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Blog log from R3 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R3 of 2023

Powell-Pepper marks a Bergman kick to the flank 50m out, he goes back for the set shot, the kick is low and straight and just clears O’Brien for the opening goal! (Q1 1:39)
Butts gives away a blocking free on Dixon as they sit under a long Houston ball up the guts to the top of the square. Dixon boots his first goal of the Showdown. (Q1 3:32)
Rachele feeds wide of a pack on the HFF 45m out to Keays who screws a snap off the left… curls into the far goalpost. (Q1 7:33)
The Crows handball their way through the centre after turning it over on outer wing, Dawson with the key broken tackle, ending up with Rankine zipping to 20m for the goal. (Q1 9:23)
Rankine passes short to Soligo near the boundary 45m out, his kick falls in the square and the ball sits up for Thilthorpe who snaps the goal over his shoulder! (Q1 12:14)
Dawson marks on the wing 70m out and plays on for a long ball to the pocket, the ball carries the pack and takes a lovely off break to roll through for an unlikely Showdown special (Q1 14:56)
Crows again win in the centre, Pedlar feeds Rankine to stroll into the open goal! (Q1 16:14)
Sholl marks in relief at the Port hotspot, Powell-Pepper was behind him and tackles the Crow as he shapes to play on, very red hot HTB free, SPP goals again! (Q1 19:56)
Dixon leaps in front of a big pack just outside the hotspot to clunk a contested grab from a speculator by Lycett from the wing. He goals again. (Q1 22:16)
Sloane to Dawson for a tumbling clearance from the wing that lands in the arms of Pedlar diving in front of Bonner 45m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q1 26:36)
Chaos ball to the Port hotspot after the next bounce, Finlayson beats Hinge with body work to gather and give Jones a Joe the Goose special. (Q1 28:31)
Duursma flies over Dawson for a big mark at the hotspot and chips through another go-ahead goal. (Q1 32:31)
Marshall contests a long Rozee ball at the hotspot, the crumb falls over the back where Butters is on his own to gather and goal. (Q2 0:24)
Thilthorpe beats Clurey to mark 35m out on a slight angle, his set shot works from left to right and straight through. (Q2 1:45)
Murphy marks 40m out on a slight angle with Houston too late to impact. His set shot is short and wide left for no score. (Q2 4:05)
Dawson marks a Soligo speculator to the hotspot, Horne-Francis letting him go instead of contesting. The set shot flies right, though. (Q2 6:00)
Drew taps a loose ball after a stoppage in the pocket to Rozee who does the rest off the right boot from 15m. (Q2 8:11)
Rioli marks on the edge of the centre square, plays on past a flat-footed Milera on the mark and rams through the goal from CHF! (Q2 10:00)
Rachele gives to Sholl who snaps wide from 30m on a slight angle. (Q2 11:10)
Finlayson gives away 50m scragging Walker off the ball which leads to Thilthorpe marking a Laird pass at the hotspot for the goal. (Q2 18:49)
Thilthorpe gathers a bouncing Rankine clearance kick to the hotspot and feeds Pedlar to skid through the goal. (Q2 22:04)
Marshall clunks a mark on the lead in front of Thilthorpe 40m out on a slight angle, but he misses. (Q2 24:46)
Finlayson has two Crows chasing and no one in front of him on the wing but Murray mows him down to prevent a score. (Q2 26:46)
O’Brien gives to Rachele who runs to true CHF playing on to advantage for a free behind the play, she shoots and Gollant is gallant in shepherding it through! (Q2 28:06)
Murray runs under the footy to allow Dixon to mark a Rozee ball to the hotspot too easily. Charlie hits the left goalpost, scores level leading into HT. (Q2 31:00)
Pedlar gets a contact free just inside 50m on a slight angle, his set shot is low and long… just long enough! (Q3 2:48)
Drew runs in front of O’Brien up the outer wing and passes to the dive of Marshall 30m out near the boundary. Marshall screws home the set shot. (Q3 6:01)
Powell-Pepper starts and then gets involved again in a rebound up the guts, Wines passes to Dixon near the hotspot who kicks truly for his third goal. (Q3 10:16)
Keays blazes wide off a step from the boundary 45m out off the left. (Q3 12:22)
Milera clears from a pack on the wing, Gollant draws a free at half forward and Soligo plays on to advantage to curl through the goal from 35m! (Q3 16:21)
Dixon misses on the lope from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:44)
Farrell touches through a Walker snap to level the scores once again. (Q3 20:44)
Soligo passes to Walker on the boundary 40m out, the Port home fans boo then cheer as he sprays it OOTF. (Q3 20:44)
Walker draws a ruck free 30m out on the flank but pushes this one to the left. (Q3 20:44)
Rachele misses from a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:44)
Farrell’s kick clanger at half back is roved by Pedlar who misses under pressure from 35m on a slight angle. (Q3 30:01)
Dawson passes to Rachele on the HFF, he goes quickly to the square, crumb sits up but Jones fumbles it to Thilthorpe who accepts the gift goal! (Q4 0:47)
After Powell-Pepper charges in to start the pressure, Drew catches Pedlar HTB at the Port hotspot. He sprays a rather easy chance, though. (Q4 6:08)
Horne-Francis delivers a lovely pass over traffic at half forward to the lead of Fantasia 45m out in front, he goals to bring the lead back to a kick, where it has been mostly. (Q4 8:28)
Powell-Pepper drops a Boak pass on the HFF but has time to gather, baulk clear of the chasers and wobble through his third goal from 35m! (Q4 10:23)
Rankine is on his back on the wing but somehow wins a contest and sets Gollant away to pass to Murphy 40m out, he goals! (Q4 14:28)
Throw in to the Crows FP, Walker feeds Laird who tumbles through a massive goal from 15m! (Q4 16:41)
Rankine screws through a huge goal from a stoppage at the hotspot, that’s just about the ball game! (Q4 23:25)
Sloane passes to the pocket where Thilthorpe marks 30m out sliding on his knees. He curls it inside the near goalpost, that is the cherry on top of Showdown 53! (Q4 25:39)
Jones smothers Houston on the HFF then marks the resultant turnover pass 45m out. He kicks a champagne goal to wow the few Crow fans in the crowd! (Q4 28:28)
Bergman snaps on the run from the HFF, Hinge gets back on the line to punch it through. (Q4 30:20)
Boak marks a Drew speculator from the HFF to the hotspot, crowd hoots as he misses. (Q4 31:33)
Gollant marks a Laird pass 50m out on the flank and misses in the last minute. (Q4 33:31)
Soligo passes to Rankine 25m out on the flank, Izak will have the last kick of the match and it’s his fourth goal! (Q4 34:34)

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