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Blog log from R2 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R2 of 2023

Hill pops a handball over the top in space and Phillipou is able to run onto it and snap through the first goal from 15 out in front! (Q1 1:09)
Crozier’s handball is off target, allowing Wood to collect and set up Owens for another quick St Kilda goal! (Q1 2:40)
Bailey Smith’s kick is picked off by Ross, who then finds Gresham in the pocket. Gresham takes his time before running around and snapping through a goal! (Q1 8:25)
Naughton is paid a dubious mark from a Keath entry inside 50, but the ball doesn’t lie, as his set shot from 20m out is offline (Q1 11:53)
Wood picks off an errant kick and kicks strongly to Caminiti 35m out on the boundary, but his snap set shot bends to the near side (Q1 16:46)
Richards is pinged for a throw under pressure, with Hill kicking sideways to Steele for a better angle at goal. The skipper calmly converts as St Kilda dominate early! (Q1 20:20)
A downfield free kick sees Owens line up from range for a set shot, but his kick is off to the right for a point (Q2 2:44)
Crouch receives a kind bounce inside 50, but his kick is partially smothered, though Phillipou is able to clean it all up and put through his second goal! (Q2 4:30)
Caleb Daniel pops up forward with clear air through the pack to kick on the run, but misses right (Q2 8:30)
Phillipou and Steele combine at half forward to set up Higgins with a set shot 35m out on a slight angle, but Higgins hooks it left (Q2 9:46)
Owens attempts a snap from the pocket, but can’t get the angles right for a behind (Q2 13:27)
Baker finds Scott in space inside 50 40m out, his kick is online, but bounces off the post (Q2 15:27)
Ugle-Hagan misses the lot from 30m out in front, to cruel the Dogs’ hope again (Q2 16:02)
The Bulldogs get another chain together, finishing with a Baker mark in the pocket. He puts it through the middle for the first Dogs goal! (Q2 18:46)
Garcia receives a free kick for in the back 35m out, and he slots it as well! Two quick goals for the Doggies! (Q2 21:13)
Clark gives away another sloppy free kick, this time it’s Macrae lining up, but his kick is low, and handled over (Q2 22:46)
Mclean’s kick finds Naughton in the pocket, and the big man slams through the snap as the margin is cut down! (Q2 23:33)
Ugle-Hagan works through traffic to get a snap off, but misses to the near side (Q2 25:45)
Marshall clumsily gives away a free kick in the ruck, and as the siren sounds, big Tim English jogs in and goals to cap off a brilliant comeback in the second quarter! (Half Time)
St Kilda take advantage from the middle of the ground and Phillipou marks on the 50. He opens the arc and powers through his third goal! (Q3 1:13)
Bontempelli lopes through the centre of the ground before unleashing a brilliant kick to the advantage of Naughton who marks and wears some contact. Naughton converts from 25 out! (Q3 4:13)
Ugle-Hagan kicks to Naughton on the lead 35 out on the flank, but his kick slides past the post for a behind (Q3 7:50)
Crouch jabs a short kick to the chest of Cordy who marks 30m out on an angle. He guides it home to the tune of the jeers of Dogs fans! (Q3 10:39)
Caminiti roosts one from range and it’s only the long limbs of English that get a hand on it to result in a point (Q3 14:55)
Jones is caught cold by Butler in the middle of the ground, and the Saints go right up the guts, getting it to Caminiti as he smashes through his first AFL goal from range! (Q3 18:12)
It’s Darcy vs Owens in the ruck somehow, and it’s the taller Darcy giving away a holding free kick. Mitchito pops through the goal from 15m out! (Q3 21:14)
Wood lurks out the back of a forward stoppage and Gresham feeds it to him. Wood slots the goal as there are calls of touched, but is given the all-clear pretty quickly (Q3 25:12)
A 50m penalty sees Cordy mark 45m out on a slight angle. His kick is true as he bags another against his old side! (Q3 26:39)
Baker runs past and gets the ball from Mclean 50m out, but his kick is wide (Q3 28:32)
Williams is inexplicably by himself and marks 35m out in front. His set shot is more of a set shank however, as he misses to the right (Q4 2:21)
Hill gets loose down the forward flank and spies Wood on the lead in the middle of the forward 50. Wood dives, Wood marks, and Wood misses (Q4 6:23)
Wood tries to sneak a goal from the contest, but it thuds into the post (Q4 8:51)
Crouch bombs it from 50m out on the run, it falls short and a comedic shuffle ensues between Crozier and Butler, but it eventually rolls over for a point (Q4 11:06)
Marshall is unopposed on the line, and able to tap through an Ugle-Hagan set shot (Q4 12:42)
Owens hangs on to a triple-grabber 25m out in front, and steers home his third goal as it’s party time under the roof! (Q4 14:25)
Crozier gets a free kick and rare set shot on the 50m arc, but he blows it wide for a point (Q4 18:30)
Caminiti marks 55m out, but is called forward after a downfield free kick. He puts through another goal to put a cherry on top of a great team performance! (Q4 21:10)
Gresham is held by Bontempelli and he casually plays on to put through some junk (Q4 27:26)

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