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Blog log from R5 of 2023: Geelong vs West Coast

Blog log for Geelong vs West Coast, R5 of 2023

Clark tries a blind snap after Long feeds him a handpass, it soars high and wide for a point (Q1 1:37)
Culley and Jones combine to get the ball down to Waterman in the pocket. He goes for the snap and curls the ball through to perfection! (Q1 2:52)
Long marks a neat Allen kick inside 50, but it’s a bit too far for the small forward who hooks it to the left trying to get the distance (Q1 7:54)
Allen marks a long kick from the loping Hough 45m out. He runs in on a slight angle and sends the ball through the big sticks! (Q1 10:07)
Dangerfield collects the loose ball on the forward flank and takes a shot at goal, but keeps it too narrow for a behind (Q1 11:37)
Dangerfield outmuscles Jones to mark a Duncan kick at CHF but as he does historically, sprays it wide (Q1 12:55)
Culley gives off to Waterman on the 50, but he can’t kick accurately as it floats wide for a point (Q1 14:11)
A cheap error sees the cats pounce through Cameron and Miers, it ends up with Hawkins in the pocket who thinks about the quick handball, but decides to go back and snap it through! (Q1 16:07)
Culley gives away a free kick on Close and it goes downfield. Stengle plays on twice but the umpire calls him back both times, before Stengle finally snaps it through legally! (Q1 23:28)
Stengle soccers it inside 50 and there’s confusion in the Eagles defence as two collide! Miers gets it to Hawkins who kicks to Close in the square. Close converts! (Q1 25:40)
Dangerfield takes a little screamer on Ginbey at half forward before hitting up Hawkins in the pocket. The Big Hawk goes for the drop punt and it works back beautifully! (Q1 28:09)
Smith squares the ball up from the pocket, but it’s hit over in the contest (Q1 30:09)
Yeo kicks it right onto the chest of Henry from the resulting kick-in. Henry bends it back through the big sticks as the siren sounds for quarter time! (Qtr Time)
Dangerfield outmuscles Culley in the middle of the ground and spears it inside 50. Hawkins leads up on Barrass and takes a strong mark 20m out. He puts it through quickly for #3! (Q2 1:09)
Geelong work it inside 50, chaining the handballs out to Tuohy who puts the skates to to get past Barrass, take a bounce and screw through a checkside in the pocket!! (Q2 6:13)
Holmes sets up Smith who then quickly handballs over his head to Cameron who is in space, Jezza strolls in and grubbers through a goal! (Q2 7:09)
Rotham chops the arms of Cameron, giving away a free kick. Cameron runs in from 45m out and puts through his second goal in quick succession! (Q2 8:54)
Holmes and Miers combine at half-forward, Miers faking the handball to kick inside to Cameron. He marks 35m out and his kick is a horrible shank that somehow helicopters through! (Q2 11:09)
Culley handballs straight to Cameron who snaps instantly around the body, but the balls thuds into the post (Q2 13:08)
Hawkins and Stengle combine from a forward stoppage as Stengle kicks to the top of the square and Blicavs marks. He plays on and adds another goal to the tally! (Q2 14:50)
Hough scrambles over to clash with Stengle and force the ball over for a behind (Q2 16:09)
Kelly’s set shot from the pocket goes across the face to the pack, and in the contest the ball is rushed over (Q2 18:08)
The Eagles put together a nice passage of play that ends with Allen marking 40m out on an angle. His kick starts right and bends back, but only as far as the post (Q2 19:49)
Yeo pumps a ball long inside 50, but again it’s hit over the line in the contest (Q2 21:30)
O’Neill tries to kick a miracle checkside from the pocket, but it fans wide for another behind (Q2 22:13)
Tuohy marks on the wing and spears it inside 50 onto the chest of Henry. He runs around for the big snap from 35m out, and slots his second! (Q2 25:55)
Kelly marks 40m out in front, but gives off to Ginbey who streams forward to slot his first AFL goal! (Q2 27:55)
Cameron takes a tumbling mark against Yeo and slots his fourth goal from 35m out in front! (Q2 29:10)
Blicavs marks a Smith kick 35m out in front and slots his second goal of the quarter to pile on the pain (Q2 31:45)
O’Neill tries to slot one from the pocket but hits the behind post for no score (Q3 0:55)
Waterman is held by Kolodjashnij contentiously, but gets the free kick 10m out and pops it through (Q3 3:53)
Dangerfield snatches the ball from the middle and streams forward before hitting up Hawkins 25m out in front. Hawkins’ set shot is a bit of a stab though as he hits the post (Q3 5:41)
Cameron hits up Bowes in the pocket and he manages to hang onto it. Bowes then goes back with the snap from 30m out and gets his name onto the goal-sheet! (Q3 7:18)
Smith slots a goal from range as he boots one from near 50m out to get in on the act! (Q3 10:14)
Hawkins slots his fourth from a similar spot as his last attempt at goal (Q3 10:17)
Darling collects from Kelly and decides to just let loose from 50m out, helping himself to a goal! (Q3 12:40)
Allen marks on his chest and kicks his second goal as the Eagles string a couple together (Q3 16:23)
Cameron tries a dribbler from the pocket, but Hough is there to block the goal as he slams into the padding (Q3 17:37)
Allen marks and then handballs over the top of Ratugolea to Darling for a Joe the Goose special! (Q3 19:34)
Petruccelle streams inside 50 and takes a shot, slotting another goal for the Eagles! (Q3 21:54)
Allen gets a free kick for a driving tackle in the back by Stanley and slots his third goal as the Eagles continue to push! (Q3 24:22)
Barrass tries to take the ball out of bounds but the umpire pings him as it’s poorly disguised. Hawkins kicks inside to Close who slots his second goal (Q3 28:54)
Close is inexplicably allowed to run at the ball freely to mark uncontested 20m out in front of goal. He kicks his third goal and second in the quarter (Q3 32:34)
Breust is caught high by Green and the Hawks take advantage ending up
Greene gets separation from Buckley to mark in front of the pack and add another early goal for the Hawks! (Q4 1:44)
Waterman slots his third goal to kick off the last quarter (Q4 2:05)
Petrevski-Seton takes a strong mark 25m out in front, and slots the goal as the Eagles look to shore up the cracks in the last quarter (Q4 4:15)
Waterman slots another goal as the Eagles continue their push again! (Q4 6:16)
Sicily lets loose a cannon from range, but it’s handled over for a point (Q4 6:35)
Toby Greene tries to sneak through a goal but it’s handled over (Q4 6:52)
Culley takes a strong mark, but his kick bends left with the wind for a behind (Q4 7:27)
It wasn’t danger areas yet, but Geelong get a needed goal back through Close, who kicks his fourth goal (Q4 12:50)
Tuohy tries to slot his second goal, but misses (Q4 19:08)
Hunt streams into within 25m of goal, but he misses badly (Q4 19:30)
Allen takes a strong mark and wears the contact, his set shot sneaks home, and this is confirmed upon goal review! (Q4 21:50)
Holmes takes a shot after getting clear from a forward stoppage, getting in on the party! (Q4 24:11)
Darling tries to snag a third goal, but his kick falls short and it’s taken over for a point (Q4 26:28)
Henry goes looking for his third goal, but misses to the right (Q4 30:32)

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