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Blog log from R22 of 2022: St Kilda vs Brisbane

Blog log for St Kilda vs Brisbane, R22 of 2022

McInerney bombs from a stoppage on outer wing to the HFF where McStay flies over the pack to mark 40m out… his set shot falls on the behind line where Hipwood fumbles it over. (Q1 2:04)
McInerney turns the ball over by hand in the centre to Higgins who has nobody to kick to so goes himself from 70m… the ball bounces through for the opening goal! (Q1 6:55)
Hipwood gets a holding free on Sharman 50m out on the flank, he looks dubious walking in and shanks it to the hotspot where McCluggage marks and misses. (Q1 10:42)
Daniher takes a link mark on the wing and wheels for the kick inside 50, Cameron leaps on the back of Sharman to take a specky 40m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q1 13:11)
McCluggage runs from the next centre bounce and lets fly from near CHF, the kick starts right but swerves left and bounces inside the goalpost for a big major! (Q1 14:37)
King roves an Owens contest in the pocket and misses from 10m under a tackle. (Q1 19:57)
McInerney puts the ball on grass in front of Neale near the hotspot but the thing won’t sit up for him, Sinclair’s chase wins out and the moment is lost. (Q1 21:27)
Neale’s chase can’t stop Windhager going long from the wing to the pocket where Membrey marks in a pack with Gardiner and goals from 25m. (Q1 22:43)
Owens beats Paton to a loose ball outside a stoppage on the wing, he feeds Wood who strokes through a lovely snap off the left from 45m on the flank. (Q1 29:58)
McCluggage passes to the lead of Hipwood 40m out on a slight angle after the next bounce. The QT siren goes, the set shot is good. (Q1 31:56)
Daniher storms in to mark a McCluggage kick to the pocket 30m out, leading from the square. He plays on of course, and screws in the goal off his left. (Q2 4:27)
McCarthy beats Sinclair with strength and skill to mark a wobbler to the hotspot, he kicks truly. (Q2 7:01)
Neale misses from a stoppage in the pocket 20m out. (Q2 8:16)
Lyons marks a Zorko clearance kick to 45m on the flank. This sort of range not usually his go… wide. (Q2 13:51)
The Lions go coast to coast after King can’t mark in the pocket, Sharman drops an intercept mark on the HBF and Cameron pounces to set Hipwood off into the open goal. (Q2 17:00)
St Kilda’s supply to King is horrible, they kick to him at half forward with three on him, Lions whip it forward, Hipwood has a set shot 50m out that’s short, McStay mark and goal! (Q2 19:17)
Ross passes around the paint to Wood at true CHF, he goes back and steels himself to just make the journey… it’s good! Saints needed that one. (Q2 24:16)
Bailey passes to McCarthy 40m out on a slight angle on the end of a flowing move up the corridor. McCarthy’s set shot is poor, short and touched through. (Q2 26:17)
Cameron beats Hill with strength to mark a Coleman pass to the pocket 35m out, but misses with a screwing set shot. (Q2 28:14)
Howard is pinged for deliberate OOB 10m out, Prior gets the free but shanks it for no score. (Q3 2:03)
After a nice contested mark in the centre by Zorko, Lyons hits the lead of Cameron 40m out on the flank whose set shot is short and off hands for a point. (Q3 8:34)
Zorko is pinged under the stand rule to bring Higgins from the HFF to the goal line for an easy goal. (Q3 11:02)
Rayner runs to 55m on a slight angle after the next bounce and roosts the instant replying goal! (Q3 12:17)
King has had another quiet night but he marks a Marshall kick from the centre in front of Gardiner 45m out on a slight angle… then misses. (Q3 13:31)
Wood has another chance for a running snap from 45m on the flank, the kick is an ugly-looking sack but it helicopters its way through for his second goal. (Q3 18:34)
Wood is involved again at half forward after beating Gardiner in a contest, he centres to Wanganeen-Milera who goes to Membrey in the square for another one for the Saints! (Q3 22:34)
Eight-man pack assembles for a long speculator to the Saints hotspot, King towers over them all to take an impressive mark… but he misses again. (Q3 24:34)
Payne is pinged for deliberate OOB 65m out, Jones passes to Membrey 40m out near the boundary who threads the needle, Saints back within a kick! (Q3 26:34)
Butler swerves around Starcevich at half forward and goes to Wood to take a contested grab in front of Payne 30m out on the flank and kick his fourth goal, Saints in front! (Q3 29:21)
Neale gives away 50 on the wing to bring Hill to half forward, he passes to Membrey 35m out on a slight angle who tugs it left. (Q3 31:20)
King gets a contact free off the ball on Andrews for a bit of a dive, he pushes it wide right. (Q3 32:48)
Neale starts a counter attack behind the wing through the corridor, Berry passes to Bailey 45m out who kicks into Ross on the mark, no score. (Q4 4:03)
Hipwood beats Lienert at half forward and goes towards the hotspot where Rayner roves and baulks clear for the go-ahead goal! (Q4 5:19)
Centre clearance to the Lions, Hipwood gives Rayner a Joe the Goose special to run into the open goal! (Q4 6:12)
Lienert passes to the lead of King 35m out in front. Now comes the hard part, the drop punt set shot… wide right. (Q4 10:19)
Brisbane goes coast to coast from the kick in, Rich kicks to grass for Daniher who runs onto it near the behind line and grubbers home! (Q4 11:35)
Crouch misses off the left from 40m near the boundary after a stoppage. (Q4 14:20)
Sinclair passes to the pocket for Windhager to mark running behind Neale 20m out. The young tagger misses, disappointingly. (Q4 18:49)
Owens catches Andrews HTB at half forward, Hill plays on to advantage to pass to Membrey 30m out on a slight angle… who also misses. (Q4 20:05)
Coleman passes deep to the pocket for the dive of Rayner 30m out. This for goal number four and the sealer… it’s another pearler! (Q4 24:04)
Daniher leaps over Howard and marks a McInerney kick from the HFF to the pocket 15m out, he hits the post. (Q4 28:00)

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