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Blog log from PF of 2022: Geelong vs Brisbane

Blog log for Geelong vs Brisbane, PF of 2022

Holmes intercepts Neale’s opening centre clearance and goes over CHF for Dangerfield to mark running with the flight 45m out. The set shot starts right and swings in, first goal! (Q1 0:39)
Rayner passes to half forward where McCarthy chips in front of Hipwood to mark 45m out on a slight angle, he boots Brisbane’s opener. (Q1 10:19)
Brisbane poor starters and Cats probably a bit rusty due to lack of games, not surprising it’s low-scoring early. (Q1 13:41)
Stengle is second to an aimless snap by Dangerfield to the pocket but catches Starcevich HTB 30m out with a chicken wing tackle, he screws through the goal. (Q1 19:25)
Coleman dumps a kick to half back from the pocket but there are too many Cats milling about, Cam Guthrie taps to Dangerfield who slams through his second on the turn from 45m! (Q1 22:25)
Two Lions slip over at the next centre bounce to allow Selwood to stroll out the front, he hits Hawkins 45m out in front who just misses to the right. (Q1 23:45)
Brisbane had lost the previous ten clearances but win one on the wing and switch into attack, Ah Chee marks a Coleman pass 30m out on the flank and kicks truly. (Q1 26:35)
Stanley gives to Smith who snaps across the face off a step from 40m on the flank. (Q1 28:32)
Holmes catches Wilmot HTB HTB after a stoppage 35m out on the flank, just before the QT siren. He screws through the big red time goal. (Qtr Time)
Bailey fumbles a McCarthy handball to his feet 45m out on a slight angle, Henry comes in hot and cannons into his head to give away an obvious free. Bailey slots the goal. (Q2 4:20)
Brisbane won a lot of clearances early but Geelong bossed the second half of Q1. Lions would be glad not to be too far behind at this point. (Q2 4:32)
Atkins passes to the lead of Jeremy Cameron who gets a very soft contact free on Gardiner 40m out on a slight angle, he misses and the footy gods smile. (Q2 7:03)
Hipwood drops a mark on outer wing, Zach Guthrie pounces and kicks down the flank for Rohan 15m out who goals. (Q2 10:35)
Zorko gives wide of a stoppage at half forwards to Rich who lets fly from just outside CHF… floats wide right. (Q2 12:24)
Andrews spoils Hawkins in the pocket but the Hawk regathers, slips and gives behind to Miers who tumbles through the goal from 20m. (Q2 14:02)
Hawkins is somehow paid a HTB free at the hotspot for a ball he was caught in possession with, Gardiner very unlucky. But the Hawk sprays the free, footy gods laughing hard! (Q2 17:39)
Surge footy by the Cats up the corridor after Tuohy taps a loose ball forward in the centre, it’s untidy but Hawkins checksides the goal from 20m. (Q2 19:57)
Dangerfield snaps wide from 55m off a step off his left boot. He’s feeling it tonight. (Q2 21:01)
Miers pokes a pass to the dive of Hawkins 45m out on a slight angle, who misses again. (Q2 22:58)
Ah Chee drops the rebound kick on the wing and it’s pumped straight back in by Blicavs, Hawkins marks easily over Robertson at the hotspot and misses for a fourth time. (Q2 24:08)
Rayner roves the first centre bounce of Q3 coming up from half forward, pivots and passes to Daniher 45m out on a slight angle. The crowd cheers his OOTF kick. (Q3 0:28)
The Cats rebound coast to coast from the kick in, Stengle gets his chance on the boundary 30m out and screws in his second goal. (Q3 1:27)
Holmes misses a snap from half forward. (Q3 3:11)
Charlie Cameron didn’t have a kick in the first half, but he gets a contact free on Bews 40m out in front and boots a much-needed goal for Brisbane. (Q3 5:52)
Hawkins marks on the lead 30m out on the flank and swerves through the set shot. (Q3 10:14)
Cam Guthrie passes short to Smith 40m out on a slight angle, who tugs it right. (Q3 12:49)
Close gives to Rohan who kicks a party time goal from near the hotspot, despite a push as he kicked. (Q3 15:14)
De Koning beats Daniher to start a rebound, Smith passes to Daniher 35m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q3 17:14)
Selwood intercepts at CHF and passes short to Miers 40m out, who hoofs through the goal. This one is over. (Q3 20:20)
Bailey is pinged for dissent after getting caught HTB, Selwood is brought from the centre to the hotspot for some junk. (Q3 21:49)
Miers baulks clear on the HFF and passes short to Hawkins 30m out, he boots goal number three. (Q3 24:29)
Hawkins feeds Stengle for another champagne footy goal from the pocket 30m out. (Q3 27:51)
Berry marks a long ball from the HFF to the square for a garbage time goal. (Q3 29:27)
Jeremy Cameron snaps wide from the pocket 25m out. (Q3 31:52)
Jeremy Cameron kicks off Q4 junk time with his first goal from a set shot. (Q4 2:47)
Dangerfield sets up Hawkins to dribble home his fourth goal from the square. (Q4 4:32)
Charlie Cameron misses a set shot from the pocket. (Q4 6:17)
Duncan feeds Close streaming through half forward to snap another one. (Q4 8:11)
Hipwood marks a Berry kick 30m out on a slight angle and swings through some junk. (Q4 12:12)
Hipwood runs into the open goal for his second. (Q4 14:10)
Neale passes to Bailey 45m out in front, who misses. (Q4 15:33)
McCluggage snaps wide from the pocket after a stoppage. (Q4 24:14)
Zach Guthrie intercepts a Robertson kick to 40m in front, he kicks truly and the Cat fans roar their approval. (Q4 25:32)
Hipwood marks a Daniher speculator to 30m on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 27:28)

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