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Blog log from R8 of 2023: Richmond vs West Coast

Blog log for Richmond vs West Coast, R8 of 2023

The Eagles handball their way from the centre through CHF ending with Petruccelle who checksides the first goal from 20m. Bit simple, that one! (Q1 0:53)
Riewoldt passes inside 50 to Ryan who can’t mark under Witherden pressure, Bolton gives back to Riewoldt who snaps OOTF from 40m in front off the left. (Q1 2:51)
Edwards feeds Hunt to run to 50m on the flank and blaze wide off the right. (Q1 5:23)
Foley punches through a long Bolton kick to the square to prevent Riewoldt contesting. (Q1 6:24)
Pickett rushes a Kelly bouncing snap from a stoppage deep in the pocket 15m out. (Q1 8:22)
Ryan spoils an inside 50 kick by Duggan to the pocket 20m out but straight to Allen who curls in a lovely finish off a step from the right boot. (Q1 9:53)
Pickett marks in front of a pack at the hotspot after the Tigers spend a few minutes with the ball in their front half. The Tigers need this a bit… he converts. (Q1 15:08)
Jones passes to Gaff 40m out wide on the flank after the Eagles get some repeat inside 50s. The set shot is straight but falls on the line for Ryan to rush. (Q1 22:19)
Bolton beats Clark for a crumb at a stoppage on the HFF, he turns and shoots off a step from 45m but it bounces wide. (Q1 25:07)
Ryan taps down at a throw-in next to the Eagles behind post but straight to West who snaps off the right for a high goal from 15m. (Q2 0:22)
Bolton marks 45m out but sees Graham running forward for the pass near the hotspot. Graham converts. (Q2 2:24)
Waterman plays for and gets a high tackle free on Balta on the HFF, plays on and shoots from 45m but it’s across the face. (Q2 4:22)
Hopper snaps wide from the HFF> Not much structure in this game, both teams undermanned in key positions and not in good form at all. (Q2 7:22)
Graham misses a drop punt set shot from deep in the pocket 25m out. (Q2 10:33)
Rotham gets back just int time to spoil a Pickett kick to Cumberland at the top of the square for a rushed behind. (Q2 12:06)
McIntosh baulks down the flank and shoots from 40m, across the face but Bolton marks on the behind line and kicks Richmond into the lead with his first goal. (Q2 14:02)
Ryan taps down to Bolton at the hotspot but his left-foot snap is curled too far right. (Q2 17:29)
Jones gives Duggan a hospital handball deep in defence, Pickett catches him HTB 20m out in the pocket but hits the far left goalpost. (Q2 19:33)
Short ducks into a Gaff tackle to get a lucky free in the centre, he passes to Prestia 40m out in front who shanks for a point. Footy gods smile. (Q2 20:40)
Miller marks at the back of a big pack at the hotspot on yet another repeat inside 50 for the Tigers this quarter, the ball has lived in their half. Miller kicks truly. (Q2 22:05)
A dumb 50m against Cumberland for timewasting results in an Allen mark in the pocket 25m out from a Witherden pass. Allen kicks the footy right over the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q2 24:38)
Prestia roves a spoil at half forward and kicks to the square where Taranto had cheated forward of the play to mark and goal just seconds before HT. (Q2 32:15)
After Kelly clears from the centre, Waterman marks a Petruccelle pass on the boundary just inside 50m in front of Grimes in the last second before HT. His shot is rushed. (Q2 34:01)
Bolton feeds Martin who hits the post snapping across the body from near the hotspot. (Q3 5:10)
West roves a Darling contest, baulks clear with a right-foot step, steadies and hits the post from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 6:36)
Kelly passes to Allen near the hotspot who boots his third goal, bringing the margin back within a kick. (Q3 7:54)
Good pressure by Richmond, Pickett smothers Hurn on the wing to allow Baker to spot up Bolton leading to the boundary 45m out. Clarke roves the kick and rolls through the goal! (Q3 11:56)
Sheed runs from the next centre bounce and passes to Allen outside the hotspot, a few steps ahead of Balta. Allen slots goal number four. (Q3 12:59)
Clark bombs long to Darling against a nest of Tigers but Broad is pinged for a jumper tug 20m out in front. Darling puts West Coast into the lead with his first goal. (Q3 18:50)
Bolton roves a ball up near the hotspot with a rather fierce and illegal shepherd by Graham on Ginbey, ump didn’t see it so the goal stands. (Q3 21:25)
Prestia kicks Richmond away with a goal from 40m on a slight angle after Martin chases a Hopper centre clearance and handballs behind. (Q3 22:15)
Taranto clears from a stoppage on members wing, Martin can’t mark but starts a handball chain inside that ends with that man Prestia again who goals from 35m. (Q3 24:15)
Rotahm drops a complete sitter of an intercept mark at half back, Tigers swarm the fall and amazingly it’s Prestia who completes a hat-trick of snap goals from the same spot! (Q3 27:05)
Presita kicks inside 50 to a pack 35m out, spoil goes behind towards the square, Witherden and Mansell chase, did the Tiger toepoke it through? On review… (Q3 30:35)
Witherden is ruled to have touched it through for a behind. (Q3 31:00)
Clarke roves a stoppage on the HFF and feeds Taranto who is pushed as he is kicked by Trew but the ball grubbers through. (Q4 6:18)
Balta holds Allen to give away a free kick 45m out on the flank, fairly obvious that one. The set shot is a dirty floater, off hands for a behind. (Q4 7:18)
Witherden passes to Waterman leading down the flank to 45m, who hits the far left post. (Q4 12:18)
Bolton gathers a bouncing ball in the pocket and gives inside to Hopper who baulks Hurn with a right-foot step and checksides the sealing goal from 30m. (Q4 13:53)
Ryan kicks off junk time with a nice set shot conversion from CHF. (Q4 15:36)
Williams marks a set shot by Darling from the HFF in the square for a garbage time goal with five minutes to go. (Q4 20:44)
West flashes through a stoppage on the HFF and gives inside to Jones who blazes wide from 50m. (Q4 22:34)
The Tigers rebound coast to coast from the kick in, Riewoldt passes to Bolton 45m out in the corridor for his third goal to cap a BOG performance. (Q4 23:19)
Martin joins the party with a hugely cheered snap goal from half forward. (Q4 25:02)
Hopper spins on the HFF after a Martin feed and goes inside to Taranto 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 26:18)
Foley passes to O’Neill 20m out on the flank off the back of a Kelly centre clearance. XON misses, logically. (Q4 27:53)

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