on, six minutes left. (Q4 23:07)
Owens roves behind a contest on the HFF and screws through a behind from 45m. (Q4 25:07)
Rampe kicks long up the guts from the kick in but is comes straight back through Crouch, his wobbler lands in the arms of Sharman 20m out as Rampe slipped… that’s the sealer! (Q4 25:48)
King snaps a champagne footy goal from 45m on a slight angle in the last minute. (Q4 30:34)
Lloyd kicks a garbage time special from half forward with three seconds left. (Q4 31:52)

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