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Blog log from R22 of 2022: Sydney vs Collingwood

Blog log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R22 of 2022

Collingwood burst it inside 50 quickly, but it tumbles through for a point (Q1 1:35)
Ginnivan is free on the flank and kicks long to the pocket and the pack with Mihocek crashes, the ball slipping through for a behind (Q1 5:16)
Sydney keep the ball in the forward pocket, eventually it’s Hayward who emerges to snap at goal, but he flashes it wide (Q1 5:36)
McCartin kicks long to half forward and Reid leads out in front to mark. He sizes it up quickly and chips to Heeney in the pocket. Heeney steadies and snaps, but hits the post (Q1 7:16)
Gulden kicks inside 50 with that silky left boot out in front of Franklin, Buddy assess his options and dinks it to Heeney in the square who marks and kicks the first of the game! (Q1 9:18)
Rampe lurks across the half forward line waiting for a rushed clearance and pounces, dashing to 50m out and letting it rip, the defender kicking a rare goal! (Q1 11:19)
Mills drops a mark in the middle of the ground and Ginnivan runs onto it, pumping a torpedo into the pocket that McCreery collects and handballs to Mihocek who spins and goals! (Q1 16:16)
Mills gives Florent work to do to get a handball away but he does and it spills off hands to Papley who shakes off a tackler and dribbles through a goal! (Q1 19:32)
The Swans work it to Gulden on the flank who pops it up for the pack. It spills down to McDonald who handballs to Clarke who snaps and goals! But on review it’s called a behind (Q1 23:44)
Heeney extracts the ball from general play and gets a snap away, but it bounces up into the post (Q1 24:33)
Collingwood get a free kick from a stoppage on their forward flank but Daicos is called to take advantage and kick from 45 out, slotting a goal for the Pies! (Q1 26:09)
Elliott kicks long and high to a 2 on 1 contest involving Johnson, but he wins out as the umpire calls a mark/free kick in the pocket. Johnson lines up the shot but misses right (Q1 29:45)
Mills kicks long to a Papley contest but it’s roles reversed as Buddy crumbs the loose ball and snaps through a goal! (Q1 31:30)
Mills extracts the ball from the middle and spanks it forward to Reid who marks! The clock ticks down as he runs in, and almost tactically the siren sounds as he kicks OOTF!! (Qtr Time)
McInerney feeds a handball out to Papley in the pocket who tries a snap, but it soars high and wide for a behind (Q2 2:11)
Hickey hits up the lead of Franklin but he fumbles the mark, luckily Warner is there to clean up the mess and kick out the back to Hayward who runs into the square and kicks a goal (Q2 4:29)
A high kick from Collingwood goes through for a point (Q2 10:15)
Florent blasts a kick forward to McDonald who takes a good mark 25m out on the 45, but his kick is too narrow as it flies through for a point (Q2 11:44)
Buddy is fed the ball in the pocket and he tries to sneak through a bouncing kick but misses (Q2 14:06)
Ginnivan roves a Mihocek contest before getting caught high by McCartin. He runs in to the boos of the Sydney faithful but shuts them up with a goal! (Q2 18:45)
Franklin roves a contest from behind and has enough space to get a snap off from 25m out. It bounces through for a goal! (Q3 3:59)
Heeney tries a shot on goal but can only manage a behind (Q3 5:01)
Josh Daicos runs through the middle of the ground and kicks to the lead of Johnson who marks 40m out in front. He gives the kick some height, but it falls short and is hit through (Q3 7:32)
Gulden kicks in front of Warner who paddles it to Franklin and handballs to Heeney so he can snap and kick a goal! (Q3 10:52)
McDonald pumps it long inside 50 to Gulden who gets his arm held by Quaynor. Gulden lines up from 20m out in front and pops it through as Sydney threaten to steamroll the Pies! (Q3 13:13)
Pendlebury and McCreery combine on the wing, McCreery chipping to the lead of Cameron who gets an arm chop free 40m out. It’s a good kick, it’s a great kick! It’s a goal! (Q3 21:37)
Parker cleaves the ball from the middle of the ground and Maynard cannot hold the mark. Hayward cleans up and chips to Papley who marks and kicks from 35 out to goal! (Q3 23:05)
Papley screws a kick to the top of the square that goes to ground, Stephens is then cornered in the pocket and dumps a kick in hope that Mills marks 30 out. He misses to the left (Q3 25:13)
McCartin marks a rushed Mihocek kick and plays on, but under Johnson pressure backtracks over the line. The umpire calls him out for insufficient intent, allowing Johnson to goal! (Q3 28:32)
Pendlebury preys on a lazy Franklin kick and steals the ball, kicking to the lead of big Mason Cox! He kicks from 50 out on a slight angle and makes no mistake as the Pies push! (Q3 30:13)
Reid rises above the pack to take a big mark 40m out. He tries to kick a steadier, but misses to the left (Q3 32:21)
Rowbottom pinches the ball from a forward stoppage and tosses it on his right boot. It flies high, it flies long, it flies through for a goal! (Q4 3:17)
Mills hacks a rushed kick from deep in defence but it finds the chest of Nick Daicos who marks 35m out. A big moment, but Daicos kicks wide (Q4 7:03)
Sydney surge forward after a period of Pies dominance, it’s a 2 on 1 in the square and Heeney deftly taps it down to Buddy Franklin who guides it on the boot and puts it through!! (Q4 14:02)
McCreery unloads from 50 out to try and generate something, but his kick slides to the left for a behind (Q4 19:16)
Warner glides around the Collingwood defence as he dashes to 45 and takes a shot, but misses (Q4 20:20)
Josh Daicos spirals a ball into the pocket but it goes through for a point (Q4 24:16)
Collingwood turn it over on the wing and Pendlebury’s kick inside 50 eventually finds Nick Daicos who straightens up and pops through a consolation goal (Q4 26:38)

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