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Blog log from R21 of 2022: Geelong vs St Kilda

Blog log for Geelong vs St Kilda, R21 of 2022

Hill tries a backwards kick out of the forward pocket that finds Sinclair in space. He runs in from 20m out on an angle and kicks the first of the night! (Q1 3:05)
Tuohy sends Webster across town looking for the candy shop as he steps back inside and snaps through Geelong’s first goal! (Q1 5:50)
Geelong’s talls combine with Cameron slipping a quick kick towards Hawkins who outmuscles Howard to mark on the 50. He runs in on a slight angle, and kicks to the left (Q1 7:12)
Geelong utilise the switch to get it to Bews and then Tuohy who marks 35m out on the boundary, but his kick slides across the face for a point (Q1 10:07)
Henry’s kick slices through the defence of St Kilda and finds the lead of Close who marks 20m out in front of goal. A simple kick, but Close has shanked it to the left!! (Q1 12:53)
Mene(n)gola dashes through CHF and kicks long to Hawkins in a 1 on 1 with Howard. The Tomohawk is simply too strong for his opponent as he marks, plays on, and goals! (Q1 15:32)
The Cats shear through St Kilda once again off half back, with Miers kicking to Stengle in plenty of space. Stengle wastes no time, playing on around the body and kicking a goal! (Q1 19:02)
Howard gets a bit too friendly with Hawkins and is pinged for holding after a quick inside 50. He has the Coleman in his sights as he kicks his second goal, looking to feast! (Q1 20:52)
Geelong go right up the eye-diddle-diddle through Smith who kicks to Henry at CHF, Henry then spreads wide to Cameron who marks 20m out in the pocket, but his kick is offline (Q1 22:52)
The Saints get a rare entry inside 50, the ball goes to ground but Stewart is caught trying to take out Higgins’ legs after. Jack runs around from 15m out and kicks a needed goal! (Q1 25:02)
Henry takes a mark but is dealt with after the fact, getting a 50m penalty as a bonus. He jogs to the square and puts it through (Q1 27:07)
Wood is caught high in a gang tackle and gets a free kick on the 50m arc. He drives it long and strong, and gives the Saints their third goal! (Q1 29:37)
The Cats work it along the wing with a Stengle specky, but eventually it gets to Duncan with seconds remaining. The siren sounds, Duncan leans back, and puts it through! (Qtr Time)
Owens takes a strong mark against Stewart in the pocket, but he kicks back to Butler, who then kicks across to Membrey 30m out on a slight angle. It pays off as Skunk sinks it! (Q2 8:41)
Cameron’s kick bounces off a St Kilda player and suddenly they’re away! Ross to Higgins who kicks to King in the pocket who marks! King runs around and goals to cut the margin! (Q2 12:40)
Hawkins pokes a kick into the pocket where Close is running to mark on the boundary. He snaps around but kicks right into the post! (Q2 14:12)
Parfitt catches Webster to force a turnover in front of goal with a short kick finding Smith in the square. The running man jogs back and kicks a steadying goal! (Q2 16:45)
Steele catches Menegola HTB in the pocket and snaps through a captain’s goal to bring the margin back to 11! (Q2 19:11)
Mason Wood tries a little bouncing kick out the back in the pocket, but it’s offline (Q2 23:14)
The Saints barge forward, applying pressure through Higgins, King scoops it up and gets it to Butler out the back who runs into goal and closes the gap to just 4 points! (Q2 27:30)
Miers and Stengle combine again, Stengle marking 35m out on the 45 as he looks to get one back before half time, and he does! (Q2 29:23)
The ball wobbles out the back of a contest inside Geelong’s forward 50, Jezza Cameron is first to it and gets a boot on the ball to snag a cheeky goal! (Q3 2:22)
Long marks on the 50 and gives it a fair kick, but it’s offline and goes through for a point (Q3 4:18)
Cameron is dealt with after he kicks towards Hawkins inside 50. A downfield free is given, and the big Hawk is looking to get more than pork on his fork tonight! He has three! (Q3 6:17)
Atkins’ kick long to Cameron ends up in the hands of Henry, who handballs to the run of Smith. Smith has enough time to split the middle as the Cats streak away! (Q3 9:48)
Battle hacks a kick out of defence that finds the chest of Holmes who intercepts on the 50. He uses up his time and gives it an almighty roost through the middle! What a goal! (Q3 16:08)
The Cats scrap inside 50 as they try to get a kick off, eventually Dahlhaus gets it to Holmes again who takes a shot from 40 out, but this time bends it to the left (Q3 18:04)
Butler shows Stanley the ball on the mark and encourages Stanley to knock the ball away and give up 50m in the process. Butler walks to 45m out, but his kick is short (Q3 24:48)
De Koning knocks through an attempted shot for a behind (Q3 26:48)
Geelong move forward through a raking Holmes kick that finds the pack and spills to ground, Miers is there to crumb and goal! (Q4 1:18)
Hawkins shovels a handball out to Menegola who kicks from 45 out, but his kick is to the left for a point (Q4 4:01)
Cameron marks 40m out on the boundary and lines up his favoured snap set shot. He curls it back to perfection and Jezza has two as he looks to junk it up! (Q4 8:20)
Cameron pops a little dinky kick out in front of Hawkins but Close jumps on it and dashes towards goal, as he gets in on the act! (Q4 10:42)
Menegola wins a free kick against Ross directly in front 15m out, and casually puts another nail in the St Kilda coffin (Q4 14:07)
Higgins cleans up a spilled ball from a very rare foray inside 50 for the Sainters, he snaps around the body and slots a goal! (Q4 18:04)
Butler pokes a ball through to Windhager who has plenty of space 40m out in front. His kick is a bad one as it sticks to the right though in a dirty second half for St Kilda (Q4 19:41)
Smith kicks long inside 50 and Zach Guthrie presents to take a mark! He runs in from 25m out, and with accuracy better than Shai Bolton, puts it through! (Q4 22:20)
Membrey marks in the pocket, takes his time, and snaps through his second goal for some late St Kilda joy (Q4 28:06)
Ben Long puts through a goal with seconds remaining as the game comes to a close (Q4 30:38)

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