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Blog log from R23 of 2022: Carlton vs Collingwood

Blog log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R23 of 2022

Maynard marks a rushed kick out of defence right on the arc. It’s a big kick, it’s a massive kick, it’s a touched behind! (Q1 1:40)
A hacked kick out of Carlton’s defence flies OOTF, Sidebottom is the man to get the free kick 35m out. He bends it like Beckham for the first goal of the game! (Q1 3:20)
Curnow gets space on the flank and immediately kicks to his partner in crime in McKay who marks 30m out on the 45. He kicks the drop punt, but misses (Q1 4:30)
The Pies work the ball out to the far side where Josh Daicos is waiting to lope along and chip it to Mihocek who marks 40m out on a slight angle. Mihocek misses (Q1 6:35)
Nick Daicos collects the ball on the forward flank and runs to 40 out to take a shot, but misses to the left (Q1 6:56)
Daicos, Pendlebury and De Goey link up through the middle of the ground, De Goey pumping it to Mihocek who marks 40 out in front. Mihocek can’t convert, missing again (Q1 9:37)
The ball gets out the back of Curnow and Murphy, Curnow throws a boot at it but misses to the right (Q1 11:04)
Setterfield marks a rushed Murphy kick on the 50 and lines up the set shot, but it fades late for a behind (Q1 17:55)
Ginnivan is caught high and sizes up a kick to De Goey who takes a strong mark 35 out, but he too misses the set shot (Q1 21:09)
Hoskin-Elliott cleans up a dropped mark and feeds it to Crisp who takes a few steps and puts through a goal! (Q1 22:01)
McCreery pumps a ball deep to the pocket where Daicos and Ginnivan are waiting, Ginnivan collects, spins and snaps, slotting a goal! (Q1 26:30)
Martin marks on the flank and quickly spears a kick to Owies who marks 40m out. Owies converts and gets stuck into Pendlebury as there’s a bit of carry on after the fact! (Q2 2:17)
Elliott is paid a mark after Stocker tries to prevent him, he runs in from 45 out on a big angle, and his kick sticks to the left (Q2 4:47)
Silvagni mops up a dropped ball and feeds it to Martin in the pocket who dribbles through a goal! But the umpire calls a review, and edge detects a behind! (Q2 11:17)
Docherty is caught high and the Blues take advantage through Cottrell who kicks to a 2 on 2 and Curnow marks! He kicks from 25 out, but shanks it and it falls short for no score! (Q2 14:13)
Owies spanks a kick forward that McKay is able to lead and mark. The big H steams in from 40 out and puts it through as the Blues fight back! (Q2 15:13)
Carlton work it forward through unrelenting pressure! Setterfield sends a kick in the Curnow direction who takes a screamer! The set shot doesn’t compete though (Q2 17:13)
Mihocek and Hoskin-Elliott combine on the wing, WHE kicking to the lead of Ginnivan who marks 40 out on the flank. He makes it look easy as he goes to the crowd! (Q2 21:29)
Noble intercepts and kicks deep into the pocket where Johnson marks, just inside the field of play. He goes for the banana in the pocket and kicks a ripper of a goal!! (Q2 24:13)
Silvagni and Cripps take each other out in a forward stoppage but Cerra is there to quickly snap and start the second half the right way for Carlton! (Q3 1:53)
Docherty catches De Goey HTB in the middle of the ground and forces a stand rule 50m penalty! Docherty walks to 20 out and puts the goal through as the Blues get around him! (Q3 3:38)
Sidebottom is pinged for a dangerous tackle on Cerra, and Adam lines up a set shot from 45 out as a result. He flushes the kick as we have a proper game on our hands now! (Q3 8:38)
Docherty kicks to where the talls are congregating and Curnow loses his man to take a powerful mark! The Coleman medallist runs in from 35 out and puts the Blues in front! (Q3 12:13)
Noble and Daicos combine on the wing, Josh loping forward before sending a bullet to the chest of Cameron. He kicks from 45 out on the 45, but he misses to the right (Q3 15:38)
Cottrell sends a ball in the McKay direction and he beats out two to clunk it in the pocket! A quick snap, a quick goal, and Carlton threaten to break away! (Q3 17:48)
McCreery turns it over in horrible fashion and Carlton go end to end in a heartbeat, with Curnow marking on the 50. He makes the distance easily, but is off target (Q3 20:33)
Collingwood turn it over in the middle of the ground and Setterfield pumps it back inside, it spills off the Curnow contest but Motlop is there to collect, snap and goal! (Q3 21:53)
Cottrell fashions a snap from 35 out, but it flies high and wide for a point (Q3 23:53)
The Pies work sideways from a throw-in, getting it to Ginnivan who has the time and composure to snap from 40 out and kick a massive goal for Collingwood! (Q3 25:34)
Curnow gathers the ball, he stops and props from 35 out and slides through a goal in response! (Q3 27:09)
The ball rolls to McKay after a forward contest, he tries to snap through a goal, but hooks it too far for a point (Q3 28:48)
Mihocek marks in a 2 on 2 right on the 50. It’s a difficult kick, but he gets a lot of bend on the ball. Too much in fact as it goes for a behind (Q3 30:39)
Motlop roves a McKay contest like a good small forward does, putting through his second goal for the quarter as the lead extends to 4 goals! (Q3 35:44)
Lipinski and Ginnivan combine inside 50, with Ginnivan trying to sneak a shot on goal, but it’s touched over (Full Time)
Cripps bullocks through a few tackles before handballing to Owies who kicks to Curnow. He’s called to play on so he snaps, but misses (Q4 3:58)
Durdin weaves out of a stoppage and takes a snapping shot, but doesn’t hook it enough for a behind (Q4 4:51)
Johnson is paid a block after a McCreery inside 50 entry, he kicks from 20m out in the pocket to try and start a comeback! (Q4 6:19)
O’Brien kicks long to Motlop out the back, but the Pies get back to knock it through (Q4 8:42)
Noble kicks inside 50 in hope and it’s the Big Cox who marks! A big man, a big time player, he puts it through and there’s life in this Collingwood team yet! (Q4 11:21)
O’Brien somehow manages to mark a ball right on 50. He gives it some juice, but it fades left for a behind (Q4 15:57)
McKay clunks a mark 50m out right on the boundary, but his kick was always sticking to the left (Q4 17:05)
Moore fumbles the bag in defence and Carlton pounce, Curnow taking the shot, but missing (Q4 18:47)
Quaynor bombs it long to the pack, where JAMIE ELLIOTT TAKES A SCREAMER!! He runs in from 25 out and puts it through! Margin back down to 11 with just under 6 minutes to go! (Q4 20:30)
Collingwood have some spring in their step now, Pendlebury finding time as he always does to get it to McCreery who takes a step to kick from 45 out, IT’S THROUGH! (Q4 22:05)
Maynard dashes out of defence, Pendlebury links in the middle of the ground and the ball ends up in Elliott’s hands, he evades Saad and puts it through. PIES IN FRONT!!! (Q4 26:51)
90 seconds left now for a miracle! (Q4 26:51)
45 seconds left and it’s a throw-in on the wing (Q4 28:06)
Josh Daicos wraps Cripps up in a big tackle. It’s a Pies free kick with 34 seconds left to hold possession! (Q4 29:06)
Hoskin-Elliott shovels a kick forward with seconds remaining. The Pies are gonna hold on! COLLINGWOOD WIN ANOTHER THRILLER AT THE G! (Full Time)

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